Assistant Commissioner Patrick Clavin, Governance and Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin, DO8 HN3X. Ref Arrest of Leo Varadkar Assisted Manslaughter, 15th June, 2022.

I wish to press Criminal charges against Leo Varadkar in his Personal capacity as he Publicly stated he Refused to Comply with HSE and HPRA regulator, also Refused my lawful Notification that the EMA license to sell mRNA was INVALIDATED on 25th December, 2020 when I REQUIRED EMA ,Donnelly others, notified in Principle to Agent, to Comply with EU Directives Public Health that REQUIRE by Law for myself and any relatives placing parents etc in care homes, to obtain a second medical opinion and legal opinion and time to move out relatives if, as regulator HPRA described in its C851 and C852 CERTIFIED papers that mRNA is NOT a guaranteed cure and very dangerous including death risk.

I have been given permission by Sovereign President, William McGuire to release public information on a public case, pertaining EU Court case in preparation, involving public interest in INVALID EMA license. In addition to Notification to Varadkar on 25th December, 2020, he was given further Notice 4th June, 2022, copy enclosed, in which he was REQUIRED as ENFORCEMENT Officer, to arrest Donnelly and his MAIN sales rep, Prof O Neill.

I, along with other tax payers expect Enforcement Officer to apply 18 statute and Constitution laws, many written by my Grandfather, which PREVENT NON medical people from making Public medical claims, even GP is REQUIRED to make claims in Private, NOT to public as unaware medical conditions. We do NOT pay Enforcement Officer to use his position to sell millions of PCR kits, he bought in 2018, in preparation for keeping FG party in power, after losing the election, by Creating Fake cases to make FEAR.

The peoples party ireland and Sovereign President presented in 2018, the written confirmation from Fauci in 2013 and the INVENTOR PCR, that state PCR UNABLE DETECT virus as written on kit instructions and CDC, FDA withdrew as UNABLE detect. Varadkar for 2 years sold FRAUD PCR for personal gain, to cause unnecessary FEAR to sell mRNA for its MAIN producers, Elun Musk of twitter and Biotech owned by EU President husband, Heiko,using twitter and EU Commission to sell their products.

The Party reminded Enforcement Officer of our concerns that police refused to arrest him, NOT because of objections to paperwork they investigated for 12 months but, because they said it was DPP job. As you know it was confirmed in CCJ court that this DPP had been instructed by police Harris on Rte, that DPP must PRETEND 31A is law, when NOT and, DPP wrote instructing ALL judges PRETEND 31A is law when NOT, this is called TREASON and FRAUD in any country.

I understood from police that Enforcement Officer released Secret information on medical contracts to give doctor friend chance to out bid other trading offers, called INSIDER trading, FRAUD in any country. I did remind Varadkar of EU Parliament Resolution, which I helped write, drawing his attention to section 7.1.6, pay special attention to INSIDER trading by pharmaceutical executives, like his friend getting rich at public expense. It reminds of 2015 Resolution 2071 which REQUIRES Enforcement Officer to PREVENT TDs etc, enriching themselves at public expense, such as his PCR or swine flu or S Fein M Lou family medical sales companies pushing medical to enrich themselves.

He was given copy of letter from DPP senior principle, Gareth Henry, that DPP does NOT investigate crime, it is as Garda Act states, police job to decide if crime, then advise DPP to use their police evidence, it is clear from CCJ judge that DPP is criminal corporation telling judges to PRETEND 31A is law, when NOT law, called FRAUD. He was also given evidence that in preparation medical SCAM, November 2019 Richard Hass, Foreign Relations Office for Biden, paid 4.6 million dollars to S Fein M Lou to NOT OBJECT to medical SCAM to sell her family medical products etc and, it has been said in media to print medical adverts to PRETEND mRNA is safe when HSE, HPRA said NOT safe.

It was brought to his attention that USA Biden group Hass is Anti Palestine, supporting Zionist activities in Iraq, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen and set up 2014 Ukraine government, hoping set up S Fein puppet government to carry on money laundering as in Ukraine as it falls to Russia. He was given copy of payments to O Neill, Rte, Trinity College from Heiko Leyen, husband of EU President Commission, Ursula, his company Biotech in partnership Pfizer and Queens GSK chemicals.

