Assistant Commissioner P Clavin, Governance Accountability, Garda Headquarters Phoenix Park, Dublin 8 DO8 HN3X. Dear P Clavin, Ref Arrest Donnelly, O Neill ,Harris, 13th January, 2022.

Public records confirm that Accountability, Governance is aware for 2 years that laws were broken to commit medical Fraud and, then to Conceal deaths, injuries of old victims of GSK mRNA experiments. Attorney General Protector of Constitution from a puppet government company engaged in TREASON publicly breaks law by writing 31A medical claims, called regulations, which he, Attorney General confirms in High Court as NOT safe, Not law.

He then allows Queens courts to employ its registered company 89000534, sometimes called Garda, to PRETEND 31A is law, to then Force medical products, procedures, made by Queens companies, GSK mRNA in partnership with Pfizer, the Chinese Communist Party and EU Commission Presidents von Leyen Biotech company. This Pfizer owned by Biotech von Leyen husband, Heiko and Chinese Communist Party, closely connected to Queens company GSK and Sean O Fearghail, Comcorle chair of Dail, whom BANNED 112 TDs from March, 2020 political coup, with NO authority to do.

A General aware that MI5 operative of Queens Oireachtas company, still under official secrets Act to Protect Queens GSK mRNA investments, on Rte claimed he ordered, as police Commissioner, DPP to PRETEND 31A is law when NOT and judges to PRETEND 31A is law, this offence is called TREASON. Accountability also aware that O Neill was paid 191,000 euros by Queens Oireachtas GSK mRNA and over 26 million euros by EU Presidents husbands Biotech Pfizer to sell its GSK mRNA products.

Accountability also aware that Crowns Governor General Higgins appointed O Neill to advise new covid advisory group on how to best increase sales of mRNA, EU President heard O Neill recently it is experiment but he has been told to PRETEND not experiment and No injuries. O Neill told us on TV that he launched covid on UNTESTED model that he said would kill 60,000 Irish daily, amounts to about 22 million dead Irish in a year, he said UNTESTED because HSE HPRA ,CDC said in C839 that NO virus has been found, like his 22 million, very hard to get from 5 million Irish population, his figures a little bit wrong.

He also was told by HSE and regulator HPRA, that most healthy, from age 1 to 99 have 99.9 per cent immune recovery which they claimed in 2020 booklet sent Every home in Ireland, is why weekly deaths at 5.6 against lowest killer in Ireland covid at 0.2 per cent, which HSE C839 said NOT yet found. HSE also told him and Hiqua report over a year ago, that Rte Holohan Falsified Most death as covid when NOT and that CDC, FDA, told him CDC withdrew as UNABLE DETECT covid, NOT yet found, so CDC state 97 per cent cases Falsified and CDC say 97 per cent False positive, so if you VOLUNTEERED for death risk then NOT very Smart, perhaps you should write in and thank Rte for ruining your life and perhaps children as well.

CDC,NHS,HSE advised O Neill of Permanent destruction of 99.9 per cent recovery if injected have NO immunity to covid or common cold, which is meaning of J and J withdrawal as bad experiment, so thank O Neill for making his 26,277.000 euros on your misery if you took his advice, which law says NOT allowed give. Accountability aware that almost 2 years ago on Newstalk, O Neill explained safety mRNA to Pat Kenny. WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, his EXACT words,Police public WITNESS EMA tell O Neill of 44,000 dead and over 4 Million injured in months in EU as he LIES each day, essential safe ,NO side effects he claims even though he read the figures, Rte like LIES.

Accountability aware that O Neill, Donnelly, Reid, Harris have NO medical qualifications or license as old people in nursing homes were Protected from injection by REQUIREMENT EU Directives 2001, of minimum 3 months notice to obtain second opinion, arrange to move out. Accountability aware that Garda Commissioner denied this LAWFUL suspension to elderly relatives to remove and obtain HPRA Enforcement of its C851 AND C852, which states mRNA is dangerous experiment with death risk.

Accountability aware that ENTIRE EU EMA license was Notified to Commissioner and Donnelly as NULL and VOID under Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle, that GSK Pfizer, Crown and von Leyen control government. These laws BAN Crown and President von Leyen, using Crown Courts and its police, its medical sales companies like covid advisory group, Trinity College and Rte to PRETEND 31A is law when NOT to Force a medical experiment 2 years until result on old police locked in as guinea pigs.

Accountability is aware that Crown appointment of A Commissioner trained in police training college Royton on Dunsmore, Coventry, UK still under Queens official secrets Act and funded by Queens GSK is VESTED interest. Accountability aware that its Commissioner studied at Honourable Society, Kings INN in UNLICENSED since 1924 Queens Courts and at Trinity College, ALL funded by Queens and O Neill GSK,Crown and Pfizer mRNA investments. ALL peas in a pod, time for New Eire soon I think.

It is also public concern that its Commissioner completed THE LEADERS FOR TOMORROW PROGRAMME, at Harvard University, similar to Trudeau of Canada, also funded by Queens GSK, Gates, Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Pfizer Institutes. The Queen has been busy bee. Public records show you SIGNED REQUIREMENT to Speak Up And Report wrong doing. You stated I WILL PROTECT Integrity Garda and OPPOSE unprofessional, unethical corrupt behaviour , such as imprisonment of old for mRNA experiments, some reward for working all their life to enjoy the pension, beyond belief.

You go on to Agree to Report and Correct wrong doing at EVERY level of Garda organisation, like illegal behaviour of Harris and Donnelly refusal allow obtain second opinion which EU Directives REQUIRE relatives and Donnelly to do by law, Harris NO jurisdiction to stop, hence Liable by law. Given that 2 years have passed since many old were imprisoned by police and subjected to UNLICENSED experimentation by Donnelly, O Neill and Harris, which resulted in deaths, injuries from J and J withdrawn, it is time for arrests.

You would also be aware that they face LIFE imprisonment under 1990 Criminal Justice Act, for breaking laws of EU Directives Public Health, carrying out UNLICENSED experiments, claiming safe when they knew likely to kill per HSE, HPRA CERTIFIED documents, signed HSE Records Management.

I REQUIRE immediate arrest, prosecution of them for also making public medical claims, NOT as GP but in Personal capacities, as their companies, HSE, HPRA, GOV Ireland said in C851,C852 NOT safe. Yours sincerely,

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