Dear Commissioner Harris, Tampering with Public Health Warnings

I note that I first contacted you on 25th January, 2021 with regards several violations of EU Directives Public Health by CEO Sinead McSweeny, in which it seems she used Public position to RISK lives for ADVERT fees. at Public expense. I first contacted a Mr O Brien of twitter at 1, Cumberland Place, Dublin 2 and REQUIRED him to provide information as to why CEO allowed REMOVAL of EMA License Conditions and REPLACED with MIS information and gave him 21 days to dispute that McSweeny was NOT involved and , if so who was involved in the crime leading to many deaths and injuries. The 21 days passed and he did NOT dispute her criminal involvement, causing people to take Johnson and Johnson, some dead, injured. as a result of her NOT listing side effects, instead insisting NO side effects, per media adverts.

In my initial letters dated 7th January and 23rd January, 2021, I advised CEO was causing me FEAR ,APPREHENSION to my personal safety under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, which carries 5 years jail. I reminded twitter of 18 statute laws that REQUIRE twitter to allow Listing of side effects, as HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED its medical position and, in this case to NOT ALTER EMA license CONDITIONS Warnings which result was CONCEALMENT VITAL Public Health information, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act.

Law states that CEO of twitter is NOT a GP and Even a GP must NOT advertise medical products in Public, that suggest they are safe, ESSENTIAL to life. Must NOT suggest if NOT taken damage to health occurs, as CEO enclosed ADVERTS confirm she DID do, for financial gain of Advertising fees. Law also states CEO McSweeny must NOT allow twitter adverts to state mRNA is better than OTHER treatments recommended by NHS and HSE, such as IF healthy you HAVE 99.9 percent immune recovery WITHOUT mRNA, which records confirm each time I listed medical FACT, CEO had it Shadow Banned so only 26 public can see, per information public sent of said alteration public information.

Law also states McSweeny must NOT MIS lead public by stating that EMERGENCY use ONLY if EMERGENCY of dying means MUST be used if HEALTHY with NO EMERGENCY of dying, which EMA Conditions informed Public but CEO CONCEALED and REPLACED PERSONAL opinion Loraine Nolan. Law also states she IS guilty of the charge CRIMINAL ASSAULT if she advertises that Second opinion is NOT necessary or, suggests by advert, a public medical DIAGNOSIS by said advert, many I enclose for your attention, or suggest diagnosis by GP is NOT required, many people now injured by twitter deception.

Statute law says CEO CANNOT QUOTE scientists, chemists such as CEO Nolan or MAIN GSK Pfizer sales rep, Prof O Neill or Tedros Director of WHO, also like Nolan and ONeill NOT a medical doctor, Nolan, O, Neill being Trinity College Chemists and Trinity College funded by makers of mRNA, both VESTED interests to sell mRNA and CONCEAL, SHADOW BAN my every attempt of Notifying Public to RISKS.

Law says CEO McSweeny is NOT allowed ENCOURAGE CONSUMPTION of mRNA, to assist twitter main shareholder Musk production of mRNA plant, or assist Commissioner Clavin Young Leaders Programme to sell Queen and President Leyen production of mRNA in RETURN for SUBVERSION Dail Eireann. CEO CANNOT cause alarm, MIS lead, coerce, PRETEND law with twitter adverts and SHADOW BANNING or, suggest a 2 year EXPERIMENT called mRNA genetic Altering mechanical Device is a Regular flu shot, as she advises you in HER enclosed public advertisements.

CEO CANNOT use UNSIGNED, UNVALIDATED claims that mRNA is GUARANTEED safe, effective, stop transmission or VITAL to Pregnant women, which Pfizer 3rd stage papers said NO tests done Pregnant women so, must NOT give they said in said 3rd stage papers. CEO must NOT CONCEAL NHS proof that mRNA causes PERMANENT DESTRUCTION of 99.9 percent immune recovery to covid, leaving patient in WORSE condition, enclosed proof CEO SHADOW BANNED this side effect I listed 2 years ago, many injured due to twitter CONCALMENT, which is LIFE imprisonment as many dead or injured as DIRECT result twitter.

