Dear Commissioner Drew Harris, Ref Assisting Medical Fraud

You reported in recent newspapers on 10th August, 2022 that in October,2022, Jonathan Roberts has been appointed by Policing Authority to replace Clavin, as CEO of Garda Accountability Governance. You have advised Public that like Clavin in charge last 2 years, his job is to TACKAL INTERNAL CORRUPTION of Garda, YOUR EXACT words, such as TREASON or CONCEALMENT FACTS OR FRAUDULENT documents and, it is indeed nice to know this and your advice is Most welcome. I have video of YOURSELF swearing oath to the SAME policy which copy I have sent of to EU Court, I am glad my Grandfather wrote it.

I sent 2 years ago, copy of Clavin Contract he SIGNED. It is called Right Thing For The Right Reason, states Protect Garda Integrity, oppose corrupt behaviour, Protect the Constitution my Grandfather wrote in 1919 from CROWN, support human rights and law. We all feel very safe indeed that it is Clavin job to Protect us from any SUBVERSION by the Crown, I worked hard to get it removed in 1989 Parliament Act.

In his Contract and YOURS, you BOTH agree to uphold INDEFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE rights of 1916 Proclamation, PROTECT Dail from Foreign SUBVERSION or TREASON, such as Crown and, NOT belong to POLITICAL organisations or ANY foreign oath, such as to the Queen. Under 1990 Criminal Justice Act it is TREASON to appoint to Anti Corruption Garda Accountability a member of a political, Crown or criminal organisation, to AVOID SUBVERSION of Dail Eireann, such as using position to sell medical products.

You CONCEALED and NEGLECTED public duty to appoint Clavin to, it seems, NOT investigate Garda that supported Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, Attorney General and S Donnelly in medical Fraud, as HSE CERTIFIED records management state, these documents signed S Moore, Emma Kelly. Public records state Clavin as member of Honourable Society of UN honourable men, having studied at Kings Inn 2017 in courts service, a Private company since Losing its license in 1924, confirmed by Attorney General in 2021, since acting as Fraud company, so one could say a criminal gang, in truth.

Records confirm Clavin as member of Schwab Young Leaders Tomorrow Group, Schwab claims Varadkar, Trudeau of Canada are also members, Clavin attended Harvard course for membership, funde by Queens Oireachtas, Gates, Prizer and Leyen Biotech, EU President of Commission is pleased with Varadkar and, I inderstand also her MAIN sales rep, Prof O Neill as Public Health spokesman her mRNA.

Records confirm Clavin studied Economics at Trinity College, it also Funded by its Patron, the Queen and also GSK, Leyen Biotech and Pfizer, College ENDORSING prof O Neill, records state he has received 26,277,000 euros from GSK,Pfizer. Records confirm in 2019, Clavin completed police training at Royton on Dunsmore, Coventry, UK, is under oath to Queen to Protect HER interests, incliding REGAINING LOST colony in 1989 and, selling GSK mRNA Queen products, like GSK swine flu injection, J and J , A Zeneca, all withdrawn for injuries deaths, good job I did NOT follow Crowns Oireachtas that NO side effects, Essential to life and, it is sad police denied LAWFUL right of old in care to seek second opinion.

Records confirm Varadkar and Enda Kenny set up Policing Authority in 2016, Varadkar appointed as Protection Minister, selecting chairman former of Rte and 7 members, Most holding N Ireland UK Police and court positions, under oath to Crown, Anti Dail and NOT allowed under TREASON Act, the almose ENTIRE NIreland PLANTATION taking place undefr Varadker Young Leaders Group, Schwab pleased indeed, rather like his boast of having most of Canada cabinet in his pocket, perhaps he got idea form Eire.

Public records state YOU CONSENTED to CROWN installing its employees under oath to Foreign power, who has engaged in CONTROL of Eire by appointments to CONTROL positions, after LOSING control in 1989, SUBVERTING Dail Eireann. The peoples party ireland advised Garda HQ of the Queens position in 1989, when we obtained REPEAL of 1922 Freestate Act, that Collins, paid Agent of Crown, had UNLAWFULLY imposed, using Mercenaries bought and PAID for by the Crown. Public inspection is available in UK Archives of 1989, Law Revision Act 20, Session 5. It explains Party obtaining CLOSURE of Queens Authority to Queens Oireachtas, to represent Dail, 33 years ago and letters I have from Chief State Solicitors Office confirm this that it NO longer represents the Freestate as I CLOSED it down in 1989.

The peoples party ireland did pass to you, December, 2020 the UK, EU, Dail Statutory Instruments that confirm Oireachtas is NOT Dail, has NO jurisdiction over 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution my Grandfather wrote, you seem to have received bad LAW advice from McEntee , she has NO court, solicitor training and it would seem she has got you into a bit of a mess. Like many voters, I voted in 33rd Dail Eireann election, per voting papers TITLE, to elect TDs to Dail, to uphold Proclamation and Constitution. I did NOT give consent for TDs replace with Oireachtas rules that say Irish are SECOND class in THEIR OWN country

I did send you copies of FRAUDULENT Statutory Instruments and brought to YOUR attention that said documents 31A CLEARLY instruct you that they claim NO JURISDICTION over Dail rights as Oireachtas is a Queens corporation, registered in City London, like McDonalds, NO rights over Dail voters like me. These Instruments were presented to YOU and the public with intention that YOU WOULD READ them, but you seem to have NOT read them but, I HAVE read them, very easy to understand them. They tell YOU of public medical claims by Donnelly and Attorney General, which 18 statute laws say NOT allowed make.

