Dear Micheal Martin, Dail Eireann, Leinster House, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

I understand that you were elected in 33rd Dail as President of 1918 Dail and its 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution of 5 Articles to supplement April, 1916 Constitution, position of Taoiseach having ENDED in 1989 with END of 1920 British Dominion colony FF called 1922 Free state to trick public into thinking they were FREE when their 1918 FREEDOM was returned to Crown by its Agents , Collins , Develera, per Private deal.

The above documents, written by my Grandfather specify your position as President, position of Taoiseach ended in 1989 when I obtained, with Royal Assent, REPEAL of 2 Parliaments imposed by Crown Agents Collins, Develera. Archives of UK and Irish Parliaments confirm the Partition Act and British Dominion Free state colony was passed and became law on 23rd December, 1920, I obtained Revision 20, session 5, REPEAL said Act in 1989, returning 32 county Sovereign 1918 Dail stolen by Collins for Crown.

Following REPEAL BOTH Parliaments, I obtained 1999 REPEAL on 2nd December, 1999, of UK Partition Act 1920. In 2007 on 8th May, Oireachtas REPEALED 1920 British Dominion Free state, it calls 1922 Free state but, NO power to do so as it lost all Free state power in 1989 per REPEAL, return 1918 Dail.Public records confirm a Crown corporation, called courts service and Crown corporation gov Ireland are TRADING UNLAWFULLY, claiming powers they do NOT have, claiming Crown Harp authority LOST 1989.

Substitute President McGuire, in accordance with law, has NOT returned Sovereign Harp Seal since RETURN to 1918 Dail and 1919 Constitution as your party have PRETENDED Oireachtas has Free state support, EXPIRED in 1989, per Royal Assent, you hold Dail under Act of TREASON. I REQUIRE IMPEACHMENT of Chief Justice O Donnell and Supreme Court judge G Hogan, regards DEMONSTRABLE Mis conduct both on 15th March, 2022 court case and Oct 4th, 2022 Fifth Court lecture by Hogan.

With regard O Donnell, it is public record former Justice Minister held IMPEACHMENT vote in Dail of him and, despite outstanding summons to CCJ to answer criminal allegations of High Court Fraud, he was still made Chief Justice despite rules of law saying he is a criminal under summons High court Fraud, assumption could be a fraud expert in charge of High court Frauds last 2 years, NOT best practise.

Despite Proscription Notice and Asservations he UNLAWFULLY took part, 15th March, 2022, in court Fraud to assist Manslaughter and Appeal court fraud to obtain 20,000 euros for REFUSING Right to challenge Repugnant Constitution Bill claiming Royal Harp authority, LOST 33 years ago, hence Fraud. He had previously been notified by myself and again in June 2021 by Attorney General that NO court license exists since 1924 and, since 1989 he CANNOT serve summons on instruments claiming Royal Crown Harp Authority, it having DEPARTED in 1989 when I sent it on its way, as being set up 1920 without consent of 1918 Dail.

He despite NO jurisdiction, ruled that courts service support Use of courts Private police, UK registered 89000534, like civil servants paid from German bank, to Force Astra Zeneca made by Owner of his company, UK Government Limited 05522373 and other medical procedures upon public and Irish police, called Garda, publicly CONCEALING health risks to police and public. He agreed courts service Should receive 20,000 euros from public for PRETENDING courts can use police to Break HPRA Regulator warnings and REPLACE HPRA C851, C852 mRNA NOT works, NOT safe with 31A claiming safe cure , stops transmission, NOT experiment etc, anything to sell mRNA.

He read 31A states ALL complaints medical to gov Ireland, NOT police or courts as NOT written by HPRA, HSE, so NO complaints by shops, buses etc to police it stated for ALL to read. It said NO warranty or guarantee, NO liability as Personal choice, it did NOT say MUST endanger life, ONLY court, police said this. He confirmed in court, by HIS actions, that court purpose is to make money from Fraud medical advice, HPRA said CAN kill or injure, court Refused comply with 18 statute laws BANNING public medical claims and diagnosis.

Supreme Court judge Hogan took part in medical court Fraud and desire to implicate courts police in crimes of criminal assault to sell own mRNA products of his company owners and, went further on 4th October, 2022, where he committed many acts of perjury, under 2021 Perjury Act, Mis leading public to conceal court crimes. Hogan would be aware of 2021 Perjury Act, his obligation to NOT Mis lead or take part in cover up to obtain media praise for UNLICENSED court since 1924 when my Grandfather stopped it.

