LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Letter to the Taioseach, 30th May, 2022.

Dear Taioseach, Ref Assisting sales of mRNA

I note from my records that I wrote to you on 19th May, and 23rd May, 2022, in which I brought to your attention, in your Personal capacity, what appears to be Assisting Manslaughter by prof O Neill. I did supply to you the CERTIFIED position of your company, Crown Corporation Oireachtas, its Vested interests in selling GSK mRNA products and its position that gov Ireland Regulations are NOT law and NOT qualified medical advice. You have NOT disputed, in 2 years, the FACT that High Court told you it Witnessed Attorney General confirm he wrote 31A regulations as NON medical Man, ONLY advice, NO guarantee safe.

You did NOT dispute my claim that you were telling me beginning 2021 that Mandatory, ESSENTIAL to life that I take J and J, Best for me, NOT experiment, NO side effects, NO risk of death was Your medical claim to me. At the SAME time you insisted you took advice from prof O Neill, who told you and I on Rte that masks are Useless, his model he said he based his claims on , HE described as being UNTESTED,NO virus found to test on as HSE CERTIFIED in C839 No virus found ANYWHERE in world, just based on pure SPECCULATION he claimed. His claim of 60,000 daily Irish deaths would mean about 24 million by END of a year, difficult to manage as less than 5 million total population in Ireland.

He also advised you and I on Newstalk, I have video of for later court case, that safety of mRNA is, HIS EXACT words, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, like an Experiment as Pfizer Described. I did explain in my letters to you that HSE medical board and HPRA regulator advised you and I in C851 and C852 that NO proof mRNA works but proof it is very dangerous with risks of death. EMA figures confirm 40,000 dead 4 million injured just months in EU, of a 2 years experiment where results do NOT arrive BEFORE Experiment.

At this point, you would Agree, your company said its regulations are NOT law, NOT safe, HSE, HPRA said mRNA and HSE guidelines say mRNA NOT safe, dangerous, OPPOSITE of Regulations NOT written by medical person. So despite your company, HSE,HPRA and O Neill telling You and I that J and J is NOT good for me, NOT mandatory or Essential, when O Neill recieved 26,277,000 euros from GSK,Pfizer the story changed as he began to sell his products with YOUR support. In 605 pieces of evidence you and your sales rep O Neill, also paid 191,000 euros from YOUR employers, the Crown, its shares in GSK, you and he told me J and J is good for me and I must IGNORE HSE,Pfizer warnings of death and ONLY Emergency use if I am dying

Only just weeks ago, you told me on twitter, also newspapers that I am DEFINITE threat to myself and public by NOT being vaccinated, even though EMA told you NOT a vaccine but something Entirely different, an mRNA mechanical device for genetic altering experiment on 2 year trial as NEVER used on MAN and 1,376 side effects including death, ENTIRELY different from 10 year tested NON genetic experiments called vaccines. You were FULLY aware that if I had followed you and O Neill , broke 18 statute laws making YOUR fraudulent medical claim that I should take J and J, I could now be dead as the 2 year Jand J experiment withdrawn as KILLING people, you CONCEALED this risk from me to injure me it seems. You and O Neill did NOT explain to me that You and O Neill broke 18 statute laws, that give jail sentence if you, as NON GP make public claim that J and J is good for me, when you KNEW bad for me.

You did confirm almost 2 years ago that you also understood the copy of these 18 statute laws and the EU Directives on Public Health, which insist I obtain second medical opinion if taking mRNA. It is Fortunate for me that I followed EU Directives and got Written CERTIFIED signatures S Moore and Emer Kelly of both HSE, HPRA second opinion, that NO proof safe but plenty proof very dangerous. It is also Fortunate for myself and others that we read HSE CERTIFIED position on twitter almost 2 years ago and , IGNORED YOUR PERSONAL opinion as heard on Rte and Newstalk, both funded by Gates, GSK and Pfizer.

As you have read, Your position that HSE is wrong but YOUR view of regulations as being right, even though your company said NOT right or law, means YOU broke statute and company rules, so YOU are liable NOT the company. Given that you and prof O Neill both ADMIT telling me take J and J as NO risk, both paid by GSK manufacturer, knowing I could be one of the dead, if NOT listened to twitter, followed THEIR advice to IGNORE you. I made lawful claim in last letter 23rd May, 2022, that to PREVENT further lies from O Neill which could cause Further deaths, he must be prosecuted for assisted Manslaughter.

Instead you add to his GSK and Pfizer salaries by giving him Further Crown Oireachtas salary to continue selling Crowns GSK products as employee of Covid Advisory Group, new name for the former Nphet sales team. This person NOW claiming to be able to Break the law as NON GP , has insisted Imust take 4th dose of mRNA, which he would know is NOT possible as first trial has 2 year experiment trial. This person is PRETENDING safe to take 4th experiment despite telling me on NEWSTALK, that as EMA license said, WE HAVE TO WAIT for 2 Years to SEE WHAT HAPPENS, to quote HIS words with regards the FIRST experiment.

The EMA public records HAVE ALREADY told me that O Neill FIRST experiment is withdrawn as killing people, even though he told me over 100 per cent effective, safe ,NOT experiment and mix with other mRNA, having FORGOTTEN what he said on Newstalk after big payment from Pfizer. I shall now be filing additional charges, to the ones Already filed against you at Garda HQ, that you Have assisted O Neill to sell his products through Covid Advisory Group, as he did through Nphet sales assistants.

You have Already confirmed your UNDERSTANDING that O Neill asked me to take 4th experiment BEFORE result of first experiment, NOT due result until 2 years time, so NOT based on any VALID result just his personal view like the one he gave to Victims of his J and J, it is called medical Fraud. You are fully aware that like You, he has CONCEALED 1,376 side effects including death and Broken 18 statute laws. Liable to LIFE sentence, under Criminal Justice Act, 1990.

You also understand, you being NEGLIGENT in your public duty to NOT Remove O Neill from position of Public Trust, now places YOU as his assistant to crime, concealing death risks and likely to assist Manslaughter. Yours sincerely,

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