LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Leo Varadker 25th April, 2022

I note from my records that I wrote to you many times in your capacity as Business Minister, this being one of the portfolios of Taniste with regards Public duties. A grave concern is your Neglect of public duty to take Enforcement action, it being the Main function as Business Minister to be ENFORCEMENT officer of legislation on Public Health per HSE deaths. In my letter dated 28th January, 2021 I advised you that Taoiseach Martin appears to Neglect his public duty and CONCEAL VITAL public medical information to assist CEO of HSE and CEO of HPRA.

In this letter to you I stated I had sent to Taoiseach Martin 11th January, 2021 CERTIFIED HSE, HPRA and twitter, EMA,Pfizer documents showing collusion by above CEOs to ENDANGER public health. The Taioseach WAS witness to the HPRA regulator and HSE CERTIFIED documents of CORRECT medical position of HSE RECORDS MANAGEMENT, VALIDATED with signatures of S Moore, Emer Kelly. It is pertinent to point out that I also supplied HPRA with ABSOLUTE CERTIFIED proof BEFORE roll out, to CEO Paul Reid of HSE and CEO Loraine Nolan of HPRA, also Donnelly and others on 25th December, 2020.

Due to their importance I sent them Many times at my expense, to ALL interested parties in Principle to Agent and TWICE to ALL 160 TDs,60 Senators to provide Constructive Criticism, required by law. In documents HSE C851,C852 it confirms NO proof exists that mRNA works and, proof that it IS dangerous. It has 1,376 known side effects including death, as advised by Pfizer, so it can claim NO liability as the TAKER consents to such risks. I also sent him C839 from the Regulator HPRA, which insists HSE has NO records that covid exists. C850 states NO proof social distancing works, C846 and C847 HPRA confirm NO proof social distancing works, C846,C847 HPRA confirm NO proof General or Elderly lockdowns work.

He was also sent HSE C849 stating masks are dangerous and C848 stating masks are useless as Prof O Neill and YOURSELF explained on Rte TV, the medical proof that masks are useless as UNABLE to trap virus spores, and reduce oxygen and replace with carbon. The Nation was most grateful to Rtes Tubridy show with O Neill where he explained that the size of viral spores are almost 1,000 times SMALLER than air holes in mask, so UNABLE to Trap spores. This would be similar to my letter to You in 2018 when You purchased millions of PCR kits 2 Years BEFORE virus claims. Remember I sent you copy of PCR kit instructions stating PCRs UNABLE to DETECT virus.

Of grave concern and National importance was the Concealment and Neglect to mention the copy I sent of EMA approval of EMERGENCY use ONLY of 2 years mRNA genetic engineering Experiment if Emergency of a person DYING,NOT if healthy with 99.9 immune recovery, HSE said in Most age 1 to 99. I was fortunate to receive the license description and its CONDITIONS, hence the name Emergency ONLY CONDITIONAL license, EMA sent me as I am taking EU court case per EMA and Pfizer obligations.

EMA and Pfizer sent me said license as proof that they could CLAIM protection from public liability, its description CLEARLY advises the Public that they can ONLY take if Emergency of DYING, as Volunteer for DEATH risk. Manufacturer is Also protected from injuries because its Conditions of license REQUIRE the public to sign Consent form that states 1,376 known side effects, further possible when 2 year experiment completed.I forwarded this data to parties concerned as it is a LAWFUL REQUIREMENT to provide Constructive Criticism, given that Rte was publicly assisting government Ireland to sell 9 million doses, falsely called vaccines.

I got these documents displayed on twitter in December, 2020 BEFORE roll out. The Roll out was assisted on 6th January, 2021 in the following fashion. First Emer Cooke listed on twitter the CONDITIONAL license. On the same day, 6th January, 2021, the part of Emergency license approval showing License Conditions and medical device description was REMOVED by CEO of HPRA,Lorraine Nolan, and REPLACED with her Personal view. Despite HPRA stating dangers of mRNA in documents C851, C852, she Ignored her company position and the EMA placing her personal view description,the exact words I quote, as sent to Yourself, the Taioseach etc.

