Dear Commissioner Drew Harris, Ref Crown TREASON against Dail

In 1906 Arthur Griffith set up political party Sinn Fein, in English it means, OURSELVES ALONE, my Grandfather wrote for him the 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution, its 5 Articles to Protect 1916 Proclamation. With Royal Assent, Irish Parliament held 1918 election in the 32 county Ireland and Sinn Fein won three quarters of 32 counties seats, setting up Lawful 1918 to 1922 Sovereign Dail Eireann Parliament.

With Crown colony control Lost, the King passed UK Parliament Act, NOT Irish Parliament Act, called 1920 Government Ireland Act, which set up Corporation Oireachtas, to SUBVERT 1918 Dail, RETURN Ireland as Crown colony. Oireachtas employed old Empire trick of dividing a United people into Separate groups, using the Crowns 30 pieces of silver to buy several S Fein TDs, Collins and Develara became Crown Agents.

In August 1922, they arranged for the Last President of Dail, Arthur Griffith to die and be replaced with Crowns Agent, Cosgrave, who surrendered Sovereign Dail Eireann WITHOUT jurisdiction. The Last Act of STILL Lawful government on 6th December, 1922 was to appoint SUBSTITUTE President, as defined in Article 2, Part G, to perform Functions of President, Crown had Removed on 5th December, 1922 per enemy action of Collins Mercenary ex British troops.

In Article 5, it states this Constitution can only be altered by said SUBSTITUTE President, NOT by Crowns Governor General Cosgrave, appointed 5th December, 1922, by Crowns Agents, Collins, Develara, one day BEFORE Expiry of 1918 to 1922 Dail, per statute law. In Article 4, it states ALL taxes to be collected and used by 1918 Dail, NOT by Crowns Governor General and courts, as Collins tried to arrange for Oireachtas corporation Freestate 1922 Act, WITHOUT permission from Dail SUBSTITUTE President.

In Article 1, it states ALL legislative powers shall be vested in Dail Eireann, NOT in Collins, Develara or Crown Oireachtas, or in EU,UN,WHO,EMA or Schwab WEF Young Leaders Tomorrow Programme. It states in Article 3, that in an Emergency such as Collins using Crowns Mercenaries IMPOSE Oireachtas on Dail, a Deputy SUBSTITUTE Comhairle becomes temporary chairman, NOT Sean O Fearghail.

When my Grandfather wrote the 1916 and 1919, he understood like Arthur Griffith that Collins and Develara were Crown Agents placed to Lead the Rising in the DIRECTION Crown wanted, to kill its men in German 1918 war and those returning as trained soldiers to use against Irish and SUBVERT Dail. So he wrote Proclamation to Protect Catholics, that means Roman and Anglo Catholics, modern name being Protestants, under 1918 ALL MEN, WOMEN are FREE, NOT Crown slaves to be EXPLOITED by Oireachtas Corporation as you and N Irish Crown Agents have come to my country to do.

Public records confirm, Most January months since 1922, when safety allowed, the SUBSTITUTE President reminds world of Vatican approved Sovereign Harp as NOT being Oireachtas Harp. Public is NOT aware that since August, 1922 the UNSEEN ENEMY of Crown, the peoples party ireland has FOUGHT the UNSEEN battle of the PEN, in UK Parliament Democratic Process, obtaining Freedom in 1989.

My Grandfather wrote INDEFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE rights into BOTH Proclamation, Constitution and Garda oath to Protect from Collins, Develara TREASON and in recent times YOU, on that basis we, as Anti Treaty Sinn Fein pursued in PEACE, with Royal Assent. In UK Parliament Act, we obtained 1931 Statute of Westminster, this Act said UK Recognised Dail Right to REPEAL UK 1922 Freestate Act, this Right obtained by peoples party, NOT by Develara Oireachtas Corporation.

UK Parliament Archives Confirm Develara REFUSED REPEAL 1922 Act, ignored Dail 1919 Constitution and, chose CONTINUE running Private Oireachtas Corporation for Crown, despite NO jurisdiction to do so. To counter these expected frauds, my Grandfather on behalf Anti Treaty Sinn Fein, REFUSED the 1924 Court Enactment Order, as confirmed by Attorney General in June, 2021. Also reminded ONLY 1920 Sovereign Dail Eireann court has license.

