MANIFESTO PART 11 How to return to people rule

Many people rightly ask why is the party not knocking on doors, doing leaflets, canvas etc. This question I answered 2 years ago and, I will explain in simple English, you Can find the listed proof in Public letters. The result of 1916 Rising and Proclamation was 1918 election, called by King George V, majority win for IRB Sein Fein, NOT Mary Lou Sein Fein. The SOVEREIGN Dail 1918 to 1922 was LAWFULLY formed. The Vatican recognised the New SOVEREIGN President and 1919 Constitution, 1916 Proclamation my Grandfather helped write. Crown set up Corporation in 1920, called Oireachtas, to SUBVERT 1918 to 1922 Dail.

Supreme court judge Hogan, confirmed in his 4 Courts centenary video that UNLAWFUL courts and UNLAWFUL Oireachtas Parliaments set up by SURRENDER treaty, signed 6th Dec, 1921 said KING, while UNDER OATH to 1919 Constitution to NOT SURRENDER. Both Proclamation and Articles 1 and 2 of 1919 Constitution state NO GENERATION CAN SURRENDER SOVEREIGNITY, write ANTI Catholic laws, NO Electorate or TD has right to REMOVE, ONLY GOD decides. The 1919 STILL VALID Constitution MEANT the ADOPTION of Free State Constitution Act, on 25th October, 1922, written by the King, WERE NULL AND VOID, as 1919 Constitution IS HELD IN TRUST, it is NOT Dail or you and I to give away because IT IS NOT OURS TO GIVE AWAY, we only HOLD IN TRUST for NEXT GENERATION, that IS THE LAW.

IN 1921 the FF,FG,SF, had SECRET meeting to HAND BACK 1918 to 1922 SOVEREIGN Dail to KING and Partition Ireland.Segregate Protestant minority into separate colony to keep people divided, NO refendum held. Such IS the power of the 30 pieces of silver, as again in 2022 the SAME Crown Agents seek to sell you as slaves for the 30 pieces of silver.

Same criminals did this on March 9th, 2020, SECRET Dail meeting, 112 TDs Banned, final reading NOT voted and Seanad NO power to sign until June 2020, they signed Breaking law as in 1922. Since 1922 until 2022, Crown Corporation have built up Private police, Crown courts, HSE, Ombudsman, Rte to HIDE TRUTH of 1919 UNTOUCHABLE Constitution, March 2020 coup cleverly CONCEALED AGAIN. First job of party is to write these FACTS so people understand FF, FG, SF, Greens, PBP are Registered Crown companies Engaged in SELLING Crowns sale products of GSK mRNA. If election tomorrow what good is a room full of people deciding WHICH Oireachtas Crown Registered corporation to elect, ALL 160 TDs, 60 Senators for last 100 years Have exploited Irish for Queen, City of London Corporation.

In 1918 the people liked my Grandfathers 1919 Constitution but did NOT understand Crown Agents, FF,FG, SF. He understood so he wrote NO change Possible to 1919 Constitution as HELD IN TRUST NEXT GENERATION, to STOP people like Varadkar etc. IRB stood for 1919 Constitution, the peoples party ireland ALSO stand for 1919 Constitution, is NOT registered as Crown Oireachtas Corporation. The party is Best described as MORDERN VERSION of IRB, to RETURN the 1919 stolen by Crown Agent FF DeVelara, in 1922. The 1919 Constitution STAYS THE SAME because IT IS THE LAW, you and I do NOT OWN GODS Constitution, we just hold it in TRUST ,NOT OURS to change.

My Grandfather UNDERSTOOD the SIMPLE rule, which we ALL have to learn,IF MAN decides, then Some get most and Most get Nothing at all, if GOD decides, then EVERYONE gets the SAME. The IRB set up, STILL licensed Dail and Supreme court, as records confirm in 1920. Attorney General confirmed in June, 2021, the UNLAWFUL 4 courts set up on INVALID 1922 Act, has NO license. You see 2 years later, in 1924 my Grandfather Refused Renew its license. SOVEREIGN President, life position, William McGuire STILL holds license for 1920 Dail and Supreme courts ,ALL others are FRADULENT UNLICENSED Crown courts.

