LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Letter to EU Council President Charles Michel 19thJune, 2022.

Dear Charles Michel, Ref Unlicensed mRNA Experiments von Leyen Biotech

I have been asked by Eire Sovereign President, William McGuire, anointed by Vatican Keeper of Harp Seal and Sovereign 1919 Constitution, held in Trust for Next Generation, to write and advise the following. As you WILL be aware, Article 15 of YOUR EU Treaty, successor to EEC Treaty, ALL of which NOT ratified by Sovereign Dail, 1918 to the Present, sets out YOUR arrangement with Crowns Oireachtas companies.

Article 15 states you ARE REQUIRED to NOT exercise legislative functions, EU Parliament and EU Commission have NO power to pass into ACTUAL Law, only function is to debate NOT make law. Article 15 also REQUIRES you to make available to me or ANY citizens ANY documents necessary to give Transparency to political directions. Despite a private, NON Sovereign Treaty with Queens Oireachtas, you have NO jurisdiction to interfere with Sovereign Constitution.

Your Mandate REQUIRES you to NOT subvert the Irish Constitution and other states, such as Poland and Hungary, EU has NO jurisdiction to pass Anti Catholic laws or restrict Eire Sovereign passports. Early this year, EU Commission President Ursula Leyen committed many acts of TREASON against Sovereign Eire, closing border with NO jurisdiction, Forcing mRNA experiments to Increase the 1798 Leyen fortune she claims YOU instructed her to commit serious crimes for company profits.

I REQUIRE under Article 15 your confirmation that HER claim is either True or NOT in order that I can determine if you also face prosecution and liable to pay damages to 5,000 sworn affidavits against von Leyen mRNA products which she used media to Fraudulently call safe when NOT safe, causing deaths. The peoples party ireland, has almost completed with Sovereign Dail, Third House of Parliament, collecting prosecution evidence of Leyen family collusion with China Communist Party, to enrich themselves at Public expense.

You will be aware of Articles 7.1.6 and Parliamentary Resolutions 2361 and 2071 Public Health, pay Special attention to INSIDER trading by pharmaceutical executives, enriching themselves at Public expense, like President Leyen and Queen. This would be similar to defense contracts with Ukraine involving Ursula. The German MPs Investigating Committee confirmed that as Defense Minister she spent 150 million euros, only declared 2.9 million euros.

Committee produced 30 Witnesses, 4 thousand documents Proving this and that she Appointed Lucrative contracts to McKensey and Co, where her son holds senior position. As EU Commission President the following UNLAWFUL events have taken place. She Broke laws by NOT declaring her family VESTED interests in mRNA experimental products, her husband Heiko being MAIN owner of Biotech Orgenesis, cell and gene terapies mRNA and also medical engineering firms and PPE interests.

She did NOT declare her families investments in Queens GSK and Pfizer, a shared Partnership with China Communist Party, Gates Foundation and Queens City of London Corporation and Crowns Oireachtas, peas in a pod as they say. On 25th December, 2020 the Sovereign President, McGuire and the peoples party ireland advised Ursula von Leyen at EU Commission that we had served injunction on EMA license for Eire, and other EU states.

We supplied correspondence from EMA and copies of documents Served, that were NOT disputed by EMA, which under EU Directives Public Health, Belmont Principle and Helsinki Declaration Rendered EMA license VOID, NULL. Public records confirm MAIN producers are twitter Musk and Leyen Biotech plants in Partnership THEIR Pfizer, China Partners and Queens City of London GSK investments.

This Meant that Irish governments MAIN advisory group advisor, Prof O Neill was FUNDED with 191,000 euros from GSK, over 26 million euros from von Leyen Pfizer Biotech. This would be ADDITIONAL to his salary from Queens Oireachtas, similar to Queens Governor General Higgins, UNAUDITED extra 313 thousand euros on top of his 300 thousand plus salary and 9 million costs for his house in the Park.

These figures from public accounts committee place these 2 GSK Queen employees on Higher salaries than USA and the Who or German Presidents and Fauci. HSE CEO Reid gets over 500 thousand when perks included. These same mRNA companies, per FOI figures are MAIN Funders of Trinity College, medical boards the Crown company being registered owner of UNLICENSED since 1924 courts, my Grandfather Refused Renew license and court is registered owner of private police.

This meant EMA was attempting to license a 2 year mRNA experiment to the Manufacturers of Leyen and twitters Musk mRNA, NOT allowed under Helsinki Declaration or 1919 Irish Constitution. We also supplied copy of REQUIREMENT Suspend UNLICENSED mRNA experiment, per EU Directives Public Health, sent to EMA and Donnelly BEFORE 28.12.2020 UNLAWFUL roll out in Ireland.