About 18 months ago I provided copies of twitter ADVERTS breaking ALL above laws and GLOBAL INFORMATION, to twitter CEO and its UNLAWFUL ALTERATION of EMA License CONDITIONS by Emer Cooke, this ALTERATION in Public by CEOs twitter and HPRA. I advised Sinead McSweeny, sending HER the twitter statements, that she ASSISTED Loraine Nolan, CEO of HPRA to ENGAGE in CRIMINAL ASSAULT, that has caused MANY deaths and injuries. It is pertinent to stated that BEFORE roll out, HPRA C851, C852 state mRNA NOT works and is dangerous can kill, CEO Nolan CONCEALED and Mis lead public to sell dangerous mRNA, as did CEO Reid of HSE, also NO medical qualifications, just a sales rep for mRNA.

I reminded twitter CEO that although Garda HQ transferred her from CEO Garda media to CEO twitter media, she could NOT use this position to ASSIST the Young Leaders Tomorrow, Commissioner Clavin who trained in this programme at Harvard, paid by Queens GSK investments, it seems to sell mRNA. I supplied , at my expense, almost 18 months ago to McSweeny European Council Directives, transposed into Irish law, 200183EC,200298EC. Council Directives 200363EC, 200424EC, ALL placed for Public on twitter, so, like YOURSELF it is NOT possible to state you do NOT know you committed crimes.

I also sent her MIS use Drugs Act, 1977. I also sent her SI NO 5412007 Medical Products Advertising REGULATIONS 2007. Also SI NO 3081996 and Attorney General court case that 31Ais NOT law and NOT HSE, HPRA medical position or guaranteed safe, as written on SI Instruments. So with ABSOLUTE proof sent, CEO Sinead McSweeny FULLY understood that gov Irland 31A regulations are NOT law and as they state in DISCLAIMER, NOT HPRA Regulator CERTIFIED medical position, ANY police PRETENDING are now liable for CRIMINAL ASSAULT and payment of damages to those injured in Personal capacity, as your company CLEARLY told YOU NOT LAW.

I had sent HER HPRA Regulator position and for 2 years placed on twitter, C851, C852 that mRNA NOT works and very dangerous, these documents Validated by signatures S Moore, Emma Kelly, HSE RECORDS MANAGEMENT . I also sent HER both CDC and HSE C839 that states NO covid virus found, it was Speculation bt Simon Harris whom was UNABLE 2 years ago to provide ANY proof of his Public medical claim, this MIS information likely, in due course in EU Court case to result in LIFE sentence as Assisting Manslaughter and genetic medical experiments, that caused deaths, injuries. She received EMA death figures 44,000 just in EU and 4 million injuries, also UK and USA deaths even worse, ALL placed on twitter but, SHADOW BANNED by CEO to PREVENT public seeing so mRNA could be sold.

Mindful of HPRA position BEFORE roll out mRNA, she confirmed in her letters the following CRIMINAL ASSAULT on Public. On 21st December, 2020, EMA, Emer Cooke , another Chemist from Trinity College, as CEO of EMA, just appointed 2020 from long career selling medical products, placed on twitter at my request, the License Conditions, which Public and Doctors MUST read, to comply with License.

Twitter CEO REMOVED on 6th January, 2021, the PART of EMA statement that LISTS the CONDITIONS that have to be MET, if NOT READ or CONCEALED the License becomes INVALID. The CONDITIONS explained ONLY EMERGENCY USE IF dying, NOT for general use if NO EMERGENCY of dying, such as HSE, CDC claim that IF HEALTHY, old or young, you HAVE 99.9 percent IMMUNE RECOVERY WITHOUT risk of taking 2 year mRNA listing 1,376 side effects, including death. It is as SIMPLE as that hence the word EMERGENCY not ESSENTIAL. In my EU case with EMA they confirm firms like twitter are LIABLE not EMA, as CEO twitter REMOVED license WARNINGS of EXPERIMENT.

On 6th January, 2021 I wrote to twitter a letter to inform Public that twitter ALLOWED Nolan REMOVE CONDITIONS and RELACED with HER EXACT words, GREAT PRODUCT, ONLY side effects is MILD temperature, this would mean Irish would NOT READ or Validate License. On SAME day, Nolan joined HSE CEO Reid, Donnelly health Minister, NONE being Doctors and, stated Publicly the OPPOSITE of their companies stated CERTIFIED position. Public record confirms they JOINTLY made Public medical claims , EXACT words, NO lowering of the BAR, wearing masks, distancing, lockdowns, PCR, mRNA ESSENTIAL to health, twitter advertised these FRAUDULENT medical claims aware OPPOSITE HSE, HPRA, to earn adverts.

