12TH, June, 2022. The Sovereign President of Third House Parliament, anointed and Recognised by Vatican, William James McGuire, Keeper Harp Seals and Constitution and Proclamation for NEXT GENERATION has asked me to explain much missing information on the Many treaties alleged to exist when NOT. He has instructed the peoples party ireland to advise people on position of Eire Institutions, various treaties and Lawful obligations of Corporations to Comply with national laws of Eire.

The peoples party was chosen because most other parties are registered in Oireachtas as Crown corporations, in 1920 said Corporation was set up by King George V. The purpose of Government Ireland Act 1920 was to set up said corporation to employ Agents, such as Connolly, DeValera to SUBVERT Sovereign Dail, 1918 to 1922 and to set up 2 Further Houses, Royal Oireachtas and Royal Seanad. In the Null, Void 1922 Freestate Act and Void 1922 Constitution, you can read in its Articles, the oath of Surrender and Allegeiance to Crown by any party on the Oireachtas Register.

Under said Register, agreement is 1922 Supreme and courts service collects ALL taxes for Queens judges to use at THEIR pleasure, to SUBVERT 1918 Sovereign Dail and run Eire as a Crown colony with Protestant minority separated to Ensure division amongst Irish people. Said 1922 Act REQUIRES FF, FG, Greens, PBF, SF to act, IF Oireachtas registered, under Queens Govenor General, the Corporation President Higgins, to SUBVERT the Catholic church.

The peoples party ireland, NOT registered as Crown Oireachtas, is best placed to explain EU position, as NOT subject to oath to Queen and respectful of the Lawful Parliament, Sovereign Dail Eireann. The EU Treaties do NOT Lawfully apply to Eire as Lawful Sovereign Dail refused ratify said Treaties, likewise UN, WHO etc, are Null and Void, per Irish Foundation Documents. The EMA license is NOT a treaty, has NO jurisdiction over ANY Sovereign state. EU only has UNLAWFUL arrangement with Crown Oireachtas corporation, it being Without Sovereign status.

EMA licence is ONLY allowed under the Helsinki Declaration and Belmont Principle, NOTHING to do with EU, to be Valid it MUST comply with H Declaration Conditions, which it FAILED to do. The CEO of EMA is Emer Cooke, she WAS notified 25th December, 2020 by Sovereign President and peoples party that her license was Null, Void as NOT complied with Helsinki Declaration. This person has Vested interests, like EU Commission President Ursula, Cooke career has been in Irish chemical firms, selling chemicals. EU President Ursula FAILED declare husband makes, sells mRNA.

Amongst other things, Declaration CANNOT allow license if the products company Funds National government, Controls health bodies such as HSE, media, police and courts system and Funds government agents, such as Prof O Neill. EMA license is also subject to Belmont Principle and Helsinki which REQUIRES a license does NOT seek to interfere with Catholic religion or to change National law or Remove Sovereign rights. Sovereign President and peoples party Submitted ABSOLUTE proof to EMA, Emer Cooke that their license has NO jurisdiction in Eire, they wrote back several times and did NOT dispute this claim. Also we also advised that Donnelly Refused comply with EU Directives 2001 that REQUIRE obtaining a second valid opinion as to safety and alloy at least 3 months to arrange moving out of homes, instead he FORCED medical experiment upon old with NO regard their safety, human guinea pigs.

We supplied records that Crowns Governor General Higgins, appointed Queens MI5 operative, Drew Harris, also Justice Minister and Health minister, with NO court or medical qualifications to offer NO opposition to Forced sale of mRNA 2 year guinea pig experiment. We supplied records that Donnelly purchased in November, 2020, 9 million doses mRNA from President Ursula husbands company, Biotech BEFORE any license issued, plan to sell as Unlicensed. Also supplied records that GSK, owned by Queen, paid 191,000 euros to set up prof O Neill at TRINITY Lab, to be MAIN mRNA sales rep, Oireachtas paid 55 million taxes with Gates to fund Trinity College to assist sales it seems of mRNA.

We supplied records of over 26 million paid to Prof O Neill by Pfizer to sell mRNA as experiment, O Neill explained it on Newstalk, WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. We supplied records of 4.6 million dollars paid to SFein in 2019 by Richard Hasse of USA Biden group, to obtain NO opposition to sale of Queens mRNA and Mary Lou families medical products. We supplied to EMA the CERTIFIED position of HSE and HPRA regulator, C839 NO virus exists, C851 and C852 mRNA NO proof works but much proof of dangerous, causing deaths.

We supplied Constitution, Proclamation documents of religious Protections which NO license can remove. Catholic faith does NOT allow altering Gods creation with genetic mRNA alteration of humans. Constitution also confirms Catholics CANNOT INGEST DNA of ABORTED babies and provide Market for Aborted babies, to be used in mRNA medical devices to ALTER Gods creation. We advised EMA that Drew Harris had announced on Rte that he had ordered DPP and Queens courts to PRETEND 31A regulations to Force mRNA project are law when NOT to IGNORE public evidence.

We supplied evidence that media, church, police and police watch dog, Governance Accountability were funded and controlled by Crown Oireachtas and GSK Pfizer chemical lobby. We also reminded EMA that they confirmed UNABLE to meet Belmont REQUIREMENTS for license, that Benefits MUST outweigh risk. They confirmed NOT possible claim benefit UNTIL RESULT in 2 years time NOT before Result. Also they accepted HSE,HPRA,CDC position, if Healthy age 1 to 99 you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery, NO risk or medication required. This compares with 1,376 serious risks including death from mRNA.

They confirmed NO death risk if healthy, but death risk and 1,376 possible injuries if use mRNA and PERMANENT destruction of 99.9 per cent immune recovery, for disease NOT found yet, said HSE,CDC. They did NOT dispute that on both medical and law grounds, EMA license NOT valid in Eire, I understood they , in addition to myself, NOTIFIED Donnelly of NO licence to distribute mRNA in Eire. I would advise public that resulting from UNABLE comply with Belmont and Helsinki, EMA did NOT approve a safe, guaranteed vaccine, it gave Permission to START 2 year EXPERIMENT in SOME EU states, NOT Eire.

It called it Conditional Emergency use. The CONDITIONS include Emergency of DYING ONLY use, NOT if 99.9 per cent immune recovery. HSE,C851,C852 confirm this 2 year experiment as effects UNKNOWN, side effects of 1,376 KNOWN BEFORE start ,also death, hence NO liability as YOU VOLUNTEER DEATH. It was a Small group of NON medical CEOs and TDs, that PRETENDED to have license, to GET RID 9 million doses Donnelly bought on SPECULATION of license guarantee safe, NO such license granted.

It is manufacturer position that Crown GSK products were UNLAWFULLY sold by Donnelly and assisted by Managers, doctors priests etc in Manslaughter. EMA, HSE, MANUFACTURER stated position of deaths, Crown Agents and media helped sell mRNA for its MAIN producer MUSK, owner of twitter, who used twitter to sell his dangerous products as safe, ESSENTIAL to life, twitter removing any statement of the dangers and SHADOW banning ANY constructive criticism. It is sad that MAIN producer of mRNA called twitter , was allowed to use its platform to dress up death as if life, many of its staff will face jail. Yours sincerely,

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