In these documents it says Attorney General wrote them for Oireachtas employees, NOT for Dail Eireann voters, like myself. Donnelly claims necessary to AVOID covid but offers NO proof. The Party NOTIFIED Donnelly of CERTIFIED signature documents of CDC and HPRA Regulator, in C839 they confirm NO proof covid exists, 2 years later Donnelly was still UNABLE to supply the proof REQUIRED in the Statutory 21 days period, by this DEFAULT he confirmed that he lied to you and I.

The Attorney General reflected Party concern in SI 296, of 2020, on page 1, he WROTE for ALL to see, the following DISCLAIMER, he told YOU and I that HE CANNOT accept LIABILITY for HIS medical public claims, NOT guaranteed, NOT safe and, he also confirmed in High Court case 2 years ago, as did Woulfe at Golf club Party, it is NOT possible to make a law if it could be dangerous, EVERYONE with a brain knows that.

Inthis document, which he said NOT safe he explained to you that Public must NOT wear mask if they FEEL stress and it is ONLY THEY that can feel stress, NOT a judge, policeman, priest, bus driver etc. It also tells YOU that it is FRAUDULENT instrument, CLEARLY admitted as written by Attorney General for Donnelly to assist him sell 9 million doses mRNA bought in Nov 2020, BEFORE ANY license decision, he speculated and made big mistake as Party stopped license per EMA application, 25.12.2020.

Attorney General also states ALL enquiries about HIS claims to be made to a website called gov Ireland. This is a Private Queens City OF LONDON Corporation she set up in 1990 after we closed her Oireachtas in 1989. The gov Ireland company seen on Rte TV, 6.01 each evening, is selling Donnelly NOV 2020 mRNA under the CHARADE of 31A regulations, which Attorney General confirmed NOT safe as NOT HPRA Regulator, they advised 31Aregulations are dangerous to health as A Genaral stated in DISCLAIMER, it is NOT his fault if you have reading difficulties.

The FRAUDULENT Instrument also states it is Signed by Donnelly of gov Ireland Corporation, NOT Dail, as Dail does NOT allow medical EXPERIMENTS on old etc. Close inspection reveals it is NOT signed, NOT valid and NO jurisdiction for a Corporation like McDonalds to remove Constitution rights. This FRAUDULENT paper, NOT validated with signatures, states on page 8 that it is given under official Seal, yet NO Seal is given, ONLY picture Queens HARP, page 1, which she BANNED use of in 1989, ONLY HARP in use is the Sovereign HARP SEAL with Eire attached, this is the SEAL that Validates YOUR Sovereign Passport and, is HELD in Trust for Next Generation by SUBSTITUTE President McGuire, as detailed in 1919 Constitution.

Your SI documents are Frauds but STILL inform you that their rules are NOT safe for health, NOT applicable to Dail voters, ONLY claim applicable is to Oireachtas employees, example a clerical officer but, health regulations PREVENT employers forcing, they can only ask if NO side effects. They also instruct police that it is criminal offence to PRETEND ANYWHERE, like in a court, bus, shop, church etc, that Dail Voters MUST obey Oireachtas employees rules, as NOT Oireachtas employees.

Before moving on I remind the dates, wording of other instruments marked Applicable to Oireachtas employees NOT Dail Voters, NONE of which Validated per signature. First was 11.8.2020. It states from 11.8.2020 and EXPIRES 5.10.2020. A new one starts 22.10.2020 EXPIRES 9.11.2020. NOT possible extend due to court case REPUGNANT Constitution, as NOT confirmed law not possible extend a NOT law. Despite this, law broke per new one.

New one said starts 31.12.2020, EXPIRES 31.1.2021. Next on 12.2.2021 restrictions 31A REVOKED yet police PRETENDED NOT. They also refer to 1947 Health Act, this would NOT be valid as Develara DISSOLVED Freestate he claimed in 1937 without consent from Queen so ALL his legislation NULL, VOID. As you can see, Attorney General and Donnelly supplied you with Fraudulent SI Instruments, NOT validated signature, in which they advise YOU in DISCLAIMER as NOT law, NOT safe, NOT HSE position ,yet you in personal capacity chose to injure police and public in same manner, NO regard policemans health.

Records confirm the ONLY Lawful SI Instruments you have are those supplied by the peoples party ireland. SI NO 5412007 Medical Products Advertising Regulations 2007. Also SI NO 308 1996. You also received European Council Directives, transposed into Irish law, here listed.200183EC.Directive200298EC.ConcilDirectives 200363EC.Also 200424EC. Mis use Drugs Act, 1977.

