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Dear A Commissioner Clavin, Ref Charges against Phillip Brady Medical Council 18th August, 2022

It is public record that I first contacted you and filed criminal charges against Dr Philip Brady, CEO of Medical Council at Harcourt Street, for it seems assisting Dr Tony Hollohan whom attempted to injure me by giving me medical claims he knew to be dangerous to my health, it is reasonable to say that I could be dead if I had not obtained second medical opinion and found that he broke law with intent to assist manslaughter upon me and others. I filed charges with you on 29th August, 2021.

Records confirm Brady was appointed May, 31st, 2020, in line with many other FG appointments to assist, Facts seem to suggest, collusion with Holohan and prof O Neill to sell mRNA for Queen. I first wrote to Dr Holohan on 25th December, 2020 and many times after that, in which I enclosed, at my expense, suitable CERTIFIED evidence medical fraud by Attorney General. Also I gave evidence proving prof O Neill, CEOs Reid and Nolan were paid to assist Attorney General and Enforcement officer Varadkar with Harris, to sell mRNA by Queen and Leyen producers of mRNA.

BEFORE roll out I notified Holohan that EMA and Law confirmed NO Emergency license for Eire due to Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle and EU Directives Public Health. Holohan was advised that Donnelly gave 4 days notice of his medical claim to inject my age group and old in care with 2 year experimental medical device, called mRNA NOT a vaccine. I provided to Dr T Holohan then and following months the HSE CERTIFIED and HPRA medical documents, Validated by S Moore and Emer Kelly, Records Management Authority.

I also supplied the Fraudulent Yellow covid adverts his company NPHET provided for Queens Oireachtas company, registered as gov Ireland, NOT Dail, to sell Queens GSK mRNA etc. I drew his attention to ALL gov Ireland, NOT Dail, literature, including his Fraudulent Informed Consent booklet, each page OPPOSITE of HSE, HPRA medical claims, NO signature to Validate. I REQUIRED him comply with EU Directives Public Health, it is Lawful REQUIREMENT that myself and old in care homes be given MINIMUM 3 months Notice before taking an invasive medical mRNA experiment.

It is Lawful Obligation that Guardians of old MUST by law obtain second medical and law opinion or else they to, like Holohan, are liable for assisted manslaughter, damage claims. I supplied HSE C846,C847, C850, C848, C849, HSE confirm general, elderly lockdowns, social distancing and masks are useless and dangerous. Prof O Neill said the Same on Rte TV. Worse still, I supplied C839 also from CDC, that NO covid exists.C851,C852mRNA does NOT work and can kill, Holohan publicly concealed from public.

I also provided copy of Fraudulent SI 296 of 31A regulations, other Fraud SI of 31A and explained these fraud documents by Attorney General which detailed said Fraud. The statutory documents public download tell simple story. First they state signed by S Donnelly but, to PROTECT himself NOT signed, like his Yellow adverts to avoid jail. The document also says he signs with Seal but, NOT signed with Seal. What you see is photo of Seal on letter head, the Queens Harp, which use Queen BANNED in 1989.

This was due to much work by the Party in Forcing Queens Parliament REPEAL UNLAWFUL Freestate 1922 Act in 9189, the UK Statute Law Repeals Act, Law Revision Act 20, Session 5. Since 1989, Oireachtas was ordered by Queen to NOT use Her Harp. ALL Oireachtas SI Instruments are company NOT Dail rules. Sovereign Seal is Harp with Eire held in Trust by IRB President. This is why the Party obtained lifting of Oireachtas Green Passport, they as Private company, like McDonalds, have NO jurisdiction over Sovereign Eire Passports, Harp with Eire.

Also I pointed out to Holohan the DISCLAIMER Attorney General attached to page 8, SI 296 of 31A. He states NO liability as he CANNOT guarantee Safety of HIS medical claim. The Party further forced him confirm in High Court, paragraph 161, to state that ALL 31A medical and travel regulations are NOT law, ONLY HIS Personal Unqualified medical advice NOT allowed to give in Public. This is why Yellow adverts carry NO signatures, as you saw in CERTIFIED HPRA position, Attorney General medical advice is OPPOSITE of HSE, HPRA, hence HIS DISCLAIMER allowing Personal choice that Most people fail to read.