Loraine Nolan wrote on twitter, GREAT product, the side effects ARE MILD temperature, better in days. This replaced the EMA warning, effects UNKNOWN until END of 2 years mRNA experiment. Only months into 2 years experiment Emergency use if LAST RESORT,the 44,000 DEAD and over 4 million injured just in the EU, said the EMA, would have been mostly the healthy 99.9 per cent immune recovery say HSE and CDC figures, they were TRICKED to take Experiment NOT required, hot drink, early to bed treatment. She also attached sales rep advice to the license, to assist sales of PCR, which CDC and INVENTOR said UNABLE to detect virus, with her following words, NO lowering of the BAR, wearing masks, distancing, PCR, lockdowns, mRNA ESSENTIAL to life.

She was joined on January 6th,by similar public advice of Paul Reid, CEO of HSE despite HSE stating OPPOSITE of his claims, Donnelly also NOT GP, as CEO of government Ireland ,NOT a medical body, also stated NON HSE regulations NOT law. On the same date these 3 employees BROKE their company CERTIFIED position and EMA license position, my twitter account was closed by CEO of twitter, Sinead McSweeney, for telling the truth, this person moved from Garda job to conduct police censorship of truth.

I also sent the Taioseach the twitter CEO CERTIFIED reason for CLOSING my account in their OWN hand they state that my informing the Public of license conditions is Harmful to Public health, informed Consent is Banned. The EMA and Pfizer have confirmed that it is NOT their fault that thes 4 CEO employees Concealed, NEGLECTED to inform the public, broke HSE,HPRA position and EMA license conditions. It is reasonable assertion by EMA and Pfizer that it is NOT THEIR fault and liability rests with EMPLOYEES listed, NOT their companies or Manufacturer, as they publicly declared collusion to sell mRNA etc.

On a separate matter with liability of EMA and Pfizer is its UNLAWFUL issue of license, which they argue was NOT inclusive of Eire, as NOT LAWFUL under SOVEREIGN Eire Constitution and Proclamation. On instructions of Sovereign Dail Eireann President William McGuire, I implemented injunction EMA suspension of license on 25th December,2020, BEFORE UNLAWFUL roll out. Donnelly ignored law and injunction, placing profit before the nations health, low point in Irish history. The EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen without Jurisdiction, publicly declared ALL 27 EU member states Given UNLAWFUL invalid license to carry out 2 years experiment on genetic engineering if risk of dying NOT if healthy, Main production of product from HER husbands factory, to benefit from public risk.

In doing so, NOT declaring her Vested interest in sales, she also BROKE EU, Irish law as she implied mRNA is safe and usable ALL states. She had NO jurisdiction or Council Europe approval, which it also could NOT give, to Remove Irish Sovereign Protections. EU Commission has Limited power to SUGGEST legislation, the EU Parliament has NO power to SUGGEST legislation and NO power to MAKE legislation into law, like EU Commission, its ONLY function is to DEBATE.

The MAIN power is the Council of EU, ONLY its President, Mr Charles Michel and its members, the 27 Sovereign leaders can MAKE and PASS law and have NO power to Force medical experiments or REMOVE Sovereignty. It is the MAIN Function of Council of Europe President, Mr Charles Michel, to ENSURE EU law complies with Sovereign 27 states, in Eire this WOULD be the 1916 Proclamation and the 1919 Constitution ADOPTED in 1922. Both Charles Michel and Taioseach Martin ARE under oath to Protect Foundation documents, 1916 and 1919, NOT to PROTECT the UNDECLARED interests of the von der Leyens husband, Heiko, the MAIN mRNA Agent and Manufacturer.

The Taioseach WAS advised on 13th January, 2022 that Heiko von der Leyen is CEO since December, 2020 of medical engineering company, and Director of Biotech Orgenesis, cell and gene therapies mRNA. The Secret 1786 fortunes WEREused to make the English Crown and von der Leyen the MAIN beneficiaries of sales of mRNA and PPE products. German MPs Investigating Committe supplied the following data.

The committee began looking into contracts Ursala awarded as Defence Minister, including Ukraine, 30 witnesses, 4 thousand documents. Her ministry spent 150 million euros, ONLY declared 2.9 million euros. The committee confirmed she awarded lucrative contracts to McKensey and Co, where her son holds a position of authority. EU Commission President has joined the Taioseach in making False medical claims to sell her and English Crowns medical products, as with swine flu shot, withdrawn for deaths.