He was made aware of von Leyen family, Queen and Chinese Communist Party being MAIN holder Pfizer shares, using EU Commission and Queens Crown Oireachtas, to sell families mRNA to the Irish. I also sent him HPRA regulator VALIDATED documents, signed S Moore, Emer Kelly, C851,C852, state mRNA NOT works and risk of death. C839 similar CDC, state NO proof covid exists, Varadkar decieves public.

I also sent him, via Registered post, HSE C848,C849 masks useless and dangerous and video 2020, of O Neill explaining on tubridy show, masks useless and dangerous, videos of himself stating NO proof masks work, recently June 2022 O Neill video saying masks useless, so for 2 years both Forced children to be damaged wearing masks they knew as useless, dangerous, called Medical Fraud in any country.

I also sent him, as I did to O Neill, Donnelly, HSE C846,C847 general and elderly lockdowns useless and dangerous, as WHO also stated, also sent C850 social distance useless. I REQUIRED him to Enforce HPRA, HSE position, instead he took pleasure injuring public, some doctor indeed. Also I sent him copy of REQUIREMENT by Sovereign President and I , sent to him, Enforcement officer and Donnelly, others, to RELEASE old held in CAPTIVITY in nursing homes for mRNA experiments with NO license to do so.

Myself and President REQUIRED the minimum 3 months time allowed by EU Directives Piblic Health, 2001, that REQUIRE by law, relatives to Obtain second medical opinion BEFORE taking mRNA experiment regulator said could kill. I reminded Varadkar that Donnelly and Varadkar refused said REQUIREMENT, made on 25th December, 2020, which would have allowed relatives seek INJUNCTION to save DEAD parents from J AND J which regulator said would kill them, now withdrawn after FAILED Varadkar experiment.

I also reminded Varadkar, 25th December, 2020 and Donnelly that HPRA regulator REQUIRED Varadkar to ENFORCE its C851,C852 mRNA second opinion that Donnelly is risking lives residents. Varadkar, Donnelly advised by Party on 25th December, 2020 BEFORE roll out that EMA did NOT dispite my claim that EMA license was INVALIDATED by my Lawful EU Directives REQUIREMENT, he chose to break law, cause deaths for financial gains. It was explained BEFORE role out to Varadkar, Donnelly and PUBLIC , through myself and Sovereign President, twitter shadow banned most of my efforts as its owner is main producer of mRNA, to give correct law and medical position, twitter advised policy is to CONCEAL truth.

EMA license is INVALIDATED under Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle. I explained this Lawful REQUIREMENT was NOT met by EMA when I challenged them, they confirmed German Biotech lobby political pressure NOT law was reason for INVALID license. In simple language DECLARATION renders VOID a license if products company FUNDS National Government, controls health bodies, police, courts and media and covid advisory group, which it does.

The Party obtained FOI replies from governments public records of payments to covid advisory group, from Crown Oireachtas GSK, Pfizer, China Communist Party, Gates, Rocerfeller, Rothschild, Biotech. The EU President used her position to Force her mRNA without declaring her vested interest, Oireachtas funded Trinity College ,covid advisory and Rte without declaring Crowns financial products and twitter removed all constructive criticism replacing with Pfizer MIS information , without declaring its ownership of mRNA production and CEO appointed by police funded by Crown to conduct censorship, assist sales.

Covid advisory group O Neill recieved 191,000 euros from Crown Oireachtas and 26 million from Pfizer to sell mRNA and J AND J which Varadkar sold as safe when he knew likely to kill per mRNA description, which he got police to remove from twitter when I put up license description. Records confirm through Queens Oireachtas and her courts using their Private police, most colleges ,hospitals ,medical boards, allowed China Communist party to replace law with medical fraud and greed.

In addition to Helsinki Declaration REQUIREMENT that GSK, Pfizer and Crown do NOT FUND National government, that EU von Leyen is NOT MAIN holder of mRna production, the license must also NOT ignore Catholic objections. The President and I raised objections to EMA and Donnelly 25th December, 2020, additional to EU Directives that church REQUIRES mRNA genetic DNA CANNOT be used to change Gods creation of Natural DNA, as enshrined in our Constitution, Superior EU law.

