Many people have now read PART 6 and have learned that the written Archives on Statute Acts and Laws, many written by my Grandfather, tell you the TRUE account of criminal gangs called career criminals. People quickly learn that to UNDERSTAND the cause and solution to the criminal gangs, simply calls for ability to read and write, if you read, write, then you ARE EXPERT able to think for yourself.

In PART 6 the statute Acts, NOT I, told you that the only party that followed law, had obtained for BOTH North and South in 1989 the REPEAL of Free state and Partition, later in 2007 Oireachtas also REPEALED. Public records to follow, explain how President of Dail, UNLAWFULLY gave himself title of Taoiseach Haughey in 1989 snap election, after CONCEALING END of Free state, Oireachtas and Stormont.

He was assisted in these crimes by Governor General Patrick Hillary, who UNLAWFULLY gave himself title of President of Oireachtas, NOT Dail, in 1990, records confirm both Oireachtas and Governor General became REDUNDANT in 1989. BEFORE public announcement by Queen of result of the peoples party ireland application for Royal Assent to END UNLAWFUL Partition and SUBVERSION of 1918 Dail in 1989, Oireachtas was busy setting up companies to defraud Irish taxpayer.

It is important to understand that for example last election was for 160 TDs, 60 Senators to 33rd Dail, NOT election to Oireachtas Crown corporation, which LOST its power in 1989. You elected TDs to Dail to PROTECT rights given in 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution, written by my Grandfather. You did NOT elect TDs to work for Oireachtas employees to REMOVE Your rights given by God. In similar fashion, public records confirm public paid for the Garda force whose oath was written in 1922 by my Grandfather. Records state FF, FG did NOT inform public that in 1989 it REPLACED Garda with Crown police.

Public records confirm FF, FG, SF did NOT advise public that WITHOUT jurisdiction, Oireachtas civil service gave Garda contract to Private City London corporation registered as 89000534, profits of 709.06 million, mainly from public abuse and fraud fines. Public records confirm FF, SF,FG did NOT advise public that the Owner of 89000534 is courts service, UNLICENSED since 1924, courts service being Owned by Crown Temple, using its private police to write Fraud summons for profits.

Public records confirm FF, SF, FG, did NOT advise public that in 2013, the peoples party ireland served upon Crown Temple, the Motu Proprio, highest Law document in world, on behalf of Vatican Governance and Irish MEN, WOMEN. Public records confirm this Motu instructed courts service, that in addition NO license since 1924, it CANNOT serve ALL CAPS birth certificate company summons upon MAN or WOMAN, only on companies if it has 1924 Court Enactment Order.

Public records confirm that FF, FG, SF, did NOT advise public that to SUBVERT 32 county Dail in 1989, these parties allowed Oireachtas staff set up registered company called government Ireland, despite Oirachtas staff REDUNDANT at this time. They did NOT advise public that this corporation has NO power to SUBVERT Dail 1919 Constitution or COLLECT taxes for its registered OWNER, Northern Trust, which in turn is OWNED by company called government UK, 055 22 373 being registration number.

This UK government company is registered as 055 22 373, its Northern Trust is known in Ireland as Revenue Commissioners, its Agent has office in Dublin Castle, he arranges REMOVAL Irish taxes and payment of N Ireland deficit, I will keep secret his name, telephone number. Public records confirm Queen did NOT give Royal Assent to King Charles to SUBVERT Westminster Parliament by forming company 055 22 373 government UK, or to claim jurisdiction over 6 colonies returned to Dail in 1989.

Public records confirm ONLY party to inform Dail and public that Charles company, government Ireland could NOT obtain license to sell mRNA produced by his GSK and Leyen Biotech, was peoples party. Public records confirm that on 20th Jan, 2009, President of REDUNDANT Oireachtas, REPEALED in 1989, signed legislation of Oireachtas staff NO power to write, to nationalise Anglo Irish Bank and pay off its BOND debts, mainly OWNED by TDs ,judges, helping themselves to 2 Billion cash in Pension fund.

