Public Letter to Leo Varadkar, 18th May, 2022.

Dear Leo Varadkar, Ref Duties of Enforcement Officer

Public records confirm that used Most media, like twitter, to sell medical products you bought in 2018 and to make medical claims to myself and public, likely to be Dangerous to public health. As Taniste, you have portfolio as Business Minister to Enforce sections 4 and 11, Standards and Mis leading Standards Acts, Consumer Protection Acts, 2007 and 2014, Equality Legislation and 18 other statute laws. It is your job to STOP GPs and public making medical claims to use medical products, procedures in public media, as the INDIVIDUAL medical condition of your reader would be UNKNOWN to you and, Could result in death or injury, which you would be liable for.

You would understand if you make medical claim and twitter allow it, then BOTH you and twitter HAVE Broken law and BOTH liable if person injured, killed or caused FEAR, APPREHENSION or ANY alarm. You would be aware that the ONLY public medical claims allowed are the listing of side effects, which law and Manufacturers REQUIRE. It IS criminal offence to Remove or Restrict listing of side effects. If for example, I inform you or twitter with CERTIFIED signature, signed documents of HSE or Regulator HPRA or Manufacturer position and you or twitter Neglect to mention or CONSEAL, it IS criminal offence. Under 1990 Criminal Justice Act if you Conceal or Mislead and for example, twitter assist you, it IS life imprisonment for the MAN or WOMAN in charge and Man or Woman making said claim, NOT company, it being a Piece of Paper.

I have your detailed statements, NOT my personal opinion, in which you advise me, twitter staff and general public, ALL being witnesses, to your following medical claims which had NO CERTIFIED documents proof. You assisted by O Neill and Holohan told me Repeatedly for 18 months that mRNA J and J , A Zeneca, Pfizer etc are ESSENTIAL to my life and OLD and Young children as young as 5 years, written by you. You did NOT tell me that these products were made by GSK support as was swine flu injection and that GSK Pfizer Main shareholders are the Queen, your employer and ONWER of Crown Oireachtas, set up by King George V, government Ireland Act , to SUBVERT Constitution and Catholic church.

You did NOT give ANY warning of the side effects, even since most of above have been Withdrawn after Killing or injuring many people whom you instructed that these were safe, MILD headache at worst ,side effects, NOT the Known effects of death ,injury you CONCEALED to sell product. You CONCEALED the CERTIFIED documents I sent you 25th December,2020 BEFORE roll out, that these products could NOT be used, UNLESS EMERGENCY of dying, that these products could NOT be used, UNLESS EMERGENCY of dying and NO 99.9 per cent immune recovery. Not allowed give to Pregnant women or if allergies or on medication. I sent you the USA, UK government deaths injuries and 1,376 Known side effects including death and PERMANENT immune Destruction, BEFORE roll out, further confirmed by UK Parliament, mRNA damage Bill, by Sir Christopher Chope.

I sent you the Specialist PCR reports in 2018, BEFORE you bought millions of PCR kits which INVENTOR and Instructions labels state UNABLE detect ANY virus. I sent CDC, FDA, Notice WITHDRAWAL PCR, which you STILL continue to sell and Knowingly INVENT False cases to sell More product. I sent you 28 World renowned studies that confirm masks useless, dangerous, provide INCUBATION of 18 harmful bacteria if NOT changed every 20 minutes and lodgment of plastic fibres in lungs and carbon dioxide. I sent you videos of Rte prof O Neill, explaining on Tubridy show the UNCHANGED science that a spore is 1,000 times SMALLER than air hole in mask,spores pass in and out, reduction of 20 per cent oxygen, replacement with carbon. I also sent you HSE C848 masks useless and C849 masks dangerous. You fully understood masks cause Permanent respiratory damage to OLD, damage to brain development to children, yet you insisted OLD,YOUNG wear and Damage their health, NOT your health.

