Dear M Martin, TD, Ref PART3 F Fail FORGOT to tell Irish Secrets

It is public record that I sent You CSSO letters, read by millions of Irish, that explain to You that you CANNOT have ANY role in mRNA or give medical claims, as you were elected to 32 county Dail to Protect the 1916 Proclamation Rights, NOT to advance the business interests of the company set up in 2019 by L Varadkar to sell its products and undertake subversive activities against the 33rd Dail, his company is registered as gov Ireland , he being registered as PRINCIPAL.

Chief State Solicitors Office also explained to you,that Oireachtas became a Crown corporation in 1989 after I removed its Freestate powers and closed Stormont with my obtaining Royal Assent for 1989 Repeal of 1922 Freestate powers, constitution, followed by Repeal of Partition Act, on 13.12. 1999. It was confirmed that CSSO is alaw firm, like Attorney General, is NOT 32 county Dail and, like McDonalds, CANNOT issue Crown Harp copyright, LOST in 1989 and, has NO right to assist TDs in TREASON ,subverive activities against 33rd Dail. I also REQUIRED the resignation of Law Society President who Publicly Forced medical procedures like masks, Astra Zeneca he knew to be UNLAWFUL and a risk to public health, Clearly using coercive control, intimidation and employment threats based on his personal public diagnosis in contradiction of HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED documents signed S Moore, Emer Kelly and confirmed as FOI replies accepted by gov Ireland.

It was ONLY when I lodged criminal charges against You at Garda HQ that you HAD diagnosed children, HSE staff, the public, police, solicitors etc MUST wear masks that HPRA Regulator said is dangerous, that you made following Dail statement. On 2.12. 2021 you told the public, solicitors barristers etc that NO law exists to Force masks, but you FORGOT to tell public that You CONCEALED SI 296 OF 31A, it rules masks NOT safe, NOT law to wear, ANY concerns to Varadkar company that OWNS copyright, called gov Ireland, NO complaints to courts or police as NO copyright or medical qualifications, records confirm now that you assisted Varadkar in return to positions of management in his company gov Ireland which is subversion of Dail per your vested interests.

I AGAIN share with You and millions of Irish, pages 1 and 5. The DISCLAIMER warns NO warranty given, NO liability, as a Personal choice by implication. No law EVER passed to FORCE to take and RISK health as NOT possible to FORCE risk, in addition NOT lawful to suggeste taking a Risk as you confirm to have done until your announcement of your criminal actions made most days in the Dail until 2.12. 2021. Page 5 explains must NOT WEAR MASK IF STRESSED or feel risk such as described in DISCLAIMER, NO judge, TD or policeman can diagnose your health or personal feelings, yet YOU encouraged police, judges, doctors etc to break 296 of 31A and invent fraud cases to earn revenye for Varadkars subversive company called gov Ireland he set up in 2019 CLEARLY to commit crime and damage public health.

You FORGOT in the 33rd Dail to explain to the public, that ANY policeman, judge or TD that broke 296 0f 31A, as You invited them to do, faces 5 years jail for causing FEAR, APPREHENSION to safety, especially children, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. You FORGOT to advise the public in ALL 32 counties that my Grandfatherremoved courts service in 1924 as he had already set up Sovereign Dail Eireann courts in 1919, the Fraud claims of UK courts in the 6 counties were removed by myself in 1989. You FORGOT to advise public in the 32 counties that ANY uniform claiming Garda face 10 years jail for breaking oath and, further offences if made Fraud chargesin said , Unlicensed courts, such as claiming complying with 296 of 31A to NOT wear mask. Such cases are to be declared Null, Void as criminal acts by judges who must now be arrested and prosecuted for taking part in police fraud.

You FORGOT to advise judges and public that ANY judge PRETENDING COMPLYING with 296 is an offence, faces 10 years jail, impeachment and, personal liability damages, as 296 informed NOT law and, HPRA Regulator certified in C848,C849 that masks are useless and dangerous to public health. It is public records that the Law Society, CSSO, Attorney General and YOU, committed TREASON under 1990 Criminal Justice Act and, ignoredHPRA Regulator Rulings,C851,C852,C848, C849 which state mRNA,masks etcthat gov Ireland sell for theft of 33rd Dail taxes, are useless, dangerous.

Public records confirm you have NOT yet issued public declaration that ALL 31A medical procedures were described as ADVICE and, have NOT complied with Dail obligation to declare Null and Void ALL 31A court cases Drew Harris carried out as SUBVERSIVE measures against the state. It would seem many solicitors, police etc are now victims of medical diagnosis you and Law Society Forced using fraud and threats, according public statements both made. It is also public record that You and Law Society President FORGOT to inform solicitors and public that both Private companies, gov Ireland and Oireachtas, have NO Freestate powers, like McDonalds, they sell products like Crowns Astra Zeneca and, are NOT HPRA Regulator or Dail . At least McDonalds sell freshly cooked food with NO death risks.

It is public record that ANY solicitor who Mis represented victims of police crime if in court, they did NOT read the enclosed 296 document that tells judge he MUST arrest police, shop staff, court clerks for breaking 296 of 31A. It is public record that YOU, judges, many solicitors, police etc FORGOTto tell public that the 32 counties is PROTECTED by FOUNDATION Dail document, the 1916 Proclamation my grandfather wrote, read at the GPO, rifle in hand. Careful records have been made of many solicitors who failed to speak out the law when in court, their silence helped keep alive the court fraud made by its private police force, registered as 89000534, in the new government those that took part in court fraud will face criminal prosecution.

Rte and many claiming to be public friend Mis lead public by quoting constitution is ONLY protection. In 1919 the Dail Ratified the PROCLAMATION as thr rights guaranteed by the Dail and God. My grandfather read at GPO,Republic GUARANTEES religious, civil liberty and rights, to ALL Irish men and women. It claimsUNITED 32 counties, says our rights are Sovereign and INDEFEASIBLE, can ONLY be extinguished by the DESTRUCTION of the Irish, as is declared plan of Varadkar WEF to carryout Plantation of 5 million Non christian, Anti Irish. It says we have UNFETTERED control of Irish destiny, our taxes , forestry, land etc is NOT property of WEF Varadkar company called gov Ireland. The Proclamation does NOT allow a corporation like McDonalds, Oireachtas or gov IrelandWEF Varadkar to decide or remove rightsONLY people of Ireland hold in Trust for next generation.

It is public record that You assisted WEF Young Leader Group Member Varadkar to set up in 2019, the registered company called gov Ireland. City London records state Varadkar as PRINCIPAL of said company to carry out Subversive far right measures against Dail 1916 Proclamation, which Drew Harris claims to be investigating. You IGNORED CSSO warnings that you CANNOT help Varadkar sell his medical products such as masks, Astra Zeneca he claimed his company gov Ireland bought and, REPLACED death risks by manufacturer with diagnosis as NO risks, essential public health.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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