I have obtained over 340 pieces of evidential documents that both Martin and Ursula Leyen made public claims the OPPOSITE of the HSE position and NO proof to support their dangerous claims. It is public record that both Ursula and Martin have NO medical qualifications or worked on mRNA experimental project, yet both assure the Public that they are selling a safe ESSENTIAL to life product. I have advised you, Leo Varadkar, of sections 4 and 11,Misleading Advertising Acts, Consumer Protection Acts 2007 and 2014 and EU Resulution 2361, which I helped write.

For over 2 years YOU HAVE FAILED your Public Duty, under 1990 Criminal Justice Act to, as Enforcement Officer, ENFORCE Sovereign statute laws against Ursula and Martin. You will be aware that the statute laws REQUIRE that only a registered GP can advise medical procedures like masks, mRNA, PCR etc in PRIVATE if ABSOLUTE proof Safe and NO side effects and detailed knowledge of patient history. You will be aware that such GP cannot INSIST on USE of procedures, or products of a medical nature. TDs, judges, priests etc are BANNED by law from making medical claims, particularly if deaths result.

The Council of Europe President WAS informed on behalf of the Sovereign President that it Clearly states in Article 1 od ADOPTED 1922 Act of the 1919 Constitution the following Requirements. It states NO Generation, referendum or Taioseach or President can Surrender rights, speech, religion, medical decisions on experiments etc. NO court can claim jurisdiction over GODs rights to bodily integrity. It also states in the 1916 Proclamation, NO foreign entity, such as EU, Irish people, government etc, can claim right to INTERFERE with Sovereign rights, religion, speech etc, GOD is ONLY jurisdiction.

The President of the Council Europe, Mr Charles Michel, has been REQUIRED by Eire Sovereign President McGuire to uphold jurisdiction of Sovereign Dail Eireann and Foundation documents of State. President Charles Michel HAS been advised that IF he claims that he is God and confirms von Leyens Personal claim that he assisted her in selling mRNA, he WILL be subject to TREASON. Under Irish law, guaranteed by Charles Michel, he would be liable to Life imprisonment under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act. Further offences causing Fear Apprehension and deaths under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976.

If Charles Michel confirms he assisted von Leyen to further mRNA sales of her husbands company, whom advertised it as being safe, knowing it was a dangerous 2 years experiment, NOT ESSENTIAL to life, then he would have broken his company position that Council of Europe protects Sovereign laws and health, and would be liable in his Personal capacity, like von Leyen, NOT the Council Europe, for assisted manslaughter. I would strogly advise that you NOW take appropriate action as ENFORCEMENT officer to effect arrest and prosecution of the Taioseach, Lorraine Nolan, Paul Reid, and Ursula Leyen to Prevent deaths. YOU UNDERSTAND that if you do NOT carry out Enforcement of public duty, REQUIRED under The 1990 Criminal JUSTICE Act, you ALSO will be liable to LIFE imprisonment, as assisting Taioseach to break laws.

I should also advise that the growing number of sworn affidavits from injured victims and relatives of the dead who took mRNA experiment NOT aware that CEO of HSE and HPRA had lied, grows daily. Many of these Victims WILL be assisted by the New government and New peoples courts to press criminal charges and financial liability claims against EMPLOEES in their Personal capacity. In due course international arrest warrants are likely to be issued for Ursula and Heiko Leyen in their Personal capacity and others, who used EU Commission as a vehicle for mRNA profits.

The matter is NOT yet clear pertaining to Council of Europe President Charles Michel, as Ursula stated Council of Europe passed Digital Pass Certs from 1st July, 2022 onwards,let me explain. Council of Europe is NOT MAN OR WOMAN, it is PIECE OF PAPER and Cannot pass or say Anything. It employs President Charles Michel to pass things IF he has jurisdiction. His jurisdiction is to uphold Eire Sovereign Proclamation.

In the matter relating to Digital Pass to Replace UNRESRICTED EU travel with Eire Sovereign Passport, he has NO jurisdiction to pass Digital Pass Certs. Law REQUIRES him to uphold Eire Sovereign passport. Sovereign President McGuire already REQUIRED corporation Taioseach to Remove UNLAWFUL green passport to comply with law, which he has done. In similar fashion he REQUIRES Charles Michel to comply with law. If Charles Michel refuses to cancel UNLAWFUL Digital pass of EU Commission President Ursula, would confirm he intends to assist sale of her husbands dangerous mRNA she said is safe, when NOT. Yours sincerely,

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