Governance Accountability, Garda HQ, Phoenix Park, Dublin Dear Jonathan Roberts,

I have been asked by members of general public and the peoples party ireland to seek from you some explanation, to address both mine and, public concerns, that you may be involved in crime. Public records confirm that Commissioner Harris said you will be in charge of Garda Anti Corruption from October, 2022, despite REQUIREMENT of NO connection to crime or political organisations hostile to 32 County Dail, similar salary to Harris on 270,000 euro.

Public records confirm that you first worked for a company called RUC and that you then moved to a company that you Knew was engaged in Fraud, called PSNI, which has NO lawful jurisdiction in 32 county Dail since 1989. You will be aware that with Royal Assent I obtained from Queen the REPEAL of UK Partition Act, which had become UK Lawon 23rd December, 1920, as part of Government of Ireland Act in 1920,10,and 11 Geo c67.

On 2nd December, 1999, the peoples party ireland obtained this REPEAL Act of Union and, in 1989 obtained REPEAL of 1022 Freestate Act, Law revision 20, session 5, removing Oireachtas right make legislation. Public records confirm your PSNI was set up in 2000, under Police Northern Ireland Act 2000, citation 32, which changed RUC to PSNI, it Fraudulently claimed on 23rd Nov, 2000, NOT possible as 6 counties CEASED to be British Dominion colony, 11 years earlier in 1989.

As both UK and Irish law confirm, Crown RETURNED 6 counties and Oireachtas RETURNED 26 counties to 1918 Sovereign Dail and 1919 constitution in 1989, eleven years BEFORE 2000 PSNI. I would caution you that public records confirm by his actions, that Drew Harris was sent to 6 counties to PREVENT return in 1989 to Garda jurisdiction and, in 2018 was sent to 26 counties to SUBVERT from 1918 Dail and REPLACE Garda with City London terror police, registration 89000534, similar to 1922 invasion by Crown mercenaries under Agent Collins.

It is also public records that REDUNDANT Taoiseach Haughey 1989 colluded with S Fein set up by Adams on Harris instructions to return 32 counties to Crown, controlling with Young Leaders Tomorrow group of King Charles and Schwab WEF one one plan to remove national Dail. The new government being prepared is serving notice that if you assist MI5 operative Harris, under oath to Crown to SUBVERT Dail, you might , like Harris, be prosecuted for TREASON, 1990 Criminal Justice Act, life sentence if guilty.

I will in due course be writing to you, concerning former commissioner Clavin failure to prosecute 26 CEOs involved in medical fraud of courts service, in line with his training as member of political group, Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, working for WEF and its main founder, King Charles. It is public record that in 2019 at Harvard with Trudeau, Clavin completed Young Leaders Programme of King Charles and WEF, to assist Young Leaders Member Varadkar and courts, he being member also of Honourable Society courts, to assist per his cover up, Unlawful forcing of mRNA and medical proceedures by courts.

Clavin did NOT dispute his assistance to medical fraud, manslaughter etc, in addition his membership of political bodies being UNLAWFUL if Garda, his vested interest as Honourable Society member would suggest vested interest in assisting courts fraud.

With respect, your CV says you studied law so I can assume you have read the statute Acts, which advise you that ALL Oireachtas Acts since 1989 are VOID, including 1998 Good Friday Agreement to hand BACK 6 counties courtesy of S Fein, the party that supported Banning of church services. I am NOT aware that a referendum took place to RETURN the 6 counties under Garda jurisdiction since 1989, in the year 2000 you would be aware you could NOT REPLACE Garda and constitution with UK police state. The 1916 Proclamation and 1919 constitution my Grandfather wrote is subject to God and REQUIRES his signature NOT Yours. Yours sincerely, G M.

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