Dear Taoiseach, Myself, members of the peoples party ireland and other parties REQUIRE to know if you were involved in what seems to be serious crime by Queens companies, of Oireachtas, courts service, DPP and her police security firm, acting with NO jurisdiction in Eire. Can you confirm if Queens Governor General Higgins instructed you to assist courts service and its company 89000534, falsely called Garda, also DPP and Attorney General, to sell mRNA, made by the Queens GSK and Leyen Biotech family partnership.

It is important to assess your liability in what appears assisted manslaughter before the case against UNLICENSED courts service is tried in the LICENSED since 1920 Sovereign Supreme Court. On 10th July, 2022, in return, it seems, for Taoiseach Varadkar appointing Katherine Pierce in charge of DPP, she committed TREASON and damage to public health and trust, by saying he can commit crime if he feels like it and NOT be subject to the law.

She said DPP have jurisdiction to be judge and jury, to ignore law and Protect crimes against public. She did NOT say who gave her the right to be GOD. She said Official Secrets Act can be broken if she commands. Public records, say Chief State Solicitors Office and, the 1922 Develara FF 2 years lease of Eire to the Crown, do say that in 1924 the Freestate Lease expired and, Varadkar Official Secrets Act pertains to the Crown.

Despite you and Varadkar working for Crown company, DPP ignored this Fact that the medical contracts Varadkar disclosed were in FACT, Crown contracts, NOT Sovereign Dail contracts, hence liable to Queens oath. DPP FORGOT to tell you of EU Assembly Resolutions 2361 and 2071 on Public Health. In 7.1.6 Varadkar MUST pay special attention to pharmaceutical executives enriching themselves at public expense.

In 7.3.6 must NOT collaborate with NON governmental organisations and,7.4 ensure balance between rapid development mRNA for children and safety, efficacy and, best interests of the child, in accordance with UN Convention. In 7.3.5 COMMUNICATE contents of mRNA contracts of producers for PUBLIC scrutiny. In 7.3.1 Ensure citizens informed mRNA is NOT mandatory, NO one politically, socially pressured to take mRNA genetic EXPERIMENTS.

In 7.1.2 Varadkar and YOU must ENSURE Regulatory bodies HPRA are INDEPENDENT and, protected from political pressure. HPRA signed documents, as did HSE, C851,C852 said mRNA NOT works, NOT safe. As Varadkar is ENFORCEMENT Officer of these regulations which I helped write and,18 statute laws my Grandfather wrote, is his DPP arrangement the reason he allowed 7 judges and the Taoiseach to break the laws and cause deaths and injuries.

On 5th July, 2022, in High Court with NO license, 7 Supreme court judges said over 2 years of YOU, DPP, police judges and doctors breaking law, concealing death, injury risks of Queens and Leyen mRNA is fine and of NO concern to the VICTIMS. In Same High Court building, another Crown Corporation, Attorney General, explained he broke the law in writing 31A medical regulations, as he is NOT a GP and CANNOT say safe, as HPRA Regulator C851,C852 said mRNA is dangerous.

These SAME 7 judges said it was FINE for Queens MI5 UK police operative, under oath to the Queen to Protect her mRNA sales, to state on Rte that DPP have been ordered to PRETEND 31A is law when NOT. These SAME 7 judges said it was FINE for DPP to order ALL judges, including the 7, to PRETEND 31A is law and accept Fraud charges from police and, refuse public evidence, said judge in CCJ court on 26.1.2022.

These SAME 7 judges knew the Taoiseach appointed, like Varadkar, his OWN mRNA salesman, prof O Neill, paid 26,277,000 euros by GSK Pfizer, to be public Health Spokesman on Advisory group to sell his OWN product and Conceal the death risks and 99.9 percent immune recovery without risks. Like the Taoiseach, the SAME 7 judges knew on Newstalk video that O Neill stated safety of mRNA is, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. EMA said 44,000 dead, 4 million injured just in months of 2 year experiment.

Like the Taoiseach, SAME 7 JUDGES knew that both HPRA Regulator and O Neill said masks, PPE,mRNA, are useless and dangerous. Regulator said this in signed evidence, O Neill said it on Rte TV. These SAME 7 judges knew Taoiseach and O Neill used UNLICENSED courts service company and ITS private police to IMPRISON and Force O Neill Johson and Johnson, A Zeneca on care home residents, many now dead or injured, product withdrawn because they said so safe.

