Dear Assistant Commissioner Harris, Ref Acts of TREASON 7th August,2022

I note that on behalf of the peoples party ireland and many followers, I sent the following Lawful Notifications and REQUIREMENT to comply with statute laws, to Commissioner Harris on 29th December, 2020 to PREVENT the Many deaths and injuries he caused by imprisonment of old for mRNA experiments.

He was sent copy of the 1916 Proclamation and the 5 Articles of the 1919 Constitution, written to strengthen the 1916 Proclamation which Founded the Dail Eireann and its courts of 1920, which as a member of Queens undercover police he has SUBVERTED per 1990 Criminal Justice Act. These documents specify terms of 1918 Dail Eireann election mandate, two thirds majority obtained by IRB political party and are available to the public in National Archives, as is in Crown Parliament archives.

In Article 1 of Constitution dated 1st April, 1919 it states ALL legislative powers shall be invested in Dail Eireann, its TDs elected by Irish voters, NOT selected by the chairman, Comhairle or Crown Oireachtas. In Article 2, ALL executive powers vested in Ministry shall consist of a President elected by Dail Eireann, this President has power to dismiss Ministers, same as Gaelic word, Taoiseach means leader.

IN modern times very important in Article 2, it states a President SUBSTITUTE is elected by ruling party, in this case the IRB majority MANDATE 1918, if President UNABLE to perform due to enemy action, such as the 1922 Freestate Crown Oireachtas imposed by Crown Agents Collins and Develara with loan of Crown artillery and Crown army veterans returning from World War 1, used to destroy the 1916 Rising heroes of the 1918 to 1922 Sovereign Dail holding out in 4 courts. Article 3 states Comhairle MUST be elected ANNUALLY by the Dail.

Also in public records is British Parliament 1920 Government of Ireland Act, NOT binding on Irish Parliament 1918 to 1922, this English NOT Irish Parliament Act, set up Kings Oireachtas Corporation to SUBVERT 1918 to 1922 Irish Parliament and Catholic Church. Also available is another British Parliament Act, the 1922 Freestate Provisional Government Act and, Kings 1922 Constitution for His Oireachtas Corporation, this arranged against 1919 Constitution VOID as NO jurisdiction by Collins and Develara, paid Crown Agents, this though NOT binding on Irish Parliament Expired 1924 per Collins UNLAWFUL lease and, in 1989 the peoples party ireland got Queen to REPEAL, public records per 1989 UK Statute Law Repeals Act, Law Revision Act 20, session 5.

Records confirm first President of Dail to be Cathal Brugha and it remained in operation until December, 1922, until a coup was organised by Collins and Develara, founder F Fail, which RETURNED 32 county Dail to Crown and Partition of minority Protestant into separate Crown Colony to sow eternal division to allow Crown control. The Irish Freestate Constitution Act, 1922 Session 2 was UK Parliament Act to ENACT UK,NOT Irish law to ratify 1921 treaty Void as Collins NO jurisdiction to sign. The 1922 Act was signed and passed UNLAWFULLY on 5th December, 1922 despite records that Sovereign Dail was still the government on 6th December, 1922, NOT possible have 2 Dails on 5th December, 1922.

As already stated, after many years work this Act REPEALED 1989 by Crown, though in Irish law NEVER began and in Collins law EXPIRED 1924. Perhaps worse than Crown behaviour is FF, FG, SF, Greens, PBF behaviour that for 33 years they PRETENDED unlawful was Lawful, this TREASON like their 2020 March political coup. Also available in National Archives, signed Sean T O Cellaigh and George Gavan Duffy, letters dated 20.4.1919, also 30.4.1919 and 17.5 and 19.5.1919, Cathal Brugha Irish Delegation to Paris, to Georges Clemenceau.

These documents, recognised by France, state the position of President Brugha etc, The Sovereign Government repudiates ANY claim by British to speak or act on behalf of the Irish, ANY Collins agreement NOT binding, or treaty. Archives also confirm the New President of Dail Eireann sitting at the Mansion House on 12th August, 1922, his name Arthur Griffith, he also confirmed 1922 Freestate treaty UNLAWFUL, as 1916 Proclamation does NOT allow Crown rule.