Under EU and Irish law, public MUST be given time to obtain second medical opinion, also time to move out old from care homes if threatened with UNTESTED experiment, minimal period being 3 months, bearing in mind that Regulator warned in its C851,C852 said experiment could kill, NO proof works. In the case of Ireland, Ursula Leyen USED political pressure, declaring HER mRNA products, green passport and Digital code Pass are mandatory in Ireland and EU states despite NO jurisdiction as sales rep.

Following this FRAUDULENT statement, Donnelly and police with NO jurisdiction or license LOCKED old into care homes and FORCED J and J, killing many, refusing relatives EU right to suspend . On radio Newstalk the covid advisory group Advisor Prof O Neill stated safety of Leyen mRNA, his exact words on video tape were, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. As he said, he got police to IMPRISON old and watched as they died from Ursula mRNA.

Ursula BEFORE this HORROR of police, was sent our HPRA Regulator position, C851,C852 that mRNA does NOT work and can kill as with J and J now Withdrawn along with HER PPE products. We supplied Commission and EMA the HSE and CDC documents, C850,C848, C849, C846, C847 that ALL masks, lockdowns, social distance are useless and dangerous, OPPOSITE Crown and Ursula positions. Also sent copy BRFORE roll out of HPRA C839 NO proof virus exists and CDCreport that covid NEVER found.

We also sent copy of Oireachtas register, which states MOST Irish political parties are Registered as Crown Corporations, sworn under the 1922 Freestate Adoption Act and 1922 Constitution to Protect Queens GSK investments. These parties are stated in the Register as FF, FG, Greens, P B Profit and S Fein Its leader M Lou received from Richard Hass, Foreign Relations Committee Biden, 4.6 million dollarsto NOT OPPOSE mRNA sales and print leaflets supporting Leyen products also Lou family medical investments. This Hass is Anti Palestine, funding Zionist activities in Ukraine, Palestine Libya, Yemen, Iraq.

Also I sent to EMA and Ursula copy of Irish National laws, S I No 541 2007 Advertising Regulations 2007. Also the 2001 EU Directives coded into 2001 83EC, transposed into Irish law. Also Commission Directive 2003 63 EC on Medical products for Human use ALL EU states. Directive 2002 98 EC. Directive 2004 24 EC best detailed as parts A, B, C, of EU, Irish law. ALL broken by Ursula and Crown Oireachtas.

The EU Council, YOUR department state in parts A, B, C, a person must NOT place advertisement medical if it does NOT list ALL side effects is MISLEADING or Encourages person to NOT get second opinion. Ursula did NOT list 1 of the 1,376 listed side effects including death many people would like to know about and , instead second opinion she attempted make Mandatory as happened old people.

Also advertisement MUST be VALIDATED with signature of qualified person guaranteeing safe. NOT exaggerate its properties and must NOT encourage to refuse Constructive Criticism like Ursula Mandatory. Sovereign President and I also presented Mis use of Drugs Act, 1977. It explained to Ursula , a criminal offense suggest diagnosis by mail, phone or imply, second consultation is NOT necessary as police did to old they imprisoned and KILLED.

Also it must NOT suggest product effects are guaranteed, have NO risks or better than Other treatments, such as 99.9 per cent immune recovery that Leyen does NOT offer in HER product killed old. Advertisement must NOT suggest health can be improved by taking product, or could be affected by NOT taking, must NOT refer to reccommendation by scientists, celebrity status to Encourage consumption, as Ursula did for 2 years ,stating NO travel or restaurant or religion unless I buy her family products.

Advertisements in Irish ,EU law must NOT cause alarm, be MIS leading or IMPLY they are law, must NOT be email, phone, written adverts, as CANNOT be aware of INDIVIDUAL medical needs, Ursula CANNOT get police to lock up old for O Neill to conduct his WAIT AND SEE experiments, this is EIRE. Under EU,Irish law ANY person who carries out medical procedures, PCR,mRNA WITHOUT patient consent will be charged with criminal assault, this includes doctors, police or people like Ursula who publicly declared her delight in assisting Manslaughter.

With this in mind we supplied to EMA and President Ursula copy of EU Resolutions 2071 and 2361 which explain as UNLAWFUL, ANY Mandate to Force Ursula mRNA or use political pressure to sell her products.It is public records she tried mandate use of her dangerous products, old now dead from police assisting the sales rep called Ursula, our laws do NOT allow assisted Manslaughter.

To comply with Belmont Principle, Ursula UNDERSTOOD Benefit must OUTWEIGH risk, the HSE,CDC position that if healthy, age 1 to 99, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery, with NO drugs and NO side effects we supplied, confirmed this BENEFIT stood against Pfizer claim of NO 99.9 per cent recovery or ANY Benefit as 2 years before test RESULTS are known but, ABSOLUTE proof of death risk and 1,376 Listed side effects. THE BENEFIT of NO mRNA OUTWEIGHED RISK of taking mRNA, this was ACCEPTED 2020 by EMA when I presented to EMA.