Before roll out you studied Pfizer 3rd stage papers which told you NO tests EVER done on Pregnant women and must NOT be given and REQUIREMENT allergy test for ALL , NOT give if allergies or on medicines. You understood you have NO work experience on mRNA development team, they confirm mRNA only had short INITIAL trial, NOT able to say safe UNTIL Volunteers COMPLETE 2 years experiment which might Kill. You recieved these FACTS from Manufacturer and HSE C851 NO proof mRNA works, HSE C852 proof mRNA dangerous and EMA death figures 40,000 deaths, 4 million injuries in EU ,in only months.

You CONCEALED these HSE FACTS, confirmed by medical regulator HPRA, VALIDATED by signatures S Moore and Emer Kelly. Many people NOW dead or injured because you LIED ,says HSE figures and Warnings you HID. By your OWN and media confession, as ENFORCEMENT officer you FAILED your public Duty, under 1990 Act, ENFORCED NOTHING but instead made FRAUDULENT medical claims to sell PCR,mRNA etc, YOU BOUHT AS UNABLE TO WORK. I have Your written adverts in which you IMPLICATED twitter etc into selling FEAR. You told me social distance, lockdowns, masks etc are law and ESSENTIAL to staying alive, even though HSE told you it is NONSENSE.

You told me government Ireland regulations are statute law and BEST HSE medical advice. Government Ireland told YOU and I that regulations are NOT law and NOT HSE guidelines, 31A written by Attorney General, he NOT being medical man . In High Court cases, in 2020, almost 2 years ago, Attorney General said NOT law or Safe Guaranteed medical claim as he wrote it, NOT being medical man and, IMPOSSIBLE to write safe as people have DIFFERENT medical conditions. I sent you in 2020 the HSE medical advice, OPPOSITE of government Ireland regulations, you confirmed reciept of and did NOT dispute.C839 states NO proof virus exists.HSE C850, C848, C846, distancing, masks, lockdowns Useless said HSE AND HPRA regulator.

You CONCEALED this HSE position, replaced with NON Medical government Ireland regulations. Yoy PRETENDED 31A is law to CAUSE FEAR APPREHENSION, in contempt of High Court, to sell Your medical products. Needless to say, you Have caused myself and twitter staff, public, Fear Apprehension, under section 12, Criminal Law Act ,1976 and 1990, Criminal Justice Act and I serve Notice I HAVE pressed charges at Garda HQ. I would also advise that over 4,000 people injured, also relatives of those dead from J and J, have made sworn affidavits that they took products because you made medical and law claims as ESSENTIAL and law ,when neither applied.

Many people NOT injured NOW suffer FEAR, APPREHENSION as they Now understand the EMA EMERGENCY license Description that YOU CONCEALED and on 6th January, 2021, Loraine Nolan Removed of twitter to CONCEAL. You allowed her REPLACE description of ,Permission start 2 year EXPERIMENT mRNA genetic ALTERING mechanical device ONLY IF dying, NEVER used, with HER sales rep description as safe, cure, NOT experiment, slight headache effects she said. You did NOT, as law REQUIRES , inform EMA condition that public told THEY VOLUNTEER for Risk of death or Permanent disability, hence NO liability and loss of ANY life insurance as ACCEPTING UNNECESSARY risk of death. You also FAILED inform public that in 2020, HSE,CDC confirmed if healthy OLD or Young catch this MILD flu, called covid they HAVE 99.9 per cent immune recovery, NO such recovery guaranteed or claimed by mRNA and with NO side effects.

You also FAILED to remind public that INITIAL covid FEAR was caused by MISTAKE 3.3.2020 when CDC claimed 0 per cent immune recovery, which they amended 19.3.2020 as 99.9 per cent immune recovery and DECLASSIFIED as NO longer High consequence risk. You also FAILED inform public that I forced Rte CEASE showing alleged deaths on 6.01 News as I presented Hiqua report that Holohan Rte FALSIFIED 60 per cent as covid deaths when NOT. CDC claimed 95 per cent were FALSIFIED. HSE ,NOT government Ireland, followed covid DECLASSIFICATION in 19.3.2020 with booklet to ALL Irish in March, 2020, it states on page 7, if healthy catch covid, 94 per cent get MILD flu, the 30 pieces of silver for what.

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