Dear Peter Feeney, Ref Press Ombudsman Employee Peter Feeney Confirms Breaking Law 26th July, 2022.

I recieved a strange email from you on the peoples party ireland, yesterday 25th July, 2022, in which you advise me that you have committed numerous criminal offences which I am REQUIRED to report to Garda HQ. You began your strange letter by informing me that you are an employee of a Corporation called Press Ombudsman, like McDonalds, a company is Piece of Paper, NOT a Man or Woman, with NO property rights over me.

Unlike McDonalds that try to sell me good food and tell the truth, the employees of Ombudsman try to sell me corruption, tell lies, claim rights over free speech and, as you stated, break statute laws. You advise me that if an Ombudsman employee breaks statute laws they are EXCEMPT from accountability or liability and, that you Have jurisdiction to cover up and Protect them and Pretend you committed the crime, NOT them.

You also stated that if an employee commits a crime it should NOT be directed to the offender but Must be directed to you or a Piece of Paper called Ombudsman, NEITHER of which committed said crime. You also state that you wrote to Mr Gabriel Martin of peoples party ireland on 25th, November, 2021, at my home address, confirming receipt of my letter, dated 16th November, 2021, NO such letter sent to me.

You would be aware that my letter 16th, November,2021 was addressed as Private and Confidential to Edith Geraghty, that my name quoted was NOT Mr Gabriel Martin of peoples party ireland. You also stated a copy of this Public business was placed on my website to an Individual member of Press Council concerning Press Council business, when in FACT it was NOT Council business and Press Council is Piece of Paper. You would be aware that the 2013 Motu Proprio sent to ALL courts and Oireachtas Crown Agents, higher authority than Queen, clearly states as criminal offence, to attempt Fraud contract with the birth certificate company You stated which belongs to Vatican Governance NOT I.

Please comply with law and refer to me as Gabriel Martin, NOT Mr . Also note peoples party website is NOT my personal website, it is public site like twitter, which allows public to write about public matters which Ombudsman Prevents being done in public newspapers, these reserved for mRNA sales reps. You also claim a false instrument, in addition to EXCEMPTION from law, in which you insist that I have NO right to reply to Edith Geraghty attempting crime against my person and Insist I withdraw my letter and allow a possible crime to be committed by her.

You confirm in your letter that you broke the 2018 GDPR EU Law, transposed into Irish law by Data Protection Act, 2018, by opening mail posted Private and Confidential to Edith Geraghty and replying on her behalf to possible crime NOT your business. You confirm breaking Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9, 25, 26, 27 and 29, creating and using False instruments to cover up crime, intimidate and coerce and DELAY proper investigation of crime.

You also confirm offences per Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, part 3.1.7, perjury, collusion and attempts to pervert justice and Assist sale of medical products. Also Criminal Justice Act, 1999,section 41.1. I should also caution You that ALL legislative powers are vested in Dail Eireann, as in Article 1, of the 1st April, 1919 Constitution written by my Grandfather, the Crown Corporation Oireachtas is NOT Sovereign Dail Eireann and has NO property rights over me or EXEMPTION from statute laws.

I would also caution you that the 1916 Proclamation written by my Grandfather CLEARLY states that MY Sovereign INALIENABLE rights to free speech, religion etc are NOT subject to private companies like Oireachtas or Ombudsman and you must withdraw YOUR UNLAWFUL request to withdraw or alter my letter to assist cover up of possible crimes.

I would also caution you that the Chief State Solicitors Office letters advised public that the Taioseach has NO function in mRNA roll out, also that Free state lease EXPIRED in 1924, when Eire RETURNED to Dail Eireann and Crown LOST control. I would caution you that Attorney General letter confirmed in June,2021 that when Oireachtas Free state lease EXPIRED in 1924 my Grandfather Refused the 1924 Court Enactment Order, since 1924 Crown courts have NO licence, Voluntary to attend.

You seem UNAWARE of the PRECEEDING letters first to YOURSELF and then, AT YOUR REQUEST to Edith Geraghty. In brief, I first contacted YOURSELF on 29th December,2020 concerning Assisted Manslaughter. At great expense ,29.12.2020 I sent You the Mis information put out by various newspapers, Sunday Independent, Times, Rte News, concerning UNLAWFUL adverts, paid for by Gates, Pfizer, GSK etc per FOI replies.

I sent the newspapers and copy EU Directives Public Health in connection Donnelly announcement that in 3 days time,28.12.2020 he intended injecting J and J , A Zeneca etc on old in care homes and myself and NOT allowing Lawful REQUIREMENT that public MUST be given the minimum 3 months notice to obtain second medical and law opinion as HPRA Regulator had said in C851 and C852 that mRNA NO proof works and proof can kill, which is reason why withdrawn.

