LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PUBLIC. Letter to Attorney General,25th May, 2022.

Dear Paul Gallagher, Ref Pretending law when NOT

Much Fear Apprehension has been caused in last 2 years to myself and the public buy claims that you are assisting some members of a Crown company called government Ireland, to sell GSK products, its owner being Crown. It is public knowledge that the Main owners of GSK mRNA are the Queen and President Ursala von der Leyen of EU, that they used their companies, Royal Dail and Royal Seanad to sell GSK mRNA, as they did with swine flu injection using the SAME reps, Holohan and Prof O Neill, O Neill having received 191,000 euros from GSK and also 86,570 euros from Pfizer, to tell you how good it is for you, even though he Concealed death figures from you.

Public records confirm GSK swine flu, and Johnson and Johnson were both withdrawn after deaths and injuries. Many Victims believed these SAME sales reps, Holohan etc when he publicly used the sales companies Nphet and government Ireland to sell, telling you safe, NO side effects, ESSENTIAL to life, NO risk. Public records also state that the Queens Oireachtas are under oath to assist her Crown courts, NOT licensed since 1924 in Eire, to sell Queens mRNA. The courts Private police, registered as company 89000534 to assist courts in criminal activities on behalf the Crown.

My records confirm you wrote to say you UNDERSTAND your job contract, under Article 30 of the Constitution, that ALL cases in court, including 31A ADVICE, are prosecuted in Your name and MUST REFLECT your court Ruling that 31A is NOT law. You also UNDERSTAND your FUNCTION to PROTECT public rights if government Agents Break the Constitution, and your duty to Advise and INSTRUCT the Taioseach on laws that my Grandfather wrote to PROTECT the Proclamation and the Constitution. He set up your Department to be INDEPENDENT and statute laws to send YOU to jail if you NEGLECT public duty. You would be aware that my Grandfather refused to RENEW Crown courts license in 1924, as Justice Hogan confirmed, Four Courts are UNLAWFUL as based on Collins Fraud 1921 treaty, as his 1919 Constitution states NO man or government can Surrender 1919 Constitution, ANY such signing being NULL, VOID.

As you confirmed in your letter, June, 2021, you are UNABLE to produce 1924 Courts Enactment Order to VALIDATE Supreme Court etc, because my Grandfather refused to sign it, as it would be TREASON, like 31A cases. You would also be aware that Supreme court Judge Hogan confirmed in HIS 4 courts Centenary video, I hold for future court case, that the LAWFUL Supreme Court 1920 issued license , is STILL VALID and is held in Trust by the Lawful first House of Parliament, by its President William McGuire, Keeper of Harp and GAA Seals of office, having been annointed by the Vatican.

Mindful that the party has a growing list of sworn affidavits, now reaching almost 5,000 injuries of people following YOUR HIGH COURT advice and DIRECTIONS that 31A is NOT law, some NEW advice is REQUIRED. I note that I wrote to you on 10th May, 2022 on behalf of myself, James Ryan and the general public, having been caused Fear Apprehension by criminal allegations against You, by Judge Finnegan, police and their employer, Cavan District Court. It would appear he was assisted by some members of Crown companies forcing medical products and Removing Proclamation, Constitution, police, courts service and DPP and media for financial gain from public misery caused by using Fear Apprehension, with NO regard for public health.

In 2020 you stated government of Ireland position in High court cases, 2020IEHC673 and 2020IEHC461, the Court Ruling WITNESSED by Justice G Simmons. As you Would know, the law IS CLEAR that SAME case CANNOT be tried TWICE. After sending copy of YOUR Ruling to the Taoiseach 16 times, he finally learned to ADVISE YOUR instructions to the Dail and the public, as 31A is NOT law. He is recorded by Rte as last saying this in the Dail on 2.12.2021.

You stated that Attorney General office MERELY wrote 31A as UNQUALIFIED medical ADVICE. Not being a GP and NOT being aware of INDIVIDUALS medical problems it would NOT be lawful or Medically possible to DIRECT ONE treatment for ALL. In paragraph 161, YOUR EXACT words, ALL 31A medical and travel Regulations are NOT law, MERELY ADVICE, NO obligation to Restrict movements such as MASS, NO obligation to follow. A personal decision, as ONLY a person can Decide if stress etc, NO court can claim knowledge of what is good for EVERYONE.

So you publicly ADMITTED breaking sections 4 and 11 of the Advertising Standards Acts, Consumer Protection Acts 2007 and 2014, also 18 other statute laws that BAN either GP, or NON GP making medical claims in public, especially as HSE C839 said NO virus found ANYWHERE in the world and the CDC also report the SAME. I advised you that on 27th January, 2022, Westmeath Examiner, perhaps in collusion with police to sell Fear and medical GSK products, made law claim that Judge Finnegan said YOU COMMITTED PERJURY.

