PATRICK Clavin, Assistant Commissioner, Governance and Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin8, DO8 HN3X, Ireland. Dear Patrick Clavin, 10th June, 2022

After the latter I sent you, dated 15th January, 2021, when I reported the crimes that Lorraine Nolan CONFESSED to public that she carried out, to CONCEAL EMA and her employer HPRA public warnings, to assist the twitter plan to sell its mRNA products without public reading its side effects, YOU appear to have done NOTHING to PREVENT J AND J deaths and injuries to innocent public that believed twitter adverts to sell mRNA as if safe, when HPRA had warned in C851 AND C852 as NOT safe.

On 28th January, 2021, on behalf public, I sent YOU copy of Garda Senior Leadership, it shows the WITNESS signatures and ACCEPTANCE by Drew Harris, Chief Superintendent McElgunn, yourself and MOST senior Garda. It was Meant to improve the Garda oath to uphold INALIENABLE INDEFEASIBLE rights of the 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution, said FOUNDATION Documents and oath, written by my Grandfather. It is titled, The Right Thing For The Right Reason, explains to YOU what your signature agreed to. It tells you why my taxes pay for SPECIAL DEPARTMENT, called Governance and Accountability, Phoenix Park, it is NOT meant to be Dept to HIDE, PROTECT crimes against the public, with respect.

Its VITAL job is to address Garda Corruption, Internal Affairs, Garda Ethics, Garda Professional Standards Policy and Governance. YOU are NOT subject to Drew Harris, you are meant to ENSURE INTEGRITY, NOT ensure corruption is HIDDEN from public. I remind you its 3 policing Principles, Independent impartiality. In a manner that respects human rights. In a manner that supports proper, effective administration justice, Protects Constitution from Crown and twitter mRNA products.

The Piece of paper YOU signed says ERQUIREMENT called Speaking Up and Reporting Wrong doing. Under this YOU signed I WILL PROTECT INTEGRITY of Garda, oppose unprofessional, unethical corrupt behaviour, such as police beating up old people on buses and trains as they wish to comply law 296 of 31A that HSE advise them NOT wear mask if they feel stress. You go on to Agree to report and CORRECT wrong doing at Every level of Garda organisation and illegal behavior, such as commissioner Harris refusal ALLOW elderly obtain second opinion on twitter O Neill advice J and J essential to life ,it being REQUIREMENT of EU Directives and 18 statute laws, many Victims of Harris refusal now dead or injured.

The next title is LEADERSHIP. In this YOU SIGN, I WILL Ensure correct behaviour to bring Credit, public confidence in Garda, for example if I report my life could be lost by O Neill telling me mRNA good yet like ,Yet telling me on Newstalk that I have TO WAIT AND SEE if it kills me, like EMA told me 44,000 dead in eu in months, good job I obtained HSE second opinion in C851 and C852, as dangerous.

Next title called Duty, Honesty, Integrity. YOU SIGNED the Piece of paper in which you took oath to USE your position using Truth and LAW, such as Insisting Donnelly does NOT break EU Directives to Force experiment outside the law, I understand 10 years jail for Breaking oath. The title, Authority, Responsibility, YOU SIGN to USE position to PROTECT the Constitution my Grandfather wrote, again using Truth and LAW. Next title is police powers, You AGREE ENSURE your actions are in accordance with law, as my Grandfather WROTE IT and EU Directives and Resolution 2361 which I helped write in the family tradition to Protect Irish from twitter and Crown.

Next title, Information and Privacy, YOU Agreed to Recognise, RESPECT EVERY persons right to peace, privacy, correct information, PROTECT from Vested interests of Crowns GSK mRNA medical products made by Elun Musk of twitter and sold on his twitter sales platform where he describes safe using O Neil,paid 26 million by Pfizer and 191,000 euros from GSK and fee from covid advisory group to sell with lies. I note that You were appointed this VITAL position to assist Attorney General Protect Constitution from former MI5 Queens operative, Drew Harris, still bound by Queens official Secrets Act to assist sales of Queens GSK mRNA medical experiments.

I was concerned to NOTE that Queens representative, Govenor General Higgins appointed YOU in May, 2020, similar to his appointment of NON solicitor McEntee as Justice Minister to sign YES please to Crown, chose to have NO knowledge of the law in court procedures. It is also of concern that Crowns Govenor General Higgins, appointed 2 health ministers with NO medical qualifications and NON GP O Neill, paid 191,000 euros from Crowns GSK, in addition 26 million euros from Pfizer and now extra GSK salary from Crowns covid advisory group to sell its twitter mRNA investment products mRNA.

I note also that before your appointment, you studied, in 2017,at HONOURABLE Society, Kings INN, the unlicensed since 1924 courts service, my Grandfather having Refused RENEW its license. Also economics at Trinity College, one of O Neill MAIN supporter sale of twitter mRNA. Records confirm in 2019 YOU completed police training, like Harris, at Royton on Dunsmore, Coventry, UK,this college course funded by Queens GSK revenue from GSK swine flu injection, withdrawn after killing Irish, like the withdrawal of J and J which O Neill insisted I must take to NOT join list of deaths from J and J. I understand you are still under Queens official secrets Act to NOT say anything about Queens mRNA products, yes strange position to find oneself in, I would advise the new government will take a dim view of those assisting O Neill sell twitter mRNA products, life sentence under 1990 Criminal Justice Act.

As you can imagine, law states you HAVE vested interests in supporting O Neills Trinity College sale of Queens mRNA and J and J Pfizer etc and the Queens court service which according registration 8900534 also owns police force, Trinity having received 55 million of tax payers money and of course its founder main investor is Queen, indeed vested interests on a grand scale indeed.

I note I sent you public records that Drew Harris said on Rte that he commanded DPP PRETEND 31A is law, and judge confirmed DPP commanded judges to PRETEND 31A is law and refuse public evidence. Good job I sent to EU court a copy of Attorney General letter June 2021 when he confirmed NO licence since 1924 and of course his High Court ruling in which he explained to you and I that 31A is NOT law , only dangerous medical advice.

Given that public records confirm UNLICENSED courts service are using THEIR police break law, which Harris publicly said is OK to pervert law and sell J and J and other twitter products that killed , should you not now arrest Harris. With respect , public records confirm I have spent 2 years, much money writing said crimes to YOU, yet NO action, can YOU CONFIRM you have public confidence to OVERCOME your public Vested interests.

I note also that YOU completed THE LEADERS FOR TOMORROW PROGRAMME, at Harvard University, similar to one that Canada Trudeau attended, all funded by Queen and GSK. The young people tell me this is a University mainly funded by Rockerfeller Institute, Sorus and Gates, to advance aims of WHO and its 80 per cent funder, Gates to help sell the mRNA produced by twitter owner and EU President von Leyen husbands company and MAIN share holder Queen you are under oath to.

I shall await your reply, as if you CAN OVERCOME the Vested interests of GSK and Pfizer, who told me the swine flu GSK and J and J jab was essential to my life, it seems I am alive because I did NOT take and insist on the laws my GRANDFATHER wrote to Protect Irish people. Yours sincerely,

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