In 1977 Mis use Drugs Act, Donnelly CANNOT issue advertisement medicinal product that gives impression medical second opinion NOT necessary or suggesting treatment, diagnosis by advert, mail or phone. Donnelly CANNOT suggest effects mRNA guaranteed, NO side effects, or BETTER than other treatment, such as NHS and HSE claim that IF healthy, you HAVE 99.9 immune recovery from NO mRNA.

Donnelly CANNOT suggest health, by advert, is improved by taking mRNA. CANNOT suggest health damaged by NOT taking mRNA . CANNOT direct mRNA to one group, such as old or children. Donnelly CANNOT refer mRNA to a recommendation by scientists, doctors, celebrities to ENCOURAGE CONSUMPTION mRNA, as NONE can be aware of the readers medical needs, or in this case, effects until end of 2 years EXPERIMENT.

Donnelly CANNOT cause alarm, mislead, coerce, PRETEND law, use twitter, papers, signs, adverts, phones, police or judge to INFLUENCE public to take mRNA, MAUFACTURER said is 2 years EXPERIMENT. I also sent 18 statute laws that inform you ANY employer, doctor, Minister, police, judge etc that carries out injection mRNA or MIS leads public to take, is charged with CRIMINAL ASSAULT. Records confirm that almost 2 years ago I provided first to YOU, then following YOUR decision to support Donnelly, Attorney General crimes, to Commissioner Clavin, Accountability to investigate.

As you just confirmed, Clavin has allowed the 26 CEOs for 2 years, to commit crimes against the public for financial gains, resulting in great profits for them, deaths injuries, job losses for public Victims. I sent you and him, many times, at my expense the Great work by media per photo copies, of 2 years crime by CEOs in which they detail and confirm, breaking of above stated laws. You received evidential reports that CEOs Reid, Nolan, McSweeny, Paul Brady, Emer Cooke have NO GP qualifications, most appointed in 2020 as clerical officers yet they claim, wrote covid response policy OPPOSITE of HPRA CERTIFIED documents.

It was brought to your attention that Crown has REMOVED most Dail voters from CONTROL positions and REPLACED with N Irish Anti Catholic Crown employees, under oath to sell Crowns mRNA. Your latest announcement is that Clavin is NOT to be subject to the law for assisting Manslaughter as Reward for NOT arresting and, investigating 26 CEOs and YOUR crimes. Your actions confirm TREASON by appointing Crown and Young Leaders associate of Varadkar to assist Enforcement Officer Varadkar, to NOT ENFORCE above medical directives.

You also announce you intend, by his actions as a criminal, to replace Clavin with another N Ireland policeman like yourself under oath to sell Queens mRNA and install Crown CONTROL of Eire. You are also REQUIRED by law to arrest CEOs for CONCEALING CERTIFIED position of their own companies, HSE, HPRA, 2 years ago they WARNED public in C839,C851, C852 NO virus exists, mRNA dangerous. You are now REQUIRED by law to arrest YOURSELF for in addition to above, making both medical and law claims, you knew fraudulent and likely to kill public, per data collected.

Written evidence confirms that you made medical claims that the virus, which Regulator HPRA said in C839 NOT exists, has made following arrangements with you and McEntee you also said. You stated that if I spend 9 euros, NOT 8 on a meal in a pub, I get 115 minutes immunity.The virus ONLY attacks in S Irish churches but NOT, if I spend 5 minutes crossing the border in N Irish churches as virus Anti Catholic.

You claim that it ONLY attacks pubs, restaurants etc after 11pm, like in Dracula movies and, it likes ALL religions except Catholics and Protestants and,it will NOT touch big shops only likes small shops and, when Ukraines arrive it will go away as does not like them. You also tell me that masks are essential and law, even though law told you NOT applies to Dail Voters, ONLY employees of Oireachtas but, EU Directives say even employers of Oireachtas staff CANNOT insist on them breaking 296 which says NOT wear mask if stress.

My letters from HSE, HPRA tell me in C848 C849 that masks useless and dangerous and, Attorney General DISCLAIMER and Fraudulent SI Instruments tell me you are lier and WILL get LIFE sentence. I would be most grateful and, it might help your case, if you start with arrest, prosecution of Clavin for assisted Manslaughter and TREASON, the 26 CEOs and to save Garda, your resignation.

You should also bear in mind that it has been filed in EU Court case, your Public announcement that you ordered DPP PRETEND 31A is law and, got them to order judges PRETEND 31A is law when you were told NOT law. You also claim McEntee gave you special powers from God as an employee of a private security firm called City of London 89000534, owned by UNLICENSED court since 1924, to FORCE 31A ADVICE on Oireachtas employees.

This private Oireachtas Crown set up in 1920 has NO jurisdiction or contract with Dail since 1989 says your boss , the Queen, McEntee CANNOT break EU Directives on Oireachtas employees. If you enjoy being an employee of Crown then I would suggest you return to Belfast but, you bear in mind 1998 Good Friday agreement is VOID because in 1989 Oireachtas LOST power to sign, so you pressed your S Fein boys to sign a Void deal.

Perhaps yourself and the other N Irish CEOs might get the plane to England but, my English friends tell me the Queens Corporation is about to be replaced with a Constitution, maybe China might be your best bet. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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