FIXING IRELAND USING STATUTE LAWS PART 1 The peoples party ireland, 4th August, 2022

For over 2 years the peoples party has worked hard to protect the people of Eire from the medical Fraud of mRNA 2 year genetic experiments and, removal of human rights by Crown Oireachtas. This letter will be of interest to people of All nationalities, religions or members of Crown Corporations as Registered in Crown Oireachtas as employees of Crown, to exploit Eire as a Crown colony. It is important to mention that Same Crown exploits English in an even worse manner, so it is important for both peoples to identify the Hidden enemy, it is the Crown that has always benefited from exploitation of the colonies, NOT the English, they Never get to live in the Big House.

You may well be an employee of Queens courts, the Queens police, DPP, Attorney Generals office, HSE hospitals, GPs or even priests, FACT remains that CEOs could NOT force YOU to break law, that is the difference when you have rights guaranteed by a Constitution which English do NOT have but Irish have so begin to use that Constitution our Grandparents died to give you and I. As you read on you Will understand that YOU assisted manslaughter if you broke statute laws listed and, YOU DID THIS FREELY because you could NOT be bothered to study the FACTS but, it is Never to late to learn.

The evidence is clear that many of the lower ranks helped a small group of CEOs to become rich and, You took Unnecessary experiment and, SADLY you Will soon be dead or injured for Ignoring FACTS that media hid and offered you sales talk with no evidence and against law, career criminals is name. Worse still is that many compliers tried to FORCE experiment on wise people and, abandoned law, religion and human rights, you let Rte and its Owner, Oireachtas make you slaves.

The people have found out the Hard way that Crown again, as in 1922, found great wealth in its colony Develara surrendered UNLAWFULLY in 1922, by simply using civil servants, courts, police to lie to you, these Same civil servants first used Black and Tans to stop resistance to potatoe famine when all other crops were bumper harvest, people forced into silence until to weak to resist. Again in 2020 they employed a City of London registered company, 89000534 to pretend as if Garda when NOT, this time you must NOT stay silent until to weak to resist.

Perhaps the worst pain will be when parents, on behalf of Oireachtas, realise they Betrayed the TRUST of their children and old by selling mRNA on behalf of prof O Neill, paid 26,277,000 euros by GSK, Pfizer. Before the roll out on 28th December, 2020 of mRNA by Donnelly, he gave only 3 days Notice to public despite EU Directives that REQUIRE 3 months notice to obtain second medical and law opinion. The peoples party ireland on 25th December, 2020 STOPPED the roll out in Eire with Lawful INJUNCTION of EMA License to Oireachtas, this INVALIDATION of EMA license was notified to ALL TDs and public and police, yet they ignored law and proceeded with crime as in 1922.

I supplied ALL Crown Oireachtas sales reps the video evidence of Fauci at Milken Institute and Director Richard Bright, Bio medical Advance Research Authority, the October 2019 meeting. Fauci repeated his earlier 2017 prediction of outbreak of a China virus. He failed mention his UNLAWFUL funding of Wuhan Lab virus research, removed to China when USA BANNED as UNLAWFUL. On video Fauci stated on October, 8th, 2019 that the 10 years REQUIREMENT for SAFETY to release mRNA, restricts profits to much, GOOD to INVENT new China virus to ENFORCE Universal mRNA and remove ALL rights.

To this DECLARATION OF INTENT, Director Rick Bright agreed, stating TIME TO INVENT ENTITY OF EXCITEMENT in China, his EXACT words. This is how EVIL people play with you and childrens future. In Eire we have similar example of this evil.Pfizer paid with GSK 26,277,000 euros to public health spokesman, prof O Neill.Public record video on radio Newstalk he explained to Pat Kenny, mRNA safety. His EXACT haunting words are, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, so from beginning he understood instead of guinea pig experiments cheaper to use YOUR children, yet he claims NO risks.

BEFORE roll out I sent, at my expense, copies of CERTIFIED position of BOTH HSE Records Management and HPRA Regulator, ALL signed, Validated by S Moore, Emer Kelly, confirmed as FOI replies. In C851,C852 mRNA NOT works, can kill, injure.C846, C847, C850 general and elderly lockdowns, distancing useless, dangerous. C839 NO virus covid exists. C848,C849 masks useless, dangerous. I sent 18 statute laws that BAN any public advice adverts to ENCOURAGE use of mRNA, PCR, PPE or diagnosis by phone or advert. Also mRNA manufacturer warnings of 1,376 effects including death, yet they laughed.

I also sent Pfizer warnings of NO tests on Pregnant women, must NOT give to pregnant women or people with allergies or on medication and, HSE said if healthy, you have 99.9 immune recovery with NO medication, ages 1 to 99. As the year rolled on I sent the CERTIFIED WHO figures that confirm serious injury from mRNA is 339 per cent Higher than risk of injury from covid, also sent WHO Vigi Base serious side effects reports. They state that from 1968 to 2021, that is 53 years the flu vaccine injured 272,202 people and New Experiment mRNA NOT vaccine, injured in one year,2021, two million,four hundred fifty seven thousand,386.

The Party and Dee Wall early on, presented in Person at Leinster House 160 letters, one to each TD, again reminding the above assisted manslaughter, statute laws broken, also 60 senators. BEFORE roll out, ALL parties received public records that MAIN producer of mRNA is Queen and Leyen families GSK,Biotech Pfizer, as such, Queens company Oireachtas CANNOT obtain license to sell OWN products. This evidence was accepted by EMA under Helsinki Declaration. EMA CANNOT license Oireachtas companies sell its OWN products and, 99.9 immune recovery under Belmont Principle if healthy, means NO emergency of death, hence NO license risk death on mRNA, standard law.

Many times Rte informed shortage of mRNA, this was due to party obtaining assurance only small amount for emergency use if dying, Donnelly got around buying on Black market, such as 700,000 doses from Rumania, they deemed unsuitable their people. I have listed small part of battle by the ONLY party NOT registered as Oireachtas Corporation, against greed of Crown colony corporations, whoose employees BETRAYED Irish as did Collins and Develara for the 30 pieces of silver.

Many people now pay the price for NOT taking interest in politics or history. The Institutions my Grandfather set up were SECRETLY, long time ago, turned into Crown Corporations. The evidence has been collected, these criminal gangs registered as Oireachtas agents, SF, FF, FG, Greens etc, MUST be outlawed and ANY TD, who took part medical fraud, MUST be prosecuted. You paid these people to PROTECT your rights NOT to remove them, you trusted and you were BETRAYED, they got rich while you paid for party.

This party WILL APPLY statute law to set up new police, courts etc.Dail Eireann per 1919 constitution will NOT trade with Oireachtas, DPP, Queens Courts or its private police, we will use the 1920 Dail Eireann courts still in existence per LAWFUL 1920 license kept alive per substitute President. It is time that foreign companies like twitter, its owner Musk being Owner of large mRNA plant , Facebook and media are held to account for their CONCEALMENT and Shadow Banning of truth,using their sites to make possible the FAKE conspiracy theory of Rte, causing many deaths for money.

The law and victims demand that TDs, courts, police etc that broke HSE, HPRA CERTIFIED position are arrested, jailed and assets seized to provide compensation to many victims. Their is NO chance of removing the corruption in all these criminal gangs, they are so use to crime that they have become career criminals, only function conceal crimes for profits, law does NOT exist in their eyes. From the start NOT one TD, Senator, stood up in Oireachtas and read CERTIFIED HSE HPRA regulator position that covid is SCAM to sell Crowns mRNA products, they took the 30 pieces of silver and ceased to be TDs or human beings.

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