Dear Micheal Martin, Ref F Fail FORGOT to tell Irish secrets

According public records, BEFORE the December 28th, 2020 roll out of the mRNA genetic medical device on the Basis of ONLY emergency use if DYING, a 2 year experiment NOT for GENERAL use, said EMA, with results at END of 2 years, NOT before, you CONCEALED this from the public to assist the City London registered corporation called gov Ireland, its PRINCIPAL registered as Leo Varadkar, this private corporation set up by Varadkar and WEF with Crown assistance in 2019 to assist the political coup by Varadkar and WEF in 2020 according Dail records.

Millions of people around the world read, on my international network, the detailed, CERTIFIED evidence from Global health networks such as CDC, WHO, NHS,HSE, EMA and the Irish Regulator HPRA, of mRNA warnings, copies I sent You, BEFORE roll out.I supplied you the EMA and Astra Zeneca description from its Owner, the Crown , main shareholder of GSK swine flu vaccine, NOT called mRNA which, like Astra Zeneca, was withdrawn for causing deaths and injuries, sold by you and Holohan for Varadkar company, called gov Ireland, the side effects you concealed from public.

I brought to Your attention that to assist Crowns Oireachtas which was set up in 1920, the courts service, also set up with Crown Harp Authority copyright, Lost its license in 1924, when my Grandfather refused the license as he had already set uo licensed Sovereign Dail courts in 1919,in addition , this Unlicensed court lost in 1989 the right to use Crown Harp copyright when I obtained REPEAL Act 1989, session 5, revision 20 of its 1922 Freestate powers, yet this unlicensed corporation helped gov Ireland sell its medical products contrary to the HPRA Regulator Ruling C851, C852 that mRNA NOT works, NOT safe, accordind HSE CSO figures ,many Irish dead or injured by the medical public diagnosis of courts service that Astra Zeneca was essential to life, despite HPRA stating NOT safe.

I also sent you the registration 89000534 of SECRETCity London police that Drew Harris, MI5 agent per media reports, SECRETLY set up for Crown to replace Garda, yet this SECRET police PRETEND to swear oath to the Garda, to trick the public. Drew Harris also SECRETLY replaced Garda in 6 counties with PSNI, after I REMOVED Royal Ulster Constabulary in 1989 with REPEAL of Partition and Freestate, once again this deal arranged with MI5 agents calling themselves S Fein, the party my Grandfather set up in 1906 with Arthur Griffith, the 1980 SF of Adams and Harris is MI5 front to assist Crown WEF bases in North to SUBVERT the 33rd Dail.

It is public records that You gave me , the public and police, medical advice and made Public medical diagnosis for Astra Zeneca as essential to life, masks, lockdowns etc, despite NOT telling the public that HPRA Regulator said they were useless and dangerous and, letters from Chief Stste Solicitors Office confirming that you have NO function to advise on mRNA or medical matters, as gov Ireland has NO jurisdiction to claim Dail or Crown Harp Authority to sell medical products or use public office to Subvert Dail, which in over 600 pieces of media evidence, you colluded with Varadkar private company, called gov Ireland. I note also you were supplied with copies of 18 statute laws that BANNED ANY man or woman or company from giving public medical diagnosis, such as that given by the MI5 controlled company called twitter, it being used as spy centre for UK police 89000534, engaged in TREASON against 33rd Dail and assisting mass murder as described as plan of WEF GATES to reduce population.

I sent you over 600 pieces of ABSOLUTE proof that Rte, Times and INDEPENDENT ie, twitter etc, worked so hard to provide, of Your public medical claims and diagnosis, despite NOT knowing readers medical conditions and HPRA warnings and, 31A DISCLAIMER in SI instruments that warn NO guarantees as to safety , accuracy and NO public liability as public right to take or NOT take a medical riskand, you having NO medical qualifications like last 2 health ministers employed by Varadkars private company, gov Ireland to NOT be able give medical advice of 31A which documents state as copyright gov Ireland, ALL enquiries to gov Ireland NOT police or courts, it CLEARLY states.

