Patrick Clavin Assistant Commissioner Governance and Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8,DO8 HN3X.

DEAR Assistant Commissioner Clavin, 28th July, 2022. Ref Police Investigation of Attorney General

It is public record that Commissioner Harris advised myself and the public that Attorney General and Taoiseach Martin was in 2020 committing Acts of Treason and Perjury with Justice Minister McEntee. Millions of Irish on Rte TV heard Commissioner Harris state that Justice Minister and Attorney General gave him power to enforce medical procedures, imprison the old and sick for mRNA, PCR experiments, of those in care.

Attorney General supplied the evidence that HE wrote in 2020, medical claims and advice that HSE and Regulator HPRA CERTIFIED in HSE documents, signed by S Moore and Emer Kelly, that state Attorney General advice could kill or injure. He supplied the following evidence in High Court cases 2020 IEHC673 and 2020IEHC461, in which he stated dangerous so ignore if you wish as could kill injure and NO liability offered. These instructions to public witnessed by Justice Simons, millions read this in newspapers almost 2 years ago, when he admitted in court breaking 18 statute laws that say he CANNOT make public medical claims, especially as regulator HPRA said very dangerous.

In paragraph 161, he advised myself and millions of Irish that he Broke law making medical claims and Fraudulent SI Instruments, he also explained 31A is NOT law, as is stated in DISCLAIMER notification that most people Failed to read, including judges, His 31A is Unqualified medical advice, NO obligation to follow and his office is NOT Dail Eireann so NO jurisdiction to remove 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution written by my Grandfather.

Public record confirms he said masks, social distancing, general and elderly lockdowns, PCR, mRNA are Essential to life, but in section 296 of 31A it states must NOT wear mask if feeling stress or dis comfort, NO police, judge etc can decide if You feel stress. At the same time I sent him and YOU copy of 31A regulations on medical and travel ADVICE so he CANNOT say he did NOT write it. Media kindly provided Evidence that Commissioner also said Justice Minister wrote 31A, many volunteers for the Crime.

It is also public record that DPP claim they also wrote 31A and, like Taioseach PRETENDED it was law. To Protect public health, I sent these people the CERTIFIED HSE and HPRA medical position, the OPPOSITE of Attorney General. Two years ago I sent these people HPRA Regulator documents C839, NO covid exsists.C850 social distance, C846, C847,C848, C849, they state distancing,general and elderly lockdowns useless and dangerous, they lied to me in A Generals claims and could have injured or killed me if I had Not read CERTIFIED documents police and judges Failed to read.

I also sent them HPRA Regulator documents C851 ,C852 that mRNA does NOT work and can kill and, EU Directives on public health, that they CANNOT advise use of mRNA until minimum 3 months Notice given to allow get second medical and law opinion. I also sent Public evidence that CEO of HPRA removed EMA and HPRA C851 and C852 description of mRNA as does NOT work, ONLY experiment to be used if Emergency of DYING, HSE said NO emergency if Healthy, as they have 99.9 percent immune recovery, ages 1 to 99.

I also sent public Evidence that CEO of HSE, Reid and Donnelly of gov Ireland, NOT a medical company, ALSO REMOVED correct description and, REPLACED with FALSE description. Reid with extra cars, gets almost 1 million euros and Prof O Neill got 26,277,000 euros from GSK Pfizer, both NOT GPs just sales reps for chemical company.

Attorney General received Irish National Laws, SI NO 541, 2007, Advertising Regulations 2001, EU Directives 2001 83 EC, transposed into Irish Law. Commission Directive 2003 63 EC, use of medical products. Also he read, hand delivered by me, EU Council Directive 2002 98 EC and Directive 2004 24 EC, also Mis use of Drugs Act, 1977. These Mandatory Acts CANNOT be broken by Attorney General, judges, police Justice Minister or Taoiseach etc.

In simple language, NO officials, Corporation Agents, law, medical or police have jurisdiction to break following statute laws or APPEAR to assist COVER UP of such crimes, assisting manslaughter as the media reported they have done. These laws carry further force from Article 15 of EU Council Constitution which Taoiseach and President Leyen are obliged by law to uphold, but media confirms they Refused, as did Justice Minister and Attorney General, many now injured or dead because THEY BROKE the law.

The EU Council state that a person must NOT place medical advertisements if it does NOT list ALL side effects and is done in Private.NOT be Misleading or ENCOURAGE person to NOT get Second opinion, must NOT be public advert Unaware of readers personal medical problems and MUST have SIGNATURE to Validate it. The advice must NOT suggest products effects are Guaranteed, have NO risks, or state BETTER than OTHER treatments, such as 99.9 percent immune recovery found in ALL healthy people aged 1 to 99 as HSE said and, where there is NO emergency of death.

