PUBLIC LETTER Helen McEntee, Justice Department, 4th November, 2022

Dear Helen McEntee, Ref Public Misbehaviour by Chief Justice,

It was recently explained by YOURSELF to Chief Justice O Donnell and public, the meaning of the NFATP Act, 1997, you claimed to have passed, which would be hard, as it says passed 25 years ago. Perhaps you will learn what date after Act means. You explained you understood that to send a letter to a Mans home to intimidate him into doing something he does NOT want to do, claiming property rights is 5 years jail.

Like yourself, O Donnell understands meaning of coercive control, using psychological pressure, threats, pestering, interference with rights to peace and privacy, preventing obtaining law education at Public debate. I have enclosed such a letter sent by Chief Justice, like him, ALL his staff would know committing crime is NOT a right of said staff. Chief Justice demonstrated, DEMONSTRABLE Mis beahaviour in breaking law you would agree based on your understanding of NFATP Act, 1997, NOT 2022.

He wrote to CEO of Integrity Ireland, I am informing your registration for 21st October, 2022 Public presentation has been invalidated, I have CANCELLED your ticket, I assume to PREVENT constructive criticism. Bearing in mind that former Justice Minister Held impeachment vote in Dail against O Donnell for DEMONSTABLE Mis beahaviour, his existing outstanding CCJ summons which he ignored for alleged crimes, it is bad example and cause Fear Apprehension as you state he IS a criminal braking NFATP Act.

It is public record that meeting was to invite knowledgeable people on law to discuss Human rights and Rule of law. like NFATP Act, 1997, by YOUR words, unless you were committing Perjury, you claim O Donnell is a criminal and, you are NOT solicitor yet you understand NFATP Act. Public records confirm Manning is LAWFULLY registered and Authorised to provide CERTIFIED positive law on citizens rights and Rule of law, yet you are NOT aythorised by EU Courts Justice, which Manning IS and, O Donnell you state IS a criminal for breaking NFATP Act, so fair assumption NOT good person to instruct on law.

EU Court Justice confirm his Integrity Ireland IS competent domestic tribunal as described in EU Courts Justice cases C54196 of 1977 and C19609 of 2011, his Function is to provide, according to law, Public guidance in law, NOT break like O Donnell, who claims right to deny correct law instruction. It is public record that I notified Courts service and its City London police, reg 89000534 that in 1989 I obtained, with Royal Assent, Repeal Act, Revision 20, session 5, the UNLAWFUL British Dominion Act you wrongly call Freestate.

For 33 years, Coutts service have issued Fraud Crown Harp Authority summons, having LOST Crown Harp in 1989, when I sent it home. Likewise Supreme court Official Transcripts state NO license since 1924. I understand that O Donnell refused USE his special powers of Directions, to direct his judges comply with SI 296 of 31A, written by YOU, to AVOID old people being assaulted on buses by police. As YOU wrote in parts 5A, 5B of 296 of 31A, if you feel stress or risk, do NOT wear mask and, page 1 DISCLAIMER states NO warranty as to safe, NO liability as OWN risk to take Risk or NOT to take, that is what you wrote UNLESS you were writing Perjury, which is jail sentence for you if so.

Records confirm Courts service have been told by police to PRETEND it is ok to make court profits by allowing police, who beat up old for COMPLYING 296 to NOT wear mask, to prosecute these VICTIMS of police assault to make profits for O Donnell judges, so media says and you praise police for crimes. Public records confirm I REQUIRED O Donnell to NOT assist police crime for court profits, CANCEL cases of judges breaking YOUR unsigned, public medical claims which carries 10 years jail. more if death occurs, like NFOAP Act, yet he CONTINUES break law and cause Fear, Apprehension to safety of public.

As you HAVE stated, he is now a criminal and I have pressed charges at Garda HQ, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, jail of 5 years, I REQUIRE you to REMOVE O Donnell for Mis behaviour. I caution you that it is serious offence under 1990 Criminal Justice Act if you do NOT press charges, Neglect public duty, Conceal crime you said O Donnell committed, to protect old from police and court abuse.

I understand also that staff employed by O Donnell did NOT inform Manning that since 1924, my Grandfather refused your court Enactment Order and, since 1989, ALL appearances are VOLUNTARY. I understand that Courts service, employed its Private police to serve birth Cert summons on Manning WITHOUT explaining that in 2013 I served Motu Proprio on Courts service, advising Certs belong to Vatican Governance, NOT MAN or WOMAN, fraud of 35 years jail if proceed, as NO jurisdiction.

Having proceeded on INCURABLY void contracts, NOT explaining only VOLUNTARY and DIFFERENCE between civil and criminal assault cases, it is no wonder O Donnell wanted EXCLUDE man with knowledge and Replace with one WITHOUT such knowledge of law. I would also remind you that it HAS been noted that you were elected in 33rd Dail as a TD to Protect the 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote and, the 32 Dail I RETURNED in 1989, yet you have NOT protected said 1918 Dail.

It is also Noted that you entered SEPARATE contract with Crown company, Oireachtas, NO power since 1989 to interfere with Dail rights, I RETURNED in 1989. You have NO property rights over MAN or WOMAN, just like an employee in McDonalds. The new government being formed WILL take DIM view of you trying to Force Oireachtas rules for its civil servants upon general public, it is likely MOST civil servants WILL face TREASON charges, under the 1990 Treason Act.

It is in YOUR best interests to CEASE assisting sale of chemical products on behalf of Attorney General office client list, its 10.75 million profits on its Many legal works for its chemical clients list, using 31A Fraud to help itself to public purse. Yours sincerely,

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  • it’s me again Gabriel just a quick comment these individuals seem to be untouchable at present despite all the protests against their carry on even though the truth is slowly coming out about c19 lie and the unexplained deaths they still keep on and on it’s going to be difficult to get them into court until the DPP is changed and totally independent of the influence of the political parties till this happens, because they are all in it together with the courts and the judges. To get a conviction at present will be impossible thanks again for your contribution and information that i never herd of before till now

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