SAME 7 judges and Taoiseach knew O Neill and Rte, NPHET sales reps spent millions of Dail NOT Oireachtas taxes to CONCEAL known side effects including deat, even wrote book claiming NOT experiment, NOT mRNA, NO risks and hired out TANEO banned in USA, to advise how best to trick public. SAME 7 judges and TAOISEACH Fully aware that Chief State Solicitors Office confirmed the Taoiseach has NO role in mRNA roll out, yet allowed him PRETEND he was in charge of sale of Crown mRNA, when in FACT he has signed over control to chemical lobby.

SAME 7 judges and Taoiseach fully aware that Crowns G General Higgins confirmed NO permission necessary to challenge ANY bill Repugnant to the Constitution, AWARE Commissioner Harris and DPP are acting as if they are the courts and No constitution or rights exist. SAME 7 judges are Fully aware that they are now liable for deaths and injuries to the public in a Personal capacity, as it was them that broke Regulators C851,C852, which state mRNA NOT safe, is dangerous, has NO approval.

SAME 7 judges and Taoiseach fully aware that I INVALIDATED EMA License on 25.12. 2020, as NOT allowed under Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle and EU Directives Public Health, they IGNORED ALL forms of law for financial gain with NO regard for public safety. SAME 7 judges and Taoiseach Fully aware of Irish National Laws, SI NO 541,2007 Advertising Regulations, 2001 EU Directives, 200183EC,Commission Directives 2003 63 EC, use of medical products.

SAME 7 judges and Taoiseach Fully aware EU Council Directives ALL EU States, from EU Council President Michel, 200298EC and Directive 2004 24 EC also Misuse of Drugs Act, 1971, ALL MANDATORY ACTS broken by 7 judges and Taoiseach. These laws carry further force from Article 15 of EU Council Constitution, stating person or company must NOT place medical advertisement if it does NOT list ALL side effects, NOT be public, is Misleading, or ENCOURAGES NOT to get a second opinion.

ALL adverts MUST carry signatures as ALL my HSE and HPRA papers do, yet these DPP, courts,police etc placed Yellow adverts with NO signature, as OPPOSITE of HSE guidelines and, instead said gov Ireland regulations Attorney General, NOT law , are PRETEND law. The 7 judges backed a fraud Oireachtas who had NO HARP or jurisdiction since Queen REPEALED in 1989 and NO court licence since 1924 and a City London police force NO jurisdiction in Eire and a mRNA 2 year UNLICENSED experiment manufacturer and EMA, HSE, HPRA said does NOT work and dangerous. As career criminals they are mainly responsible for the deaths and injuries and destruction of Eire and MUST be jailed.

SAME 7 judges and Taoiseach allowed Governor Higgins title expired 1989 and Varadkar to appoint commissioner of police and commissioner of police Accountability, despite NOT allowed as they are under oath to Queen and membership Yong Leaders Tomorrow, to remove Garda and install UK police to protect Queens mRNA. Public records confirm for 2 years commissioner Clavin has allowed Crowns DPP police and courts to Force Crowns mRNA experiments and expand UK policy of making Irish a minority in the Crowns colony, as they did in the North with SFein collusion.

Records confirm, like Harris, Clavin is under Queens official secrets act and oath to SUBVERT Irish Constitution and Force mRNA. He refuses the contract he signed called Right Thing for Right Reason, to uphold constitution. Clavin studied at Harvard University,THE LEADERS FOR TOMORROW PROGRAMME, similar organisation Trudeau of Canada attende, ALL funded by Queens GSK,Pfizer, Rockerfeller, Gates and Rothschild, his friend Varadkar also a member said WEF . Before this studied in 2017 at Honourable Society Kings Inn, is a member of courts service. Economics at Trinity college funded by Queen and main supporter mRna and 2019 completed police training at Royton on Dunsmore, Coventry, UK under oath to Queens mRNA. The Policing Authority broke law as cannot be police if a member of these political organisations, it seems he was appointed to PROTECT crime NOT prevent it.

I shall await your reply as to your involvement in crimes that the above have Publicly taken pleasure in admitting to, your plans to arrest and Removal of corrupt DPP, judges and prosecution of police like Clavin, the extent of collusion of FG and S Fein in manslaughter is indeed hard to believe. Yours sincerely, G Martin.

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