LAWS THAT PROTECT THE PEOPLE. The Secret police,24th May, 2022

As I travel the country many people like to tell me off for calling the Crowns court service Private police security firm, registered as 89000534, the CORRECT name of POLICE. They lecture me that correct name is Garda, they say. I like to be accused of this because it allows me to explain the modern POLICE force, NOT the Garda force my Grandfather set up in 1920 and gave me the documents to Prove its Function. Article 33 of the ONLY LAWFUL 1919 Constitution explains the Function of POLICE FORCE, to quote Correct name. It states , keeping the peace, NO longer to ASSIST alien supremacy, such as Crown or EU business or political interests.

Article 34 states 1919 Constitution CANNOT be amended if such amendment seeks to Interfere with INALIENABLE, INDEFEASIBLE RIGHTS, or SURRENDER Sovereignty or church to Anti catholic or Foreign Crown, ONLY GOD can amend. The oath and Special 7 string HARP my Grandfather set up REQUIRES POLICE force to UPHOLD the 1919 Constitution, 1916 Proclamation, and INALIENABLE rights. He chose this word, it MEANS ONLY GOD can remove rights, NOT Dail or EU etc.

I might add Article 33 also clarifies that Sovereign Dail courts are SUBJECT to the LAW OF GOD. Any legislation must NOT affect complete Sovereignty, economic independence from Crown Oireachtas. Article 31 clearly states, in TIME OF PEACE Ireland will keep NO standing army other than for training purposes. Cannot be used to SUBJECT people to Crown Oireachtas. Army oath ans SPECIAL 8 string HARP to UPHOLD. He wrote these Great Articles and Special number of HARP strings and individual oaths, as aware in 1914 that DeValera and Collins WERE Crown Agents, more so after 1916 execution warrants.

He wrote a special oath and 12 string HARP for Dail Eireann, this First House of Parliament is the ONLY LAWFUL HOUSE since 1918 to the PRESENT, its President William McGuire, annointed by the Vatican. The 2 UNLAWFUL Houses,Royal Dail and Royal Seanad, Have the Queens 9 string HARP and oath to the Crowns Free state 1922 Government Act and Crowns 1922 Constitution. The Garda oath is to NOT support the Crown. The police force set up in 1920 was SECRETLY, UNLAWFULLY ignored and REPLACED with Crown police, in line with Crowns corporation company oath to the 1922 ADOPTION Act, to ASSIST ALL revenues collected for Crowns courts to use to EXPLIT, CONTROL the Irish.

Courts PRIVATE POLICE ONLY obtain limited powers over Man, Woman, if they AGREE Garda oath to PROTECT 1919 Constitution, human rights etc, NOT to use oath to REMOVE said rights. If they REFUSE their oath, they become Private Police, NO power over Man or Woman, SUBJECT to prosecution in PRIVATE capacity. Public must have NO Contract by Law with them, if Garda Refuse oath. I maintain for future Public cases, videos of police refusing on 3 separate occasions, REQUIREMENTS to accept oath, informing public meeting outside the Convention centre Dail debate, that they REFUSE their oath. This was an important ADMISSION that they ARE Crowns police and the reason why the Crowns Govenor General, Higgins, employed Crowns MI5 operative, Drew Harris, still under UK official secrets Act, to SUBVERT the Garda.

Records confirm if a party joins Oireachtas registration, in return for Crown finance for elections and other privileges, they Swear oath of allegiance to the Crown, NOT Sovereign Dail Eireann and its courts, they ARE Crown Agents. Free state ADOPTION Act 1922 CLEARLY states in Article 60, ALL taxes are collected for the Crowns 4 courts judges and Courts Service, to EXPLOIT and SUBVERT EIRE and the Catholic church and, PROTECT the Queens investments.

They swear oath to the Crowns representative, Higgins, styled as Govenor General like Australia and Canada. Fortunately, 1922 says King confirms ALL AUTHORITY comes from GOD to the PEOPLE, NOT Dail. SF, FF, FG, PBP, Greens, ALL swear oath to be Crown Agents, to sell GSK mRNA products of the Queens company, SUBVERT the Dail, and submit Anti catholic legislation. The peoples party ireland are NOT registered to the Queen.

Section 5A of the Garda Act, NO person such as Superintendent can REQUIRE a Garda to NOT uphold his oath. 5B of the Act, NO such person can PREVENT victim of policeman seeking damages and Prosecution against Garda NOT upholding their oath. Parts 7C, E and F CLEARLY state human rights, preventing police crime, bringing criminals to justice is POLICE, NOT Ombudsmans job. To call police Garda, if NOT under oath, is to PRETEND ALL police are Garda.

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