ON Sunday 21st August, 2022 perhaps the Most important recent event took place in a field in Ireland when Irish people met to start learning about their History that the FF company Rte has taught them NOT to know about such History, as to know of something good will mean you will NOT give it up. In videos you saw 2 groups there for different reasons, the Result of Rte education. One group did Boo at FF Taoiseach for his crimes last 2 years, they support Collins for his history after Dec 6th, 1922 but seem unaware of his history Before 1922, the start of the story, the LAWFUL elected 32 county mandate 1918 to Dec 6th , 1922, a government elected, NOT Forced by a military Coup on behalf King, who funded it.

The second group, we will call Taoiseach group, did make FAKE speech, he implied Collins was wrong fighting for Sovereign but in the end he claimed, Collins changed this view and signed up for the FF view as in 1921 treaty and FRAUD 1922 Constitution and Freestate Act. This is NOT what the statute laws, the Archives of Written evidence show BOTH groups were MIS informed by Crowns Rte, to arrive at these Different views, this is why Rte HIDE beginning of the story to send in Wrong directions.

It is old English trick to control people, if they do NOT know part of the story, then that part will NEVER be talked about, the IMPORTANT part of Modern Irish history is 1918 to 1922, the part they tell is the FRAUD part that they want to sell to allow exploitation of Irish. Since my Grandfather, the UNSEEN writer, wrote Most of it the job has fallen to me, as Keeper of the UNSEEN , to list the documents, NOT my personal opinion. Hidden away in Archives is FACT that King George instructed Irish Parliament to hold 32 county election in 1918, my Grandfather had written what IRB offered, the 1916 Proclamation, which states it all.

Result of 1918 election was three quarters of 32 county seats WON by a party called IRB, based on promises to voters in 1916 Proclamation, which Grandfather added to per his 1919 Constitution. The 1919 Constitution only added 5 Articles to the 1916 Proclamation that Many IRB died for, they fought for Proclamation NOT for Collins. The result of Election MANDATE, NOT a Rising or MILITARY Coup, was the Sovereign Dail Eireann Government recognised by Vatican, France, Russia, UK Law, other nations, it ran to 6th December, 1922. This is why you are asked to vote in Dail Eireann elections, NOT asked vote Oireachtas which is NOT government, is Crown Corporation making rules its employees, NOT YOU.

This was 4 years of FREE Irish Nation but in 1920, the British Parliament passed UK law called 1920 Government Ireland Act to set up a Corporation called Oireachtas, NOT Irish Parliament 1918 to 1922 Act, so its employees to this day are NOT Dail employees, just servants of the Queen, she withdrew use her HARP in 1989, so ALL documents, treaties etc are Fraud if signed with HARP. Written records confirm its purpose, to REMOVE Sovereign Dail and Replace as Crown Colony and PARTITION minority Protestant community into Separate Colony to Guarantee English base to CONTROL Irish from it.

My Grandfather and Northern Command KNEW back in 1910 that Collins and Develara were PAID Crown Agents to TAKE CONTROL of rising and Destroy it, hence Constitution, Proclamation written so ONLY God can change it NOT Oireachtas. Rising was planned for 1918 NOT for 1916 to KILL or Capture IRB so that it would be over in time for Irish to be sent of to fight World War 1, as happened, send the Irish out of the trenches first and rid Crown of them was the plan and it worked.

History shows that English learned long time ago that BEST way DESTROY a rising is to place YOUR Agents in charge to LEAD it, in the direction you want it to go, hence 1916 rising and, 1922 Partition, ALL planned with military precision for Paddy to follow, which he did. For Crowns Agents Collins, Develara etc, the 1916 Rising was success, the IRB leaders either executed or dead in action and those that return trained to fight against IRA for the King. Collins, Develara captured for leading Rising but NOT executed as their contract Not yet terminated as work to be done.

