LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Letter Leo Varadker 13th April, 2022.

Many followers of the peoples party ireland, FG, FF, SF, and others have asked me to write to you with regard the part of your portfolio as Business Minister, YOU being the Enforcement officer for Mis leading Advertising Acts. With some concern, I note that in 2 years I have placed before you detailed evidence, with regards sections 4 and 11 of the Advertising Acts, Consumer Protection Acts, 2007 and 2014, which your job is to enforce. I brought to Your attention both written and recorded video statements by Holohan, prof O Neill, Pat Kenny and Paul Reid, many judges, Commissioner Harris and President Higgins, on Medical Advice, known as Fraud.

Only last week, prof O Neill stated on twitter, good advice here, keep wearing those masks though legal protections might be lifted. Most important , if you think you have a cold its probably covid, so stay away from people. He did on Rte video, similar to yourself, in which, like yourself and HSE C848, C849, which state masks are useless and Dangerous, he explained on Tubridys show that spores are 1,000 times SMALLER than air holes in mask, so they can pass easily in and out. He was also honest enough, in 2020 Rte show, ALL such videos now with EU Court case being prepared, when he launched FEAR virus when he stated it was based on his UNTESTED model as NO virus to TEST, HIS actual words.

You would recall that Your health minister, Simon Harris, with NO medical qualifications, called a Pandemic on this UNTESTED model and TV Speculation of 60,000 daily Irish deaths, about 55 million in a year. HSE C839 states NO proof virus exists and CDC Fauci confirmed 13 years ago with INVENTOR, PCR UNABLE to detect any virus, so NO virus ,NO test is what CDC say, like Rte launch SPECULATION. You would also be aware that O Neill also confirmed on Newstalk to Pat Kenny when asked how safe is mRNA, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS his EXACT words on video prepared for court.

You will be aware that UNLIKE the USA, we have statute laws, many written by my Grandfather, which as Business minister, it is Your job to ENFORCE. They FORBID the above from advertising medical products for use. You will also be aware that prof O Neill recieved 191,000 euros from GSK and 86,520 euros from Pfizer on 29.1.2019 to set up distribution base Inflazome and obtain Trinity College and Rte support of false medical claims. You would be aware that after funding from GSK, its MAIN shareholder being the Queen, her company Royal Oireachtas, who employ yourself and President Higgins to Represent her interests, the sales pitch changed.

As you would know, the above people have broke the law by making False medical claims on public media, to Knowingly MIS inform the public by stating it is the law to take dangerous products as if safe when NOT. Public records confirm that I informed you that you were taking part in a Fraud in 2018 when you bought millions of FAKE PCR test kits, I sent you 2013 Evidence from the INVENTOR and Fauci, that such kits are UNABLE to detect virus. I also sent you the CDC and FDA report that THEY ACCEPTED my evidence and WITHDREW the PCR. I also sent you the kit instructions label stating PCR UNABLE to detect virus, yet yourself, O Neill, Pat Kenny etc STILL sell PCR.

On 8 occasions I sent you the following sample of laws that make O Neills latest and previous offences of making public medical claims, knowing evidence he confirmed reading, Meant HIS advice might KILL or injure. Before I remind you of statute laws he broke, I would advise you that I have 3,000 signed affidavits of Victims of his mRNA advice, and masks and PCR, which Have killed or injured family members who followed his advice. I would remind you that I did place ABSOLUTE CERTIFIED proof that the above mentioned medical claims were dangerous to life on YOUR desk and theirs, and 2 years ago I remind You of your obligations.

I reminded you that your Failure to ENFORCE law had caused me Fear, Apprehension to personal safety of myself and others under section 12, of the Criminal Law Act, 1976, which carries a 5 year jail term. I also reminded you that if you Concealed my CERTIFIED data from HSE, CDC,HPRA, EMA, Pfizer from the public and, NEGLECTED your public duty as ENFORCEMENT officer, YOU WOULD be liable under the 1990 Criminal Justice Act, could be LIFE sentence. It was brought to your attention that under the 1990 Act you would be liable, and the other people advertising mRNA, masks, etc to Life imprisonment, as CERTIFIED in the UK Parliament, autopsies confirm mRNA deaths.

