Assistant Commissioner Patrick Clavin, Governance Accountability, Garda Headquarters, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8, DO8 HN3X, Ireland. Dear Patrick Clavin, Ref Attempted Manslaughter 10th June, 2022.

I note from my records that I wrote to you with regards the support given by Lorraine Nolan to Prof O Neill and Trinity College to sell, according to him, mRNA J and J he said on Newstalk was an experiment. At the time 25th December, 2020 I raised my objections to O Neill placing my life and elderly in nursing homes at risk and L Nolan Preventing her employers, HPRA from ENFORCEMENT duty. I did remind YOU and Crowns MI5 operative, Dew Harris of the LAWFUL role of HPRA, Nolan obstructed. Mission statement of HPRA is to Protect public health, PREVENT individuals on Boards, such as Nphet ,O Neill breaking laws.

I pay taxes for CEO Nolan of HPRA to ENSURE this Mission statement, it also REQUIRES it PREVENT Holohan, O Neill, TDs and GPs and police Forcing sale of medical products, these products made by owner of twitter Musk, whom appears to have bought it to assist him sell more of his mRNA, his plant being one of the largest, of equal importance is to Prevent UNQUALIFIED public medical claims.

In early 2021 I sent you copies of many letters to L Nolan REQUIRING her to STOP the UNQUALIFIED NON signature Yellow covid adverts by police, twitter, shops, buses, trains GPs , priests etc to Sell medical FEAR. I explained to You and Harris that High Court explained 31A regulations are NOT law and NOT safe HSE advice, it written by NON GP, Attorney General and, NOT possible direct one cure for ALL, as NOT ALL people have same medical reactions to a product, NOT possible aware EVERYONES conditions of health.

I sent YOU, Nolan and Harris the ENTIRELY DIFFERENT item called HSE AND HPRA medical guidelines, VALIDATED with signatures S Moore, Emer Kelly. Nolan quoted government Ireland regulations NOT HPRA, her employers position, government Ireland is a company selling mRna products on behalf twitter and the Queen, owner of Crown Oireachtas, it stated in H Court the 31A regulations NOT guaranteed safe and accordingly NO obligation to follow them as ONLY advice by A General, not HSE.

I reminded YOU all this evidence medical Fraud is with EU Court case , slow process and is in public domain. It was brought to YOUR attention that Nolan Refused inspect Luas, Buses,Eireann Eireann, police stations, courts ,shops etc to ENFORCE law on selling medical products, instead she advised public use mRNA made by twitter owner, PRETENDING safe when NOT, hpra her employer said in C851,852 dangerous. It was brought to YOUR attention she REMOVED and CONCEALED Public warnings on twitter, that would have Alerted to risk of mRNA mainly made by twitter owner and Heiko Leyen ,husband of President Leyen trying to Force Her products on Irish to make profits for twitter.

These UNLAWFUL acts by twitter to sell its mRNA using its CEO, she having transferred from Garda HQ is Violation of EU Directives, including experiments on old and young, as O Neil stated to Newstalk, he described mRNA safety as WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. I did send you copy of his video confession, in which he explained to public that it is experiment where he has to wait and see how many die, yet I sent you his twitter adverts telling me ESSENTIAL to my life.

I already wrote to you separately about Nolan PRETENDING like O Neill, that mRNA is NOT a genetic experiment, despite HPRA, CDC, EMA telling me dangerous, unknown experiment and O Neill on Newstalk telling me Same. I brought to YOUR attention that in addition to Nolan NOT supporting HPRA, HSE she also failed her public duty to STOP Varadkar and Taioseach promoting O Neill to replace Holohan in New covid Advisory Group, which in C839 HPRA and HSE advised NO proof covid exists, so NO advise needed.