James Ryan was told by Judge Finnegan that it was a criminal offence to ABIDE by Attorney General Ruling that he is NOT Banned rom MASS and does NOT REQUIRE permission to leave his house. The Judge went on to claim that it is Lawful for police to assault, arrest, Force Unlawful court cases, refuse oath, Constitution, Proclamation, Make medical decisions and decide if they FEEL like breaking the law to make money and cause people Fear and Apprehension. In addition to Judge and police stating by THEIR ACTIONS, in which they claimed NO jurisdiction for hearing as judge Refuse his judicial oath, they attempted to obtain 600 euros from the Ryan family and funds from the tax payer.

Judge claims High Court, Taioseach, Witness G Simmons, ALL appear to have committed PERJURY in High Court Ruling 31A is NOT law. This would indeed be strange, as I said ALL courts hold NO license since 1924, except the 1920 Sovereign Dail Eireann and Supreme Court, this license held in Trust by William McGuire. Further, it would also be clear that although Attorney General said NOT law, ONLY UNproven medical claim, it WOULD be law that NO Attorney General or judge, or GP, could make a PUBLIC medical claim as NOT possible to know EVERYONES personal health or suitability to ANY such claim.

I have also brought to Your attention the public claim on Rte by police commissioner Harris, he instructed us ALL that HE ordered DPP to PRETEND 31A is law, even though YOU SAID it is NOT law. I also sent you details of CCJ court case 202123934, on 26th January, 2022, in which Judge Treasa Kelly instructed the public that DPP had written to say it wrote 31A NOT you. This Would be TREASON and DPP not allowed to make public medical claims, like YOURSELF. DPP instructed ALL judges to PRETEND 31A is law, refuse to accept public evidence and ONLY accept Fraudulent 31A affidavits from police. Like commissioner Harris, DPP CLEARLY admit to TREASON to obtain Fraud fines.

As you would AGREE, you have ABSOLUTE proof that some police, judges, DPP are ABUSING YOUR CORRECT court Ruling that 31A CANNOT and is NOT law ,and CANNOT be used to collect revenue from the public. Public records confirm that I have advised you with CERTIFIED evidence, of medical fraud by courts service and their police company, on Queens instructions, to SUBVERT the Constitution I pay you to Protect, not REMOVE. I REQUIRE you to use your Special powers as Attorney General to DECLARE that ALL public following YOUR advice and DIRECTIONA that 31A is NOT law, WERE COMPLYING with law and, ALL 31A cases are NULL and VOID. Those PRETENDING MUST be arrested for damaging public health.

You UNDERSTAND Judge Finnegan, Garda Mulligan PRETENDED 31A is law, attempted also to Break the law to obtain 600 euros and additional funds from the tax payer. They MUST be prosecuted as they ARE threat to public safety. YOU UNDERSTAND that judge and police are liable in their personal capacities for Forcing UNLAWFUL hearing under Articles 40.1, 35.2, and 34.6 of the Constitution also S39 of the Domestic Violence Act, 2018, both admitted in court. Further offences under section 12, Fear Apprehension, Criminal Law Act, 1976, in which they admitted in court to using YOUR court Ruling 31A is NOT law, as PRETENDING law, to cause Fear Apprehension, to cause Fear to collect 600 euros.

I remind you if you do NOT declare ALL 31A cases as NULL and VOID, you WILL be liable in your Personal capacity to assisting above offences. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED to explain as 31A NOT law, how cases can be Valid. Additional offences under the Criminal Procedure Act, 2010, part 3.1.7, collusion to pervert justice and Assist courts, DPP, and police to make profits from medical Fraud and Fear Apprehension. I would also remind you of the Criminal Justice Fraud Offences Act, 2001, sections 6, 9,25,26, 27 and 29, creating and Using False instrument, such as 31A, to Invent purpose for filling courts,, to sell GSK products and claim fines for assaulting VICTIMS of police crime.

Public records confirm I notified YOU 28 times with CERTIFIED documents that HPRA is the regulator, NOT Nphet or government Ireland, they being NON medical companies, selling Queens GSK mRNA products. I sent on ALL occasions documents VALIDATED by signatures of S Moore and Emer Kelly of HSE Records Management which state in C839 NO proof virus exists, and C851 and C852 proof mRNA useless and serious death risk, and EMA death figures in EU at 40,000 and 4 million injuries and proof of PERMANENT immune damage.

ABSOLUTE proof that for 2 years YOU UNDERSTOOD government of Ireland Regulations YOU wrote are NOT guaranteed safe, 1,376 listed side effects, NOT law and ABSOLUTE proof HPRA and HSE guidelines based on science are OPPOSITE of government Ireland Regulations, many dead or injured because YOU KEPT SILENT. I trust it will not be necessary for me to press charges at Garda HQ, for YOU causing me Fear Apprehension by ALLOWING police ,courts service and DPP to PRETEND any longer that 31A is law, when YOU SAID 2 years ago it is NOT law.

Yours sincerely,

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