Records confirm WT Cosgrave next became President until 6th December, 1922. From then onwards he joined Collins, Develara in act of TREASON, he CEASED as President Sovereign Dail and became Governor General of Crown Oireachtas UNLAWFUL UNfreestate called Freestate. IRB President SUBSTITUTE elected secret ballot to avoid DETECTION.

In turn he was replaced by Develara until Crown Oireachtas SECRETLY abolished Freestate in 1937, ONLY Queen could lawfully do per Crown Oireachtas company rules and ONLY Queen could change Kings 1922 Constitution, 1937 Constitution NOT possible English or Irish law. Records confirm after much work UK Parliament records say, Crown left in 1989. President Brugha and National Archives PROVE that Crown Oireachtas NEVER LAWFULLY represented Dail Eireann and STILL VALID is 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution which state Oireachtas has NO power jurisdiction over Dail Eireann.

The Oireachtas wrote a Crown Company Constitution in 1922 and again in 1937 which has NO power over the 1916 and 1919 written by my Grandfather. Oireachtas closed without Queen permission Fraud Freestate in 1937 due to King abdication legal problems Queen closed Fraud claims on Dail in 1989, since then 33 years of Fraud all Acts signed are Null, Void.

UK Parliament records confirm it REPEALED Fraudulent Freestate Act in 1989 and I have Chief State Solicitors Office letters confirming it does NOT represent Freestate as it Ceased to exist, as Crown said. I also advised Commissioner Harris 2 years ago and then YOURSELF when Harris refused Cease TREASON, the position UNLAWFUL, pertaining to Queens courts and police, as Attorney General said.

He confirmed in June 2021, that courts have NO license since 1924 when my Grandfather refused to RENEW Court Enactment Order as Freestate EXPIRED its UNLAWFUL Provisional license in 1924. This was also confirmed in High Court Proceedings by Former Chief Justice Frank Clarke when case Dismissed, as First Commencement Order Number 5, of 1924 does NOT exist.

It was also confirmed that the 1961 Constitution Act for creating New Courts and seeking to claim 1937 Constitution valid, is NOT LAWFUL as Oireachtas is private Crown Corporation, like McDonalds. The 29th September, 1961 new courts is NOT properly CERTIFIED in Courts Supplemental Provisions Act, 1961. When I advised Clarke of Fraud 31A cases NOT law said Attorney General, HE RETIRED EARLY.

Available Public Archives is Saorstat Eireann Act, 1922 its purpose to implement Constitution based on VOID treaty, London 1921, which Dail Eireann NO authority to sign and REPEALED in 1989 by UK Parliament. In Article 17, it states ALL members of Oireachtas traitors, like Collins, Develara, W Cosgrave, swear oath to Crown Before its Governor General, in modern times they mean Higgins Pretending to be Dail President when NOT.

It CLEARLY states Higgins as Governor General is NOT president of Dail Eireann, is appointed in SAME manner as Governor of Canada and Australia. His wages to be paid by Freestate, EXPIRED in 1989 said Crown. His wage and position EXPIRED in 1989 said Crown, so in law since 1989 ALL Oireachtas legislation he signed was fraud as NOT Dail, instead private Corporation NO rights over Dail voters.

In Article 61 it states ALL revenues of Irish Freestate which EXPIRED 1989 says Queen MUST be refunded to Dail, were collected for the judges and courts to use as THEY see fit, to exploit Irish for benefit of Crowns Investment companies, like GSK,Oireachtas, etc. In modern times, the Foreign company Northern Trust is OWNER of Revenue Commissioners, its representative in Dublin Castle collects taxes for the Crown, NOT for benefit of the Irish taxpayer.

In Article 68, it states judges of the Supreme court like Hogan and ALL other courts set up by Attorney General, shall be appointed by Queens representative Higgins, MUST obey Constitution, Removal if they break law. Also available to the public is Oireachtas Register which lists names of parties that register as Crown companies to accept above oaths in return for funding. My party is NOT registered as we are standing for Dail, NOT for a Crown Oireachtas Corporation.

The public will find that SF,FF,FG,Greens, Labour, PBProfit, Irish Freedom Party , are Crown Agents engaged in selling Queens investment products GSK, in partnership with Leyen Biotech mRNA. Like many people, I voted in the 33rd Dail Eireann on 8th Feb, 2020, to elect TDs to Dail Eireann NOT to what UK Parliament state is a criminal corporation called Oireachtas, which was REPEALED from Dail connection 1989. As public records confirm, I wrote to Governor Higgins that by law, the 90 day limit to form New government EXPIRED on 9th April,2020 and, Law REQUIRED New election, NOT lockdown.

