Police Commissioner Harris, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Dear Commissioner Harris, Ref Court using police to break law to obtain 2,000 euros by Fraud.

I wish to file criminal charges and REQUIRE arrest and prosecution of Judge Geraldine Carthy, Garda Cormac Corcoran, Inspector David Buckley, of Carlow Garda station, who confirmed in court, that they assisted fraud and posed threat to public health.

I also wish to press similar charges against Supervalu shop staff, Lisa Brady and shop owner Tommy Hickson, like police they confirmed in court, that they assaulted Victim Thomas Conway and, tried to damage public health. I have enclosed the detailed news report by journalist Michael Tracey of court hearing at Carlow District Court, on 7th October, 2022, this court evidence provides ABSOLUTE proof of judge employing police in fraud, as Attorney confirmed in June, 2021 the court has NO enactment order to hold courts without voluntary consent for civil matters.

Myself and thousands of other tax payers are Personally affected by this Pervasion of justice, it CLEARLY causing Fear, Apprehension to personal health and safety, indicating police Refuse public duty. I claim damages to myself and public, under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, the jail term being 5 years jail for said assault. Further offences under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury, collusion.

Both police and judge withheld information on SI 296 of 31A under sect 8.1 of the Criminal Law Act, 1997, in order to obtain 2,000 euro from a VICTIM of police assault, NOT under oath but in civil capacity. The judge was REQUIRED by Victim of assault that a solicitor should be provided under ECHR and Article 47, EU Charter and Article 6. Judge refused comply with law,Victim DECLINED to accept ANY contract to fraud of tax payers money.

Mindful that Victim confirmed he understands NO charge, Refused Void contract, the judge proceeded WITHOUT jurisdiction or ANY claim of Trespass or property rights, violating her judicial oath. Judge Geraldine Carthy would be aware that, according to court evidence, while IN court she DELIBERATELY broke SI 296 of 31A mask wearing, the High Court order of Attorney General and the HPRA Regulator and 18 statute laws that she CANNOT make public medical claims and diagnosis as reported by media, giving lead to Mis information she would know being Harmful to public health.

The judge would be aware of Rule 5 Constitutional Declaration, 2016, that because she DELIBERATELY broke SI 296, copy I enclose, also breaking constitution, such hearing and Ruling, orders are Null and Void, according statute laws and rules of court procedure. She will be aware of Rule 6, as would Garda, that members of public NOT obliged comply with Unlawful, Unconstitutional or criminal directions from Garda, courts service, judges, shops, like BREAKING 296, which in court they admitted.

She will be aware also of Rule 4, ANY person in pay of state committing criminal offences, as she and 2 police claim in court to have done, face prosecution in courts SAME way as tax payer. She will be aware of sec 10.1 the Courts Act, 1961, REMOVAL of judges for Mis behavior, Mis conduct or demonstrable criminal conduct, per Article 35.4.1, as she demonstrated in court per media account. I will now be contacting Chief Justice to REQUIRE her IMPEACHMENT under his powers of Practise Directions, as the SI Instruments and statute acts enclosed confirm, she Refuses apply law and damages court image.

The Rules of the court confirm numerous FUNDAMENTAL DEFECTS, such as SI297 CLEARLY stating that Conway must NOT wear mask if stress, NO jurisdiction or Trespass or property rights claimed, ORDER IS INCURABLY VOID. Supreme court Rulings confirm when an Order is INCURABLY VOID, ALL proceedings based on INVALID claim, it becomes VOID as decision founded on NOTHING and, Mis carriage of Justice took place, per statute law and court Rules.

Both judge and police committed Further serious offences under Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, creating and Using False instruments, SI 296 to Deceive, obtain 2,000 euros using duress and fraud as she admitted in court with no regard for statute law. Judge and police will also be aware of Rule 1, of Constitutional Declaration, that BOTH are subject to law and Constitution. They advised public that police can assault, kidnap, coerce into court, Victims of shop crime, NOT acceptable in a democracy where police are paid to uphold Garda and constitutional oath.

In the SI 296 of 31A, judges, police, shop owners read on page 5, sections 5A, 5B, that you must NOT wear mask if you feel stress, consider a risk, have disabillity such as Asthma, breathing problems etc, judge or shop CANNOT feel stress of another person or, make medical diagnosis for them. On page 1 it states in LARGE print, in case judge has bad eyes, following DISCLAIMER which I quote, the writer CANNOT accept Liability if injured, as NO guarantees, undertakings or warranties, NO law can be made to take such RISK, hence PERSONAL choice, as shop also CANNOT guarantee if safe, for some it could KILL.

