Assistant Commissioner Patrick Clavin, Governance and Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8. DO8 HN3X, Ireland. Dear Commissioner Clavin, Ref Attempted Manslaughter

I write to REQUIRE you to kindly assist me, with regard your OBLIGATIONS under the Garda Act, 2005, to report and INVESTIGATE PROMPTLY, crimes that in this matter involve deaths injuries, human experiments under chemical lobby controlled government, intent on Fraudulent Mis information to sell mRNA and FEAR stories to intimidate the general public.

I wish to press charges against Prof O Neill, who publicly announced his desire on Most media to Use his position at Trinity College Laboratory to pressure myself and the public into taking genetic experiments, which on Newstalk he described the safety as being WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, I quoted his EXACT words as spoken on Newstalk Radio. He has publicly provided on media, the EVIDENCE that he has accepted payments from GSK and Pfizer, to sell their experimental mRNA 2 year experiment, which he admitted is NOT safe UNTIL RESULT 2 years time.

In my letter I have enclosed sample of false MIS leading documents he used to sell his employers products, Covid Advisory Group, NOT licensed to advise use of products, which HPRA said are Dangerous. The Criminal Justice Act, 2018, section 9 and section41.1 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1999 prohibit use of such advertisements. Further offences under S9 of NFOAP Act, 1997. Further charges under S39 Domestic Violence Act, 2018, charges under NEGLECT of Public Duty and CONCEALMENT of medical data, MIS information, under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, carry a LIFE sentence.

In addition, he has caused me and others Fear Apprehension to our Personal Safety, which carries 5 years jail under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976, his medical claims resulting in deaths and injuries, which could have involved me if I had NOT obtained 2nd opinion as EU Directives 2001 insisted I do. I would remind you of YOUR OBLIGATION under the Garda Act, 2005, its 53 commitments of Code of Ethics and Chapters 40.1, 40.2 and 40.5, Reporting crime incidents and PROMPT action to PREVENT further crime.

Further offences under sect 10 of NFOAP Act, 1997, which Justice Minister McEntee explained to O Neill and the public, on 21st April, 2022, in Irish Legal News. McEntee explained it IS serious offence to cause the public FEAR of death, alarm, distress incite hatred of people refusing medical experiments, communicating dangerous medical advice, presenting something dangerous as if safe, using psychological pressure, threats to compel a person do something against their wish and against medical advice, per the Violence Act I already stated to you. I have enclosed the prof medical claims as printed by Rte, twitter and newspapers, showing the dates, times, details of live videos in which they LIE to sell products.

As you will see in O Neill adverts, NOT once does he refer to the CERTIFIED HSE and HPRA regulator medical records position, it being the OPPOSITE of what he said. S Moore and Emer Kelly signatures VALIDATE these public records which he CONCEALS to ENDANGER public health. NOT once did he Comply with the lawful REQUIREMENT that he inform the public of his Vested interest financial, in selling mRNA, masks, PCR etc and Inventing FEAR to create a need for his products.

Public records state Prof O Neill received 191,000 euros from GSK mRNA products and 86,520 euros from Pfizer on 29th January, 2019 to set up Trinity Lab, company Inflazome and Rte sales launch. The arrangement was to use Trinity, Rte as a vehicle of GOOD reputation to increase value of Inflazome which O Neill then sold back to Pfizer for 375 million euros, and use it as sales platform. Freedom of information revealed Rte Mainly funded by Gates, Pfizer and Nphet sales adverts, allowed O Neill advertise on Rte his sales pitch to Invent FEAR, you can obtain video from Rte of his UNLAWFUL public launch on False data.

He made medical claim to myself and millions of Irish on Rte TV that he expects 60,000 daily Irish deaths on his model, which he said is UNTESTED, because NO virus to test, as HSE told him on C839, NO virus exists said HSE AND CDC, just SPECCULATION, NOT Fact, to sell his products. IN his claim he expects in a year 22 million Irish deaths from a population less than 5 million, which would be difficult to achieve, particularly as HSE C839 told him No virus exists and he admitted this in his TV video. You can obtain copy from Rte of his Tubridy TV show in which he explains to me and the public that masks are Useless and very dangerous, spore is 1,000 times SMALLER than air holes in mask, UNABLE trap, later he lies and says good for public after he received 26,277.0000 euros from Pfizer, this called Fraud for gain.

Having told me that he understands covid does NOT exist, is New name for mild flu, he also tells me he Understands covid does NOT exist, has 99.9 per cent immune recovery in healthy people aged 1 to 99 but, after his reciept of 26,277,000 euros he claims I must take J and J experiment to continue living. He tells me on twitter, its owner Musk being owner of worlds largest production plant of mRNA, that public need J and J and Astra Zeneca as it is Irelands miracle, get as many as we can, essential to life, very important children and old take mRNA to avoid death, yet J and J withdrawn for caused death and injuries.

In selling his product he did NOT advise me of EU Directives Public Health, which advise myself and the public to take Second opinion on INDEPENDENT medical advice BEFORE committing to physically invasive treatments, such as J and J withdrawn for killing and injuring which O Neill said a Life saver. He did NOT comply with the Advertising Acts, CP Acts 2007 and 2014 or EU Resolution 2361. Section 11.9 CANNOT say safe unless ABSOLUTE proof and NO side effects like DEATH.11.17 CANNOT use twitter to sell his and Elun Musk products and cannot conceal its effects of death to assist twitter profits.

