Public letter Leo Varadkar, 19th May, 2022. Dear Leo Varadkar, Ref Assisting mRNA sales

I understand that the Queens Governor General Corporation President Higgins, to further sales of GSK mRNA, Queen and EU President Ursala being MAIN shareholders, appointed FG to assist sale of mRNA. I note that ALL OIREACHTAS PARTIES swear oath to Queen to Protect her judges, GSK sales collecting ALL revenue for use Crown courts, per 1922 Adoption Act, to SUBVERT Proclamation, Catholic church. It is public record that to SUBVERT EU Directives Public Health REQUIREMENT, that I should obtain second opinion on invasive medical procedures, courts used police to PREVENT second opinion.

Records confirm that Taioseach and police have PREVENTED Worlds leading expert on mRNA from sharing her mRNA knowledge, prof O Neill MAIN sales rep for Pfizer is MAIN option for public information. Records also Reveal Taioseach said before June 2020 Coalition that NO discussion on covid was Agreed ALL parties BEFORE Dail coup, where 112 TDs BANNED from vote. I wrote to Mary Lou of S Fein asking if she had agreed to be OPPOSITION to say NOTHING, along with PBP. Neither party disputed and police harassed any smaller opposition. Public records confirm that in November, 2019, Richard Hass, Council Foreign Relations Office, linked to Biden gave 4.6 million dollars to SF Mary Lou and Adams meeting, to Provide NO opposition to mRNA like Biden puppets in Ukraine.

This Hass being Anti Palestine, supporting activities against Palestinians, having pushed Zionist activities in Iraq and Ukraine wars on behalf Crown and Biden business interests. We have seen close meetings with SF and Drew Harris police Commissioner Harris, resulting in SF insisting Hardline policing in return police assistance to SILENCE any second opinion. Police have fed SF and media rumours that Dolores Cahill is under police threat of police arrest if she shares her data on mRNA, stating offence of NOT giving details at airport, for NOT waiving her passport rights to travel freely with police assistance per passport conditions written on passport, for refusing to enter into a police contract and leaving home without police permission, ALL of which amounts to UNLAWFUL police harassment.

I REQUIRE some public and written reply that this is NOT through, as you advised police many times in Dail, that 31A regulations are NOT law. Attorney General advised police 2 years ago in High Court that 31A is NOT law. I understand Justice Minister McEntee explained to police commissioner on 21st April, 2022 in Irish Legal News, of section 10 of NFOAP Act, 2018, in addition to Attorney General in High Court stating 31A is NOT law. McEntee explained to police it is UNLAWFUL to coerce through psychological pressure, threats to compel persons feel FEAR to give birth cert details, to stalk intimidate, use duress to accept loss of rights.

Can you confirm that police are PRETENDING fraudulent charges to RESTRICT access to worlds MOST qualified mRNA speaker, per her written qualifications, NONE of which Kenny or media have, only giving UNQUALIFIED medical claims. I would REQUIRE for public health safety that Dolores Cahill should REPLACE O Neill as he Publicly stated to Kenny, WELL WE HAVE TO GET IT INTO PEOPLE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS, many deaths EMA have said yet he still sells the product.

Can you confirm if in addition to Rte speech by police Harris that he ordered DPP to PRETEND 31A is law, which is TREASON, that he also instructed ALL judges to NOT accept public evidence ONLY fraudulent police affidavits. On 26th January, 2022, the CCJ judge confirmed DPP ordered by Commissioner, instructed ALL judges to PRETEND 31A is law and government Ireland medical claims to Replace HSE claims.

If media are correct, I will REQUIRE that you arrest police commissioner for claiming powers he does NOT have, make arrangements that instead of Kenny, Donnelly with NO medical qualifications, Cahill should Replace them for public safety. You understand EU Resolutions INSIST that Dolores Cahill advise Covid Advisory, as her view would be Constructive criticism, UNLIKE the UNQUALIFIED O Neill, Donnelly selling THEIR shopping.

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