We also supplied to EMA and Ursula copies of sections 4 and 11 Advertising Standards Acts. The Consumer Protection Acts, 2007 and 2014. The Equality Legislation and 1990 Criminal Justice Act, which carries LIFE sentence. We also supplied copies of Crowns Oireachtas Yellow adverts BANNED by above laws, also NO signatures to VALIDATE its claims, NOT by HPRA ,HSE and OPPOSITE of HSE guidelines. Also we sent copy to both of HSE position explained in booklet sent to ALL Irish in 2020 to REMOVE FEAR created by Ursula sales team paid by Ursula Biotech Crown GSK mRNA. Two years ago it claimed if healthy catch covid, 96 per cent catch a mild flu, the rest is Ursula fairy tales to sell her products to Irish.

Also we sent the WHO and UK Government NHS DECLASSIFICATION on 19.3.2020 that covid NO longer High Consequence as WHO Director Tedros WRONGLY claimed zero immunity which turned out to be 99.9 per cent. The HSE booklet also stated ONLY4 per cent of covid infected would have risk if ALREADY with EXISTING illnesses and stated more likely in this case to die from flu which killed 5.6 than covid which killed 0.2 , this they stated 2 years ago and I informed Ursula of such HSE evidence.

We also sent the booklet called Informed Consent, NO signature to VALIDATE, given by Crown Oireachtas selling Crown and Ursula mRNA each page stated OPPOSITE of HPRA regulator, we supplied page by page proof of sales trick for Ursula, yet she went ahead for profit. Despite ALL these laws and medical safeguards, Commission President Ursula claims YOU,PRESIDENT of EU Council, told her she could Break the law, result say EMA is 44 thousand dead ,4 million injured in months in EU, so she could make profits.

Needless to say, the NEW government of Ireland WILL be issuing international arrest warrents for Leyen and Crown Oireachtas Governor General Higgins in due course for TREASON. I REQUIRE you to Enforce EU DirectivesPublic Health and instruct Ursula that she has NO jurisdiction to sell HER Biotech products or attempt to involve Eire or EU in her Ukraine financial military contracts

Public records confirm that she has, per EMA figures caused many deaths in EU by PRETENDING EMA had license and that mRNA was safe with NO side effects. Likewise many dead in Ukraine due to her earlier military contracts when she was defense minister, this person MUST resign at once to save lives and mRNA stopped .

The Sovereign President asked me to remind it is YOUR DUTY to advise Ursula that he has Forced Crown Oireachtas withdraw green passport as ONLY his , SOVEREIGN passport stamped with HIS Harp Seal is valid in ALL EU states, the Queens Corporation President is NOT a Sovereign President. Likewise Ursula has NO Sovereign rights over the 1916 Proclamation and 1919 Constitution Written by my Grandfather, it being held in TRUST with the Nations tricolour flag by Sovereign President McGuire, for the NEXT GENERATION, only GOD can make amendments to the 1919 Constitution,given by God to the people ,NOT EU, she must withdraw Digital pass NOT acceptable to Eire.

LAW REQUIRES you to confirm if YOU PRETENDED you OWNED property rights of EU citizens and thought you could decide if they should be Forced to be guinea pigs for Ursula Biotech experiments that killed Irish old, she alleges YOU assisted her in Manslaughter. If you confirm that YOU ASSISTED Ursula Leyen and twitter to sell their mRNA experiments under a FRAUDULENT medical description and INVALIDATED license, YOU ALSO will face arrest warrant.

I will await your written reply as to your position and what action to Remove Leyen mRNA sales rep, before taking action against you. It may shock you to read that when I contacted EMA on 25th December, 2020, I supplied the data that mRNA would NOT offer 99.9 per cent recovery but WOULD DESTROY Natural 99.9 per cent immune recovery PERMANENTLY to covid, also common cold and most known disease. EMA and Ursula knew they were releasing this Monster upon the world that WILL make ANY injected fully dependent on drugs for ALL known illness, it is like giving AIDS to these poor creatures that were NOT willing to ask right questions.

I did NOT give up my time to make profits like Leyen, I gave up my time because I consider myself a simple human being, quite happy with Gods creation and to take each day as it comes. The time is NOW for people in charge to act as MEN NOT slaves. For centuries my Clansmen fought as William Wallace taught us, BETTER TO DIE AS A FREEMAN THAN EXIST AS A SLAVE.

Not for the first time, ULSTERMEN have stood FIRM and looked the ENEMY straight in the eye. Von Leyen made a mistake attacking ULSTERMEN, soon I will drive her out of Eire , like Patrick did with the snakes. Yours sincerely,

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