Dear Michael Martin, TD Ref F Fail FORGOT to tell Irish Secrets

I begin this letter with regards enclosed copy letter, from HSE CEO, dated 1st December, 2022 by Stephen Mulvany, it turns out is CEO of accounts HSE, NO medical qualifications on mRNA, his ROLE being to make profits for HSE and its Parent company, gov Ireland, engaged in selling PCR kits bought in 2018 by Varadkar, registered as PRINCIPAL of gov Ireland. You WILL note in his letter he Directed medical doctors, hospitals, managers of HSE Drugs Treatment Centre etc to IGNORE HPRA Regulator warnings like C848, C851, C852, which state masks, mRNA etc, sold by gov Ireland are BOTH useless and dangerous and, he claims HIS medical Diagnosis is that healthcare managers MUST increase COERCIVE measures to FORCE staff and public to take numerous boosters of vaccine, despite manufacturer and EMA stating staff, public MUST be TOLD it is genetic mRNA medical device experiment of 2 years with KNOWN death risks and, obligation to explain MOST healthy, Regardless of age, HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery.

He goes on to confirm that to IMPROVE his accounting profits and Ignoring public health, the assistance he recieved from HSE managers, like Drug Treatment Centre, to knowingly break law and best practise, was, he claims, MAIN reason for SUCCESS in Tricking public to buy, through their Dail taxes,, Varadkar company products like A Zeneca, his company set up in 2019 to sell called gov Ireland. He goes on to say, like YOU, his praise and thanks to managers for Using coercive measures, like His letter, to FORCE medical staff to take or lose job and, to PRETEND to public that it was law and Approved by HPRA Regulator, which above CERTIFIED HPRA state NOT approved as safe and NOT works.

It is public records that I pressed criminal charges with Commissioner Clavin, at Anti Corruption Garda HQ, per registered post, against Stephen Mulvany, CEO of HSE at Stevens Hospital early, in 2021, for making public medical diagnosis that Astra Zeneca he was advised of death risks per twitter etc, claimed it was essential to life. Yet one year later he is coercing HSE managers to increase intake and, like his public statements on A Zeneca, PRETEND the Young Leaders medical plans are essential. It is a sad FACT that commissioner Clavin was allowed to carry out his subversive activities like Protecting A Zeneca sales reps in his qualification in 2019 at Harvard as member of Young Leaders Programme led by member called Varadkar, despite the MI5 operative being aware law bans public office positions to both Clavin and Varadkar as being members of criminal organisation WEF, its stated policy to subvert, remove Dail and Garda.

I sent CERTIFIED records released under FOI and gov Ireland to Mulvany and Clavin which made BOTH aware, Mulvany was making and USING false instruments, stating OPPOSITE of HPRA Regulator records that state PPE and mRNA are dangerous and NOT work. I advised Mulvany and Clavin of Mis use of Drugs Act 1977. The SI NO 541 2007,Medical Advertising Regulations. EU Council Directives 2002 98EC, 2003 63 and 2004 24 and also 18 statute laws. I supplied him copy of his companys position since 2020 to present, as C851, C852mRNA NOT works, NOT safe. C839NO proof covid exists and, C850, C849, C846 social distance, masks, lockdowns useless and dangerous, yet Clavin showed his contempt for safety of police and public by assisting manslaughter of HIS friends, great man indeed.

Both Mulvany and Clavin understood for 3 years they lied, that statute law meant they could NOT advertise USE of medical products and procedures, CONCEAL side effects and, NOT offer diagnosis or Imply experiment as BETTER than 99.9 per cent immune recovery with NO side effects, yet they lied with blessing of media for money, they must tell children why money was more important than life. HSE,NHS confirm if healthy, OLD or young, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune, yet Mulvany Astra Zeneca etc claim NO 99.9 per cent and state must NOT give pregnant and ALL claim NO tests to see if it stops transmission, yet media firms like twitter added labels to true facts claiming Mis information, these people will soon have to answer why they joined Mulvany sales teams.