Public and Law records confirm that REDUNDANT President of Oireachtas since 1989, Mary McAleese signed the Bill which passed through REDUNDANT Seanad WIHOUT a vote, making it VOID and Seanad members liable for Anglo debt, NOT Dail taxpayers. Government Ireland Crown corporation NOT Dail, found deposits UNLAWFUL of Billions from Perm TSB and Irish Life. Instead of jail, chief executive Denis Casey resigned, 17th Feb, 2009.

Records confirm Dr Michael Walsh, of Irish Nationwide resigned. All these people that provided FF government Ireland with funds to invest in fraud, were NOT prosecuted instead got Golden handshakes. Public records confirm in 1997 that the company FF set up to SUBVERT with SF the 32 county 1989 Dail, set up the Mahon Tribunal to thank courts for NOT advising of 1989 fraud and assisting said fraud, it ended in 2008, all 3rd party costs were 300 million euro which government Ireland company got Dail to pay for them.

Public records confirm that government Ireland company, used other companies to charge its debt of 300 million to Dail, it paid 97 million of Dail taxes to UNLICENSED courts service, many judges made millions assisting what law describes as Fraud. Tribunal employed UNLICENSED judge, Feargus Flood as the chairman. At great expense he was replaced June, 2003 by judges Alan Mahon, Mary Flaherty, Gerald Keys from UNLICENSED courts service to assist fraud according to statute laws.

Public records confirm they investigated former FF press secretary Frank Dunlop. Former EU Commissioner Padraig Flynn and FF TD Liam Lawlor, who was jailed for NOT complying orders of tribunal, similar to his approval of EU treaties that REDUNDANT Oireachtas fraudulently signed for. As records confirm, Dail tax payer paid for UNLICENSED court service to investigate why private company, government Ireland bailed out Anglo Irish Bank, WITHOUT Oireachtas Seanad vote and, why President McAleese signed NO vote despite since 1989 Oireachtas NO power to pass TDs Bond debts to Dail.

Public records confirm that 160 TDs, 60Senators obeyed Oireachtas closed down in 1989 for corruption by Queen, to buy bankrupt Anglo Bank to pay of the Bond debts held by many TDs, judges and, helped themselves to the 2 Billion euros CASH in Pension fund, which EU banks with no cash wanted to get. In PART 8, the Public records , NOT I, will explain to public how S Fein assisted Crowns company, government Ireland to sell main investor of Astra Zeneca, the government UK 055 22 373 to Irish, claiming NO side effects and ESSENTIAL to life, despite my sending 1,376 Listed side effects.

It is most important to people of British Isles, catholic, protestant etc, to understand that Crown is worlds LARGEST corporation, it uses position to control ALL people for maximum profit, subverts Parliaments by using companies. Like ALL King or Queen arrangements you can get good or bad ruler of Crown. Irish records confirm Queen inherited 1922 FRAUD partition and, in 1989 REPEALED it, she chose help Irish people, SFein chose to decieve Irish and conceal the 1989 Repeal.

It is NOT fair to blame her for bad behaviour of her children. She worked hard to defend throne from King Charles, who wrote build back better and, Schwab confirmed Charles and Varadkar as members of Young Leaders Group. Media such as Rte, BBC, twitter etc have reported Charles intentions, he has told us he intends to REMOVE national governments and replace with companies like government UK and government Ireland and, close Crown also.

So it does NOT matter what religion you are, his aim is to destroy national governments, Crown ,religions etc and, have ALL Freemen as slaves in one world government, HE said this NOT I. I would end this report as it explains meaning of government Ireland company by reminding you that FF, FG, SF, PBP, Greens did NOT advise you of a life and death situation their companies sales dept caused you.

For over 2 years, Rte 6.01 TV show presented sales reps of government Ireland, they PRETENDED their 31A regulations were law, written by HSE and approved by HPRA regulator, documents from HSE state opposite of 31A Mis information. Many times on twitter, I posted HSE and HPRA CERTIFIED position, also sent to Rte, that state HSE medical position is OPPOSITE of 31A regulations, which Attorney General said NOT law or safe. Government Ireland is NOT a medical board or HPRA Regulator, they are MERELY selling Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, J and J for its manufacturer, Crown GSK and President Leyen Biotech, these being government Ireland company OWNER.

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