Dear Helen McEntee, Ref assisted manslaughter

I REQUIRE you in your capacity as Justice Minister to arrange for the arrest and prosecution of Assistant Commissioner Clavin of Garda Accountability Department and Commissioner Harris of the company registered as 89000534 wrongly called Garda as Harris stated at Convention Centre that this City of London company does NOT uphold Garda oath and seems to be a UK police force of occupation.

You will be aware that Governor Higgins publicly announced the appointment of Clavin, Harris, the Taoiseach and ALL employees of private registered companies of City of London Crown Corporation. You will note that since 1989 when the Queen REPEALED the Fraudulent 1922 Freestate Act the office he claims as President is NOT of Dail Eireann, he is President of a corporation and is NOT entitled to wages from Dail Eireann.

As public records confirm, the Queen in partnership with Leyen family, are the MAIN producers of 2 year experimental mRNA , and are, with China Communist Party, MAIN owners of GSK, Biotech, Pfizer. Public records also confirm that previous Taoiseach Varadkar appointed the CEO of DPP, Katherine Pierce, she carried out Treason as media reported she said Varadkar can break the law if he likes.

I understand the Taoiseach als appointed the CEO of HSE, Paul Reid, like Taoiseach,DONNELLY health minister, None have GP medical qualifications. Reid for 2 years violated HSE and HPRA medical position as stated in FOI papers confirmed with signatures of S Moore Emer Kelly of HSE Records Management, in which they informed Reid that lockdowns, masks, distancing and mRNA do NOT work and are dangerous to Public Health.

I inderstand the Taoiseach also appointed the CEO of HPRA Regulator, Lorraine Nolan, who also violated HPRA release of her companies documents C851 and C852 which state mRNA does NOT work and is dangerous ,can cause death. This person also removed description of mRNA and its death risks from twitter whose OWNER, Elun Musk is one of largest producers of mRNA and has Vested interest in Concealing death risks, EMA had published description for public and claim twitter is liable NOT EMA for the concealment , which is life imprisonment under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, as many lives lost thanks to twitter collusion, the crime was reported nearly 2 years ago to Commissioner Clavin, of Young Leaders Group but he seems to have colluded with twitter CEO who was transferred from Garda HQ to censor constructive criticism and ENCOURAGE concealment of the death risks and consumption mRNA.

Public records also confirm that the Taoiseach appointed Prof O Neill as Public health spokesman to covid advisory group, aware O Neill was paid 26,277,000 euros from GSK Pfizer to assist Queen sell her mRNA which former Director General of Rte helped prepare launch on Rte after he was moved to new position of Director General of Police Authority, as Chairman he broke the law selecting Clavin to be in charge of corruption, it seems to allow Rte corruption to continue . In law Clavin and Harris CANNOT be in Garda as Clavin like Varadkar is member of Young Leaders group, an ANTI Irish political organisation and 5 of the 8 members Policing Authority are N Ireland police courts background , like Harris under oath to Queen to sell her mRHA and exploit the Irish.

Public records also confirm that millions witnessed O Neill explain 2 years ago on TV Rte, that he expected 60,000 daily Irish deaths on His UNTESTED model, he said NO virus to test it on. He also speculated by his figure, that in 2 years about 55 million Irish would be dead from new virus that CDC and HSE said in document C839 has NOT been found and, ALL Irish received book , which states on page 7, it is MILD cold for MOST if healthy.

Millions witnessed O Neill explain on Rte Tubridy show that masks are useless and dangerous as spore size is 1,000 times SMALLER than air holes in mask. HSE C848,C849 stated same 2 years ago as does Fraud SI 296 of 31A by Attorney General in the section we got attached called DISCLAIMER which explains his medical claims may be dangerous and NOT allowed to be made in public, hence SI 296 NOT validated with his signature only a picture of the Fraudulent use of Queens Harp, BANNED by Queen in 1989 when Oireachtas became private Corporation like McDonalds.

Millions also witnessed him explain to Pat Kenny on Newstalk, the safety of mRNA which twitter is selling using censorship and Mis information, his EXACT words are, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, as EMA said it is a 2 year EXPERIMENT NOT needed if healthy. Millions also witnessed him explain to the Irish Enquirer in June, 2022, that he NEVER said masks were Essential, despite ALL media carrying for almost 2 years HIS insistence to wear masks, which he said were dangerous, I have already sent his video tapes to EU Court as Evidence of consistent Perjury.

It is reasonable to say that after O Neill got paid to lie, that is EXACTLY what he did according to media and it seems , Clavin assisted said crimes. This brings me to his worst lies of all, that could have killed me, as sadly has happened to many people Forced by IN action of Clavin to take Johnson and J, Zeneca withdrawn for being OPPOSITE what O Neill and doctors that NEVER worked on mRNA said.