I sent YOU copy of the video evidence of Fauci at Milken Institute and, Director Rick Bright, Biomedical Advance Research Authority, October 2019 meeting. Fauci repeated his earlier 2017 prediction of outbreak of a China virus. He failed to mention his UNLAWFUL funding of Wuhan Lab Virus research, removed to China when USA Banned it as UNLAWFUL. On video, Fauci stated on October 8th, 2019 that the 10 years REQUIREMENT for safety to release mRNA is to much trouble and it would be GOOD to INVENT new China virus to ENFORCE Universal mRNA and INVENT excuse to IGNORE Lawful Rights.

To his DECLARATION of INTENT, Director Rick Bright agreed ,stating TIME TO INVENT ENTITY OF EXCITEMENT in China, his EXACT words, to ENFORCE Universal mRNA claiming China virus, as Fauci and prof O Neill did one year later, said video with EU court case being prepared against him and, those that assisted this manslaughter. At a later date I sent you the WHO study on mRNA injuries that confirm injury serious from mRNA injection is 339 per cent Higher than risk of injury from covid. Also I sent you the WHO VigiBase side effects figures stating that from 1968 to 2021, that is 53 years the flu vaccine injured 272,202 people and the new experiment called mRNA NOT vaccine, injured in just one year, 2021, two million,four hundred fifty seven thousand 386. You clearly understood the UNLAWFUL medical claims made by newspapers you are supposed to Regulate but Refused to so do.

I also sent YOU public records that MAIN producer of mRNA is Queen and Leyen families GSK, Biotech Pfizer as such the Queens company Oireachtas CANNOT issue license to sell its OWN mRNA products. You Were sent copy of INVALIDATION notice to Oireachtas and EMA, NOT disputed, that under Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle, NO license can be granted to Oireachtas to give mRNA.

YOU received my Objection to media UNLAWFULLY claiming that Queens company, courts service, could use its company 89000534 police registered in City of London, could imprison old for mRNA experiment HPRA Regulator said could kill. YOU received public records that Taioseach, has NO role in mRNA, yet appointed prof O Neill as Public health Spokesman, to sell mRNA that records confirm received 26,277,000 euros from GSK Pfizer to sell Own vested mRNA products.

YOU were sent Newstalk videos of O Neill saying mRNA safety is as follows, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, his EXACT words despite HPRA Regulator stating BEFORE roll out in C851 AND C852 that mRNA NOT works but can kill as manufacturer warned but newspapers hid. I also sent YOU the Regulator HPRA and HSE 2020 position as C839 NO virus found.C848,C849 masks useless and dangerous.C846,C847,C850, general elderly lockdowns and distancing Useless and Dangerous.

These documents also sent to newspapers, O Neill and his Rte, radio videos in which he explained to Tubridy masks, mRNA etc as useless and dangerous. ALL these documents Validated with HSE Records Management signatures S Moore, Emer Kelly, so you understood that for 2 years YOU allowed newspapers commit crimes and injure public for financial gain of advertising fees.

Despite prof O Neill publicly admitting that he was lying to me and police, putting us in danger, I could be dead if I took his J and J etc medical claims published by your newspaper clients. He also claimed in newspapers that people following HSE advice that if healthy,ages 1 to 99 you have 99.9 immune recovery without even a hot lemon drink, you should be arrested and Forcibly injected with this 2 year Experiment that NHS said causes Permanent destruction of 99.9 immune recovery. As you have confirmed in your letter that 2 years later with over 44,000 deaths just in EU , you support the Concealment of above data and replacing it with Fraudulent data that you would know will Encourage consumption of unnecessary experiment likely to kill or injure most, per WHO and manufacturers own figures.

The above is Small sample sent to YOU, all I got was one sentence letter from Edith Geraghty in which she also broke law and opened YOUR post, saying she would investigate, as stated above, she would understand newspapers crimes having read the Evidence. On 8th November,2021, I again wrote to Edith regarding RETRACTION of letters by newspapers UNLAWFULLY selling medical products and giving medical claims and DIAGNOSIS and PRETENDING as if law to ENCOURAGE use and HARM public.

I again contacted this person on 10th November, 2021 and reminded her of law regarding public medical claims and the 2020 Confirmation in High Court that ALL 31A is advice written by Attorney General, is NOT law and is NOT guaranteed as safe, NO one can advise a medical procedure for everyone as NOT possible to know Everyones Individual medical conditions or likely results.

