Dear Commissioner Harris, Ref Police investigation 7 Supreme Court Judges

Recently Rte, Irish Times, twitter and Most media showed great public concern on health, gave great details of the criminal assault evidence, kindly confirmed by Supreme Court, its 7 judges seem happy assist fraud, with contempt for statute laws and HPRA Regulator warnings of death and injuries. Supreme Court advised public and police of its involvement and pervasion of law, to assist company Ireland in selling Astra Zeneca, made by the Owner of gov Ireland, company 05523273 UK Government Limited, like Irish branch set up in SECRET WITHOUT public consent to SUBVERT 1918 Dail as RETURNED in 1989.

The court also had used its private police, City London 89000534, sometimes called Garda, to assist public medical claims and diagnosis, using fraud instruments called 31A, written by gov Ireland to sell its owner UK Government Astra Zeneca and EU President von Leyen Biotech gene therapy mRNA products. Public and Rte confirmed its court employee, police commissioner Harris instructed DPP to PRETEND 31A is law and CCJ judge confirmed in case NO 202123934 his DPP instructed ALL judges PRETEND 31A is law, ignore public evidence and medical Facts, break ALL judicial oaths to Protect public from fraud claims.

Rte , twitter most newspapers confirmed that in Supreme court case, 15th March, 2022, the judges confirmed that BOTH High Court and Appeal court also involved in medical fraud, seeking payment of 20,000 euros for perversion of justice per their public claim. Media confirm that Supreme Court CONCEALED both HSE and HPRA Regulator WARNINGS that PPE and mRNA NOT safe, NOT works, replacing evidence with gov Ireland 31A medical regulations, KNOWING opposite of HPRA.

Supreme Court confirm using and reading 31A Disclaimer, which states gov Ireland gives NO warranties, is NOT liable as CANNOT guarantee safety or NO injury risk as HPRA C851, C852 advised public, NOT safe, NOT works. Supreme Court also read, copyright belongs to gov Ireland and another company of Crown, called Oireachtas, ANY complaints or medical concerns contact gov Ireland, NOT police, courts or Dail, as NOT written by them, shop etc MUST contact gov Ireland NOT police business.

Supreme court also understood that in 1989, I obtained Royal Assent and REPEAL of 1920 British Dominion Act, Develara dreesed up as 1922 Free state Act when already in existence despite 1918 to 1922 Dail. In doing so I also REMOVED use by Oireachtas of Crown Harp, which it Fraudulently used for 33 years to claim Royal Assent for fraud legislation, such as 1998 Good Friday Agreement, Lisbon Treaty, 31A ADVICE.Media confirm and UK Parliament, that I REMOVED use Crown Harp by Crown courts service in 1989, when I obtained DEPARTURE of Crown, making ANY actions claiming Royal Harp approval as deemed Null and Void and, pervasion of justice.

Attorney General confirmed in June, 2021 letter that my Grandfather REMOVED courts license in 1924 as he could NOT issue 1924 Courts Enactment Order, as the 1920 Sovereign Dail court was in existence and, still is ONLY licensed court in 2022. Public records confirm in addition his writing of 1916 Proclamation, 5 article 1919 constitution and Garda oath, he also set up the ONLY licensed court, the still alive, 1920 Sovereign Dail Court. Records confirm he obtained in 1931 Statute of Westminster which allowed Oireachtas to Repeal, PROVIDED HE ASKED Royal Assent for, REPEAL of the Partition Act of 23rd December, 1920, British Dominion Colony, NOT what Collins told public.

Grandfather REQUIRED FF Taoiseach Develara in 1932 to seek Royal Assent, he REFUSED, chose SUBVERT 1918Dail and IMPOSE Crown and FF rule as did Collins, UNTIL I REMOVED it in 1989, Revision 20, session 5. Having obtained REPEAL British Dominion colony, I followed with 1999 REPEAL of UK Partition Act 1920, on 2nd December, 1999, as Void since 1989, 32 county Dail now sits, NOT subject Crown Oireachtas. As you can see, Stormont and Oireachtas cheated Irish for 33 years to live off honest people.

Supreme Court I also advised of REPEAL of Free state British Dominion colony on 8th May, 2007, by an Oireachtas NO power since 1989 and NO power REMOVE 1916 Proclamation rights since 1922, ONLY limited power legislation NOT removing 1922 Dail rights. I sent You 2 years ago the CERTIFIED with signatures S Moore, Emer Kelly the position of HSE, HPRA Regulator that confirm the 31A medical regulations are NOT safe or law as HPRA REFUSE use as NOT safe products, per C851, C852 informs.