The document also CLEARLY states ANY errors or omissions such as Regulator REQUIREMENTS must be made to gov Ireland, NOT Dail, as NOT Dail regulations. Courts are registered Owners of 89000534 security firm, SECRETLY pretending to be Garda when NOT, says company house. Public records confirm company gov. Ireland is employing courts service company, which it owns, to use its Private police it calls Garda to set up fraud hearings to collect 2,000 euros, help sell medical products bought by gov. Ireland, courts service being UNLICENSED since 1924 when my Grandfather Refused as he thought it criminal gang.

In addition SI 296 informed judge that Attorney General and McEntee wrote 31A ADVICE not law, both private companies CANNOT make public medical claims or diagnosis, as NOT safe said SI 296 and serious criminal offence to make public medical claims, would be jail for BOTH if NOT just ADVICE. The Attorney General advised in 2 court cases in High Court, Justice Simons will confirm, that in paragraph 161, ALL 31A travel and medical ADVICE is just that, ADVICE NOT LAW, NO obligation to follow. I will be writing to Carlow Court to find out did judge OBTAIN permission from Attorney General, as Article 30 states ALL cases are in HIS name, to break HIS High Court Ruling of 31A NOT law.

The judge and police would be aware of HSE and HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED evidence, signed by S Moore, Emer Kelly, per C848 and C849, masks useless and dangerous.Taoiseach confirmed many times in Dail that masks are PERSONAL choice for medical reasons, NOT law as judge PRETENDS. I note also that over 2 years, I have sent you copies of Regulator in Principle to Agent, your REQUIREMENT to Notify ALL policemen that 31A is NOT safe as Attorney General said, it is fair to assume your 2 police knew their crimes and the medical risks they Forced on others to obtain fraud cases for judges.

Police and judges, shops aware of C850, C847, C846, distancing, elderly and general lockdowns useless and dangerous and, in similar fashion, C839 from HSE and CDC state NO proof covid exists, just Prop to sell Fear and fill empty courts with customers. The above would be aware of HSE C851, C852 mRNA NOT works, NOT safe and PERMANENT destruction to immune system, which HSE,NHS confirm if healthy, old or young you have 99.9 per cent immune recovery unlike regular flu.

The above would also be aware of HSE weekly deaths confirmed flu deaths at 5.6 per cent, mild version of flu called covid at 0.2, lowest killer in Ireland, suicide comes in at 1.7 per cent, greater risk. It is hard to believe that a shop would say NOT wash hands if flu at 5.6 but essential if covid not found at 0.2 MUST wash hands with unknown chemicals to destroy skin and immune helping cells.

The following court Evidence is most important to arrest and prosecute the judge, 2 police and 2 shop staff that Knowingly broke statute law and, insisted Conway MUST NOT COMPLY with 296 advice NOT wear mask if stress. I would remind that recently Garda Brian Barrett was sent to ail by judge Joanne Carroll for using his position to brake law, as in this case. She said Garda, Judges KNOW law applies to them in SAME way as public.

In the SI 296 one of the writers is called Justice minister McEntee and, public records show in Law Review Report she explained to judges, police, shops the NFOATP Act, 1997. It was designed to PREVENT judges, police, shops, all being private companies from making profits by PRETENDING they can brake law and, make their OWN laws and, to Protect Public health. It explains that police following, pestering, communicating with another person WITHOUT authority, interfering with privacy to cause alarm, distress, harm, to Force medical procedures is called criminal assault which judge, police admitted to in court.

Further in section 9 of said Act and sec 39 Domestic Violence Act, 2018, imprisonment, threat of criminal procedures, court under duress, to coerce person injure health is called criminal assault. From following court evidence, the parties stated, colluded to assault Conway for judge to obtain 2,000 euros, Force sale of masks etc, to Knowingly break SI296, damage health, break HPRA position, admitted in court. The evidence proves beyond Reasonable doubt that courts, police refuse Protect public from non medical people Forcing medical products and diagnosis likely to injure or kill public.