The Party also obtained Confirmation from EMA that it CANNOT comply with Belmont Principle. HSE evidence was given BEFORE roll out that if covid caught by healthy, age 1 to 99 ,they HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery.HSE, CDC confirm mRNA does NOT offer 99.9 per cent recovery but does PERMANENTLY destroy 99.9 per cent immune recovery from common cold or covid, carries 1,376 risks incliding death.

In simple terms, EMA agreed immune recovery offers 99.9 per cent recovery in healthy with NO risks but, UNABLE offer ANY mRNA benefit until 2 years experiment Results END and, DEFINITE death risks. Belmont Principle REQUIRED EMA produce Evidence that Benefit, in this case NONE until perhaps in 2 years time, must out weigh risk, in this case 44 thousand dead and over 4 million in months, this is what twitter have done ,using website to sell death for main producer of mRNA, Musk.

The MAIN sales rep on video, O Neill stated EMA benefit safety mRNA as , WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, his EXACT words on Radio Newstalk, very good description that he understands meaning of Varadkar allowing old to be locked in. It was NOT EMA or HPRA that CONCEALED HPRA position as C851, C852, states NOT cure, NOT safe it was Donnelly ,O Neill, Varadkar and twitter that called HSE, HPRA conspiracy thoery and Rte LIES as if TRUTH so twitter could get rich with Facebook.

As the law stated , NOT I, it is Drew Harris, Donnelly and Varadkar that LOCKED old into nursing homes, BANNED relatives from seeking EU Directives release, NOT EMA,J and J, old were treated as guinea pigs by police and Varadkar. Varadkar recieved from Party , a copy of Fraudulent Informed Consent book on mRNA, which Donnelly called gov Ireland medical advice, NOT allowed under law, each page stated OPPOSITE of HSE position.

Varadkar informed the book and Yellow covid signs adverts are sales props prepared by Donnelly with NO signatures, hence like license NEVER valid and state OPPOSITE of HSE,HPRA VALIDATED by signatures S Moore and Emer Kelly. Varadkar refused remove Yellow MIS information as Enforcement Officer and Failed advise public that under USA Supreme Court Ruling from Pathology V Myriad Genetics, 569 USA 576 , Donnelly is UNABLE as Trans Human to sit in Dail, as pushing his patent owners Vested interests.

The Court explained that as Donnelly is Patent Property of GSK Pfizer, he is now Trans Human, with NO INALIENABLE rights, as such he CANNOT continue in Dail to REMOVE my INALIENABLE rights, pushing mRNA. I REQUIRED him to Remove Donnelly, O Neill as they Publicly confessed to IMPRISONMENT for J and J experiment as O Neill, stated on Radio, TO WAIT AND SEE IF THEY DIED, HSE have reported the death figures so O Neill can no longer say WAIT AND SEE.

I reminded Varadkar he would by law, be charged with Assisted Manslaughter if NO cessation said crimes. My letter today, 15th June, 2022, would confirm NO removal and his desire Assist Manslaughter. It is public record that he has Promoted O Neill, funded with 26,277.000 euros from GSK, Pfizer to Government advisory group to INCREASE mRNS sales , claiming safe, NOT experiment despite his dead VICTIMS in nursing homes.

Varadkar would know he Violated Helsinki Declaration, Belmont Principle, EU Directives Public Health, that 18 statute laws PREVENT NON GO O Neill advising public medical claims. It is also public record this man and Donnelly, NOT GPs with mRNA training, have told public that on TV mRNA is GOOD, NOT experiment, yet also they say it is BAD after , in O Neills case , he receives 26,277.000 to sell.

In accordance with law, I REQUIRE this special department, called ACCOUNTABILITY to arrest Varadkar for crimes, under 1990, Criminal Justice Act and section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. Further offences under sections 4 and 11, Advertisement Acts, CP Acts, 2007 and 2014. Equality legislation and EU Directives Public Health, imprisonment for life if imprisonment old for mRNA experiment.

I would remind that I have already informed you that you are NOT subject to Commissioner Harris, whom Publicly confirmed numerous acts of TREASON , under oath to Queen to Protect her mRNA products. EMA and Pfizer have asked me remind you that I sent 3rd stage Pfizer initial test papers to Varadkar, O Neill, Donnelly. These advise NO tests EVER done on Pregnant women, must NOT give yet both said Essential for pregnant women, knowing likely to KILL.

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