Public letter Taioseach 19th May, 2022 Ref assisting sales of mRNA

Dear Taioseach,

It is public record that the peoples party ireland informed you of the Crown Corporation plans, after its companies, FF, FG, SF, PBP and Greens, lost the 2020 election. The City of London financed and set up Royal Oireachtas in 1920, per Government of Ireland Act, to SUBVERT 1918 to 1922 SOVEREIGN Dail Eireann government and Dail Eireann Courts. City of London, being MAIN shareholder of GSK, the company that produced swine flu injection and later mRNA products in partnership with Director Biotech Orgenesis, cell and gene therapies mRNA.

The CEO of this medical engineering company was put in place in December, 2020 to combine his von der Leyen 1786 fortune with his wife, Ursula, EU Commission President and Crown to sell mRNA he produced. The English Crown REQUIRED its Governor General, Corporation President Higgins and his employees, 160 TDs and 60 Senators to assist former M15 police chief, Harris to assist in March, 2020 Dail coup. You will be aware of the UNLAWFUL 1922 Adoption Act and oath alligence per 1922 Crown Constitution that Oireacthas registered parties have to Queen, her GSK investments and her judges.

The City of London insisted on UK and Eire, the imposition of a genetic medical device, as a 2 year mRNA Experiment with short INITIAL test results, the 3rd stage papers Concealed from UK public. Shortly after UK regulator approval, designed to force follow on approval by FDA, EMA, both under control USA branch of City of London company to sell its mRNA by GSK, I obtained 3rd stage papers. Records confirm, the party passed said papers to UK, USA,HPRA, yourself and Donnelly and EMA, FDA, EMA,HPRA ignored the evidence but, UK did issue public warnings on Allergies.

You were also advised that in Nov 2019, Richard Hass, Council Foreign Relations Office, linked to Biden, gave 4.6 million dollars to SF Mary Lou and Adams meeting, to provide NO opposition mRNA sales. This Hass being Anti Palestine, supporting activities against Palestinians, having pushed Zionist activities in Iraq and Ukraine wars on behalf Crown and Biden business interests. You read the detailed Pfizer report, which advised NO tests on Pregnant women, also must NOT give if allergies or if person has 99.9 per cent immune recovery found in MOST healthy OLD and YOUNG. You were REQUIRED on 13th January, 2021 and again 23rd April, 2021 under FOI request to provide evidence that show HSE,HPRA documents stating NO virus, NO PCR, NO safe effective mRNA cure exists.

To date you were UNABLE to provide ANY proof that covid exists, NO proof that government Ireland regulations work or are NOT dangerous. Instead you provide 600 pieces of your Personal, UNQUALIFIED medical opinion. It was also brought to your attention that Queens representative Higgins appears to have set up Donnelly, Harris, McEntee, police commisioner, chief justice, Bishops and yourself, he appointed with NO medical qualifications. These parties broke 18 statute laws which BAN them giving public medical claims, particularly my presenting evidence these claims would Kill, injure many people, to sell mRNA.

According to public records you have recently appointed prof O Neill to the New Covid Advisory Group, yet your letter to me confirmed to me your Understanding that he recieved 19I,000 euros from GSK. You confirm that you are aware this person with 191,000 euros from GSK and 86,520 euros from Pfizer, on 29.1.2019 to first INVENT FEAR on Rte and use this funding to set up from Trinity College, sales mRNA. Further records confirm this person received further 26 million euros from Pfizer after he began PRETENDING mRNA was NOT experiment and ESSENTIAL to Survival of Irish, Particularly healthy people.

Due to his vested interests in earning his sales rep Pfizer money, you appoint him to advise Covid Advisory Group, as a government advisor, that public must be advised mRNA is NOT experiment. This is strange, because this person explained to Kenny on Newstalk his view mRNA safety. WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, HIS description of experiment. This person also explained on Rte TV Tubridy to you and I that masks useless, as you read in HSE C848 and as HSE C839 stated, NO proof virus exists. On TV he said his UNTESTED model because NO virus to test with. By his public Confession his covid advice is NO virus, NO mask, PCR WITHDRAWN by CDC so NO test and as HSE said in C851 and C 852, NO proof mRNA works but proof mRNA dangerous, as EMA said, 40,000 dead ,4 million injured just in EU, only months into 2 years experiment.

He has told us that for 26,277,000 euros from Pfizer, he is happy to FORGET what he said, mRNA is 2 years experiment and go back to saying Safe, as he said to J and J guinea pigs now dead and many crippled for life. I have already sent you much evidence of you and he, NOT being GPs, NOT allowed make medical claims, on media saying dangerous product is safe, when you read and understood it is Manslaughter offence.

I REQUIRE that you Remove this person at once from causing FEAR APPREHENSION, to sell his medical products he is on record as saying are very dangerous and 2 year experiment. I shall now be pressing criminal charges against YOU, in your Personal capacity, under FEAR APPREHENSION. that you used your position to subject myself and public to mRNA sales rep, having ALREADY sold J and J,having shown NO remorse for the people he advised to take without warning of the death risks.

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