The Irish Legal News pointed out on 12th October, 2022, detailed report of Hogan fraud and I obtained video of what he said, for later case in Sovereign Dail Court. Law Society confirmed organising said fraud. Peter Leonard BL, Mark Tottenham BL, editor Decisis confirmed they helped Law Society assist courts service in this Fraud, called it Fifth Court, celebration of Free state constitution October 2022 CENTENARY, yet NO centenary as ENDED 33 years ago, aged 66 years, NOT 100 years per their claim.

It described Hogan as TOP expert on CENTENARY of Freestate, NO such event, with Trinity College until 2007, EXPERT on history the team described him.. It would be hard to be EXPERT on CENTENARY as it EXPIRED in 1989, ONLY 66 years, some EXPERT indeed, good value for tax payers I think. He began by LYING about its Foundation, giving NO Acts or proof, just bluff. He said the 1921 Treaty is Foundation of Free state constitution, he said British wrote it because Irish Not educated enough, its purpose safeguard rights, like I assume ,leaving house without permission, having mass, dancing swimming etc. He said it was Irelands FIRST attempt writing constitution, had to copy other countries he said without regard FACTS.

How could Ireland ever speak again to a man who has shown his contempt for MEN of 1916, he should be ashamed his INSULT to Irish history and county Cork. It is good job the Grandson of writer of FIRST Irish constitution, the 1919 is still very much alive to tell great Irish Achievement FIRST constitution. It is fair assumption that Hogan CAN read statute Acts so he MUST be CONCEALING truth to HIDE crimes of courts service, UNLICENSED since 1924, when my Grandfather ENDED their Game and sank their ship. Expert gave NO proof only personal opinion. I give NO opinion ONLY written Acts both Parliaments.

In numbers 2 to 4 I listed the FOUNDATION of 2022 Ireland is the 1916 Proclamation and its supplement 1919 constitution of 5 Articles, ALL written by my Grandfather, FIRST Irish Constitution, NOT from other countries. I also listed REPEAL Acts I obtained in 1989, his British Dominion colony, King called Free state for the laugh, ENDED 33 years ago, at age 66, NOT possible call 66 a centenary, his Royal Harp lost 33 years ago.

Yet again he Insults the Irish, like English, he thinks we Cannot read or write, this was true in 1922, as Crown banned catholic education. Develara HANDED without jurisdiction, our 32 counties 1918 FREE Ireland to Crown , for 30 pieces of silver. Despite NO power since 1989, his Crown Oireachtas PRETENDED on 2007, 8th May to REPEAL British Dominion FREE state colony, 18 years AFTER it happened. In 2022 Hogan PRETENDED 15 years ago his Oireachtas did Not REPEAL, it is good job Irish can NOW read and write, to see sharks BEFORE they bite.

He further INSULTS Irish by claiming Develera LUCKY to have John Hearne, he describes him as BEST writer of constitutions, wrote 1937 he said. Yet law says the writer wrote a Fraud as NOT obtained Royal Assent, hence void. He also LIED, stating Develera Abolished position gov General in 1936 by simple legislation. He simply changed title to President and OBEYED Crowns orders and, British Dominion colony UNTIL I ENDED it in 1989.

In 1936 King had to get Permission from Develera, Prime minister Baldwin visit to him in Dublin Recorded, to ABDICATE as Ireland was one of 5 British Dominions colonies, hence ALL prime ministers had to agree, Devalera NOT FREE, just con man PRETENDING like today. Vatican records confirm, in 1947 Irish Ambassador detained 3 weeks until King signed his papers to give him permission represent Irish. ALL taxes collected for Crown Agents in Dublin Castle until 1989, now collected for Crown company Northern Trust, Hearne known by my Grandfather as a traitor.

Long before Hogan was born, my Grandfather explained his trip to London to obtain 1931 statute of Westminster. He obtained right for Develera to seek Royal Assent leave British Dominion colony, he asked Develera in 1932, he Refused get out of UK, preferred run for Crown. It was my Grandfather put in the papers in 1933 to Leave British Dominion colony and I finished the job in 1989. It is men like Collins, Develera and Hogan that shout the most and, take the 30 pieces of silver.

