Many people in both Ireland and UK have now learned the Wisdom of reading the written Archives of Irish and UK Parliaments, rather than Rte, BBC and Google WEF 2022 fiction. Many Irish and UK electors have done a great INJUSTICE to the Queen and FORGOTTEN that she kept her promise on Coronation, to keep nations like UK, Ireland Sovereign, free from WEF, until the day she died.

Many Irish FORGOT that as a young woman she INHERITED many UN Sovereign Acts by former Kings, like George V, she died per written Archives, undo many of these wrongs against strong opposition. Many Irish claim her children and relatives did bad things, this might be true but, what matters is she did NOT make them do bad things, ALL children etc make their OWN choice, NOT what parents want.

So I want to write about the written Archives of what she did for Ireland. Many years ago, as law Requires, the people party ireland asked Queen to Correct an INJUSTICE against Ireland by King George V,she CORRECTED it. In 1922, on Dec.5th, King supplied his Agents Collins, former S Fein and Develara, founder of FF, with ex British army mercenaries, guns,uniforms and gold, to REMOVE the Lawful 1918 Sovereign Dail from power.

I say LAWFUL 1918, because with Royal Assent, the S Fein party won election mandate to set up 1918 to 1922 Dail on 1916 Proclamation and 5 Articles, 1919 constitution, which guarantee INDEFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE Rights. While 1918 still in power on 6th December, 1922, WITHOUT mandate and breaking 1919 Constitution, King broke law and allowed Collins, Develara REPLACE Dail right to legislate and, PRETEND Oireachtas corporation could legislate.

The VOID arrangement was that King corporation he set up in 1920, UK Government Ireland Act, could also make Oireachtas Acts, NOT Dail Acts, to SUBVERT Lawful 1918 Dail, NOT Lawful under 1919 constitution. In 1931, the peoples party ireland, through Lawful procedure, obtained with Royal Assent, the 1931 Statute of Westminster Act. We then asked Taoiseach Develara in 1932 to USE said Act, to REPEAL 1922 Freestate Act.

Under 1931 Act, Develara could seek Royal Assent to REPEAL 1922 Freestate Act, which fraudulently gave Oireachtas corporation power to make Oireachtas, NOT Dail Acts, such as N Ireland Secession Act. Develara Refused to Remove the British Dominion colony status HE had Forced in 1922, which led to the 1980 formation Gerry Adams S Fein and the Northern Troubles, which COULD have been avoided in 1931. The peoples party ireland Continued, on behalf of Anti Treaty Irish and 1918 Dail, the peaceful paper Democratic process when Queen was Crowned. The result was Revision Repeals 20, 1989, session 5, REPEAL of 1922 Freestate Act.

As UK Parliament confirmed, in 1989, Oireachtas RETURNED to being Crown corporation, selling Crowns products such as GSK mRNA, NO power to legislate for Dail 32 counties, Stormont ceased as NO Freestate authority. Public records confirm Queen ALONE, stood up against joint founder of World Economic Forum and Young Leaders Tomorrow Programme, King Charles and Schwab, Charles WROTE build back better.

It is public record that King Charles stated ONLY hope for world is set up fund of trillions of pounds to buy out Sovereign governments, small business, remove rights of Sovereign citizens and Crown. His view of one world government is SAME as his ancestors during their support for Hitler, it was the Queen of Sovereign nations like Ireland, that gave us closure of Young Leaders Group Oireachtas in 1989. It is good deeds, like HER REPEAL of 1922 Freestate and Petition of 6 counties, that determine was she good or bad, NOT personal gossip by Rte, BBC or PRETEND Irish Treaty parties who support Charles WEF plans.

People of the world must NOT allow Charles Hijack her good deeds and, TRICK public into supporting his WEF one world order. She worked hard to keep Charles at Bay but, his media friends broke her spirit. It is time now that Irish and UK people insist on Sovereign rights she worked hard to stop Charles removing. Even BEFORE her funeral, Charles went to Belfast to PRETEND he has RECOVERED 6 counties SHE RETURNED to Dail in 1989.

Charles WEF friends already arranged members of Young Leaders, Varadkar appointed as Enforcement officer to NOT enforce EU Directives Public Health, that BAN selling Crowns GSK Leyen Biotec mRNA as if NO risks. WEF arranged Young Leaders member, commissioner Clavin, former UK police and Honourable Society member, as Head of Garda Anti Corruption to ALLOW corruption and former N Ireland Head of police, Harris, to REMOVE Garda force, install police UK state.

City of London company 89000534, it registered to owner Unlicensed courts service, is Same employer of Harris who PRETENDED in 1989 that 6 counties are property of Charles, like Royal Duchy of Cornwall. WEF arranged N Ireland judge O Donnell to become chief justice of Ireland, it seems to impose Charles courts and Remove Irish Constitution. Likewise majority of police authority are N Irish Crown staff.

The chairman police authority is former Rte Director General, who directed Rte CONCEAL that Oireachtas LOST its 1922 Freestate authority in 1989, it seems and ensured 89000534 repace Garda oath to uphold Constitution. These same people that abuse Queens 1989 REPEAL of 1922 Act, attend courts service of Charles, that Attorney General said in June, 2021, have NO license since 1924, they are COMPLIERS with court fraud, making money for judges etc.

These Same people praise the use of fraud solicitors of fraud courts, accept fraud civil summons from City London 89000534 and, PRETEND 31A regulations are law that Attorney General said in DISCLAIMER and High court as NOT law, are ADVICE no obligation to follow. These SAME people say Roman Catholic is ONLY proper religion when God ONLY gave 10 commandments, it is MAN that gave the words church and religion. These SAME people claim ONLY they know what is right, NO one else can know.

The 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution was written for North and South, it said ALL men ,women have INDEFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE rights to decide what is best for them, NOT a select group deciding for everyone else, it is called a dictatorship. Many of these ONLY I KNOW types, can easily read the detailed accounts of Collins, Develara etc, like them, they decided they have right to ignore other views, religions, statute laws, use police to support crime.

The peoples party ireland is building NEW world where a few rich people like King Charles, CANNOT use private police and courts to exploit public and dictate their OWN narrow views, those supporting fraud criminals are as bad as them. It is time that people spent the short time required, to read their history and Archives instead of going along with Rte paid to MIS lead. Anyone who claims 1937 constitition, courts, police, Collins ,Develara are NOT fraud, would be people who did NOT read Archives.

The longer people allow police and courts to Protect TDs involved in exploiting taxpayer by breaking statute laws, the More USE criminal gangs like them will get, to abusing public and being master NOT servant. If fraud case is dismissed, they still are winner because they get paid, win or lose, it is about money NOT justice with these career criminals, have no contract so they have no money. Both Irish and UK have to stand up now for the Sovreignity the Queen stood up for, she, sadly is no longer able to do the job for you,, Charles already told you his plan is REPLACE Crown with World Economic Forum.

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  • hi again Gabriel have you any correspondence from D H regarding the letters ✉️ you sent to him recently let’s hope that those people who lied and caused so much fear will be held accountable thanks, John Carroll from Woodbrook kilmoganny co KILKENNY R95K1E2

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