LAWS THAT PROTECT PUBLIC. Public letter to Taoiseach, 23rd May, 2022

Many people are shocked at reading the media reports and seeing video films of the An Bord Pleanala scandal, in which a personal position seems to have been used as a vehicle for selling building developments against local objections. Apparently Paul Hyde recently had to Resign his position as Deputy Chairman of An Bord Pleanala as his brother was involved in a planning application, in which Paul Hyde had vested interests. According to public records, he had approved many applications against local objections, despite NOT declaring his 7 properties and shareholdings in property development companies. He is a close friend of Simon Coveney of F Gael.

Records confirm Mr Coveney appointed his friend Paul Hyde to a position of Trust, some time after his father paid 2,500 euros to Coveney as a donation to FG. No criminal charges were made against Hyde or his FG friends who CONCEALED his vested interests. This was the SAME Simon Coveney that, according to Dail records, on 9.3.2020, made medical claims as a PRIVATE person, that if Covid Bill NOT signed, tens of thousands of Irish would die from covid, a virus which HSE C839 says has NOT YET been found.

I note your many confirmations that you HAVE been informed and do NOT dispute the 18 Statute laws that confirm it IS a criminal offence for either a GP or NON GP to make public medicl claims to create Fear Apprehension to sell medical as Coveney ADMITS he did in the Dail, 3 million 650 thousand per year deaths according to Coveney, in Ireland we call this medical Fraud. It has been recorded that you have NOT pressed criminal charges against Hyde and Coveney and his relative, the Head of Rte News, that Inflated his medical claim to create Fear Apprehension. Like Hyde, Coveney did NOT declare his vested interests and Prof O Neill in selling FEAR story to sell a need for mRNA made by GSK. This is the SAME GSK firm that FG employed Holohan to sell swine flu injection, which was WITHDRAWN due to causing deaths.

The public are shocked to find that the MAIN owners of GSK are the Queen and President Ursal von der Leyen, EU Commissioners husbands company, and Elon Musk of twitter, being the MAIN producers. Prof O Neill was set up and paid by GSK shortly before Coveneys speech. Public records confirm payment to O Neill of 191,000 euros from GSK, and 86,520 euros from Pfizer, shortly before Coveneys speech to sell products. I have this video also for court of O Neill earning his Rte Pfizer fee.

On Rte he gave similar medical claims to Coveney except his imagination got the Better of him. Millions heard him claim that His model means 60,000 daily Irish deaths from his UNTESTED model because NO virus found , his words, that would be around 24 million dead Irish in a year, a little tricky as less than 5 million population, yet you said on videos that you believe all this obvious sales talk.

Public still shocked by Supreme court Judge Hogan, in which he stated in his 4 courts Centenary Video, that Supreme court and FREE state, in addition to NO court license since 1924, were set up on Traty signed in 1921. Public records confirm the Free state Adoption Act was signed by DeValera in 1922, and treaty by Collins in 1921, DESPITE EXISTING 1919 Constitution oath they claimed mandate, stating NO man can sign SURRENDER 1922 to Crown or CHANGE 1919 Constitution ONLY GOD can change. The UNLAWFUL 1922 Free state Act and its 1922 Constitution REQUIRES in Articles 60 to 62 that ALL TDs that register with the Crowns Oireachtas, take oath of ALLEGIANCE to the Crown, its 4 courts, and assist judges to collect Crown taxes.

So in law, Simon Coveney, appointed by the Crowns Govenor General, Higgins, stood up in the Dail to pursue his appointment to sell the Crowns mRNA products, knowing O Neill was ALREADY paid 277,000 euros advance and later 26 million euros from Pfizer for selling dangerous medical products. That brings me to my letter to YOU, dated 19th May, 2022, in which I brought to your attention the UNDECLARED vested interests of S Fein in Also Assisting sale of GSKs mRNA, as they had Also done with GSK swine flu injection, claiming like Holohan as ESSENTIAL to life.

As stated in membership REQUIREMENTS of the Oireachtas to Assist the Queen and HER judges to SUBVERT Sovereign Dail from 1918 to the Present, Greens, PBP, FF, FG, SF, swear oath to Assist judges to sell mRNA. I advised you PRIOR to Coveney, O Neill launch, Richard Hass, Council on Foreign Relations Office, linked to Biden group that set up 2014 Ukraine puppet government, paid S Feins Mary Lou and Adams 4.6 million dollars for NO opposition and to prepare as new Irish puppet government similar Ukraine for USA to EXPLOIT as back door to EU control of trade and lever against UK position. Public records confirm this money well spent for NO Opposition and new puppet, as SF insisted on even more hardline sales and police forcing of mRNA , despite my sending HSE,HPRA evidence in C851 and C852 that mRNA is a DEATH risk.

I also REQUIRED YOU to take action against SF and O Neill with regards the dead and injured from Johnson and Johnson which they insisted in medical claims that it was safe and ESSENTIAL which MANUFACTURER and HSE said NOT. Public records confirm that INSTEAD of arresting O Neill for making medical claims that Johnson and Johnson was BEST thing ever for Ireland, HIS WORDS ,when records show he KNEW it was the WORST thing for Ireland and PAID to LIE. YOU HAVE appointed this NON GP to be paid as Crown Agent to CONTINUE selling the Queens GSK mRNA products, FULLY AWARE the LAW BANS him from selling mRNA and making Fraudulent medical claims which HSE confirmed killed injured many of his Victims. Records confirm that I have Notified you 16 times of the 1990 Criminal Justice Act and section 12, of the Criminal Law Act, 1976, causing Fear Apprehension, making medical claims he knows to be likely to cause death and, people like you ASSISTING said crimes it would seem.

I would remind you that UNLESS you PROTECT the public from further injuries by REMOVING this person, you WILL be liable for ASSISTING Medical Fraud, which carries jail sentences between 5 years jail to life, depending on the number of deaths. YOU recieved the tape of this person explaining mRNA safety on Newstalk to Pat Kenny, his EXACT words were, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO THE PEOPLE AND WAIT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, the MEANING of a 2 years experiment. These words will haunt the nation as people remember he and Kenny said NO risk NOT experiment, ESSENTIAL to life, lies to sell damage people, this is the depths they sank to insisting old ,young take knowing 99.9 immune without mRNA.

I trust that in the National interest you will SAVE lives by REMOVING Pfizer and the Queens MAIN sales rep O Neill before I press criminal charges with the police against you for allowing damage to Public health, many people who trusted YOU now wake up to being a guinea pig hoping to Not be next figure.

Yours sincerely,

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