Dear Assistant Commissioner Clavin, Ref Charges against Attorney General,

I note that for over 2 years you appear to have supported Varadkar, Taoiseach Martin and Attorney General to use public office to assist Prof O Neill enforce on Sovereign Eire, the Universal experiments of Fauci and Biden. It is public record that I sent you the video evidence, also sent to O Neill on 25th December,2020, of Fauci at Milken Institute and, Director Rick Bright, Biomedical Advance Research Authority, October 2019 meeting.

Also I sent you details of Richard Hass, Biden Foreign Relations, paying 4.6 million dollars to Mary Lou McDonald for her S Fein in 2019, to NOT oppose mRNA and make videos and leaflets supporting mRNA. This would be in line with Public Health spokesman O Neill receiving from Queens GSK and Pfizer in 2019, initial payments of 277,000 euros, to set up Forced mRNA which he said on Newstalk as WAIT AND SEE if you die EXPERIMENT with living people with feelings, normally done on rats.

At the same time 2019, Varadkar bought millions of FAKE PCR whose instructions label said UNABLE to detect ANY virus and, Varadkar appointed DPP CEO who recently said he can commit medical Fraud when he feels like it. In the video you and O Neill WITNESSED One America News Network report showing Fauci speaking at the Milken Institute Conference with Richard Bright, Director of Biomedical Advance Research Authority.

Fauci repeated his earlier 2017 prediction of outbreak of a China virus. He failed to mention his UNLAWFUL funding of Wuhan Lab virus research, removed to China when USA banned it as Unlawful. On video, Fauci stated on Octiber, 8th, 2019 that the 10 years REQUIREMENT for safety to release mRNA is to much trouble delays profit and, it would be good to INVENT new China virus to Enforce Universal mRNA and ignore human rights. To this DECLARATION of intent, Director Bright agreed, stating time to INVENT ENTITY OF EXCITEMENT in China, his EXACT words, to enforce Universal mRNA claiming China virus, as Fuaci did one year later.

These 2020 Arrangements went hand in hand with appointment of EU Presidents husband Heiko Leyen as Director Biotech mRNA gene therapies and, her role in selling mRNA to Eire using Public office to sell her products. Also in partnership with Leyen mRNA production, was Queens GSK and Pfizer China Communist Party investors, using Queens Governor General Higgins and, it seems , Comhairle O Fearhail China Communist Party links from his visits to China.

It seems Governor General Higgins replaced Attorney General Woolfe for instructing police at Golf club party to NOT PRETEND 31A is law, with Attorney General Gallagher to PRETEND universal mRNA is law. According to my contacts at One America News Network, in addition to you allowing Attorney General assist S Fein and O Neill assist Fauci experiments for profits, you are aware of other serious crimes. So law and public records confirm that when I advised you that HPRA Regulator said in C851, C852 mRNA is dangerous and does NOT work, you allowed Attorney General assist O Neill by producing Fraudulent SI instruments to deceive public.

Records confirm that HSE and HPRA C839 told you and A General 2 years ago that NO virus exists and, HSE, CDC advised if healthy you have 99.9 percent immune recovery from ages 1 to 99, which you would Permanently destroy if injected with mRNA, yet you allowed fraud to continue damage lives. HSE also advised you and A General that weekly death figures state flu kills 5.6 percent but covid ,new name for mild cold, is lowest killer at 0.2 per cent, even suicide came in at 1.7 deserved more attention, yet you allowed A General extend the scam.

Law and public records confirm you refused arrest CEO Loraine Nolan of HPRA when she REMOVED EMA danger warnings from twitter who were happy to assist crime as twitter owner Musk is working in collusion with Harris to sell the large volume of mRNA made by twitter other companies. They also assisted in shadow banning of HPRA C851 ,C852 warnings about danger of mRNA , this is reason why Garda HQ sent their long time employee to be CEO of twitter to help censor constructive criticism and place fraud adverts claiming J and Johnson, A Zeneca safe NO risks, essential to life, twitter using OWN platform to sell its OWN mRNA.

Law and your job contract, I sent you copy you signed, says you NEGLECTED public duty and played KEY role in deaths and injuries of J AND J and A Zeneca, with twitter CEO, these products withdrawn after twitter police deception exposed. I note also you received Fauci report in 2013, that masks are useless as spore is 1,000 times SMALLER than air holes in masks but, are a main cause of Bacterial Pneumonia and brain and lung damage yet you allowed police to damage their health and insisted public and children also. Yes public records confirm you ignored HSE C848,C849 which state masks useless and dangerous and , allowed A General charge people in court even though he advised them NOT wear if stress, NO obligation to follow, so you allowed people to be fined for COMPLYING with the A General directions. I expect after 2 years of investigation you will soon be arresting A General. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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