IN my response to CEO twitter FRAUD to sell mRNA, in my twitter letter I stated EMA Conditions. Also I have twitter photos of for 2 years my placement on twitter the HSE, HPRA position as, C851, C852 mRNA NOT works and dangerous. C848, C849 masks useless and dangerous and 150 world studies to also add to HSE CERTFIED position. Also with CDC, the HSE C839 NO virus exists.

Also listed by me on twitter for 2 years, though SHADOW BANNED, is C846 and C847 and C850 stating general, elderly lockdowns and social distancing is Useless and Dangerous. Also as stated Attorney General DISCLAIMER on SI Instruments tell CEOS and public etc that 31A regulations are NOT guaranteed as SAFE, NO liability, NOT HPRA . NOT law as NO law can say risk death etc. In order to assist police and Donnelly, Attorney General FRAUD, twitter destroyed Irish health with MIS information in place of TRUTH.

I also placed on twitter and advised police, that to Validate a Yellow covid sales advert they MUST carry a Personal signature which NONE ever did as produced by medical sales company Gov Ireland and Medical Council, whose CEO not a medical qualification wrote said Fraud Yellow adverts. The documents I quoted were the ONLY Validated signatures of HSE, so twitter CEO understood she was placing FRAUD adverts to help police carry out medical Fraud causing deaths and injuries, etc. Since 2020 to the PRESENT, both CDC, HSE confirm this as CORRECT position and OPPOSITE CEOs Nolan, Reid and McSweeny.

The result of stating CORRECT position was CEO twitter CLOSED my account to PREVENT thousands of followers READING correct EMA, HSE, HPRA position, at followers request I started again at zero followers, this being CEO twitter way of removing Constructive Critisism and reason why so many dead. The first closure was my letter to CEO Reid,in which, EXACT words,copy enclosed for police to read. I said you knowingly, despite being Unqualified person NO medical qualifications, advise we use a V that is NOT as called mRNA that USA government advised causes deaths, injuries.

As you can see each word is perfectly correct and twitter CEO closed account for stating CORRECT information. I have enclosed for you, as I did 18 months ago, the twitter wording. They state that my repeat of HSE, EMA, NHS data is NOT allowed for Irish to read. Is MIS information and that I must IGNORE HPRA Regulator and EMA License and, INSTEAD follow sales reps of Donnelly. I also enclosed for You again the UK,EMA deaths, injuries BEFORE roll out. Result of my civic duty to INFORM public FRAUD was that CEO twitter closed my accont to CONCEAL Nolan ALTERATION of EMA CONDITIONS, VITAL to public.

As twitter was killing, injuring MANY people by HIDING EMA data I reported CEO McSweeny crimes to her Former boss, YOURSELF, Harris. Following NO action I referred YOUR NEGLIGENCE, collusion to Anti Corruption Clavin, as YOU recently stated, his job INVESTIGATE Garda corruption PROMPTLY, 18 months NOT what I call PROMPT, in view of so Many lives COULD have been SAVED if PROMPT.

The next crime by ex Garda HQ CEO media McSweeny is dated 23rd January, 2021 when she was involved with police and Attorney General in FRAMING Andy Heasman, it seems, as FIRST conviction for NOT wearing mask, even though LAW said he must NOT wear mask. I CORRECTLY wrote Public letter on twitter which I sent to him, it reminded Attorney General of HIS advice to Andy in SI Instrument 296 of 31A. It insists Andy must NOT wear mask if he FEELS stress. So Andy was FIRST man CONVICTED for COMPLYING with FRAUDULENT 31A medical ADVICE NOT LAW, which Attorney General broke 18 statute laws by giving public medical claim that Andy must NOT wear mask if he feels stress.

