Many members of Fraudulent Oireachtas political parties have asked the peoples party ireland to explain the 3 court systems that operate in 32 county Dail Eireann, before and since 1989. Many politicians and CEOs of companies are concerned they may face life sentences under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, resulting in perhaps Unknowingly, assisting manslaughter of old,following court Mis information.

I would start with the oldest and Lawfully Enacted court, set up by my Grandfather in 1920 and still ONLY LAWFULLY sitting court in 2022, called Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts. This is the ONLY Sovereign Dail Eireann court of the 32 county Ireland that was returned with Royal Assent by Queen in 1989 REPEAL of 1922 Free state Act, Law revision 20, session 5.

Also the peoples party ireland obtained with Royal Assent, REPEAL of UK PARTITION Act, which had become law of UK on 23rd December, 1920 WITHOUT Assent of Irish Parliament 1918 election mandate as obtained per Royal Assent. The Supreme court judge fraudulently Mis lead public in 4 courts Centenary speech, in which he wrongly stated, per video recording obtained, that courts service was set up in 1922, on Free state Act and 1921 December treaty.

Public records confirm BOTH Partition and Free state UNLAWFULLY commenced on 23rd December, 1920, one YEAR BEFORE treaty, two years BEFORE Free state. Without jurisdiction, it PRETENDED ignore 1920 Dail Courts which did NOT sit in 4 courts, they ran UNLAWFUL 4 courts in competition to the existig Supreme court judges all of whom known to my Grandfather and their names in our family archives.

In addition to this Centenary Fraud by judge Hogan, public records confirm Attorney General advised him June, 2021 that his UNLAWFUL court was REFUSED 1924 Court Enactment Order license, from my Grandfather as Oireachtas got only power enact Oireachtas Acts for company business Not to change or replace existing 1918 Dailor 1920 courts set up on 1918 election mandate, per Royal Assent and supervised by Lord Lexden for Crown.

Public were NOT informed by Hogan that I obtained in 1989 REPEAL of 1922 Free state Oireachtas and this meant Courts service CANNOT use Queens Harp, heraldic emblem since 1989, as courts service no longer represent Royalty in addition NO license, all courts since 1989 are fraud as claiming represent Crown when NOT, likewise all Oireachtas lettersor acts bearing Crown Harp are VOID as no license use Harp.

I would explain to public that the UNLICENSED since 1924 courts service, displays the Kings Harp, WITHOUT Eire written below, as on your passport you have to have Eire to give it Sovereignity, as courts service was Never Sovereign it CANNOT use Sovereign Harp, it is no different than McDonalds, except McDonalds has a license.

The courts service since 1989 CANNOT represent Crown court by using Royal Harp. This is like when King is in residence in Buckingham Palace, the Union Jack is lowered and replaced with Crown emblem, the Harp to signify Royal is present. The ONLY LAWFUL court is the 1920 Sovereign Dail Eireann Court, when it sits you can see Sovereign Dail Harp with Eire written below, to VALIDATE it like your passport, which is why I got green passport removed as NOT Sovereign NO power to replace Sovereign Passport.

The UNLICENSED courts service, Fraudulently claiming Crown Harp since 1989 is also a private company, owned by Crown Temple and is registered owner of company 89000534, private police of City London. In addition to NO jurisdiction, courts service commits further offence by only accepting evidence from its employees of 89000534, that PRETEND to be Garda to obtain fraudulent fines.

The third court, unlike courts service is licensed by EU Courts of Justice, in casesC54196 of 1977 and C19609 of 2011 as a competent domestic tribunal, it is called Integrity Ireland Association. It is Pertinent to point out that ALL Oireachtas legislation since 1989 is NULL and VOID, this means the Lisbon Treaty is a fraud treaty signed by private company called government Ireland. Under both International and Irish law, the 1922 Free state meant Oireachtas had NO jurisdiction to Surrender 1916 Proclamation, 1919 constitution to EEC, UN, WHO etc. Since 1989, the 32 counties have NOT Lawfully been in EU,etc.

It is fair to state that it is a matter being considered that upon RETUEN to 1918 Dail, the Integrity Association could be a good Appeal court, as it CLEARLY observes Irish Constitution and Human Rights which courts service do NOT. The general public have also asked me to explain the Fraudulent S Instruments called 31A, which when PROPERLY explained, tell public they are NOT law and indicate the names of Fraud writers.

I shall present in PART 2 , these SI 31A and what they MERELY advise you to do, which in law is a public medical claim and Diagnosis, which is OPPOSITE of HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED advice. It will be clear, that courts service presented Fraudulent medical hearings using public medical claims known to kill and, implying that documents describing unqualified medical diagnosis as if law ,when NOT as Not possible each reader have SAME medical problems.

In closing, I would remind public that if you took part in any court in 32 counties since 1989 and it displayed Queens Harp, you took part in fraud if clerk DID explain NO jurisdiction exists and your RIGHT TO DECLINE. The new government will have to regard ALL cases since 1989 as Fraud and RE trial WILL TAKE PLACE in Sovereign Dail Eireann Courts. Any judge that Omitted explain NO jurisdiction will be tried and jailed for contempt and other offences. I should remind public that Rte, twitter etc have done great work in reporting many UNLICENSED courts, using its Private police to intimidate public into HARMFUL medical experiments with NO regard for likely deaths.

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  • Incredible information 👏🏼 when may i ask will there be criminal charges brought against those who lied to the people of Ireland 🇮🇪

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