Dear Commissioner Drew Harris, Political Organisations involved in TREASON

It is public record that member of the peoples party ireland and S Fein members LOYAL to 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution, STILL Valid on 6th December, 1922 sent NOTICE on Collins and Crown of FRAUD SUBVERSION of Dail Eireann on 5th December, 1922 enactment of Oireachtas fraud contract to trade with Dail Eireann the LAWFUL government on 6th December, 1922.

Records confirm Crown Agents Collins, Develara, using ex British 1918 Mercenaries, IMPOSED UN lawful Oireachtas Corporation of Crown set up in 1920 Government Ireland Act, to SUBVERT the Dail. The 1922 Freestate Act and Constitution commenced with Royal Assent on 5th December, 1922, an Act of Parliament UK, citation 13, session 5. Said Act VOID as 1919 Constitution STILL ACTIVE on 6th December, 1922, per Irish and UK Law.

Members of S Fein Anti Treaty and my Grandfather, the peoples party ireland NOTIFIED Crown that Crown and Collins, Develara had NO jurisdiction, per 1916 and 1919 Constitution he wrote, to claim Sovereign rights or 1919 Constitution on 5th December, 1922. Grandfather also NOTIFIED Collins, Develara and Crown that the 7th December, 1922 Secession Act from VOID Freestate Act, where S Fein members ABSENTED themselves from vote, to assist Crown FRAUD was also VOID, NULL, per LAW.

After much work by the Party, the 1931 Statute of Westminster was passed, where UK Crown RECOGNISED right of Irish Oireachtas to REPEAL UK Acts that RESTRICT Dail. Oireachtas REFUSED repeal of 1922 Act, chosing to continue with Private company to EXPLOIT Irish for TDs and UNLICENSED courts. UK Parliament records confirm, Oireachtas Corporation, NOT Dail ONLY amended 1922 Act in 1933 and in 1937 Develara claimed UNLAWFULLY that 1937 Constitution REPEALED Freestate constitution, which each Easter they PRETEND FAKE ceremony to 1922 Freestate at War memorial to REPEALED they claim.

My Grandfather CORRECTLY NOTIFIED that although Collins, Develara 1922 was UNLAWFUL UK Act, his 1933 Amendment UK Act was NOT with Royal Assent, it was Irish Supreme Court NO jurisdiction over 1916 Proclamation or Crown, hence NULL and VOID per statute law. In 1924 my Grandfather served NOTIFICATION upon Irish Supreme Court that law PREVENTED his issue of 1924 Courts Enactment Order as NO Freestate existed or jurisdiction under Crown or 1919 Constitution.

In 2021 the Party obtained confirmation from Attorney General that he has NO 1924 Courts Enactment Order and, in 1933 the Irish Supreme Court was like Oireachtas, an UNLICENSED Corporation, NO jurisdiction over matters of SOVEREIGNITY. After many years work, the peoples party ireland, NOTT the Oireachtas, succeeded in the REPEAL Act 1989, Law Revision Act 20, session 5, with Royal Assent, of Collins S Fein 1922 Freestate Act, of TRASON against the Irish for 30 pieces of silver.

As in a 2020 case of Supreme Court NO license, when Former chief justice Clarke had to DISMISS a case because Victim REQUIRED see 1924 Enactment Act, NOT exists, so in 1933 and 1937, court ASSISTED Fraud, VOID 1937 Constitution to make a FF criminal gang for EXPLOITATION of Irish slaves they planned. Following success of the peoples party ireland in 1989 that NO Freestate 1922 or Partition EXISTS, ALL power VESTED in 1918 to 1922 Dail and 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution, the following Frauds by Oireachtas took place.

Before I move to the PANIC caused in 1989 when Crown and N Ireland Stormont and S Fein MI5 Handlers LOST its Oireachtas Contract with Dail and Taoiseach Charles Haughey COLLUSION with Queen, for the 30 pieces of silver. In 1922 my Grandfather and S Fein Anti Treaty members LAWFULLY PROTECTED 1916 Proclamation and Dail Eireann Courts by INVOKING the Articles 1919 Constitution that ALLOW election of SUBSTITUTE President to Dail Eireann in Emergency, such as Collins Crown military coup.

As records confirm, ONLY President is Dail Eireann, the Oireahtas President Higgins is NOT Dail President. He succeeded First President Oireachtas, Douglas Hyde in 1938, a FRAUD position NO Royal Assent to create scene of respectability to Fraud 1937 Constitution, NO Royal Assent. In addition to Oireachtas Houses and Higgins having NO Sovereign jurisdiction, the ONLY Supreme Court is the 1920 Dail Eireann Courts, Grandfather set up, license held by SUBSTITUTE President, William McGuire, KEEPER HARP Seal of Eire, NO the Queens HARP seen in UNLIENSED courts, having lost right in 1989 use Harp.

As the Party worked on the 1989 REPEAL of Collins 1922 TREASON Fraud, in PANIC the old friend of Develara, the FF TD of Clare, Patrick Hillary was made Oireachtas President 1976 to 1990, after his job as EU Commissioner to set up EU Fraud entry in 1973, NOT RATIFIED by SUBSTITUTE President, hence NULL, VOID. In PANIC, Taoiseach Haughey held snap election with Progressive Democrats and won in 1989. This was Timed for chief justice O Donnel from Belfast to Depart N Ireland Bar courts, despite oath to Queen and her official secrets act, to move into Irish Bar to set the scene for 2020 police coup for Crown.

The FF President and Taoiseach moved for EU Encroachment on Dail and MI5 Harris placed pressure on Stormont S Fein to RECOVER EXPIRED Ulster Partition for Crown, using N Irish police SUBVERT Garda oath and Dail for Crown Oireachtas Corporation, private company for 33 years, since 1989 Free Dail.

A in 1922 when Crown appointed its Agents Collins and Develara, Haughey, Ahern and later Varadkar were appointed by Crown to assist Schwab Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, to destroy Dail Eireann. In previous letters I have provided the evidence how S Fein COLLUDED with FF, FG, to, as in 1922 Secession Act, sign with NO jurisdiction the 1998 Good Friday Agreement despite NO PARTITION since 1989 when the Party ENDED it by using Statute law.

I write again to ask WHY you have NOT arrested Young Leaders Tomorrow Group members, Varadkar and Commissioner Clavin, for acts of TREASON and their oath to Anti Irish political organisations sworn to SUBVERT Dail. It is also public record, that Enda Kenny and Varadkar set up police authority, placing MAINLY N Irish police and courts staff under oath to Queen, to assist chief justice O Donnel, under Queens Bar to SUBVERT Dail and Dail Eireann courts.

It is also public record that Former Rte Director General, Bob Collins, whom was HEAD of Queens broadcasting, as Rte boss in 1997 to 2003, pursued Oireachtas SUBVERSION of Dail, was made CHAIRMAN of Policeing Authority in 2016 to ENSURE Rte policy to be supported by Crown police. It is public record that ALL N Irish police oath to Queen, have BEEN appointed to MAIN Control positions, to ALLOW Rte escape arrest for selling Queens GSK and Leyen mRNA to SUBVERT Dail and Dail Eireann 1920 courts.

I would point out that the arrest of Clavin and ENFORCEMENT officer Varadkar is OVERDUE for NOT ENFORCING EU Directives Public Health and, you must consider YOUR position, as FACTS suggest that YOU ALSO commit TREASON in assisting SUBVERSION of Dail Eireann. Yours sincerely, G Martin.

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