In Parts 1 to 3 the Archive papers of UK and Irish Parliaments I listed, explained how easy it is to be Mislead if you ignore or, do NOT see the pieces of paper and, the Lawful Procedure by peoples party ireland. In Part 1 you read how 2 groups of Irish met in a field on Sunday 21st August, 2022 to INSULT the Sovereign 32 county Ireland Dail Eireann of 1918 to December, 6th, 1922 and its 1919 Constitution and 1916 Proclamation.

You heard the FF Taoiseach make speech on the Great Free state Independence the Founder of FF De Valera obtained on his 5th December, 1922, REMOVAL of Free state 32 county Ireland, handing it BACK to Crown even though 1919 Constitution did NOT allow. The other group gave great praise to Collins, the man who led Crowns Mercenaries of ex British army, paid by Crown, to assist his employer, King George V and, Kings Agent, De Valera, take back Freedom from 1918 Dail.

The public also praised FF police commissioner Harris, the former Head of N Ireland police, who REMOVED the Freedom Constitution rights of 6 counties obtained by peoples party in 1989 by UK Parliament Act and Royal Assent. Having RETURNED 6 counties to Queens police, Queens Oireachtas employed him as Head of 26 counties police Garda, to ALSO REMOVE 1989 Freedom and 1919 Constitution obtained by peoples party ireland in 1989 Parliament Act UK, by Royal Assent.

This Harris allowed appointment of Anti Corruption Garda commissioner Clavin to NOT stop corruption, he being member of Schwab Young Leaders Tomorrow Programme.Also he allowed Belfast judge under oath to Queen to become chief justice. Harris also allowed Young Leaders Tomorrow member Varadkar to be Enforcement officer of EU Directives Public Health to NOT enforce safety measures and, Public health spokesman Prof O Neill, paid 26,277,000 euros by GSK, Pfizer sell OWN products.

Commissioner Harris obtained promotion of Attorney General and chief justice to PRETEND we are Crown slaves with NO Constitution or statute laws. WITHOUT jurisdiction UNLICENSED UK Police, judges enslaved Irish. Many people were shocked as I listed various Articles of 1922 Free state constitution written by King, that Collins, De Valera FORCED upon FREE Ireland of 1918 to 1922 Sovereign Dail Irishmen. Public records clearly state that on 5th December, 1922, Crowns Agents Collins, DeValera set up for King, his new colony one day BEFORE REMOVAL of 6th December, 1922 Dail, VOID per EXISTING 1919 Constitution.

Part 4 begins with the position of De Valera UNLAWFUL Free state in 1936 and as you read, will NOTE Taoiseach Martin LIED as to what happened on 5th December, 1922, when 2 Irish traitors were Praised for fraud and TREASON. The following Democratic paperwork by peoples party upon Crown, in 1936 happened, per Parliament documents as follows. This relates to Expected request by King Edward V111 to Abdicate his throne.

First I remind you of another UK Parliament Act, FORCED by peoples party ireland, called the 1931 Statute of Westminster. It confirmed CROWN RECOGNISED right of Dail to REPEAL UK 1922 Free state, RETURN 32 counties to 1919 Constitution, AVOID IRA terror etc. Records confirm Crown Agent De Valera REFUSED this right REPEAL UK 1922 Act he arranged for Crown in 1922. As Taoiseach in 1932 his FF chose CONTINUE use Oireachtas to EXPLOIT Dail for TDs, UNLICENSED courts and Crown, some hero indeed.

Records confirm in 1933 his Amendment Act did NOT allow REPEAL of 1922 Free state Act WITHOUT Royal Assent and could NOT be approved by Kings Irish Supreme Court as peoples party STOPPED court license in 1924, as Attorney General confirmed in June, 2021. It is important to point out that although5th December, 1922 Constitution was UNLAWFUL under 1919 Constitution ALIVE on 6th December, 1922, it provided amendments enacted as Acts Oireachtas, NOT possible as Dail Acts.

Taoiseach Martin seems unaware that De Valera REMOVED Freedom of 1918 to 1922 and RETURNED Ireland as a Commonwealth Dominion, Falsely passing 7th December, 1922, N Ireland Secession Act Partition despite NO jurisdiction. DeValera was subject to Governor General like, Australia, Canada, N Zealand and S Africa, ALL taxes collected for Crowns courts and judges, appointed by Crowns Oireachtas corporation, set up in 1920 Government Ireland Act, NOT Irish Parliament.

Under Statute Westminster Act, 1931, King Edward could NOT abdicate WITHOUT Assent from DeValera and above 4 countries Prime ministers as listed. On 29th November, 1936, Sir Harry Batterbee visited DeValera. On behalf UK Prime minister Baldwin, Sir Batterbee as Assistant Secretary Dominions Office met with DeValera, as detailed in Dept External Affairs Records, to SEEK PERMISSION from its Dominion Colony Minister DeValera, so much for his boast setting up FREE state in 1922, servant of Crown.