I already sent 2 years ago the UN certified gov Ireland yellow adverts and use of Crown Harp authority REMOVED in 1989. Also sent UN certified Fraud Harp 31A regulations which state NOT safe, NOT law, OWN risk if you chose to follow, NO obligation take risk to life says LAW. I already sent 2 years ago, copy of UK and Irish Parliamentary Acts and, HPRA medical claims, which states companies gov Ireland, courts service have NO jurisdiction SUBVERT 1918 Dail or sell medical products using law.

The 31A papers also inform you NOT Dail, prepared by some TDs under Private contract to gov Ireland, its owner making Astra Zeneca also, company Attorney General Office, NOT Dail, it having vested interests to sell mRNA PRETENDING as if law, when NOT. This company, 10.75 million profits, is large law firm NOT Dail, with client list like A Zeneca, Pfizer, Facebook, UK Government 05522373 Limited. NOT allowed use law to further vested interests of HSE ETC, preparing 31A fraud, that appears as if law to those NOT use to reading law but, to judges for example Clearly only ADVICE to use clients products, a SCAM.

I also sent to You and Supreme Court the written letters from another law firm, the Chief State Solicitors Office, also a Private company using Crown Harp WITHOUT authorisation since 1989, making its documents Null and Void, using Harp to PRETEND as if law, to deceive, defraud public. The letters CLEARLY explain to ALL that they CANNOT represent Free state as it CEASED exist, my closing it in 1989, despite public records they claimed represent Free state in John and Gemma case, claimed tax payer fees for Fraud.

I note the 21 days has Expired, 3 months having passed since first letter, for you to dispute my claim that Supreme , High and Appeal courts service provided THEIR OWN evidence, of assisting gov Ireland subject voters to risk, fraud as NOT elected civil servants gov Ireland to subvert Dail or enter ANY contract. I have enclosed copies of my letters 30th April and 4th May, 2022, sent to Justice Gerard Hogan, Supreme Court per registered post and my REQUIREMENTS in my letters to Chief Justice, per statute law.

The REQUIREMENTS were served in Principal to Agent, it being Lawful REQUIREMENT for Hogan and O Donnel to notify Mary Irvine, John MacMenamin, Iseult O Malley, Marie Baker, Brian Murray. The 7 judges were REQUIRED to NOT partake in UNLICENSED court hearing on 15th March, 2022, Cancel ALL 31A ADVICE NOT law charges that police DPP ordered PRETEND as if law, REMOVE Fraud convictions ,RETURN monies STOLEN from public.

Absolute proof provided that employees of Crown owned gov Ireland, TDs Mc Entee, Ryan , Donnelly, NOT acting in capacity as TDs protecting 1918 Dail rights, USED companies courts service, A General to assist fraud causing deaths injuries to police and public for financial gain. Media provided BOTH written and video evidence that courts service, NO license or Crown Harp jurisdiction, provided to you 2 years ago, carried out police instructions to accept Fraud A General, police instruments 31A ADVICE.

Written records confirm courts replaced LOST pub crime and business cases with PRETENDING it was law to FORCE medical procedures, that HPRA C851, C852 confirmed 2 years ago, could kill or injure public. I have collected nationwide evidence that judges and police earned much overtime assaulting, unlawfully detaining and without contract, Forcing duress hearings on SI 296, pertaining mask wearing.

The judges, police read sections 5A, 5B of SI 296 must NOT wear mask if stress or feel risk and, DISCLAIMER NO liability as NOT guaranteed safe, OWN risk NOT law, as High Court cases IEC673, and IEHC 461 said. The UNLICENSED courts service and its private police sent, per media and court records,to assault old people on buses, trains, shops etc, to jail or fine, for COMPLYING 296 NOT wear mask if stress to protect their health, judge or police NOT able to feel your stress.

Same UNLICENSED courts sent old lady to jail for an offence called SMILING in court, like police, judges solicitors earned great overtime NOT defending VICTIMS police crime, NOT one read SI 296 personal choice wear mask, instead solicitors assisted judge crime for more fraud cases. This SAME court allowed police DETENTION in care homes for 2 years mRNA experiments of A Zeneca made by Crown, J and J per Crown GSK investments and President Leyen selling Leyen Biotech mRNA PRETENDING safe.

