Assistant Commissioner Patrick Clavin, Governance Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, DO8 HN3X. Dear P Clavin Ref Arrest Attorney General Medical and Law Fraud.

I wish to press numerous Criminal charges against Paul Gallagher in his Personal Capacity, as he abused his position as Attorney General, to abuse his company position as he publicly stated in High Court case and in contempt of Article 30 Constitution per his public duty which he refuses and, in violation of regulator position as stated in its C851, C852 and C839 in which it advised dangers mRNA to public and that NO proof covid exists.

You will be aware that office Attorney General is a Private Registered company having obtained profits of 10.75 million regularly each year, it now appears to be engaged with Private company 89000534 to increase this figure by exploiting public it seems. Public records confirm that former A General Woulfe wrote 31A medical and travel regulations to obtain revenue from joint venture company Crown OIREACHTAS , its many registered companies such as courts service, police, covid advisory group, to sell medical products made by Queens investment companies, she being Owner of Oireachtas since 1920 Government Act, when it was set up to subvert Sovereign Dail since 1918 to the PRESENT. Woulfe fully aware of 18 statute laws that make it criminal offence for him as NOT GP to write or make medical claims which he would know is FRAUD to call law.

Public records confirm Queen and EU President Ursula are MAIN share holders of GSK mRNA Pfizer, which is owned by China Communist Party, Queen and EU President husband Heiko, owner Biotech Orgenesis Gene Terapy, and they appear to be using Public office to sell Leyen family medical products, seeking to make mandatory in EU despite law making impossible as NO VALID license to sell. Similar project was undertaken with swine flu shot until Withdrawn for killing like J and J project for Queen.

I served Public notice on Attorney General, 25th December, 2020, BEFORE roll out that he WAS REQUIRED by law to SUSPEND roll out of UNTESTED genetic experiment, Declared to start 28th December, 2020 as NOT allowed by law as I had REGUIRED EMA to observe EU Directives Public Health laws that REGUIRE minimum 3 months notice to obtain second medical opinion as to safety and time to move out elderly from homes, Donnelly claiming to Force injections with NO medical qualifications and against HPRA regulator C851, C852 mRNA NOT safe and dangerous.

The application was made on instructions from Third House of Parliament Sovereign Dail President, William McGuire and members of the peoples party ireland and general public, liable to be injured or killed. Paul Gallagher was reminded that EU Directives Public Health and 18 other statute laws REQIRED myself, general public, old in care homes to obtain second opinion on law and medical BEFORE taking intrusive medical procedures, that Manufacturer warned could kill, it being lawful obligation of relatives to NOT risk death of parents under their supervision.

Attorney General was REQUIRED by law to SUSPEND activities of Donnelly to Protect Public Health by allowing adequate time for myself and HSE patients, old friends in nursing homes etc, to obtain medical advice, NOT allowed proceed as EMA license was Suspended 25th December, 2020. I reminded Donnelly and A General that Donnelly announced late 24th December, 2020, a time chosen that the 4 days notice was Christmas closure, when it would NOT be possible obtain second opinion, make removal arrangements or seek ENFORCEMENT HPRA regulator position C851,C852 that mRNA NO proof works but proof can kill.

Paul Gallagher was reminded that he confirmed in High Court that 31A regulations are NOT law, HE was WITNESSED by Justice G Simons, confirming that Woolfe broke statute laws writing fake medical claims for public, NOT allowed to do, as it is NOT possible to prescribe one treatment for ALL, unaware EVERYBODYS individual medical conditions. Gallagher reminded this injunction applied on EMA, police commissioner Harris to NOT imprison old for mRNA genetic experiment Manufacturer and EMA said NO benefits known until results in 2 years time and DEFINITE risks of death, per HPRA C851,C852.

Gallagher sent proof that CDC, HSE HPRA, confirm inC839 NO proof covid exists and listed CERTIFIED documents stating masks, distancing, lockdowns, PCR are useless and dangerous, Pfizer listed 1,376 side effects which Attorney General Neglected to inform Public and Concealed from public that would have given second opinion as HPRA stated, mRNA could kill, he was advised 1990 Criminal Justice Act REQUIRED him to NOT conceal from public, he did so result is many dead.

Gallagher did NOT dispute in court that Woulfe BROKE 18 statute laws making medical public claims that virus existed,PPE Essential with PCR to life when HSE CERTIFIED and CDC that he was talking NONSENCE, crating FEAR to sell mRNA experiments he KNEW could kill but CONCEALED from public.Gallagher was NOTIFIED that he would be breaking HSE CERTIFIED guidelines by PRETENDING 31A gov Ireland regulations, NOT written by HSE, as if safe. Said regulations being OPPOSITE of HSE and in Violation EU Directives Public Health. He was informed he would be liable for injuries, deaths in his Personal capacity if he allowed police Harris to IMPRISON old for death risk experiment.

