Dear Micheal Martin TD, 5th December, 2022

It is public records that Rte, twitter etc worked very hard to inform YOU, police and the public that Mary Lou, of S Fein, set up in 1980 by Adams for his boss, Drew Harris, addressed Leyen of EU at Oireachtas debate. Media informed that they and YOU witnessed Mary Lou inform 159 TDs and 60 Senators that she was guilty of Acts of Treason against the 32 county Dail, which the peoples party ireland Returned to the Irish in 1989, You FORGOT to tell the Irish of return to 32 counties 33 years ago.

She asked EU Leyen to assist S Fein obtain a United Ireland, but FORGOT to mention United 33 years ago. Forgot mention that Harris, Adams and Ahern set up the 1980 S Fein, NOT the 1906 S Fein my grandfather set up with A Griffith, to steal back Ulster for WEF King Charles. I have already pressed criminal charges with Drew Harris, as it is said he is handler for MI5 of S Fein and under Garda oath to Orotect 32 county Dail from Agents of the Crown, S Fein and DPP, who it seems take 30 pieces of silver.

She also stated that S Fein is the ONLY hope for the Provisional Government of the Irish Free State, her EXACT words, despite her reading Chief State Solicitors Office letters and Parliament statute Acts which inform the Freestate was closed down by me in 1989, to recover 6 counties she knows I recovered 33 years ago with Royal Assent. Despite her lies, Acts of Treasonetc, twitter CEO of former Garda Press,now CEO of twitter has made block booking of adverts, and Rte, they also say that she is next leader despite having committed Treason and perjury.

In the Oireachtas, YOU FORGOT to tell its civil servants and some TDs with Separate contracts with Crown companies set up in 2019 City London corporation records as gov Ireland the PRINCIPAL registered as Varadkar, that the peoples party ireland beat Mary Lou by 33 years, per CERTIFIED documents I sent Mary Lou. I again enclose letter from Chief State Solicitors Office, millions around the world now reading. It explains it CANNOT represent Provisional Freestate government because I closed it down 33 years ago, in addition removal of Oireachtas Freestate powers and its Unlawful use of Crown Harp Authority when Crown departed 33 years ago.

Also it tells you that CSSO is a law firm, NOT Dailand, ONLY provides law services and conveyancing to a range of clients such as chemical lobby, magnates, A General and Varadkars company called gov Ireland. It claims that it PRETENDED to represent the Freestate in Gemma case, and Falsely claims Crown copyright Harp, making its letters void as no jurisdiction to act for Crown. I also enclose UK and Irish Parliaments confirmation of the work for the Irish people by its oldest and Unknown Party, the peoples party ireland. Like the air, rain, sun and God, the best politics and Honourable things in life are FREE, evil is NOT free.

Millions now read that in 1989, after almost 50 years work, I obtained from Noble Queen, Repeal of the Fraud 1922 Freestate, its constitution and Partition, in Repeal Act revision 20, session5, Ending British Dominion status per 1920 Government Ireland Act, renamed in 1922 as Freestate Act. I pursued the Crown to instruct the Oireachtas to Cease Pretending 1922 Crown Harp Authority in existence. On May 8th, 2007 the Oireachtas was Forced to REPEAL its powers under 1922. I followed the removal of Unlawful Partition it having expired in 1989, with Royal Assent, I obtained Repeal of Partition on 13th December, 1999.

I instructed the 1980 S Fein, Drew Harris, FG, FF, PBP, Greens etc in Principal to Agent, that the 6 counties are now under32 county Dail since 1989, also under Garda, NOT PSNI jurisdiction, as my grandfather set up in 1918. I REQUIRE , per above documents, the arrest and prosecution of Mary Lou, per TREASON as defined under the Criminal Justice Act, 1990. I informed you in 2019 that she accepted 4.6 million dollars from Richard Hass, Biden Foreign Relations. This was in addition to her secret agreement that Varadkar could set up his private company in 2019, called gov Ireland, he is registered as PRINCIPAL of this group of 575 companies to sell medical products he bought and Subvert 33rd Dail per his membership of WEF Young Leaders Tommorrow political group.

This is the Biden outfit that funded the 2014 Ukraine buyout of new puppet government. My sources in White House imply said money to SF is to fund coalition of SF and FG to provide Drew Harris police state for WEF and the Crown and to assist their new company, gov Ireland to sell its medical products. It is also REQUIREMENT in Irish law that donations must NOT exceed 50 euros, the sum of 4.5 million dollars is larger and indicates is to fund S Fein bid to STEAL back from the Irish, ALL 32 counties for the WEF leader, King Charles.

She HAS broken the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, broken the 2021 Perjury Act, in addition to signing Good Friday Agreement for Oireachtas that LOST power 9 years BEFORE, in a bid to secure jobs for SF ,DPP etc and betray Irish. She also, like the DPP etc, broke the Good Friday Agreement, although void in 1998, in said agreement it REQUIRED SF, DPP etc to instruct the 6 counties that it gave DUAL rights to claim EU and Irish protection from the UK Crown lockdown and mRNA experiments. Instead of Mary Lou advising the North of 31A DISCLAIMER to refuse masks and medical claimsand, HPRA Regulator Rulings in C851, C852, C848,C849 that mRNA does NOT work and is NOT safe, also masks, she diagnosed as Essential to life.

She broke 18 statute laws by Forcing medical products she had known HPRA and 31A said are NOT safe. Like DPP etc, she did NOT remind the North it could DECLINE NHS demands and Refuse UK courts, as NO jurisdiction since 1989. You are aware since 2021, that Mary Lou is under criminal investigation by Garda Anti Corruption Unit for making public medical diagnosis likely to kill or injure. No country can offer as a candidate Mary Lou, public treason funded by Bidenin addition to assisting manslaughter for financial gain, with regard her diagnosis A Zeneca essential to healthy which, according medical global network, states healthy young or old likely to have 99.9 per cent immune recovery. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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