In my injunction to Supreme Court I relayed instructions of substitute President McGuire having REGAINED 32 county 1918 Dail in 1989, when Oireachtas President CEASED Dail representation, Crown Harp REMOVED making him Preesident corporation like McDonalds, NO power over Dail for 33 years. Substitute President McGuire REQUIRED Unlicensed Supreme Court NOT to proceed with court hearing 15th March, 2022 as ONLY 1920 Sovereign Dail Court has license hear cases, NOT support medical fraud of Attorney General, records confirm they broke law and, assisted criminal assault per A Zeneca.

I also supplied Supreme Court the EU Council and EU Courts of Justice position that they CANNOT make public medical claims or diagnosis, or assist EU Commission President Leyen, use public office sell her Leyen Biotech mRNA products. The court and media records confirm that 7 judges were in contempt statute law, broke Constitution and judicial oaths, FULLY aware they WERE causing FEAR APPRHENSION and, by ignoring HPRA, assisting mass manslaughter.

I advised Supreme Court of EU Council Directives SI NO 3081996 transposed into Irish law as SI 2001183EC. Irish statute law SI NO 5412007, Medical Products Advertising Regulations 2007, PERMANENT restrictions. Also EU Council Directives 200298EC, also 200363EC and 200424EC. The 1977 Mis use Drugs Act. Supreme, High and Appeal courts BROKE ALL above , NO license or jurisdiction Break EU Council Directives on Public Health and risk death, injuries using public trust.

I advised Supreme Court BEFORE said case that they WOULD implicate themselves in crime if they proceeded NO jurisdiction, on 15th March, 2022, WOULD face criminal charges creating FEAR APPREHENSION to assist manslaughter for financial gain. Media and court records confirm that Supreme Court WITHOUT jurisdiction HELD UNLICENSED hearing with NO 1924 Court Enactment Order and assisted gov Ireland corporation sell medical experiments, subvert Dail, constitution for 20,000 euros income for courts service, mindful court Precedent Former C. Justice had to DISMISS case as NOT able provide 1924 court enactment order, confirmed NO order UNABLE to proceed, when asked produce .

I REQUIRE you under Garda Act, 2005 and your signed contract obligations, to report my criminal charges, investigate, prosecute, to save public lives, the following MEN , WOMEN in their Personal capacity as also broke company rules court procedure, on the following charges. I report above offences causing me FEAR APPREHENSION by Chief Justice O Donnell, Supreme Court judges, Gerard Hogan, Mary Irvine, John MacMenamin, Iseult O Malley, Marie Baker and Brian Murray.

I did REQUIRE said parties to DECLARE above case and ALL 31A ADVICE cases as Mis carriage of Justice but, having given REASONABLE period of time, the above continue to assist manslaughter for court fees. Supreme Court permitted media to release their actions as public information to state they support and ENCOURAGE police to Break ALL the above laws and, assist gov Ireland sell and Force medical experiments for financial gain of 20,000 euros to courts service for committing many crimes.

They have caused me FEAR APPRHENSION my personal safety, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Advised public that police, judges can assault, imprison, obtain fines if I or you ,insist on 1918 Dail rights, it is best not enter contract UNLICENSED courts that refuse statute laws. They have informed public that Crown corporations can PRETEND they own property rights, PRETEND Trespass, PRETEND can make my medical decisions, PRETEND I need permission from company to leave house or have religion etc.

Needless to say, a Crown corporation is NOT a MAN or WOMAN, is a registered PIECE OF PAPER and cannot employ MAN, WOMAN to Break law or PRETEND I am slave, I confirm I have NOT been bought as a slave and REFUSE consent or contract for such. I also press criminal charges under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, in latest hearing 7 judges CONCEALED NO license, jurisdiction and HPRA Regulator that PREVENT gov Ireland selling medical genetic mRNA experiments.

The 7 judges also face charges under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6,9,25,27,and 29, INVENTING False instruments 31A section 296, to MIS lead police into Forcing medical procedures on myself and public. I press further charges under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7 which defines perjury, collusion and attempts pervert justice as offence against administration of justice, as was admitted in court.