I supplied CERTIFIED second opinion from HSE, HPRA, EMA, Pfizer that proved Donnelly had NO license, NO jurisdiction, NO proof safe but, much proof he would be killing old in CAPTIVITY by police. Gallagher was reminded that ALL court cases prosecuted in his name and that HE WAS allowing HIS courts use their position as under oath to Queen, to FORCE her GSK mRNA experiments on the old, using Queens police to hold hostage for Donnelly to experiment upon, it being job A General to stop dictatorship.

Gallagher FULLY aware that he CORRECTLY advised public NO obligation to follow 31A dangerous medical advice, Encouraged police and judges to PRETEND 31A regulations are law and HSE advice when NOT, many lives lost as A General allowed police PRETEND they could Force old to take mRNA that killed. Gallagher allowed police Commissioner claim on Rte that he was instructing DPP to prosecute ANYONE following HIS advice that 31A is NOT law, fully aware commissioner faces jail causing death of old.

Gallagher FULLY aware DPP broke laws instructing ALL judges to PRETEND 31A is law and to REFUSE public evidence. Gallagher informed of CCJ court case 26th January, 2022 no 2021 23934 , judge T Kelly confirmation of DPP instructions PRETEND 31A is law to cause FEAR, make profits for courts.

Attorney General aware HE IS allowing HIS courts to use its Private security company, registered as 89000534 owned by courts to add to its police profits of 709.06 million from Forcing fines and experiments on the old and Forcing PCR WITHDRAWN by CDC,FDA as unable detect virus, POLICE FRAUD. Attorney General was also advised like police, of sect 10 NFOAP Act by Justice Minister McEntee, that serious offence for him or police to cause FEAR ,APPREHENSION to me or public,to cause alarm ,distress and PRETEND I can be FORCED to be killed by J and J mRNA now Withdrawn as many police hostages dead.

Section 9 also states communicating dangerous medical advice such as HIS 31A, PRETENDING safe when Withdrawn for killing, using psychological pressure, threats to Compel me take genetic experiment to risk life when HPRA C851,C852 say dangerous is worse than street dealer selling cocaine, at least choice. I again contacted this person on 30th May, 2022, almost 18 months since first Notification that police are forcing old to die from lethal injection, that his Refusal to comply with EU Directives second opinion as advised by myself and Sovereign President, has resulted Withdrawal J and J after old killed by his refusal to NOT release them from police detention and stated, he is now liable for these deaths and any further injuries following his public collusion with police to break his company and HPRA position.

He has allowed Donnelly with NO medical qualifications, NO license, to cause me Fear Apprehension that I could be Forced to have been Victim of police Forcing J and J and, I could be one of the daily HSE victim figures, from Donnelly experiments in which he hid Known death risks with police assistance. I wish to file charges against Paul Gallagher in his Personal capacity as he carried out crimes against his company, myself and the general public, in which he allowed police to brake laws to invent Fear, forcing friends to be either killed or injured by Donnelly experiments.

Charges under Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, parts 3.1.7, perjury, collusion with Donnelly to assist injection of elderly in homes, Prevented from Escape or second opinion by Drew Harris police, relatives denied by Harris any oppertunity to obtain Constructive Criticism by hospital managers enforced by police.

Further offences under Criminal Justice Corruption Offences Act, 2018, section 9, allowing HIS courts to PRETEND 31A affidavits as if law when in High Court he said NOT LAW. Further offences under UNLAWFUL issue of written Public medical claims he knew likely to cause death, injury. Offences under sects 4 and 11 Advertising Acts, CP Acts, 2007 and 2014 to Protect children. Offences Neglect Public Duty, CONCEALMENT of death risks, leading to loss of life particularly in care homes which he allowed police to ENFORCE in HIS name, aware of life imprisonment under Criminal Justice Act, 1990.

A General fully aware he has confirmed in June,2021 letter that he has NO 1924 Court Enactment Order, since my Grandfather refused to RENEW it in 1924 as only Lawful court is 1920 Supreme and Sovereign Dail courts, said license held in Trust by Sovereign President William McGuire.

Yet by his OWN actions this Man has allowed HIS UNLICENSED courts to FORCE Fraudulent 31A advice, to sell and Force dangerous mRNA experiments, with NO valid license upon vulnerable old in homes, using police to commit public crimes of Assisted Manslaughter. Definitely Further charges Fear, Apprehension under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976. I remind Article 34.6 and 40.1, ALL citizens held EQUAL before law, NO EXCEMPTION for Attorney General Gallagher.

I already reminded you that to ASSIST cover up of Attorney General involvement in genetic experimentation of elderly, particularly as many dead or injured would be a grave offence with regard YOUR OBLIGATIONS under Garda Act, 2005 and Chapters 40.1,40.2 and 40.05, Acting promptly on crime. I await your reply as to halting of A General collusion. Yours sincerely,

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