From day one, EMA said ONLY EMERGENCY use if Emergency of dying,,not likely if 99.9 percent immunr recovery, ONLY emergency use if dying told as volunteers,of known side effects like death, destruction of immune system and NO liability as RESULTS of experiments will be in 2 years time, NOT BEFORE. I also advised Mulvany that, like Donnelly, Reid and Philip Brady, CEO Medical Council who wrote covid responce, ALL have NO medical qualifications and, CANNOT state safe when HPRA CERTIFIED documents ruled NOT safe. As YOU read this letter, millions of VICTIMS of Mulvany are reading his latest 2 page letter I have enclosed with this letter, in which he confirms that 2 years later, he still braks the above laws because Commissioner Clavin , appointed by Varadkar to protect his company gov Ireland, took the 30 pieces of silver.

Like the above, ALL have, like him, been allowed by Young LeadersTomorrow Group member, Clavin to continue injuring, perhaps killing members of police and public for his vested interest as a Fellow of Chartered Accountants. In his letter he describes the coercive control he has ordered to ALL Chief Executives, Hospital Groups, similar to HSE Drug Treatment Centre, Pearse Street, which Justice Minister employed by Varadkar company said is a crime. He makes his Medical claims and public diagnosis based on his qualifications as Leaving Cert 1981,MSC Management and Griffith College Accountancy Diploma, Fellow of Chartered Accountants, clearly hospitals are about profit NOT health.

He claims in his letter to be CEO of HSE but does NOT state his role is Chief Financial Officer, his role being how best to make profits from selling experiments that HPRA state NOT works, NOT safe. He seems to have copied YOU,despite NO medical qualifications and NO lawful authority to make public medical claims other than listing side effects, he states NEW measures needed to increase profits, as he says action needed due to LOW uptake of mRNA he calls vaccine despite YOUR claims most people injected, he is most concerned HSE staff NOT taking the experiment they forced on trusting public, like Clavin concern for his police comrades.

He thanks the TEAMS, his word for people involved in serious crime causing criminal assault, such as death and PERMANENT disabillity. He says success of CONCEALMENT of risks experiment is due to how HSE manage TEAMS, this is result of media like twitter encouraging people brak law and human morals. He says in his letter of 1.12. 2022, that over 12 million doses given. NO proof of 12 million signed consent forms and population of adults is less than 3 million, as he said LOW intake, so perhaps LESS than 1 million victims. He claims, with NO proof, that second boostersNOT being taken is RISK to HSE staff and the public. Yet manufacturer has withdrawn A Zeneca, J and J due to injuries and deathsand, 1st injection result NOT until 2 years time so not possible even takr second.

He claims that staff should take a 4th injection BEFORE result of 1st injection and mix different potions which often cause toxogenic poisoning. He claims it boosts immunity, protectsothers and, STOPS transmission. Yet Pfizer claims NO tests EVER done on if it stops transmission which I reported to you on 25th December,2020and you laughed.I also sent you in 2020 Pfizer report, that NO testa EVER done on pregnant women, as NOT allowed by law to Risk babies. HSE, NHS claim, also manufacturer, that it destroys, NOT boosts immunity. So he is making Personal medical claims that his company said are NOT true. He implies that a nurse with an immune system destroyed, making her Likely to be germ bag spreading her germs, is good for patient.

He claims that HSE staff REQUIREMENT is Must learn and insist, CERTIFIEDHSE position that I sent him, which he refuses to comply with. He lists coercive measuresManagers Must take, such as those in HSE Drug Treatment Centre, where records confirm staff sacked if they refuse to break HSE, HPRA CERTIFIED position, in order that HSE recieves maximum tax funding. He insists managers CONTINUE to intimidate staff, Force them to confirm reciept of 2 years experimentmRNA medical devicehe, as an ACCOUNTANT , thinks is a vaccine, and insists staff Must provide proof of why they refuse to Break HPRA warnings of risk.