The court says it charged Conway for following SI 296 must NOT wear mask if stress or feels RISK, breaching travel restrictions which Attorney General said NOT law and Garda oath to Protect Passport rights and assist travel NOT restrict. Court also claims that following HSE, HPRA CERTIFIED medical advice is slowing spread spread of covid that HSE C839 says does NOT exist. Court claims a shop assistant is qualified to OVERRULE HPRA Regulator advice to NOT wear mask.

Judge Geraldine Carthy Refused VICTIM Conway REQUIREMENT for solicitor, concerning his assault by Supervalu staff at Hickson Tullow, on 10th March, 2021 and his DECLINE to take part in fraud hearing. Judge broke judicial oath and proceeded on Void charges as SI 296 states must NOT wear mask if stress and, in DISCLAIMER at OWN risk as NOT guaranteed safe and, with NO jurisdiction, trespass or property rights.

Lisa Brady admitted she broke SI 296 by asking and insisting he break SI 296 and ignore the danger risks as advised by Attorney General, HSE C848, C849 and DISCLAIMER on SI 296. She confirmed that instead of telling her NONE of your business, he instead explained correct law that judge and police also knew. She confirmed that his Correct law was in her view, verbal abuse, distressing, despite she was the person that abused and downgraded him, implying he was dirty person because he learned the FACTS.

Lisa Brady confirmed she contacted store owner, Tommy Hickson and asked him to assist her in damaging customer Conway health and, assault him with medical claims HSE said are Nonsence and dangerous to his health. In court Hickson confirmed he held and Enforced medical opinions that SI 296 said he CANNOT and, HPRA Regulator and A General said are NOT law and NOT safe. In court he admitted to breaking law, he tried to PRETEND he was a GP and, UNAWARE of Conway medical conditions, admitted he did NOT comply with SI 296 to NOT wear mask, perhaps like police he has reading difficulties.

He informed the court that because Conway asked him to COMPLY with 296, NOT wear mask, he decided this was argumentative and that he must get police to support his criminal assault on Conway. He also told judge that because Conway did NOT want to damage his skin by using unknown chemicals, withdrawn from schools due to skin damage, that he regarded him as dirty person NOT to be served.

In court ,on his instructions, Garda Cormac Corcoran claims he assaulted victim in a car park, Not shop.He asked him were you in shop NOT wearing mask, AWARE NO such requirement, demanded explanation. Having broken his Garda oath which REQUIRED him arrest shop staff for trying to Force medical products and degrading and, threatening victim, he attempted set up birthcert contract on NO crime to FRAME him and obtain rewards for court.

Conway aware Garda NOT under oath, breaking SI 296 and being aggressive he LAWFULLY DECLINED a contract as HE was Victim of shop. In court, Garda confirmed UNLAWFULLY kidnapping and forcing him into court to conceal shop crimes and obtain 2,000 euro for court fraud. In court when shop CCTV showed shop staff assaulting customer and he told judge it showed NO crime by him, judge with NO jurisdiction said he is NOT allowed to speak, ONLY the police and shop staff that assaulted him and Framed could talk.

In court, Inspector David Buckly told judge that victim had 26 previous convictions including road traffic offences. These claims do NOT mean that police can assault and FRAME victim ANYTIME they like, that he has NO rights only to be ABUSED by police. It is CLEAR that Inspector disclosed confidential information to public and judge to create bad reputation to assist the serious crimes by Garda Corcoran, who assisted Supervalu to assault customer obeying SI 296.

Judge Carthy stated that Mrs Brady evidence that SHE broke the law was quite striking and praised her willingness to FORCE medical procedures, break SI 296 and act as a GP giving public diagnosis and making dangerous medical claims opposite of HPRA and law position. Judge showed her contempt of court by making a Void order that the victim, assaulted by police, shop and court clerk, must pay 2,000 euro, despite NO jurisdiction, trespass or property rights, to an UNLICENSED court involved in medical fraud.

I remind you of your policing principles, Garda Act 2005, the Garda code, chapter 40.1, your obligation reporting and prompt investigation, prosecution of reported crime as I have just made. You will be aware it is serious offence against administration of justice and could be collusion in police assault at Supervalu as police admitted, to assist judge obtain 2,000 euros and damage public health.

Yours sincerely, G.Martin


  • it’s going to be hard to get Harris to arrest them because they are all in it together despite this it will be Great when ever it happens I’m personally looking forward to that day,

    • Prosecution will be nearly impossible because they’re all in it together you’ll need independent judges that are not controlled by the government

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