We already HAVE the 90 new TDs, they will be standing as local INDEPENDENT TDs, the Leader is MANIFESTO. The agreed National plan allows each TD , improve local area with 89 TDs to back. Each TD is subject to Yearly review, if local commitee decide he is NOT keeping his promise his seat is up for re election, hence incentive to look after local people, NOT go away and forget local promises. I have Many times 90 potential good TDs,each local community STILL full of GOOD people. We are simply RETURNING to the 1918 to 1922 SOVEREIGN Dail rule, FF STOLE and gave to Crown.

For now the party job is filling that room with people intending to say Goodbye to CROWN, Returning to GODS UNTOUCHABLE Constitution, NO MORE of its rules being BROKEN by 160 TDs. Perhaps biggest enemy of Eire is Rte and police security company registered under 89000534 to Crowns judges courts service, to FORCE the sale of Crowns GSK mRNA products. It is public record that the party on 2 occasions in person, delivered individual letters and HSE, HPRA and High court position on covid to each of 160 TDs, 60 Senators. This VALIDATED HSE medical position and the regulator HPRA, the official medical policeman, that STOPS dangerous drugs, is Signed S Moore, Emer Kelly, Repeatedly placed on twitter for 2 years for public.

It CERTIFIES to 160 TDs that HSE position ENTIRELY AGAINST government Ireland 31A regulations, these written by ATTORNEY General, NOT a medical person, UNABLE to give or Guarantee as Safe advice by statute law, it being criminal offence to Pretend something dangerous is something Safe. HPRA regulator in C851 informs public NO proof mRNA works and in C852 Proof it is dangerous. High Court confirmed government Ireland position that 31A regulations are NOT law, also NOT written by HSE. So for 2 years, 160 Crown AGENTS TDs Broke their company position, 31A NOT law and they and Some HSE Broke HSE,HPRA position 31A NOT safe medical advice.

The LAW, NOT the party and ALSO HSE,HPRA, government Ireland TOLD YOU that 160 TDs, 60 Senators BROKE the law and HSE death injuries TELL YOU THEY are Liable to ASSISTED MANSLAUGHTER, NOT companies, it is TDs in Personal Capacity that are LIABLE NOT tax payer. Only ONE journalist has fought the peoples battle in Best possible way, using Education. 2 years ago on a cold winters night, she stood outside Nphet building and read HSE CERTIFIED position that government Irelands regulations were sales gimmick, she SHAMED Dail and journalists that took the 30 pieces of silver, Rte had chance to STOP SCAM, instead it lied and destroyed Ireland with great help from Crowns priests, no entry to heaven for them.

Same person brought you a peoples paper called The Irish Light. We need more lights like this to REVEAL the Darkness caused by Rte and its Army of Crown Agents who sold Queens injection of NO side effects. When the room is filled, as in 1916 with people who ARE ready to say bye bye to Crown, then you WILL be having meetings for NEXT stage of plan, using the law. Each judge, Journalist, priest, GP, policeman who Assisted selling Queens injection, chose TREASON instead of honour, WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, in the new proper Licensed courts. For 2 years these Criminals Boasted the Evidence that WILL send them to jail, where they can think how BRAVE, Noble they were, filling OLD and Young with WITHDRAWN J and J that was NOT needed for virus NOT found only a varient of flu to which HSE told you if catch and Healthy Old or Young person, you HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery.

It is EASY to have the meetings ONCE you understand WHAT needs to be Fixed, you CANNOT expect the 160 TD criminals to punish THEMSELVES so study First before you talk, about how corruption came and how to bury corruption for good, to Protect the NEXT GENERATION from not having this again.

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