Dear Assistant Commissioner Clavin, Ref Charges Attorney General

In my recent letter to you dated 28th July, 2022, I listed the 18 Statute laws that Justice Minister McEntee, Police Commissioner Harris and twitter and Most media said Attorney General broke, injuring lives. It is also public record that the High Court claimed its Witness, Justice Simons, also with DPP, made Same claim that Attorney General Confessed to Fake medical claims that injured public health. The Justice Minister and Police Commissioner also supplied in written form, the medical claims Attorney General called 31A medical travel regulations, which HSE claim led to Many deaths and injuries.

I also listed the medical damage he caused to police, the old and young, giving Oireachtas 31A medical advice he knew to be OPPOSITE of HSE and HPRA Regulator and, CERTIFIED as dangerous by HPRA. I sent you the CORRECTHPRA position 2 years ago and EU Directives that said Attorney General could NOT insist on PPE,mRNA, PCR or IMPRISONMENT of the old and sick for mRNA experiments. You also were Notified on 25th December, 2020 BEFORE roll out, that Attorney General had NO license to give to Oireachtas to sell its OWN mRNA GSK, Pfizer products, Queen being Owner of Oireachtas Corporation.

I also sent you copies of Attorney General letters in which he told me that it his job under Article 30 of invalid 1937 constitution, to advise Taoiseach on Correct law, such as serious offence to make public medical claims. For 2 years most media, especially twitter, reported Taoiseach was medical expert in charge of roll out, daily making medical claims and stating the public MUST be arrested if they insist on HPRA advice, it being OPPOSITE of 31A UNLAWFUL regulations.

Article 30 states ALL court cases are in Attorney Generals name, yet he said in the High Court that 31A is NOT law, ONLY HIS medical claims, yet he Allowed judges to send to jail many old for section 296 of 31A which HE stated he wrote. In this section 296 of 31A, it states the public must NOT wear a mask if they feel stress, as ONLY THEY can feel stress. HSE, HPRA said in C848,C849, masks are useless and dangerous. Also stated on SI 296 of 31A is the DISCLAIMER written by Attorney General. It states NO guarantee that medical claim is safe, NO liability as YOU must decide if you wish to IGNORE HSE C848,C849 warning mask useless and dangerous. He again warned in High Court 31A is NOT law ONLY his personal advice, no obligation to follow as you could be injured. Not possible pass law that tells you RISK injury to life.

Attorney General contract says he MUST stop Taoiseach etc from destroying Constitution and using Queens Oireachtas Corporation to sell Queens and President Leyens mRNA GSK investments and stating medical claims OPPOSITE HPRA CERTIFIED HSE Records Management position to cause FEAR. Chief State Solicitors Office letters confirm they Notified Attorney General that the Taoiseach has NO role in mRNA roll out, and yet A General allowed Taoiseach to PRETEND he is in charge and an expert GP, if he advised you and you were injured he is Personally liable as he gave you his medical opinion as if GP .

I note that you have NOT yet arrested Attorney General yet, would caution that you appear to be assisting his crimes to injure the public with mRNA , masks etc, to Fill his courts with people following HIS DISCLAIMER advice and HSE, HPRA advice. It is also public record that in addition to Attorney General filling HIS courts with FRAUDULENT 31A medical claims he made as personal choice per DISCLAIMER, his June 2021 letter confirms my Grandfather refused his courts license in 1924 making them Fraud courts.

Attorney General confirmed his employer, the Queen, has NO license for her courts since 1924 and, CSSO confirmed to him, that Queens Oireachtas does NOT represent Freestate since it EXPIRED its Provisional Fraudulent lease in 1924. I even managed to get Queen REPEAL said UNLAWFUL 1922 Freestate Act in 1989, since then Oireachtas has NO jurisdiction to represent Dail or use Queens Harp.

So the statute laws state that in 1924 the 2 year lease EXPIRED and Sovereign Dail Eireann RETURNED to the 1919 Constitution and 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather wrote and to the President SUBSTITUTE IRB as detailed in Articles of 1919 Constitution. The Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle and 18 statute laws say Queens Oireachtas CANNOT sell Queens mRNA using Attorney Generals Fraudulent SI of 31A to Force upon Dail Eireann voters, like McDonalds insisting you buy or be arrested.

The Ministers stated and, High Court also stated, that Attorney General NEGLECTED his duty, guilty of TREASON and his FAKE medical claims have caused Many deaths and injuries and he had people jailed for following his directions. I would caution you that, like Attorney General, you NEGLECTED your Public duty and it seems, assisted his crimes by Concealment, LIFE imprisonment under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, also 18 other statute laws broken.

Can you confirm arrest and prosecution of Attorney General, if NOT, then I WILL be pressing criminal charges against YOU in your Personal capacity for assisting manslaughter and SUBVERTING the Dail to the Queens mRNA financial investments. It would also be the Attorney Generals job to advise the Taoiseach that it is against the law for him as leader, to appoint Prof O Neill as Public Health spokesman on covid, per his payments of 26,277,000 euros from GSK, Pfizer to sell his OWN products as if safe when NOT and breaking HPRA C851,C852 Warnings mRNA NOT works, dangerous. O Neill is using Public position to sell his OWN vested interests. On Newstalk he said on mRNA safety, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, his EXACT words. ON Rte he said NO virus to test his model on, HSE and CDC confirm in C839 NO proof virus exists. By his OWN admission he has on video sent to EU courts told police that for 2 years he knew NO virus, NO PCR, NO use PPE, 2 year experiment wait and see if you die, despite this admission, for the 30 pieces of silver he caused Many deaths injuries, I await your confirmation of his arrest, you to WILL be liable if you assist in Fake medical claims. Yours sincerely, G Martin.

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