I sent him at Trinity Lab the above law, also Section 11.25 CANNOT give advice based on recommendations by scientists UNAWARE of users medical conditions. The law also states ANY medical claims, and it MUST be done in PRIVATE, have to be by a GP and he must be aware of patients conditions and have ABSOLUTE proof his claim is safe. A sign cannot insist use medical products or advise as good as NOT aware of users conditions of health. I have now received written confirmation from thousands of people who were injured and Have a DEAD relative taking J and J or A Zeneca, due to O Neill and Kenny insisting ESSENTIAL to life.

In 2020 I sent this person written confirmation of EMA license description,the death, injury risks of J AND J and A Zeneca, so he had FULL knowledge he was insisting people take an experiment likely to kill. EMA license gave permission called EMERGENCY use ONLY if DYING, NOT use if 99.9 per cent immune recovery which HSE said found in Most healthy people age 1 to 99, if NOT healthy ,could be used if already DYING from two other illness and would REQUIRE patient signature on paper stating the likely death risk.

Manufacturer and EMA description is 2 years experiment mRNA mechanical device, NEVER used, 2 years BEFORE results cannot say safe UNTIL THEN. No liability as you VOLUNTEER to take 1,376 Known side effects including death, like a guinea pig. Licence also REQUIRES I am told, ALL above so I VOLUNTEER for UNNECESSARY 2 year Experiment, in which I could die, aware of 1,376 known side effects and MORE likely Before end of 2 years live Experiment on me if I agree.

Instead of this person giving apology to the public after withdrawal of J and J and A Zeneca and warning to look out for side effects, including permanent destruction of immune system, making one unable to resist the common cold, he did following. He made medical claim on twitter, to help sale of twitter owner Musk production of mRNA. He advised FDA approval of 4th injection and to save my life I must avoid the surge of virus, that HSE C839 said does NOT exist, take this New experiment, despite NOT knowing my medical condition and NOT being a GP, also NOT knowing result of first experiment until 2 years time.

He would be aware that FDA CANNOT LAWFULLY approve 4th shot because RESULTS of first trial shot is in 2 years time, NOT BEFORE, ONLY THEN can a SECOND shot be considered if NO deaths from first shots, I understand from EMA that 44,000 dead, 4 million injured only months into 2 years experiment.So this O Neill did same with Jand J and A Zeneca, said 100 per cent effective safe NOT experiment, NO side effects, fully aware of death figures and as he said on Newstalk, WAIT AND SEE, has in just months SEEN 44,00 dead, yet to help twitter and Pfizer who pays him well he STILL says ESSENTIAL to life.

You can obtain copy of video on Newstalk, where he explained to me and Kenny how safe mRNA is. His EXACT words, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, this is called assisting Fraud as he told Victims that NO risk , ESSENTIAL to life. You MUST also obtain Newstalk video where he explains to me and Kenny that he calls for FORCIBLE injections in 2022, the NOT injected SHOULD be arrested, that I am risk to the public by using my 99.9 per cent immune recovery and NOT permanently damaging, according to NHS, said immunity free of spike proteins. His actions causing me FEAR APPREHENSION get him 5 years jail, under section 12 Criminal Law Act, 1976, which I REQUIRE YOU TO DO.

As earlier stated in Section 10 NFOAP Act, McEntee, Justice Minister, states this is incitement to hatred, cause of alarm, giving Dangerous medical claims, is an Arrestible offence, so I REQUIRE you to Comply with law and arrest, if NOT you will be liable to arrest for assisting crime. To sum up , this person has PROVIDED you the evidence for his IMMEDIATE arrest and prosecution. He was paid by Pfizer and GSK to sell their products, PRETENDED safe, yet confirmed on NEWSTALK that he has to WAIT AND SEE if in 2 years time the Unknown experiment is safe.

It is urgent matter that this person be PREVENTED from injuring and killing further people, by selling his dangerous, UNTESTED products and Falsely claiming surge cases using PCR test WITHDRAWN by FBD,CDC as UNABLE detect virus , CDC claim might be able detect common cold. He began his Fraud using UNTESTED model, NO virus and NO PCR, NO cases, NO result of genetic mRNA until 2 years time, NO GP registration, NO involvement on PRODUCTION team. Mr NO NO is his name it seems.

I have enclosed copy of his good advice claim on twitter. Ignore Nphet and HSE etc LIFTING of Regulations. Continue injuring your health by social distancing, masks, mRNA, PRETENDING covid to sell his and twitter products. I have enclosed copy of HSE,HPRA CERTIFIED position he read 2 years ago.HSE C839,NO proof virus exists Anywhere in the world, C851 NO proof mRNA works and C852 proof mRNA dangerous. HSE C848 NO proof masks work,C849 proof masks dangerous, C850 NO proof distancing works,C846 NO proof general lockdowns work and C847 NO proof elderly lockdowns work, plenty proof total SCAM to invent police FEAR to make profits.

In addition to this being CERTIFIED evidence that NON GP is wrong, he has also admitted it on TV and Radio and ALL other media, admitted knowingly injuring ,killing people say HSE death figures with J and J he insisted I must take to stay alive, ALL for the 30 pieces of silver. It is fortunate for the Irish that my Grandfather wrote most of the above laws in Constitution etc,to PROTECT the public from people like O Neill, that set up as a Quack, claiming Trinity College status to sell dangerous products made by Crown and twitter. Yours sincerely,

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