Having read that Newstalk, Rte, police and judges are ALL funded and appointed by the Crown through its Governor General Higgins and Taoiseach and medical council and most hospitals, I decided to comply with EU Directives and obtain second opinion medical and law, which Donnelly and police stopped those in care hospitals etc from obtaining. I discovered that the Queen and Leyen were NOT allowed to use their companies to sell OWN mRNA and EMA could NOT grant Emergency License under Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle, yet Clavin IMPRISONED old for mRNA experiments, many dead.

Also under EU Directives on Public Health per EU Council, ALL of the public and their relatives in care homes, hospitals etc, MUST by law be given a MINIMUM 3 months notice to obtain second medical and law opinion on mRNA, Public record shows I passed this data to Clavin ,Donnelly etc and they Concealed and were NEGLIGENT under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, causing many deaths to innocent.

It was further laid down in 18 Irish statute laws, many written by my Grandfather that police, judges, doctors and especially Donnelly with NO medical qualifications, have NO jurisdiction to force medical products on people, as my Grandfather wrote in 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution, INDEAFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE Rights and his writing of Garda oath was to uphold Dail constitution NOT Queens Oireachtas.

It is public record that on 24th December, 2020 Donnelly with NO valid license, insisted on 28th December, 2020, that ALL old etc WILL be injected with mRNA, the 3 days notice was NIL as Christmas closure, and NO 3 months notice given as law REQUIRES. Public records also show in 2020 that Attorney General, also appointed by the Taoiseach and Higgins, in High Court confirmed that he broke the law in writing 31A medical regulations, as they were OPPOSITE of HPRA Regulator.

He was witnessed by justice Simons. His words INSTRUCTED the Public and the Police, that ALL 31A medical regulations are NOT law, ONLY his unqualified medical advice, NO obligation to follow. It was also public knowledge per letters I have from Chief State Solicitors Office, that they confirmed Perjury by them in Gemma court case, in which they defended court and the Taoiseach in PRETENDING 31A was law when NOT. They advised me in these letters that they do NOT represent the Freestate, they said it NO longer exists, which is because Fraudulent Collins, Develara FF lease of Eire EXPIRED in 1924, per Collins signed document.

For many years I have paid taxes into Dail Eireann, NOT Oireachtas, to protect the Rights in the 1919 Constitution my Grandfather wrote for Eire, which returned to Eire from the Crown in 1924 but under the only electoral mandate of 1918 never Left to Crown, they were stolen by Collins on behalf of Crown, my Grandfather knew he was in pay of Crown that is why he protected constitution as ONLY God can change. Why do you think he was NOT executed by Crown for the 1916 Rising because he was paid to lead it and get the leaders out of the way so Crown could could use Irish for German War, it was Northern command intention to rise in 1918 when British would be to busy with Germans, why do you think he was executed by the Irish after asking Crown to send artillery to 4 courts to kill the remainder of the 1916 heroes.

Likewise, like you, I have copy of June 2021 letter from the Attorney General in which he confirms he has NO 1924 Court Re Enactment Order because my Grandfather could NOT sign as NO Freestate. I presented ALL these signed documents and NOTIFICATION. I served Notice of Invalidation of EMA license on 25.12.2020. to ALL parties concerned and, REQUIRED police release the old from care homes. I also REQUIRED arrest of O Neill for obtaining police help in carrying out his WAIT AND SEE experiments with J and Johnson,A Zeneca, to earn his 26,277,000 euro fee, both experimental injections withdrawn as dangerous while Clavin sat around and allowed old to die, he has placed Garda name in eternal shame.

I stated the EXACT statute laws broken and his public media statements in which he claimed if I do NOT take J and J etc, I should be arrested and forced, as police did to old in care homes, even Banned visits so foreign nurses could do what they like to the old and even banned the priest. I prsented O Neills evidence in which he states that it is safe , tested product, guaranteed 90 percent cure with NO side effects.985 adverts of how good it is , many from twitter who happily printed O Neill lies and closed my account each time I stated the HSE and HPRA Regulator so Musk could peddle his drugs. Himself and Taoiseach and in writing from twitter, tell me that the public must NOT be told the truth and I am risk to Public and myself for chosing a 99.9 immune recovery, how sick these monsters really are.

I also presented HIS evidence before he got the big money and also HSE,HPRA Regulator and EMA, in which he and they said if healthy, I have 99.9 percent immune recovery and NO death risk or 1,376 side effects and, if injected the immune system is PERMANENTLY destroyed , ALL immunity to covid and all known illness gone forever, you tell me who is the stupid one. In addition to this mans OWN evidence that he was lying, I provided the following statute laws that say police MUST arrest this man for attempting to kill me, by forcing his mRNA upon me and Hiding the risks, many now dead because twitter assisted his crimes and Clavin just took the 30 pieces of silver as traitors have done for centuries.