Attorney General and CEO twitter sent Andy to jail for COMPLYING Attorney Generals UNLAWFUL Directions to NOT wear mask on a bus if he feels stress, which is also EU Directives Public Health, REAL LAW, both of which police PROUDLY BOAST to have broken to add FEAR and make FRAUDULENT fines and, to ENDANGER PUBLIC Health. I have enclosed tweet Number 29, which got my New account Closed again for stating CORRECT FACTS of crimes by police and assisted by CEO twitter.

Tweet says I understand Attorney Genera has received my letter, HSE signed documents listing masks useless, dangerous, NO virus in C839, CDC, HSE proof mRNA NOT works, can kill, cripple per Global health. As twitter and YOU read, these are HSE CERTIFIED evidential documents, written in FOI replies for public information to COUNTER twitter sales MIS information. I have enclosed for YOU the CEO twitter EVIDENCE that they, NOT being GP and SUBJECT to statute laws, have wrote informing me that stating truth and HSE CERTIFIED medical position, REQUIRED by law, is AGAINST twitter rules, to quote CEO EXACT words. CEO goes on to state that Regulator HPRA, and HSE CERTIFIED medical position is DANGEROUS to public health, followers must NOT say like or Retweet, ONLY LIES is allowed on twitter she said, to assist her friends in police and NPHET sales reps, NOT interested in Public Health.

In Next incident, 6th Feb,2021, in my letter to an Independent TD about Donnell MIS information, I again enclose said tweet, I CORRECTLY said I sent to twitter, Medical Council, Rte, ALL TDs, police the CERTIFIED Global data. As you can see for stating the CERTIFIED documents, NOT the FRAUD IMO Yellow UNSIGNED documents, twitter write saying TRUTH is called spreading HARMFUL information, THEIR policy REMOVE truth and REPLACE MIS information. They have done this to thousands of people all over the country because YOURSELF and CLAVIN allowed it to happen, MANY lives destroyed by twitter CEO.

Again in March 2nd, 2022, following FRAUDULENT Public medical claims by Donnelly, NO medical qualifications, his trying to sell dangerous mRNA to Pregnant women and children with MIS information supplied by CEO twitter and ANY listing side effects REMOVED. I wrote Public letter to Donnelly, placed also on twitter for Public information, in which I stated CERTIFIED Global information which he and CEO twitter HID from parents. I repeated what he said, that license description says safe, tested, NOT experiment, Mandatory, I sent police 26 media reports of these EXACT medical claims.

He went onto insist EVERYONE MUST take, including old, Pregnant and children. I quoted what he said and sent you these EXACT words, found in ALL newspapers and twitter sales adverts to assist sale. I have again enclosed CEO twitter stating that quoting what Donnelly said in all his sales adverts on twitter, NOT allowed by 18 statute lawsis, CEO said, spreading MIS leading, Harmful information. Again another account closed for as she said, Donnelly stating MIS leading, Harmful information, which I agreed in my tweet that he was spreading Harmful MIS information.

I now move to CEO McSweeney self confessed 5th criminal offence, copies enclosed of her crime. In tweet Number 25, Public letter to Donnelly, I again state CORRECT FACTS. Tweet says Emergency use ONLY if EMERGENCY dying, if you are healthy HSE advise, as does EU Directives, you HAVE 99.9 percent immune recovery, so NOT Emergency, EMERGENCY does NOT mean if 99.9 percent immunity EMA said. This was confirmed by EMA to me and in License Conditions CEO HID from public, with regard EMA court case being prepared for EU Court. They CORRECTLY claim CEO twitter, CEO HPRA broke OWN company rules, REMOVED EME WARNINGS as I described.

In the 6th case of publicly admitted crime per CEO twitter, August 18th, 2022, when I supplied some tweets to Dr William Ralph that CEO twitter was assisting CEO Medical Council to FRAME as done with Andy Heasman. I have enclosed tweet, it states EMERGENCY use given for mRNA medical device EXPERIMENT 2 years Genetic Altering, effects UNKNOWN. I did NOT list the 1,376 KNOWN side effects, including death as no space. It also said NOT to be used if HEALTHY as NHS, HSE claim you HAVE 99.9 percent immune recovery, hence NO emergency of dying if 99.9 percent without mRNA. The above description by EMA and INVENTOR, Dr Malone said, CEO twitter HID to CONCEAL FACTS.