I would point out Rules 4 and 1 Constitutional Declaration 2016, ANY public official, judges, Attorney General, Justice Minister etc are subject above laws listed and Constitution, 7 judges ADMIT Breaking the law, to assist gov Ireland commit criminal assault on old and young. I remind Rule 5, ANY judge DELIBERATELY breaks law above, such as using VOID Harp 31A regulations or DPP Harris ORDERS PRETEND 31A ADVICE is law, if IN COURT, such rulings become INCURABLY void and null.

Further ,offences under Criminal Law Act, 1997, sect 8.1 CONCEALING offences or withholding information to gain reward, as with Appeal court seeking 20,000 euros from John ,Gemma by CONCEALING NO license, jurisdiction, fraud since 1924 to obtain funds from Victims police crimes. Supreme Court admitted in court that it assisted High and Appeal courts, BOTH UNLICENSED since 1924, confirmed by former Chief justice and Attorney General, to interfere with legitimate prosecutions against medical fraud crimes, menacing, intimidation and seeking deceive payment of 20,000 fees for court crimes.

In addition to LOSS public lives, is serious offence under Criminal Justice Act, 1999, section 41.1. Also it is serious offence, Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, sect 9 to use Harp 31A fraud ADVICE as if correct medical advice when HPRA Regulator said NOT safe advice and also 31A claimed SAME in its DISCLAIMER ALL judges read, UNLESS they CANNOT read simple English.

Further offences under sections 9 and 10, NFOATP Act, 1997, explained recently to Supreme Court by Justice Minister McEntee, that harassing, stalking, surveilance, duress to court WITHOUT contract, arrest, jailing to sell mRNA is BANNED by statute laws. Supreme Court CONCEALED from John, Gemma Article 13 of ECHR, Article 47 EU Charter Rights. Article 8 of UDHR and Article 2.3 of ICCPR, these offer PROTECTION by courts to Victims of police assault on rights.

In court, the 7 judges refused EU and Irish law that REQUIRES judge to ENSURE public have EFFECTIVE judicial PROTECTION from police assault Forcing medical procedures, they APPROVED police crime for court profits, placing police in position of themselves going to jail. The May 2,000 Judgement EU Court Human Rights in case Khan versus UK Government, RULING Breaking law , in order to enforce law, is CONTRADICTION AND ABSURD PROPOSITION, 7 judges said Breaking law is BEST practise.

I note also that I served PROSCRIPTION notice upon Supreme Court 7 judges on 27th and 29th January, 2022, per registered post, NO RL841056068IE and Asservations FCA 00211,FCA 021 and 00482. These EU Court Asservations, defined under its court cases 54.96 and C196 , PROSCRIBED 7 judges from holding March, 2022 court case, additional to NO license, yet in contempt of court rulings, procedures, they Broke the law yet again, providing further evidence for arrest, in public health interests.

These orders also explained REMOVAL of judges under courts act, 1961, section 10.1 Mis conduct, violation judicial oath, constitutional declaration, DEMONSTRABLE Mis conduct, such as Proceeding on Void contract per PROSCIPTION etc. I REQUIRE prompt arrest and prosecution 7 judges who, confirmed in court that they view deaths caused by Crowns A Zeneca and J and J Donnelly REPLACED death risks with NO risks, as being GOOD practice.

I should also point out that 7 judges were informed 2 years ago, that NO Pfizer tests done on Pregnant women, NO tests to see if mRNA stops transmission, NO claim mRNA BETTER than 99.9 per cent immune recovery in healthy of ALL ages and NO risks. The 7 judges implied that CONCEALMENT EMA license description, death risks, PERMANENT destruction immune system, since 2021 SIR C Chope UK compensation Bill, to be replaced with NO risks, Essential to life was BEST say 7 judges NO medical qualifications. In court Appeal, judges claim 20,000 euros from John, Gemma for OBJECTING to court using its police to use FEAR APPREHENSION to FORCE deaths, injuries and, 7 judges IMPLIED insisting on law was a crime. Now you know why Grandfather REFUSED license in 1924 to Crown corporation INTENT on exploiting the Irish. yours sincerely,

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  • shure aren’t they all gone over to climate change meetings in Greece it seems that they don’t give a dam about all these legal letters that they are getting. not a Bother whatsoever on them all above the law it seems, shure aren’t they dictating to the courts and the judges making them do what they are told to do without any questions whatsoever, it’s going to be hard to get legal action against them, Hopefully they’ll be made accountable for their actions lieing to the people of Ireland 🇮🇪

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