Crown records confirm Oireachtas Corporation Agent Develara, NOT Dail SUBSTITUTE President, ONLY amended 1922 Act in 1933 and UNLAWFULLY WITHOUT Royal Assent, REPLACED Proclamation with 1937 Constitution. Records confirm his 1933 Amendment Act did NOT allow REPEAL of 1922 Free state Act or to REPLACE 1919 Constitution with VOID 1937 Constitution by a Crown corporation similar to McDonalds. His claim of approval by Irish Supreme Court being VOID as NO license since 1924.

UK Parliament records and LAWFUL 1920 Sovereign Dail Supreme court records confirm that Develara CONCEALED from public that he UNLAWFULLY IMPOSED 1937 Constitution and, closed Free state, setting up Oireachtas Corporation, as YOU have tried IMPOSE Fraud medical experiments. With Royal Assent and Anti Treaty Assent, the peoples party ireland CONTINUED the PEACEFUL Democratic Process with Crown against its Disloyal Agent Develara and his Treaty Party, former S Fein members.

The result of this PEACEFUL Democratic Process was the RETURN of the 26 counties run by Oireachtas as a colony and 6 counties run by Stormont as a colony, using religious segregation to foster UN united people. In 1989, the 32 county Ireland RETURNED to Dail Eireann and its SUBSTITUTE President, William McGuire. NO title of Taoiseach exists in 1918 to the Present Dail Eireann. President Higgins is Corporation title with NO jurisdiction over Dail.

I NOTIFIED ALL parties, including UNLICENSED courts service of REPEAL Act, 1989, Law Revision Act 20, Session 5, with Royal Assent and Anti Treaty Assent, this ENDED the 5th December Free state 1922 Act. It also ENDED the 7th December, 1922 Secession Act Northern Ireland from VOID 5th December, 1922 Free state Act and RETURNED to 1919 Constitution, which YOU broke many times. This led to New 1989 Haughey FF Oireachtas and collusion with FF Oireachtas President Hillary, both PRETENDING NO change.

Public records appear to state that YOU and chief justice O Donnell have assisted SF, FF, FG in acts of TREASON against 1989 Dail Eireann, in seeking to set up a New version of Queens Corporation, Oireachtas to replace the restored 1989 Dail. Public records advise that in your position as Queens MI5 Head of N Ireland police you applied pressure in 1980s upon Gerry Adams to set up NEW party in 1980, UNLAWFULLY using the name Sinn Fein to MIS lead public and, WITHOUT permission from SUBSTITUTE President of Anti Treaty S Fein.

Records also advise that you assisted Haughey, Ahern, Mary Lou, to work with Queens GSK and EU Commission President Leyen, to sell their mRNA products, using public office in return for Crown take over of 1989 Dail. Records confirm the 3 parties appointed O Donnell to leave N Ireland courts in 1989 and set up in Irish Bar, using his brothers connections as former chairman of Irish Bar Council, member Honourable Society Kings INN, to assist Honourable Society member Clavin stop investigation of Garda corruption and medical fraud.

Further records confirm Enda Kenny and Varadkar set up police authority to appoint Mainly N Irish police and courts staff, ALL under Crown oath, to KEY CONTROL positions like media, courts, police Anti Corruption and Oireachtas with NO contract since 1989 with Dail voters. Further records confirm Oireachtas Corporation appointed members of WEF Schwab Young Leaders Tomorrow Programme, political organisation Anti Irish, Commissioner Clavin to Anti Corruption Garda unit, to ALLOW corruption.

Schwab member Varadkar appointed himself as Enforcement officer to NOT Enforce EU Directives Public Health and he appointed CEO of DPP to NOT enforce law against him for his crimes. Former Rte Director General was appointed as Police Authority chairman to select Young Leaders to continue Rte crimes against public.

In due course I WILL be reminding you of the criminal charges made against YOU 2 years ago, with regards assisting Donnelly in sale of 9 million doses mRNA, he bought November, 2020 WITHOUT any license decision for use. I would remind you that Haughey set up in SECRET, in 1989 the SECRET police company owned by UNLICENSED courts service, registered as City of London corporation 89000534, you seem to be calling it Garda to MIS lead public. It is criminal organisation set up to assist SUBVERSION of 1989 Dail Eireann, which it has NO LAWFUL jurisdiction to seek contract with Irish Dai voters. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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  • this is very good information about our History of our country that a lot of people don’t understand or know about i knew some of it alrite this is incredible information thanks Gabriel. Hopefully I’ll meet up with you soon keep up the great work of educating the people of Ireland who don’t understand what is happening in our country now,

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