Public records confirm that Comhairle, Sean Fearghal, REQUIRED under 1919 Constitution to be elected EACH year, despite NOT elected and Caretaker Oireachtas EXPIRED 1989, he Broke statute law. He claimed that his EXPIRED Oireachtas Crown Corporation, selling GSK, Pfizer Biotech mRNA in partnership with its owners China Communist Party, Leyen and Queen, allowed him to break statute laws.

He told, per Dail Records, that 112 TDs elected to Dail Eireann, NOT to Queens Oireachtas whose contract to Dail EXPIRED in 1989 said Queen, said 112 TDs NOT allowed into Dail. Having BANNED 112 TDs, elected to Dail, NOT Oireachtas or Comhairle, he sent Bill to Governor Higgins, NO contract since 1989, which was NOT voted on Final reading and, FRAUDULENTLY signed by Seanad.

Law which I stated and 3 High Court judges confirmed, states Seanad EXPIRED in 1989, CANNOT debate or sign ANY Bill UNTIL New Taoiseach FILLS 11 Nominated seats, this Happened 29th June, 2020, almost 4 months later. Laws also REQUIRED Comhairle to explain to Oireachtas EXPIRED contract in 1989 meant he has NO jurisdiction to sit, BAN any TD I might have voted to represent me in the Dail, NOT a Queens corporation called Oireachtas engaged in selling dangerous drugs called mRNA.

Law also REQUIRED Comhairle to disclose his media stated links to China, it being source of mRNA claim, engaged in selling dangerous PPE, which Regulator HPRA said in C839 NO virus exists. Law also REQUIRED that Comhairle was bound by 18 statute laws to NOT make public medical claims about a virus Prof O Neill on Rte , the CDC, Hse say in C839 NOT found and at 0.2 percent deaths is lowest killer in Ireland. Law also REQUIRED that during UNLAWFUL March, 2020 Covid Bill, Minister Covney, NOT GP, was NOT allowed claim 10s of thousands daily deaths, which would be over 60 million by now.

Same Comhairle allowed another Bill to be debated and passed by Crowns private company, Oireachtas, its Governor Higgins claimed on his website Bill NO 2, Act 2021, NO 46. In this Bill , Higgins claims Oireachas contract with Dail, which EXPIRED 1989, has given Donnelly power to make legislation WITHOUT the other 159 TDs, 60 Senators being informed or asked to vote, as with 112 TDs in 2020.

I must insist upon prosecution of Higgins, Comhairle and Commissioner Harris for committing TREASON and seeking to use public office to FORCE medical experiments, using UK policemen. THE 1919 Constitution, 1916 Proclamation does NOT allow the Queens judges, Queens policemen to PRETEND they are Dail Eireann. McDonalds is licensed unlike courts, NO license since 1924, a criminal corporation using its City London police company exploit Irish.

Unlike McDonalds, the Queens Oireachtas Lost its contract in 1989 per UK law and, per Irish law it had NO contract even in 1922. Queen withdrew mRNA regulations when I invalidated her license. In the UK, as in Ireland, the Queen CANNOT issue license to her OWN company to sell its OWN mRNA products in Ireland. Queens Oireachtas CANNOT sell her and EU President Leyens mRNA products.

Also both in law and Constitution, the EXPIRED per Queen 1989 Contract Oireachtas PREVENTS Higgins and Varadkar appointing Harris as Commissioner and YOU as investigator of police corruption, as you belong to political organisations under oath to Queen. According to your profile, you are BOTH trained as UK police under Queens Official Secrets Act, to REPLACE the LAWFUL Garda oath my Grandfather set up. with UK police state to Force sale of mRNA and REMOVE Constitution.

In view of 2 years since I first advised of crimes of violence and medical Fraud by Higgins and Harris, it is reasonable assumption that you are also assisting this TREASON. It is now beyond reasonable doubt that the Queens colony Officially EXPIRED in 1989, but her courts police have assisted 33 years of EXPIRED Oireachtas to commit fraud to exploit Irish and again RETURN it to Crown through SUBVERSION. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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