The advertisement must NOT refer to recommendation by scientists, or use celebrity status to ENCOURAGE consumption, MUST be GP in Private, NOT public, NOT suggest diagnosis by phone, adverts or Stop second opinion. The High Court and Rte, Times, twitter etc confirm, along with Commissioner Harris and Justice Minister, that Attorney General caused deaths and injuries by breaking ALL above listed statute laws. Attorney General also confirmed he understood Article 30 of the void 1937 Constitution which states ALL court cases are in his name, so he derived Financial benefits from HIS UNLICENSED courts,PRETENDING 31A is law, to Force fines and medical sales for GAIN.

He also confirmed in his June 2021 letter that my Grandfather Refused to Renew Court Enactment Order in 1924, that ALL courts service cases are FRAUD, as Queens courts have NO license in EIRE since 1924. The Attorney General also received, as did the Justice Minister, Taoiseach, Commissioner Harris and Chief State Solicitors Office, Notifications that the UNLAWFUL Provisional Freestate license EXPIRED in 1924.

He understood that Crown Oireachtas lost control of government, though NOT valid control, in 1924 when Eire RETURNED to Sovereign Dail Eireann and 1919 Constitution and 1916 Proclamation, written by my Grandfather and ,33 years later in 1989 after much work by the Party, the Queens UK Parliament REPEALED Oireachtas Fraud claim.

Attorney General understands Constitution Dail Eireann 1st April, 1919, consists of 5 Articles additional to the 1916 Proclamation. Article 1 clearly states ALL legislative powers are Vesting in Dail Eireann, NOT Queens Oireachtas Corporation or Attorney General. He understands Article 4, that a President SUBSTITUTE was elected in 1924 by IRB due to the EMERGENCY of Oireachtas Fraudulently NOT vacating in 1924, using Crown forces to IMPOSE a Corporation as Collins requested in writing to his masters as a Crown agent.

Attorney General also understands the 1916 Proclamation, signed by 7 witnesses, confirms Irish Republic as Sovereign Independent State, my rights and ALL men and women stated as Sovereign, INDEFEASIBLE, INALIENABLE, held in TRUST by God for NEXT generation, NOT Oireachtas or judges paid by Oireachtas. Attorney General also understood CSSO confirmed Taoiseach has NO mRNA roll out function, he is subject to GSK,Pfizer, yet he allowed Taoiseach for 2 years to commit Perjury and give myself, public and police dangerous medical claims, many now injured by his Perjury.

Attorney General committed serious crime by NOT telling me that Crown Oireachtas and courts service are NOT lawful and using police registered as 89000534, a City London company owned by courts service, to help sell GSK, Biotech and Pfizer, owned by Crown, Leyen and China Communist Party. He also FAILED inform public that Crown and EU President Leyen are MAIN owners of mRNA and appointed GSK Pfizer Main sales rep, paid 26,277,000 euros, O Neill as Public Health Spokesman to sell his OWN product, concealing death risks, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, life imprisonment.

I can confirm the peoples party ireland on 25th December, 2020 BEFORE roll out, advised Attorney General that Crown Oireachtas CANNOT obtain license mRNA from EMA to sell OWN product, per Helsinki Agreement and Belmont Principle. For over 2 years, Justice Minister, Commissioner Harris, Taioseach and Attorney General, being employees of Crown Corporation NO different than Employees of McDonalds, PRETENDED jurisdiction to remove rights, force medical experiments and engage in Fraud at every level possible.

I note it is public record that on June 6th, 2022, I REQUIRED you to arrest and prosecute Attorney General on crimes first reported in 2020. You confirmed starting this process, above stated reasons, specific charges were stated and he supplied much public evidence collected by media to warrant immediate risk to public health.

You MUST NOW advise why NO arrest as he Continues to commit these crimes. You appear NEGLIGENT per the 1990 Criminal Justice Act and Contract of employment, his arrest in PERSONAL capacity, as he broke his own companies stated position. Many members of this party are now ready to press charges and claim damages against Attorney General for Fraudulent medical claims resulting in bodily injuries. Media worked hard providing ABSOLUTE proof of his crimes against public yet Still NO arrest.

Can you advise that this man is subject to the law, as we have just seen Varadkar appoint CEO of DPP it seems repaid the appointment by saying that he can commit crimes when he feels like it. I trust you are NOT working in collusion with Attorney General. Yours sincerely,

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