Having told his lies to CONCEAL UNLICENSED court, he went on to say the Fraud 1937 Constitution has REMOVED special position of church and made LESS Nationalistic due to Good Friday, which he knows as FF, SF, Stormont Fraud. Good Friday papers signed by Oireachtas corporation NOT Dailin 1998, having LOST power sign in 1989, nine years BEFORE and UK corporation NO power since 1989. Like Oireachtas, Stormont, UK government LimitedLOST power sign Good Friday 9 yeras BEFORE, the 6 counties were ALREADY returned, which is why Harris caused his Adams sign Fraud document, like 1922 again.

It is also public record that Substitute President McGuire, in charge of Sovereign 32 county Dail since 1989, refused Ratify 1998 Good Friday or Lisbon Treaty, as he would NOT allow S Fein Partition Ireland for Crown Corporation second time around. The actions of Supreme court judge claiming CENTENARYof something closed down 33 years ago and his support of Fraud Good Friday , is TREASON under 1990 Criminal Justice Act and ANY that assist him in said crimes against catholics.

It would be better for Hogan to resign as TREASON is likely to be secure LIFE sentence. The New government will take very DIM view of those involved in TREASON. As in Supreme Court, Hogan has DEMONSTRATED, demonstrable Mis beahaviour, criminal intent to assist medical Fraud, obtain 20,000 euros for courts servvice Fraud resulting, say HSE, EMA in many deaths , injuries.

You should bear in mind that 2 years ago I advised the 2 judges of my Pfizer evidence that NO tests EVER done to see if mRNA stops transmission of mild flu called covid per booklet sent all Irish houses in April, 2020. My assistants in EU Parliament this week confirm SAME, that Pfizer claim judges, Donnelly CONCEALED vital public information, using Supreme court to imply NO mRNA risks

Also public record is the EXPERT calling something that ENDED at age 66 is Centenary also, read Chief State Solicitors Letters explaining CANNOT represent FREE state as NO longer exists, he made Fraud. Records confirm 1937 written by Jesuits, Fr Edward Cahill, Fr John McQuaid friends of Develera in SECRET WITHOUT cabinet being told, it was Article 44 added AGAINST Jesuits desire, because Protestants would NOT sign if No Article 44 rights protect them.

If EXPERT Hogan unaware British Dominion colony 1920 to 1989 he should also read Devalera passed on 11.12.1936 Constitution Ammendment NO 27 and Executive Authority External Relations Bill, his Permission King to Abdicate, very keen to serve his master just 24 hours after Baldwin visit. As in Supreme court 7 judges Fraud, SAME judge Hogan showed on 4th Oct, 2022, Fifth Court Fraud how SMART he is, stating Personal opinion NOT ACTUAL FACTSof Acts passed, solicitors present cheered as NOT know Facts to ask questions, the root of ALL evil.

We have LEARNED Supreme Court INVENTS fairy stories to REPLACE FACTS, exploiting Irish weakness to NOT LEARN BEFORE you quote law and LEAVING out BEGINNING of story. Education studies required to REPLACE Mis information by Rte. Hogan FORGOT mention that KING sent Lord Lexden to oversee 1918 election, he ratified the three quartes majority of 32 county Irish S Fein victory, Royal Assent 1918 to 1922 December 6th Sovereign Dail, like Crown Agent Collins PRETENDS NOT happened.

He FORGOT mention the 1920 Partition and British Dominion Free state Act was Already passed 2 years BEFORE by Agent Collins leading Subversion Dail and war in Crown direction. Fraud on 5th Dec, 1922 as two Dails, Sovereign was pretended end on 6th Dec 1922. Records confirm two Dails from 1920 to 1922, lack education allowed Irish be tricked out of Sovereign into colony, ended in 1989 but Crown Agents PRETEND not to control again a SOVEREIGN nation. Just as UNLICENSED court PRETENDED British Dominion Irish President was Free to INVENT 1922 and 1937 constitutions, SAME UNLICENSED court PRETENDED since 1989 that FF,FG,SF, like 2020 could brake laws. Yours sincerely,


  • Wonderful History regarding the treaty and how it came about, you also asked for the arrest of some individuals in recent times by drew Harris this it seems have fallen on deaf ears it looks like the government are still running a muck no problem whatsoever, thanks 👍

  • HALLO AGAIN Gabriel hope your well and in good form today just a mention about those Nephet people who frightened the life of the people of Ireland every night on rte news they above all need to be made accountable as well. thanks for the Information and Great work on exposing these individuals 👍

    • While the Government and the courts plus ➕️ the DPP officials are put there by the government it’s going to be hard to get court proceedings against them the peoples party will have to appoint independent judges and courts system to prosecute them

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