Your job if carried out, would have prevented O Neill, Pat Kenny, police commissioner, judges etc using Rte and Newstalk to sell medical products THEY PRETENDED safe, which statute laws say ONLY GP in Private can say. The statutes to PROTECT public health, state ONLY a doctor can make medical claims in Private if ABSOLUTE proof and NO dangerous side effects such as death or the manufacturers listed 1,376 side effects known, including death, permanent disability, permanent immune destruction. I have already sent you, as I did to EU court, over 2,000 sales adverts from newspapers, Rte, Newstalk, twitter police stations, courts shops, churches, transport etc, in which they claim dangerous products as if safe.

The laws, many written by my Grandfather, make it clear, that it is Mandatory to LIST and publicly discuss known side effects but, FORBIDDEN to claim medical products as safe, WHEN NOT safe. It is indeed sad that people like Pat Kenny and Rte News staff with NO medical qualifications, sold dangerous mRNA, masks, PCR etc as ESSENTIAL to life, with NO regard for individual medical conditions. Not once has prof O Neill, yourself or Donnelly apologised to thousands of Irish who now wake up to the knowledge that YOU got them injected with Astra Zeneka or J and J, ALL removed as dangerous, as I advised you in December, 2020.

I write to advise that if you wish to PREVENT further claims against YOURSELF for liability, as the Attorney General advised, He wrote 31A government regulations as UNQUALIFIED medical advice, NOT law, which you PRETEND. I also remind you that the HSE and its Regulator HPRA advised you in CERTIFIED documents in 2020, numbers C851,C852, that mRNA is dangerous and NO proof it works, as UK Parliament said in 2021, which I sent you. As Enforcement officer you are REQUIRED by law to ENFORCE Article 11.19, should NOT omit anything that suggests ingredient is UNSAFE or HARMFUL. Articles 11.8, 11.9 should NOT Encourage consumers use. This 11.9 also states that even a GP must NOT encourage use UNLESS ABSOLUTE proof it works WITHOUT side effects. I have already advised EU court and EMA that you REFUSED MANDATORY REQUIREMENT of EU Resolution 2361.

In this resolution which I helped write, it is YOUR LAWFULDUTY to inform the public as I informed You, of the 1,376 side effects and NOobligations under 31A to use masks, mRNA, etc, yet you appear to assist prof O Neill. Articles 11.17,11.19,,11,21 state MUST NOT advertise PUBLICLY on internet, twitter, newspapers, etc. Must be a GP and, ONLY give advice in PRIVATE, NOT public, if ABSOLUTE proof it is safe and, NOT quote other peoples recommendations.

Please note that although I am grateful for the public that the Taioseach responded to my request for Termination of Holohans contract in July, I MUST REQUIRE you remove O Neill from giving GP medical advice to the public, to save lives. In his latest medical claims he has stated that a cold is called covid, stay away from people. For thousands of years people with colds did NOT stay away. In 2020 the HSE sent a booklet to Everyone, stating on page 7 the same.

This booklet, sent to the EU court, states in 2020 that if you catch new version of the cold, if healthy, 94 per cent will ONLY get a MILD cold, in line with the UK governments DECLASSIFICATION of covid on 23.3.2020 as NO longer a high risk infectious disease. HSE also repeatedly stated weekly deaths as 5.6 flu against 0.2 covid, lowest killer in Ireland. Hiqua report confirms 60 per cent covid deaths FALSIFIED. for 2 years Rte, Newstalk etc refused to reduce the fraud figures and continue to print UNADJUSTED figures, Fraud it is called to create FEAR. Yours sincerely,

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