I am now forwarding his letter to Garda as further evidence that he is causing me Fear and Apprehension to safety, as he claims ALL nurses pose a threat to hospital patients as staff likely to be infected by many illnesses as little immunity left to anything. Accordingly, I REQUIRE you, under 1990 Criminal Justice Act obligation to PREVENT ACCOUNTANTS causing public risk to life by Forcing medical experiments, to seek Mulvanys resignation and, withdrawal his medical diagnosis. For my part , I have today, sent copy of said letter to Mulvany, issued Lawful Prosciption Notice that he must cease making public medical claims to assist Manslaughter carried out by an employee of Varadkar company gov Ireland, called Donnelly.

In addition to his CONCEALMENT of HPRA warnings, he did NOT inform HSE Managers of the latestCentral Statistics Office increase in deaths in the second quarter of 2022 compared to 2021, an increase of 39 per centin deaths, great TEAM result indeed. The second quarter of 2020, in the middle of the pandemic that HSE C839 says covid does NOT exist, shows deaths as 39 per cent LESS than in 2022, Eurostat says in 2022, one month had excess mortality of 19.2 per cent.The ACCOUNTANT has thanked his TEAMS for this result. Evidential documents sent to Mulvany from HIQA confirm Holohan FALSIFIED deaths by over 60 per cent. CDC confirm over 95 per cent of Irish PCR as False Positives, yet he claims them as covid despite NO test or covid EVER found in order to sell PCR Varadkar bought in 2018 for his new company gov Ireland.

For over 2 years this ACCOUNTANT ignored weekly death rates from HSE which state cancer at 37 per cent, heart at 18.5, flu at 5.6 and covid as LOWEST killer in Ireland at 0.2 per cent and most were over82 with other illness , this is what Young Leader Clavin did to Irish. He also received CDC data that they OWN 57 vaccine patents, spend 5 BILLION dollars on adverts similar to his, many on twitter. The FDA receives 45 per cent of its budget from pharma, Rte is mainly funded by pharma, to sell its products with gov Ireland corporation.

From Mulvany letter, he has produced further evidence that he is accountant that seems to have devised the payment package for doctors, courts, police, chemists, etc, to receive cash benefits for selling mRNA for Varadkar company gov Ireland. I would caution you that he is likely to get a minimum of 5 years jail, perhaps life, if HSE staff dead or injured, as his HSEC851, said mRNA is NOT safe and does NOT work, also personal liability damages to the public and staff, as he broke HSE Ruling.

The 31A ADVICE which Attorney General and 3 TDs PRETENDED as law to sell products for Attorney General Chemical client list, its main customer being Varadkar corporation called gov Ireland, states gov Ireland copyright.All enquiries to gov Ireland, NOT police, HSE, or courts, yet like you, Mulvany claimed role in gov Ireland sales campaign which 33rd Dail was supposed to not allow. Further to damage caused by Mulvany Mis information to assist Varadkar,, is the FOI replies from HSE to M J Sullivan, Freepress, that is signed Catherine Cullen HSE, stating a 16 per cent DROP in hospital beds in 2020 pandemic which HSE C839 says NO covid ever found.

The International Blood Bank has formed UN vaccinated blood bank from 16 countries, due to peer reviewed study in Italy finding 94 per cent of mRNA side effect victims had abnormal blood and spike proteins. The Fraudulent medical claims by Mulvany are additional to previous letters and, as you can see, he lists NONE of the HPRA Facts, known side effects, offers his OWN personal sales pitch with NO regard for law or public health. This is good education for the public to WITNESS ACCOUNTANTS telling hospitals how to make maximum profit out of selling for Pfizer, the worlds largest criminal gang, fined 9.5 Billion in court paymenys for fraud similar to Mulvany.

Yours sincerely, g martin

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