I shall list the relevant statute laws that state Holohan, Philip Brady CANNOT claim that mRNA is better treatment than HSE treatment of 99.9 percent immune recovery using NO drugs. BEFORE rollout, EMA license clearly states ONLY Emergency dying NOT, if you are healthy with 99.9 percent immune recovery, in ALL ages, 1 to 99, NOT to be used like toothpaste. Public records confirm, Holohan understands Public Health Spokesman prof O Neill is MAIN sales rep for GSK Pfizer, was paid 26,277,000 euros to sell mRNA, he was NOT paid to say the truth, that it is wait and see if you die ,his words on Newstalk video recording sent to EU Court.

Holohan, Phillip Brady also received Newstalk video of Prof O Neill to Pat Kenny, explaining Safety of mRNA, his EXACT words, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. Holohan, Phillip Brady also sent court cases 2020IEHC461 and 2020IEHC673 the following Mandatory statute laws NO judge can Ignore without going to jail. I quote SI NO 541,2007 Advertising Regulations. AlsoI point out Attorney General IS 296 of 31A, must NOT wear mask if you feel stress, NO judge or police can decide what you feel.

EU Directives 200183 EC, transposed into Irish Law. Commission Directive 200363EC, use of medical products. EU Council Directive 200298EC. Directive 200424EC. Holohan and Philip Brady received these statutes and Misuse of Drugs Act, 1977. Also copy of EMA invalidated license which CEO Nolan confirmed to public, she ALTERED to CONCEAL the risks to life. They Both fully understood Chief State Solicitors Office confirmed Taoiseach has NO role in mRNA yet, he Misled public PRETENDING his medical claims, to sell mRNA.

President Leyen of EU Commission under investigation for Using Public office to sell HER Biotech Pfizer GSK partnership mRNA products, involving Oireachtas Queens GSK investments. Public adverts from ALL media sent in which Holohan, Brady, O Neill and Reid etc, first told Me I must take J and Johnson, then A Zeneca, withdrawn for deaths and injuries they had said safe NO risks. These Same doctors said for deciding to use 99.9 percent immune recovery I should be arrested, Forced to take 2 year experiment with 1,376 side effects including death and HPRA regulator said dangerous, Taoiseach said I am THREAT to public, it is hard to believe such Sick people exist.

ONLY threat is, as NHS said, injected are now destroying their immune system and becoming HOSTS for germs and, dying or becoming cripple and I will be paying for their treatments they chose be guinea pigs, Normally experiments meant to be conducted in labs NOT allowed mix with healthy. When Holohan continued to break law and use police to IMPRISON old in care homes for experiments, BANNING relatives, I filed criminal charges with YOU against Holohan, you did NOTHING, it seems you ASSISTED crime.

Next I sent SME evidence to Medical Council, Philip Brady and asked him to REMOVE Holohan license as he Publicly declared breaking law, Forcing old to be mRNA guinea pigs. I also sent him at later date, the video evidence of Fauci admitting PLANNED crime. Fauci stated 8th October,2019 that 10 years REQUIREMENT for safety to release mRNA restricts PROFITS to much. To this DECLARATION of INTENT, Director R Bright of Biomedical Authority USA said, TIME TO INVENT ENTITY OF EXCITEMENT in China, his EXACT words. Holohan, Brady spent 2 years doing this.

I am old enough to remember 12 years ago when Medical Council also told me to take swine flu injection made by Queens GSK and like J and J , withdrawn, I am alive for GETTING second opinion. It is over 1 year since I sent the data and my REQUIREMENT to Philip Brady on 29th June, 2021 and, my records show I filed criminal charges against Brady on August 29th, 2021 with YOU for PROMPT action.

It is now almost 1 year since you were sent the evidence, which Brady provided with his many public statements and, it seems his collusion with Dr T Holohan has caused Many deaths and injuries. In addition to the statutes listed, that he admits to HAVE broken and those he allowed Holohan to break, I remind you of the other charges I filed against Philip Brady that you seem to HAVE sat on. The Justice Minister advised Brady of section 10 of NFOATP Act, 1977, in which he caused me fear of death, alarm, incitement to hatred of NON mRNA people, used media to print Mis information.