As he expected, Grandfather Proclamation was UNSEEN winner of 1916 as it WON the 1918 MANDATE for LAWFUL FREE government, 1918 to December 6th, 1922, hence more work for Collins to do before Eire can RETURN to King as his colony. The figures of IRA Volunteer Convention show in 1922 that Cumann na mBAN voted 419 to 63 AGAINST Collins Treaty, which 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution said he or they , have NO jurisdiction to sign. Figures claim strength of IRA was 25,000 against Collins Freestate Army, INCORRECT name as it was Crown MERCENARY force to stage a MILITARY coup to RETURN Freestate to Crown as a colony. It was NOT English soldiers killing Irish it was Irish mercenaries killing Irish that did NOT want to be slaves in a colony, that is what records tell you, IRA fighting for Irish Freedom that Collins asked Winston Churchill to help him kill.

At End of Military Coup, Rte calls civil war, in May, 1923 the Freestate Army figures TELL YOU the TRUE story. They had 58,000 men whose artillery, ammunition, uniforms supplied, paid by British Crown. Collins letters confirm his asking his MASTER Churchill to send Heavy artillery to blow down 4 courts held by IRA. Bulk of Collins army was ex British army , RETURNING from 1918 German war, nicely trained to fight for Queen and Collins against Irish often armed with pitchforks, yes the 1916 plan worked well. Figures show 30,000 were ex British army Irish sent by Crown to fight Germans. 25,000 were NON IRA , DESPARATE for Crown wages to fight ANYONE, the fruit of Collins 1916 Rising, to help RETURN Eire to Crown.

As FACTS confirm, hidden by Rte, NOTHING to do with my Personal opinion, the SAME Oireachtas civil servant 2020 structure, Exsisted in 1920 Oireachtas set up by King, to CONTROL Eire for the Rich. At meeting Sunday, 21st August, 2022 the group Booing did NOT understand that Collins, Develara set up F Fail to HAND BACK Free Eire to Crown, using Heavy Howitzers ONLY British Army could use.

Likewise the Taoiseach group said Collins was wrong to support Sovereign cause because, Taoiseach did NOT understand that Collins supported Crown as paid Mercenary, making formation FF and Taoiseach job. Public records HIDDEN, show at end Collins letters in which he apologises his TREASON, says Sovereign was right, he was offered 30 pieces of silver and Crown execution warrant for 1916 Rising to be torn up so easy to understand the temptation. Hidden records confirm Crowns Develara, FEARFUL of Collins OVERTURNING 1922 TREASON Freestate Act, he advised Crown to Terminate Collins contract, which they did, ALL mercenaries are EXPENDABLE.

It was wrong Collins took bribe but at least he was MAN enough to say he was Wrong and, that is meaning of courage, to OWN up, so I salute him for NOT hiding under a rock. I will in Part 2 continue this story as I began, best way tell history is quote written FACTS, NOT Rte gossip. It is fair to point out that Many people at that field did much the SAME as Taoiseach did these last 2 years, they beleived Rte movie, propaganda, it WAS easier than reading dusty old documents.

Many people became EXPERTS Irish history from 1922 because they watched Movie Collins made by Rte, the Same Rte that HID the REASON for 1922, the KINGS desire to REMOVE the LAWFUL mandated elected 1918 to 1922 government called Dail Eireann. As my Grandfather UNSEEN in 1916, I carried on the UNSEEN tradition and in 1989 the result was Queen REPEALED the 1922 Fraud. Since 1989 you CEASED to be Crown colony, the 2020 Political Coup is her attempt to RECOVER lost colony, using similar tactics as in 1922.

I told you in 2020 that first job of Party was to DELAY mRNA and stop RETURN to Crown colony, the mRNA job is almost complete as I have been busy with EMA and queen and Leyen Biotech partnership. The Next part is to KEEP the Freedom I obtained on YOUR behalf in 1989. In 1922 we had NO phones, NO media etc, NOW in 2022 we HAVE the Means to tell people Rte HIDDEN FACTS and what they did to old. Many people including Taoiseach took EASY route,ignored history and Dusty books, he believed FG and Crown as MOST of YOU also DID, so perhaps his crime was SAME as YOURS, NO time for the bits of paper. The great power of the PIECE of paper is that it is like a living thing , it has a memory that does NOT vanish at touch of a twitter button, it is alive forever, a RECORD of what was done, SLOW but SURE. Bye for now.

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  • This is wonderful information about the history surrounding the treaty and how it came about lots of people don’t understand or know what happened 100 years ago please keep it coming out Gabriel thank you people of Ireland need to be educated about this,

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