Dear Taoiseach, I write to inform you that I elected TDs to Dail Eireann to Protect my taxes and rights of property, nationality and religion as stated in 1919 Constitution and 1916 Proclamation. I remind you these rights are held in Trust for Next generation by Dail Eireann and CANNOT be stolen by Queens Oireachtas to give to NON Irish making Irish homeless and many TDs rich from filling their rental properties at Public expense.

The Queen reminded you in 1989 that her company Oireachtas is NO longer owner of Dail Eireann, per English law, Never having been in Irish law, instead it is a private company that MUST comply with Dail Constitution. I hereby serve Notice that I REQUIRE you to cease THEFT of my taxes, property and nationality rights which, media claim, you have stolen on behalf Oireachtas company.

I REQUIRE, under FOI Act, as do many other people, details of other employees of Dail that might have broken their contract and assisted Oireachtas in theft and violation of immigration laws. Notice is served that the TDs concerned will be REQUIRED to repay monies stolen and costs of sending back illegal immigrants, from their OWN personal funds. I shall now be filing charges against you for said acts of TREASON, 1990 Act, with Garda HQ and, in due course, when you supply data, other TDs involved.

I trust it will NOT be necessary to arrange Public petition and cessation of Public tax payments to Dail to avoid Further theft, until cessation of your UNLAWFUL activities to make many Irish homeless. I hasten to add that ALL TDs that benifited from theft of Dail taxes to fill their hotels and rental properties will have to REFUND said unlawful income with interest to Dail.

I REQUIRE you to serve Notice as Principal to Agent to ALL Oireachtas civil servants, that they have NO jurisdiction to transfer taxes and citizenship to NON Irish. It is your job to remind civil servants that the land and Constitution of Eire belongs to Irish people NOT to the Queens Oireachtas, she REMOVED her HARP in 1989, it is a very long jail sentence for acts of TREASON. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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