Many taxpayers of the peoples party ireland, other parties and myself REQUIRE from you relevant records under Freedom Information Act, pertaining to possible Fraud by Chief State Solicitors Office. I understand that you are the person in charge of Crown Corporation Oireachtas, a registered City of London Corporation owned by the Queen and, engaged in the sale of her mRNA GSK investment experimental products. I understand that you are under oath, per unlawful 1920 government Ireland Act, a UK law that set up Crown Oireachtas corporation and, assist her governor general Higgins in sale of mRNA investments of Queen, so I will enquire of him as to his being aware of fraud you appear to have assisted, having made many UNLAWFUL public medical claims.

The Irish Times have brought to public attention a matter of grave public concern of possible tax payer Fraud by the Chief State Solicitors Office, excellent work by Mary Carolan article, 11th July, 2022. The Times reported that Barristers were paid 17.5 million euro in legal fees by State Solicitors Office but, said solicitor Fred Logue, he could see NO GDPR reason for Concealment of names by government information service. The Times said CSSO is a constituent of the Attorney General office, which it is NOT and, that barristers had submitted these fees to the department Finance for legal work for Apple Tech.

Public letters from Chief State Solicitors Office clearly inform me that they do NOT represent the Freestate government. They inform me that they note it EXPIRED in 1924 with EXPIRY of Collins FF UNLAWFUL lease, as did courts service license. The company registration records confirm that, like your Corporation, Neither are Freestate government, they are simply private companies. CSSO has 250 solicitors, a large firm for paid clients like Google, twitter, Facebook and Attorney General. Company registration records show CSSO recently made 15.57 million euro profits and, the Different law firm, Attorney General, made company profits of 10.50 million, neither have property rights over MAN,WOMAN and Queen does NOT allow them use her Harp as their logo since 1989 when Queen REPEALED 1922 Freestate Act.

I REQUIRE to know why Barristers, said the Times, charged Crown Oireachtas 17.5 million euro instead of Apple Tech and, did Queens company claim this 17.5 million from tax payer funds to Dail, which would be theft from Dail. I am concerned that CSSO is sending out letters showing the Queens Harp and PRETENDING like Oireachtas as if a government when in FACT, Both are private corporations like McDonalds. I have seen such letters in a recent Public injunction application to stop mRNA injection into children which HPRA Regulator state in C851, C852 does NOT work and can kill and does PERMANENT destruction of immune system.

The CSSO PRETENDED it was a government and, claimed that you are exempt from prosecution in your personal capacity under 1924 Secretaries Act and, that you advised mRNA as a Minister, NOT in personal capacity, which as they said you have NO role in mRNA so you spoke personal capacity. The CSSO concealed from the Public that it understood the 1924 Act expired in 1924, as it previously explained Freestate EXPIRED in 1924 and claimed you have NO mRNA role as a Minister.

So the CSSO have informed me that you lied in the Dail and outside to media and public, when you made fraudulent public medical claims that Attorney General said were NOT safe.CSSO go on to say that you paid with Dail funds for them to defend your personal medical claims. Justice Minister Mc Entee advised YOU and I, that under sections 9 and 10, of NFOAP Act, it is offence and Perjury to send intimidating, harassing letters ,adverts to coerce the public into dropping charges, claiming to be a government, which you are NOT.

I have seen CSSO letters UNLAWFULLY claiming the HARP and, even insisting they can make demands on website ads and PRETEND as if law. NO CSSO or website makes laws or remove Constitution Rights. As an Independent political party I REQUIRE confirmation that this CSSO, whom appears to describe itself as a criminal organisation, is NOT being funded by my taxes paid to Dail Eireann and, it must stop its Fraudulent use of the Queens Harp. You would also be aware, as you quoted in the Dail, 31A is NOT law and, the Attorney General was witnessed in the High Court in 2020 by Justice Simons, stating 31A is his OWN NON qualified medical advice, NOT law and could be dangerous, so please stop using twitter to make False medical and law claims, it is NOT a platform for Misinformation, even though the CEO was transferred from Garda HQ to censor any constuctive critisism and show MIS information to sell.

As the Times papers say, CSSO helped Attorney General prepare medical instructions to the public that it knew as OPPOSITE of Regulator HPRA and PRETENDED as if law despite the documents NOT validated with correct signatures, it would appear they like Attorney General are liable for damages to public and it seems they charged the Dail for fraud documents having stated they do NOT represent Dail.

Can you also explain why CSSO that does NOT represent government want to assist YOU to sell mRNA and call GSK,Pfizer MAIN sales rep the Public Health Spokesman. It is public record that I sent you 2 years ago records of the Crown GSK and Pfizer payments of 26,277,000 euros payment to sell mRNA which he said is NOT safe and is experiment per Newstalk. I note that I sent you the video on Newstalk Pat Kenny. His view of mRNA safety was WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. This would be definition of being a guinea pig except the genetic alterations are NOT in quarantine and pose grave risk to the healthy .

I note also that I sent you records of the police charges I made at Garda HQ, its confirmation that he is under police investigation for publicly stating as covid advisory group, that he is selling his OWN product and giving false description to Conceal the death risks. I would like to receive records from 1924 to 2022 of how much tax payers money was paid to these companies and how much world war one and two debt was UNLAWFULLY paid to Crown as we were NEUTRAL. Also since Crown withdrew in 1989 how much money has Northern Trust stolen as the New government will be claiming refund.

Can you confirm that Donnelly paid the 200 million euros for 9 million doses mRNA bought on specculation in Nov 2020 BEFORE any license decision as this was bought on behalf of Crown Oireachtas for sale profits for Queen, it was NOT a Dail Eireann purchase as tax payers permission NOT obtained and can you confirm that Donnelly will be paying compensation from his personal funds to the people he damaged. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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