In order to save Commissioner Harris from life imprisonment and the guilt of all he caused to be killed I sent him Irish National Laws, SI NO 541, 2007 Advertising Regulations 2001, EU Directives 2001 83EC. Also 200363EC use of Medical products. Also I sent EU Council Directives ALL EU States, from President Michel EU Council,200298EC and Directive 200424EC, also Mis use of Drugs Act, 1971, also Article 15 of EU Council.

You will read that ALL these laws mean police CANNOT force, imprison, or cause FEAR, APPREHENSION. If O Neill uses FEAR to injure me then policeMUST arrest and USE the law to jail him. I also REQUIRED Commissioner Harris to comply with Garda oath. I have video of him swearing said oath, also my copy of his signed contract to uphold the Constitution which is NOT subject to Crowns GSK mRNA sales. In his contract, under Authority and responsibility, he signed to use position to protect the Constitution, using Truth and Law and to protect me from Vested interests of the Crown and Prof O Neill mRNA medical experiments.

Like you, Harris Fully understood Parts 5A, 5B of the Garda Act, they state NO rank incliding Commissioner can break oath or be instructed by Justice Minister to assist O Neills experiments. I also REQUIRED Harris to comply with Garda Code of Ethics and, its 53 committments. Also Chapter 40.1 Reporting and Investigating Crimes, also Chapter 40.5 and sections 7 and 16 of the Garda Act, 2005.

The result was that this person colluded with O Neill experiments which EMA and HSE confirmed killed and injured many people and, has now been withdrawn, Harris refused the old a second opinion and held them prisoner to help his CEO in twitter sell Musk mRNA, he also being member Young Leaders. He refused to comply with law, placed in grave danger police, the public and caused me FEAR, APPREHENSION per section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, many police injured and soon to have criminal records, by his Concealment and Neglect of duty, this is what Young Leaders Tomorrow represent.

By his refusal to comply with law and NEGLECT of Duty under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, his MI5 UK police oath to the Crown to help sell its mRNA, many police and public were injured by his public crime. As law REQUIRED I next contacted the Independent Accountability Garda Department, its Function to investigate Garda Corruption admitted by Harris, having caused deaths and injuries, NOT function to cover up.

I first contacted its Head, Assistant Commissioner Clavin on 15th January, 2021 about the collusion by Harris to assist Taoiseach and O Neill in carrying out WAIT AND SEE EXPERIMENTS with mRNA he knew could kill. I sent even more evidence that Harris inderstood O Neill was breaking laws, making Fraudulent medical claims, causing deaths and injuries to police and the public and had NO license to sell mRNA. Clavin Fully understood that the Taoiseach daily Perjured himself in and out of the Dail, claiming to give dangerous medical advice, the OPPOSITE of HPRA Regulator and CSSO said Taoiseach has NO role in mRNA.

Like Harris, Clavin admits that he also is assisting the Crown to sell its OWN mRNA products, PRETENDING NO risk, despite EMA deaths at 44,000 and 4 million injured just in the EU. Clavin has decided that it is ok for Harris to order DPP and courts service to PRETEND 31A is law and mRNA as essential to life and, for DPP CEO to allow Varadkar and Attorney General to also commit crimes.

Clavin does NOT dispute that like Harris, his oath is to Queens Official Secrets Act to SUBVERT the Constitution, force mRNA and,REPLACE the Garda oath with UK Crown police system. He agrees he is a member of courts Honourable Society, Kings Inn, where he studied in 2017, Economics at Queens Trinity College, his police training at Royton on Dunsmore, UK, to assist removal of Garda. He also completed at Harvard University THE LEADERS FOR TOMORROW PROGRAMME, belongs to the Same political group as Trudeau of Canada, ALL funded by Queens GSK, Pfizer, Rockerfeller, Gates and Rothschild, NOT allowed be Garda.

As the law stands, this membership of these ANTI Catholic, ANIT Irish organisations mean he CANNOT even be considered , like Harris to be a member of Garda, let alone be IN CHARGE OF ANTI CORRUPTION UNIT. I shall await your reply as to the removal of these people who HAVE used their positions to abuse the public. As you explained in Section 10 of the NOAPT Act, 1997, they stalked, coerced the old and young into risk experiments they KNEW would kill yet PRETENDED safe. I would caution you that if you also declare your intention to assist cover up of crimes by Harris and Clavin, you also WILL be prosecuted for assisting Manslaughter and medical FRAUD. Yours sincerely, G Martin.

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