Likewise this CEO recommends like Donnelly, NEITHER being GPs, that Pregnant women MUST take, yet I supplied both in 2020 Pfizer 3rd stage papers which state NOT tested on Pregnant women, NOT to give to Pregnant women or to ANYONE with allergy. To my latest tweet, MEANING of word EMERGENCY, CEO twitter closed my account and attached label stating HER PUBLIC medical claims and offering DIAGNOSIS by advertisements of companies placing UNLAWFUL adverts with twitter. WITHOUT my CONSENT, she attached label calling my CORRECT information as being MIS leading to public despite it being CORRECT information given by EMA and INVENTOR, Dr Malone, she also insisted public must NOT reply or have ANY viewpoint.

She went on to state that Public must NOT share, like or REtweet this VITAL information like she did almost 2 years ago, when she REMOVED EMA description and REPLACED with CEO Nolan LIES ans MIS information. Also in the label she attached WITHOUT my consent a button to DIRECT public to MIS leading, FRAUDULENT, OUTDATED adverts to coerce, using FEAR, innocent people into buying mRNA. In public interest I pressed her button and found following, which copies I have sent to you.

When Public press her advice button the first paper is one claiming scientists, public health experts say mRNA, correct name NOT used, say that mRNA are safe Most people, NO signed proof given just HER opinion. Next paper is WHO say getting mRNA, they quoted wrong title, helps protect you from getting sick as soon as your turn, take it. All tested , approved, high protection from getting ill, dying, dated 15th August, 2021 over a year ago and OPPOSITE current WHO advice. law for good reason makes this advert a chargeable offence, as it does NOT know patients condition or result of mRNA experiment until 2 years time. Current WHO, hospital etc, confirm MORE likely get virus and NOT recover as you PERMANENTLY destroy immune system and MOST hospital admissions from INJECTED. The piece of paper bears NO signature or evidence, typical twitter MIS information.

Most innocent would say Great but,this was over a year ago BEFORE millions injuries, deaths, recent 2022 WHO papers state OPPOSITE. Twitter CANCELLED my CORRECT data to REPLACE with MIS information to injure public. In 18 statute laws twitter confirmed reading, their CEO faces LIFE sentence in above adverts by claiming you MUS PROTECT yourself by taking as she does NOT know your medical condition or EXPERIMENT RESULTS for 2 years.

She next supplies Unsigned piece of paper, OUTDATED, says CDC recommends EVERYONE 6 months upwards getting mRNA to protect from disease, hospital death, covid, writer would face jail if they signed their name to such MIS information. She can receive LIFE sentence for this advert assisting Manslaughter of children. She adds other firms adverts selling mRNA. She does NOT list current CDC, NHS, HSE positions or the KNOWN side effects, ALL capital offences. She failed to advise that if healthy, ages 1 to 99 you have 99.9 percent immune recovery and do NOT need take dangerous experiment.

She does NOT list World Health Organisation study, confirming, I quote THEIR words, Serious injury risk is 339 Percent HIGHER if injected with mRNA than risk of getting covid with NO mRNA. She does NOT report HSE death figures that confirm weekly deaths as 36.7 Cancer, flu at 5.6 and lowest killer in Ireland at 0.2 is covid, suicide much higher at 1.6 percent. She does not list NHS claim PERMANENT destruction 99.9 percent immune recovery if injected mRNA, leaving NO immunity to covid or most other illness.

This self admitted law breaker does NOT make the distinction between Healthy and UN healthy. This was explained to her 2 years ago, NO approval IF HEALTHY, ONLY 2 years EXPERIMENT. She failed report WHO Vigi access OWN records that in the years 1968 to 2021, toatal 53 years, total flu vaccine injuries at 272,202. for ONE year, 2020 to 2021, mRNA caused 2,457,386 serious injuries. She places medical claim, NO proof, children with health conditions that put them at risk from covid NEED mRNA to Survive. It is UNLAWFUL to say, as you destroy ANY immune system child has left, placing child in WORSE condition.

