I thought many people would like to hear further details of the part of modern history that the Truth movement, people like Waters, O Doherty, S Fein, Rte , Oireachtas, ALL PRETEND never existed despite recorded in public archives. In true Irish fashion these people Always like to start at MIDDLE of story and leave out the beginning, which in most cases is the MOST important part, the FOUNDATION, its FACTS available in Public Archives, so no excuse to say you do not know said FACTS.

Public records confirm that with Royal Assent and Irish Parliament Assent, Lord Lexden oversaw the 32 county December, 1918 election, called by King George V, Sein Fein won 73 seats, a three quarters majority, which Lord Lexden confirmed as VALID, this being the elected Dail that UK Parliament had treaty talks with in London to discuss mutual interests, NOT talks with Crown Agent Collins.

S Fein won this landslide majority on promise of 1916 Proclamation of Sovereign, INALIENABLE, INDEFEASIBLE rights to both catholics and protestants, it set up Dail Eireann 1918 to 6th December, 1922. It was UNLAWFULLY replaced on 5th December, 1922 despite still only 32 county mandated Dail on 6th December, 1922, by force of gun removed by Crown mercenary force of ex British army led by and funded by Crown agents Collins and Develara.

Two years into the Lawful 1918 government as witnessed by Lord Lexden, the government of Ireland Act, 1920, 10 and 11 Geo c67 was passed by Lloyd George, Prime Minister. In UK law on 23rd December, 1920, it said 2 Parliaments, of 26 and 6 counties have been formed UNKNOWN to general public and NOT possible to have Royal Assent or Assent of Irish Parliament, Collins, Develara SECRETLY arranged 2 years BEFORE any Freestate or Treaty talks, hence reason my Grandfather wrote INALIENABLE rights ONLY God can change, NOT Collins or Develara, as he was aware they being Crown Agents as 1920 Proved.

This UK Act of Partition, NOT Irish Parliament Act, was REPEALED 2nd December, 1999 in UK and REPEALED by Irish Parliament of Freestate in 8th May, 2007. These dates tell you under Crown was 6 counties until 1999 and, in 2007 Irish Oireacthas secretly claimed 6 counties belonged to Crown registered company called government Ireland, the company PRETENDING to have replaced Dail in 1989 when Oireachtas lost right to make Oireachtas rules for its employees, the civil servants, NOT called TDs.

The dates also tell you that Oireachtas PRETENDED to be under Crown until 2007, which means UNABLE to sign EU Treaties or 1998 Good Friday Agreement, to hand BACK to Crown the 6 counties RETURNED in 1989 by Royal Assent at request of the peoples party ireland. The Truth parties tell you nothing about the work done by Irelands OLDEST Anti Treaty party, the peoples party ireland, which engaged with Crown for 100 years by using the law as stated above which FF Oireachtas breaks.

Through peaceful negotiation with Crown, we obtained in 1989, the Law Revision Act 20, session 5, available to public and TDs, 33 YEARS ago the Queen ENDED UNLAWFUL Freestate 1922 Act and the Partition. ALL these frauds were set up by Develara, Collins to allow FF exploit Irish as Agents for Crown. I have in earlier reports, listed the 1931 Statute of Westminster that my Grandfather obtained. This allowed 1932 FF Taoiseach Develara seek Royal Assent to REPEAL 1922 FREESTATE Act, he REFUSED to do so and with S Fein was main cause of Northern troubles in which both communities forced into war to Prevent unity, this meant jobs for SF, DUP, Oireachtas etc.

The peoples party ireland instead applied for Royal Assent to Repeal 1922 Act, hence 32 counties returned to Dail in 1989, NO thanks to FF, FG, SF, Greens or truth movement. It is action NOT chat that gets RESULTS, this is only one of many secrets Concealed by twitter CEO, being transferred from Garda media to assist Rte in removing public right to hear news, they shadow ban all truth from Irish.

Public records confirm that on 5th December, 1922, the ex British army mercenaries led by Crown Agents Collins, Develara, set up British Dominion colony for King by force of gun, NOT the Rte movie of setting Ireland free. The Lawful 1918 Sovereign Dail, STILL in power 6th December, 1922 was forced to go underground and elect a Substitute President as described in Articles of 1919 Constitution, this position held Sovereign Seals in trust for Public, until the 32 county returned by Queen in 1989 sits again in Mansion House.