You also quoted medical diagnosis and made claims shared by HSE CEO Reid, also Irish Medical Council CEO, a man from Australia with NO medical qualifications, he wrote covid responsesimilar to Australia, he was employed to give unqualified public medical diagnosis by a TD called Donnelly that had second contract with Varadkar company ,gov ireland, he also had no medical qualifications and conflict of vested interests, as he used public office to sell medical products of Varadkar company, gov Ireland, who also used public office to sell his companies products.

In accordance with 31A instructions which claim ALL errors and omissions, such as manufacturer and Regulator warnings NOT stated in 31A, must be made to gov Ireland, NOT to police, Dail, judges etc,yet they made Great fortunes by breaking the law for Personal gains.I write to you about this Planned criminal activity by Varadkar and assisted by Drew Harris and senior members of 33rd Dail, known to be in active service for MI5 for financial Gain.

You claimed in the Dail, media etc, to have taken extra private contract as employee of Varadkars company, called gov Ireland, to be in charge, so I asked why you used courts service to use its OWN police to break 296 of 31A, which states NOT wear mask if stress or fear risk as warned in page 1 DISCLAIMER of 31A advice, NOT law as confirmed in High court cases in 2020 and written in said 31A advice, made by law firm A General on behalf its medical clients.

You also claimed police MUST detain old for mRNA experiments in hospitalsowned by gov Ireland and, Inject dangerous 2 year experiments into staff, children, police and public etc, yet EU Directives I sent you per registered post, state public Must get minimum of 3 months notice, must also get a 2nd medical opinion. Records confirm you Made Rte sell Astra Zeneca, masks etc and CONCEAL HPRA medical records warnings and REPLACE with gov Ireland 31A advice which its DISCLAIMER said NO liability as NOT guaranteed safe, you made personal public claim as safe.

You agreed in newspaper statements that I should be locked up, Forced to take mRNA experiment that HPRA told me inC851,C852 is NOT safe and NOT works. You said in papers and in Dail, I am a DEFINITE risk to the public becauseI chose HPRA and NOT the Unqualified advice of yourself and Varadkar company, gov Ireland.Millions of Irish were advised by media, such as twitter,that You did everything possible to damage MY health, many dead or injured from Astra Zeneca because You helped Crowns MI5 Agent Harris to break 18 statute laws as a criminal gang.

You did NOT tell public that I had started criminal investigation with police, into sale of 75 Billion euros by Main producer of mRNA, Ursula Leyen Biotech Orgenesis, jointly ownedby Leyen, Pfizer,Crown and China Communist Party. Also Elun Musk , owner of twitter is producer of mRNA, it would seem he used twitter as personal sales platform. You did NOT tell public that EMA confirmed to me NO license for Donnelly as NOT able to Comply with Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle and, NO powers Oireachtas since 1989 to overrule the 1916 Proclamation.

I enclose part of public letter from Chief State Solicitors Office. It informs YOU and police public etc, that you have NO role in mRNA roll out, that You PRETENDED. It also lies to public as it states Ministers Can commit crime, if committed in personal capacity. Other parts claim Crown Harp Authorityyet CSSO is a Private law firm with 200 solicitors representing Pfizer, Google, Facebook, Attorney General, mRNA companies etc, NO authority to use Crown Harp to PRETEND Crown Authority to inform public.

Like criminal organisation called Law Society, Forcing mRNA, CSSO also used Dail funds to protect and assist YOUR publicly stated criminal activities to FORCE experiment on the public, solicitors, police, nurses etc for the financial gain of Varadkar company gov Ireland in return for promotion prospects in his company, with no regrd for public safety. You would also be aware that criminal charges have been placed with Garda HQ against you in relation to your assistance to attempted manslaughter , as publicly claimed , by the registered PRINCIPAL of gov Ireland, called Varadkar.

Yours sincerely, G Martin

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