She then places another UNVALIDATED medical claim that WHO approval stage is based on clinical trials. Only Regulator HPRA can approve hence ONLE Emergency use UNTIL COMPLETION of 2 year trials, HPRA in C851, C852 mRNA NOT works ,NOT safe. She places more Fraud MIS information medical claims. She quotes OUTDATED 11th June, 2021 WHO adverts, NO signature or proof in which states, MILD side effects, RARELY serious effects.

To this ABSOLUTE NONSENCE she places today, 27th August, 2022 an advert dated 13th May, 2021, NO proof or signature, stating side effects are NORMAL signs body building Protection, perhaps PERFECT example of an EVIL personMIS leading people. She CANNOT claim an UN signed piece of paper with NO proof can be used, as she USED, to make medical DIAGNOSIS of a patient she knos NOTHING about, it is BEYOND belief the damage this CEO has caused over 2 years, major threat to Public safety.

I have enclosed copies of the damaging MIS information CEO McSweeny has MIS lead public with, to ENCOURAGE CONSUMPTION of mRNA, made by main shareholder, Musk. I shall be forwarding copy of this report to E Musk with regard twitter being used UNLAWFULLY to sell mRNA made by producers, GSK Queens shares, Musk and Leyen Biotech Pfizer. It is also public record that CEO McSweeny was N Ireland police CEO media, from 2004 to 2007, before joining as CEO media Garda, to assist Young Leaders Tomorrow Group member, Assistant Commissioner Clavin per her move to twitter as CEO to assist police crime, it seems.

Not once ,has Clavin carried his duty to arrest CEO McSweeny or himself or former Rte Director General and executive Irish Times, now chairman of police authority that broke law, appointing Crowns Agent under oath to Queen and oath to political Organisation, called WEF Young Leaders Programme. You now have complete record of CEO twitter assisting Crown Agents to sell its dangerous mRNA EXPERIMENTAL mRNA made by Queens, Leyen, GSK, Biotech Pfizer partnership.

Per her OWN writen records, many sent to Clavin over a year ago, she has REPEATEDLY removed mine and EMA, HSE, MAnufacturers listing of side effects, REPLACING with sales reps MIS information. She by her OWN application has turned possible source of SAFE information into a VEHICLE for MIS information by sales reps. I have written evidence of her SHADOW BANNING on my work and others. I have printouts proving TOTAL DISCRIMINATION against Irish platform. Atypical tweet normally obtained over 10,000 replies, she has imposed restrictions reducing to a fixed 26 replies.

Followers all over the world confirm either UNABLE to connect or a variety of labels, some I sent. They state computer virus, will damage. Dangerous MIS information, known Activist etc. ALLforeign webs have to communicate via email as NOT allowed read or send replies to my listing of side effects. Transmissions often broke up or mixed up, NO free speech allowed. The Criminal activities working in conjunction with Young Leaders is beyond belief by twitter and it is CLEAR they have interferred in politics and church, its investors may soon see stocks crash.

I REQUIRE immediate suspension of twitter CEO as CLEARLY a public health risk and, prosecution on the charges I placed with you almost 18 months ago, if you wish to avoid charges of collusion against you. The samples sent of twitter sent, rpresent part of over 800 such documents and public sending videos etc of a massive drugs ring of twitter selling mRNA, earning massive paid advert fees. The scale of twitter UNLAWFUL promotion mRNA is on a greater scale than estate blocks sales of cocaine etc, something ENCOURAGED by Garda. In this case, twitter is using Public trust that adverts NOT Fraudulent.

Many people now wake up to the horror that twitter said a 2 year mRNA genetic altering mechanical device EXPERIMENT, was supposed to be a regular flu shot with NO risks, when in FACT it turns out they LIED, as many dead or injured from J and J , A Zeneca withdrawn like GSK swine flu shot , sold by twitter LIES. Evidence is over whelming from USA Supreme court, that Pfizer is biggest criminal drug gang in the world, paying into courts 9.6 BILLION dollars, twitter became MAIN Irish drug dealer for mRNA.

EMA, Pfizer have now advised the Party that they have asked USA courts to NOT prosecute them as, evidence confirms twitter are LIABLE, for ALTERING the EMA License Description to OPPOSITE of THEIR WARNINGS. Many people in Ireland now preparing liability claims for NEW courts being prepared, to prosecute twitter CEO and filing Criminal Assault and manslaughter charges against twitter and CLAVIN. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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