On 4th December, 1936, Prime minister Baldwin wrote ALL Dominion colonies, Including Ireland DeValera had ENSLAVED. At once on 6th December, 1936 DeValera wrote back, he said CANNOT abdicate WITHOUT Free state Parliament PERMISSION. At this point, the Crowns SERVANT DeValera was dismantlingFree state Constitution, seeking REMOVE his oath to Crown and taking job of Governor General, so he could ENSLAVE Irish in Crown Oireachtas with FF in charge.

To this , Crown offered DeValera a bribe, they said if DeValera lifted HIS objection Free state could be regarded as Separate monachy allowing removal of King IF AN INTERVAL occured before nepointed. This was classic story of Servant trying to Outsmart Master as DeValera NOT wise in law. Crown stated ONLY TEMPORARY during INTERVAL of NO King, NOT PERMANENTLY. No INTERVAL occured due to SWIFT action by DeValera.

On 10th December, 1936 ABDICATION took place, Batterbee rang DeValera to find out if he objected and if so, what period INTERVAL of delay. De Valera WITHOUT delay called Oireachtas meeting. Within hours, next day of business,11.12.1936, DeValera passed Constitution Amendment NO 27, 1936 and Executive Authority External Relations Bill, 1936, giving PERMISSION WITHOUT delay INTERVAL occurance.

Thanks to Crowns SERVANT De Valera, new King George V1 took over within hours, so NO interval in 1937 for De Valera Fraud to act WITHOUT Royal Assent, TREASON against Crown. WITHOUT understanding NO temporary INTERVAL existed in 1937, De Valera set up Constitution Committe in 1934 to write 1937 Constitution, a small group of civil servants from justice department, Oireachtas Governor General, Attorney General, NONE having jurisdiction REMOVE Dail INALIENABLE rights, only propose constitution for Oireachtas employees.

De Valera arranged to accept a constitution from Irish Province of JESUITS, Fr Edward Cahill, John McQuaid with slight modifications on 8th October, 1936, De Valera REFUSED confide this with his cabinet. He presented on 16th March,1937, WITHOUT Royal Assent or his Cabinet, to High court judgeGeorge Duffy and Supreme court judge, James Geaghegan, both Crown judges, NO license since 1924, they being Subject to Royal Assent.

It was explained by Crowns judges, NO license 1924, that Oireachtas would violate1921 treaty, it being VOID as NOT allowed by 1919 Constitution, 1916 Proclamation, effective until 6th December, 1922 said Crown and statute law. Despite Oireachtas NO jurisdiction over Dail Constitution as Private corporation owned by Crown, he decided he is God and can IGNORE Crown and Constitution law and Anglo Catholic Church.

Crowns judges, Church of Ireland and Methodist insisted on Article 44, to allow rights remain that JESUITS tried to Remove and, 14 June, 1937, Dail voted 62 for and 48 against, slim 14 seat win for a VOID Bill. WITHOUT Royal Assent or Sovereign SUBSTITUTE President, he Fraudulently claimed 1937 Constitution to start on 29th December, 1937, SECRETLY dissolved 1922 Free state, that Taoiseach celebrated as still alive, on August 2022.

Per statute law, the peoples party ireland CONTINUED with UK Parliament Process, to obtain Royal Assent for REPEAL of 1922 Free state Act and N Ireland Secession Act, UNLAWFUL instruments by Collins, De Valera. We also brought to Queen the FACT that servant of King, De Valera had set up Private corporations, using her Oireachtas Harp as Royal Assent and, set up Fraudulent companies to SUBVERT Dail and Crown.

The result was Queen RETURNED ALL 32 counties to Sovereign 1918 Dail and SUBSTITUTE President in 1989. Since 1989 FF and Oireachtas companies have for 33 years used private courts police in Fraud assaults upon Dail voters NOT subject Oireachtas corporation. The REPEAL Act, Law Revision Act 20, Session 5, with Royal Assent, ENDED Collins, De Valera SF Treaty members and N Secession Act of TREASON. In Part 5 I will list Lawful documents of FF Oireachtas Fraud since 1937, in which you will see that Irish traitors are the problem NOT Crown who set things right, first in 1931 and again in 1989, Queen sought remove herself from criminal Oireachtas gangs.

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  • when will all those individuals that lied to the people of Ireland for three years causing fear, also premoteing vaccines that were only trial drugs especially the main stream media and local radio stations pushing propaganda 🤔 be brought to justice for crimes against humanity I’m looking forward to that day in big way

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