He also broke sect 9 of this Act, stating dangerous medical advice HSE warned OPPOSITE of good health, used psychological pressure, threats, coercion to compel me take mRNA experiments. He caused me FEAR, APPREHENSION to personal safety, 5 years jail under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. He used Fraudulent Attorney General IS 296 instruments to Force experiments. Friends of mine were UNLAWFULLY imprisoned and subjected to mRNA by HSE employees acting on his False medical and law claims, from which HSE data he knew could kill, at NO point any side effects were mentioned and Fraudulent Informed consent book stated OPPOSITE HPRA warnings.

He PRETENDED to doctors etc that 31A was law when statute laws and FAKE instruments of Attorney General said in DISCLAIMER NOT law and, knew EU Directives also said criminal offence to PRETEND. I pressed charges under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7. perjury, collusion with group of CEOs to Pervert justice for financial gain and, imprison old for mRNA experiments. I also pressed charges under Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, section 9, in which he issued False documents, such as Yellow adverts for financial gain and letters to GPs asking them to break the law and conceal risks.

Also I pressed charges against Brady under Criminal Law Act, 1997, section 8.1, he publicly admits per his adverts, Concealments of side effects such as death risks and 99.9 immune if healthy. Further charges under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, he NEGLECTED public duty to inform public that Holohan was knowingly causing death, injuries per written evidence and as reported by Hiqua falsification death figures. Under Criminal Justice Act, 1951, Brady obtained by False pretences, with INTENT to defraud and injure, much sales of Crown, Leyen and Pfizer of China mRNA products.

This man Fully understood that Fauci and INVENTOR of PCR, explained 13 years ago that PCR UNABLE detect ANY virus, WITHDRAWN by CDC etc, yet he continued to offload Varadkar Fake kits that he bought in 2018 before any FEAR virus staged. He Fully understood CDC Declaration that if injected you HAVE 376 percent greater chance of injury than if NOT injected and catch mild cold renamed covid with 99.9 percent immune recovery which NHS state is permanently LOST if INJECTED. He also was advised UK government DECLASSIFIED covid as NO longer High consequence on 19. 3.2020, CDC confirmed initial panic caused by Tedros of the WHO incorrectly stating new virus with zero immunity when in FACT 99.9 immunity, he wanted to sell his dodgy products bought in haste.

It is reasonable to assume that he should be in jail by now as you have had one year to examine the evidence of his public media medical claims, in which he claimed praise for mRNA injections. The Party has many videos sent to EU of nurses, doctors with NO authorisation, injecting old, telling them NO side effects, NOT mRNA experiment, essential to life, Guaranteed cure for something NOT yet found, anything to make money. I hasten to add, that FACTS,NOT my personal opinion, PROVE beyond reasonable doubt that Brady by his OWN admission and actions, played KEY role in many deaths and injuries.

He understood as a medical man, that in his booklet he advised Pregnant women to take mRNA when Pfizer 3rd stage papers confirmed in 2020 as NO tests could be done on Pregnant women they must NOT be given . I also supplied the Pfizer hidden papers on allergies which when I sent to English regulator immediate warnings issued ALL must have allergy test and must NOT be given if allergies or on medication yet Donnelly and Brady laughed. This man understood, even O Neill explained, spore size is 1,000 times SMALLER than air holes in mask, useless trap spores but,20 percent Oxygen reduction damages brain and lungs and is reason operating rooms pump extra 20 percent oxygen to prevent damage.

He fully understood Rte would NOT allow world expert on virus, Dolores Cahill get even 1 minute on air but, Pat Kenny Miriam got unlimited time to make public medical claims with NO qualifications. I would caution you that law states and YOUR signed contract, I sent YOU, that if Brady NOT prosecuted then, in due course, YOU like him WILL face PERSONAL prosecution.

Brady Broke his company rules to abide by HSE, HPRA CERTIFIED position, instead he chose Attorney General position knowing DISCLAIMER explained it was FRAUD, so it is Brady NOT HSE,HPRA broke law causing so many injuries for profits. In similar fashion and with respect, Your signed contract says you MUST prosecute Brady, if NOT, then YOU break Your company policy and face PERSONAL capacity prosecution. I shall await Your Personal written confirmation as to the crimes Brady publicly admitted to, being subject to law and due process before, making charges against you in Personal capacity for having assisted manslaughter etc. Yours sincerely, G Martin

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