Recently I wrote to YOU following HSE stated deaths, injuries and WITHDRAWAL of J and J that O Neill tried to get me take but, I heard his description on Newstalk as WAIT AND SEE EXPERIMENT, as HSE told me 99.9 per cent immune recovery , I think I will WAIT AND SEE, especially EMA say 44,000 dead. In that letter, 6th May, 2022, I sent YOU at great expense for elderly person, the latest Promotion of O Neill to sell his employers GSK products, to earn his GSK, Pfizer fees of 26,277.000 euros, said products made by twitter owner, which they do best to sell by calling FACTS as Mis information, dangerous public to read Facts, as they would be prevented from buying J and J death which twitter call GOOD for public health.

I suggested that perhaps mRNA he said he took, had affected his MEMORY, known side effect. I sent copies of his adverts in which he claimed good advice is to IGNORE HSE, HPRA lifting regulations, wear masks, etc as ESSENTIAL to my life, despite NOT GP he claims HSE, HPRA give bad medical advice. He FORGOT that HSE, HPRA CERTIFIED position for 2 years, was to IGNORE 31A regulations as NOT law and NOT guaranteed safe. He also insisted I Must take 4th experiment despite what he told me on Newstalk.

On Newstalk he told me, as EMA license told me, that his words, WE HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE result in 2 years of first experiment, so I CANNOT be starting 4th as 2 years BEFORE RESULT of 1st experiment. He told me also on Tubridy TV show,Rte video I have for EU Court, that masks are Useless and Dangerous as HSE, HPRA told me in 2020, per C848, C849, useless dangerous, spores 1,000 times SMALLER than air holes in mask. I think he spends to much time reading the twitter adverts to sell mRNA made by owner of twitter, I understand Musk also has production interests in masks that release plastic fibres into lungs young children and damage respiratory system, sales platform for bad health says ONeill on Tubridy show.

Before his brain was affected by mRNA, he also told me on another Rte video, also for court, that he was calling PLANDEMIC on UNTESTED model as NO virus found YET, as HSE C839 also told me. ON TV he said ,despite NO virus, his model PLAN for plandemic daily deaths was 60,000, that would be 22 million dead Irish in a year, I think he got his figures a LITTLE wrong , as less than 5 million population and I saw many people walking around today.

In his latest advert he also told me that PCR told him that he got covid, despite FACT that he claims PCR can TALK and detect virus, the FDA and CDC said WITHDRAWN as unable DETECT virus, I think twitter have Not told him this so that he will sell some more mRNA for twitter, perhaps twitter should put up C839, two years old that reminds him what he said on Rte , that HSE, HPRA said like CDC that covid NOT found ANYWHERE in world, just in his mind it seems.

As I already explained in other letter, L Nolan Refused old people, especially in nursing homes, the LAW REQUIREMENT EU Directives that they MUST get second opinion and be given time to move out of homes if forced into experiment on advice of O Neil, he NOT GP and NOT allowed give advice. Perhaps if I had Not read EU Directives, that twitter HID to sell its product, I to could be HSE death or injury figure from J and J O Neill said I must take to Avoid death, good job I heard him on Newstalk explain what being Guinea pig is all about.

I did REQUIRE you to arrest him for making public Fraudulent medical claims, if NOT then YOU WOULD be liable for ANY people that hear his daily adverts on twitter to sell mRNA made by twitter Owner, in which they advise take 4th experiment BEFORE result of 1st experiment, due in 2 years time. If they are injured it would be your liability as you assisted O Neill to continue selling twitter experiment in which twitter ex police CEO CONCEALS death risks and claims perfectly safe essential to life.

It is now over 6 weeks since my last letter, STILL he is PRETENDING to be GP with an INVALID EMA license to sell medical experiment if dying, despite his having already per HSE figures killed injured public with J and J he said I should take. It is reasonable claim that you appear to be assisting crime, as he is on TV making Fraudulent medical claims you know law does NOT allow and 5 years jail causing Fear apprehension to personal safety. I would advise you get a move on with his arrest before your public liability leaves you bankrupt. I trust it will not be necessary to press criminal charges against you, I await your reply. Yours sincerely,

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