It is Pertinent to mention that in accordance with law, my Grandfather refused in 1924 to issue court Enactment order, so since 1924, Crown company, courts service has NO license to hold courts, or use the City London security police it is registered owner of, to effect serving civil summons on Public, Oireachtas having NO power to remove or restrict rights of MAN, WOMAN or companies since 1989.

It is public record that in June, 2021 Attorney General confirmed in written letter, that NO Enactment Order or license exists and, public record confirms chief justice Clarke dismissed Supreme court case, when UNABLE to produce 1924 when required by his victim. It is also Pertinent to state that Crown confirm that they claimed Free state Act is based on treaty signed 1921 with the Lawful 1918 government which Rte and Crown PRETEND did NOT exist in 1921, despite said treaty they claim 1918 signed. If no 1918 government existed as they claim then NO 1922 Free state Act could be agreed.

It is also stated in 1920 government Ireland Act of UK, that N Ireland Parliament was ESTABLISHED 7th June,1921 BEFORE ANY such treaty so as I said to Queen it would mean VOID Act and, in 1998 this VOID NIreland Act was REPEALED with Royal Assent, so both states became one in 1989 despite 1921 being VOID, so in 1998 Good Friday SFein cannot agree to PRETEND 6 counties still in UK.

It was also stated by Rte, Truth seekers etc, that Collins, Develara are National Heroes for setting Ireland Free. Written statutes confirm they had arranged in 1920 to Partition North and RETURN 32 counties to Crown as British Dominion colony, making Irish slaves as already free in 1918. Public records confirm that Develara AGAIN refused Irish Freedom in 1932 as he Preferred run Oireachtas for Crown and its courts. Again in 1989, FF continued to PRETEND it ran Oireachtas for Crown. Only the peoples party ireland has again stood for Irish in 2020 coup by A General and Young Leaders Tomorrow Garda commissioner Harris and Clavin whom have assisted Crown and Leyen in selling their mRNA and WEF plan.

Records confirm that in 1936 Abdication, King had to get Permission from Develara, Canada, Australia, N Zealand, S Africa as Free state was British Dominion colony, NOT free as Develara, Rte, Oireachtas PRETENDED. In 1947 Irish Ambassador to Rome had to wait 3 weeks to get his King sign his papers to say he could represent Irish. Public records confirm that WITHOUT Royal Assent, Develara abolished Freestate and UNLAWFULLY replaced 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution with VOID 1937 constitution, Irish Parliament only REPEALED 1922 constitution in 2007 by Oireachtas Act, it also VOID as Oireachtas REPEALED by Queen in 1989, eighteen years BEFORE .

It is also Pertinent to state that the peoples party ireland applied to Queen for closure of 1922 Free state legislation that ONLY gave Oireachtas power to pass Oireachtas Acts, NOT to Repeal 1922 constitution or alter Sovereign rights in 1916 Proclamation, she agreed Oireachtas abused its position. Crown also confirmed its agreement that NO Royal Assent was obtained for passing of 1947 Health Act and No28 of 1947, NO power to replace 1922 with 1937 constitution of a criminal gang.

ALL of the above information can be freely obtained by the public within minutes and it leads one to wonder why O Doherty recently said she had tried to be President of Oireachtas, closed as a Fraud in 1989. This same lady claims to advise people to NOT vote for the peoples party ireland which she said she knows Nothing about and, advises vote for National Party, which like her, supports UNLICENSED courts and its private policeby engaging in fraud court cases which is called tax payer fraud, as it makes riches for criminal gangs.

It would be wise if O Doherty and Waters Actually Learned their history and Irish and Uk statute Acts BEFORE making fools of themselves and, Mis Leading public. Only the peoples party ireland insists upon correct statute laws. It is clear, both to North and South, that because first part of Irish history, 1918 to 1922 is HIDDEN, many people go to UNLICENSED courts and allow its Private police to Abuse them, ignorence of law makes jobs for criminal gangs, career criminals.

For 33 years, both North and South have been free thanks to peoples party ireland, yet the UNLAWFUL companies Stormont and Oireachtas seek to enslave all, as in Ulster Plantations, remove the natives. I might just mention that in 1998 Good Friday agreement the UK government had become a registered company, its registration is No 055 22 373, like McDonalds it has no jurisdiction over MAN or WOMAN, its jurisdiction is over companies.

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