One year after I first contacted YOU, many people now dead or injured or Permanently destroyed immune systems because YOU Neglected YOUR obligations and CONCEALED truth, per 1990 Criminal Justice Act, Life imprisonment, you confirm in your letter that you allowed newspapers to be sales reps . Edith and YOU received copy of Irish National Laws, SI NO 541, 2007 Advertising Regulations. 2001 EU Directives 200183 EC, transposed into Irish law.Commission Directive 2003 63EC, use medical products.

Also I sent her and YOU, in2020, EU Council Directive 2002 98 EC and Directive 2004 24 EC. Also Mis use of Drugs Act, 1977. These Mandatory Acts CANNOT be broken by media or CONCEALED by Edith or YOU, as you proposed in your recent letter, as many now dead by said CONCEALMENT YOU say YOU allowed. In simple language, NO officials, Corporation Agents, law ,medical or police have jurisdiction to break following statute laws or APPEAR to Assist COVER UP of such crimes, assisting manslaughter.

These laws carry further force from Article 15, of EU Council Constitution, which Taioseach is obliged by law to uphold but, in public, refused uphold and PRETENDED he was in charge of mRNA roll out. The EU Council state that a Man must NOT place medical advertisement if it does NOT list ALL side effects, is Mis leading or ENCOURAGES people to NOT get second medical and law opinion and,unlike ALL newspapers MUST carry signature of Man making the claim in order to Validate claim.

The advice must NOT suggest products effects are guaranteed, have NO risks or Better than OTHER treatments, such as 99.9 immune recovery found in ALL healthy, ages 1 to 99, which HSE confirmed 2 years ago, NO emergency of dying, as most newspapers Fraudulently claimed to sell product. The adverts must NOT refer to recommendations by scientists, use celebrity status to ENCOURAGE consumption, Must be a GP in private NOT public, NOT suggest DIAGNOSIS by phone, advert in newspapers, stop 2nd opinion.

Law also REQUIRES notification that covid advisory Nphet is NOT Regulator, set up by Taioseach to sell 9 million doses mRNA bought by Donnelly in November, 2020 BEFORE Any lisence decision, which FAILED to issue, instead of returning he dumped on Irish public using newspaper sales reps. Law also REQUIRED notification that covid advisory group is Owned by Crown corporation, its owner and Leyen making profits using Public office to sell its OWN product, paying 26,277,000 to Public health spokesman O Neill to sell his OWN vested mRNA interests. My final letter dated 16th November,2021 is CORRECT public record of offences newly committed by newspapers, I previously sent Edith copies of letters to newspapers, the principles broken and NO responce received and my request for her to investigate in public interest of saving lives from newspapers dangerous medical claims.

You now inform me that almost 9 months later you conclude this investigation, which began with YOU on 29th December,2020, over 19 months ago by telling me that YOU approve of crimes committed by press and in your Private capacity tell me to remove the truth and assist you in cover up of crimes by press. In my CORRECT letter addressed to Edith I stated the FACTS that appear to suggest she is assisting manslaughter, I did NOT say she did and gave her Reasonable oppertunity to comply with law.

You have as Man supposed to PROTECT me from medical fraud told me that you wish to ENCOURAGE medical Fraud and, have tried to get me to assist your criminal actions by Withdrawing public information. You have also confirmed that INSTEAD of investigating medical fraud that FORCED many into taking 2 years mRNA genetic mechanical device, you Have stalked me on media websites.

You have broken sections 9 and 10 of NFOAP Act,1997, explained to you by Justice Minister McEntee, she said stalking, harassment,duress to coerce me into doing something Fraudulent is offence. I have released your letter sent to me on public website about public crimes YOU confess to cover up and,I shall now press criminal charges against Yourself and Edith, whom you appear to have confirmed colluded with you, which shall be reported to police but I will allow you short period of time to write and expain your reasons for assisting medical fraud.

Please note that I REQUIRE your immediate confirmation of the crimes you allege to Have committed, by postage stamp letter with your signature to Validate said letter. I CANNOT accept email correspondence from you and, I CANNOT accept your claim that 13 employees of Ombudsman company wish to assist YOU in covering up crimes and staff that might have assisted you. I shall now buy a postage stamp and send this letter to you by mail.

With regards your comment that your employees feel very strongly that addressing complaints to the person that caused complaint is NOT to their liking, I can say I am GLAD to have caused discomfort, although they should be more concerned about discomfort to dead and injured by allowing newspapers sell medical products in which dangers were concealed. If you wish to avoid arrest and prosecution for causing me Fear,Apprehension,to my personal safety,per section 12 ,Criminal Law Act,1976, five years jail,you had better have Valid reason for the 19 months delay and the damage done to trusting public by newspapers paid to lie. Yours sincerely,

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