MANIFESTO Part 10 How to return to people rule

As you have read in parts 1 to 9, much time has been spent in writing the past one hundred years of our history, many young people were NOT thought about the last thousand years of our roots. In 1916 our people had reached the end of the road of slavery, the Irish civil servants working for English masters had removed three quarters of population through Planned famine and Forced migration. The covid FEAR was the potatoe blight, a smart person would ask one simple question to understand it. The question would be, if tomorrow potatoe blight arrived what would be different than 1840s, NOTHING is the answer.

As in 1840, ALL the potatoes die BUT nothing else. ALL the cows, sheep, pigs, chickens etc carry on eating as much grass as they like. The record sunshine of 1840 meant bumper harvest of oats, corn, barley etc. Records confirm bumper harvests of onions, carrots, cabbage, turf etc, it should have been fantastic time. Records confirm English estates got extra soldiers, ships to export Our food to feed the armies of British Empire. As in 2022, our priests, civil servants, Crown Agents had good time, while our people died or sent on ships to work as slaves, just as last 2 years, Irish men could die in cardboard boxes in streets, or jump in Liffey.

Our landlords laughed at us and our priests also, we were to weak from hunger and shock to fight back, so we died and our language as well, it saved English army fighting a war to reduce our population. That was the memory people like my Grandfather brought to GPO and 4 courts and why they wrote the Constitution 1919 and Proclamation so NEVER again, would Crown Agents take back people power. If you read parts 1 to 9 you WILL note our Free SOVERIGN government 1918 to 1922 was Independent 32 county Ireland, Catholic, Protestant lived as one, Piece at last,MASTERS of own destiny.

You will have read 1919 Constitution, it told Irishmen ONLY GOD can amend it, NO electorate, Irish or English can REMOVE the stated rights, ONLY God can decide those rights, NO man can decide. FF,FG,SF, PBP etc took 30 pieces of silver from Crown Oireachtas set up by King in 1920 to SUBVERT 1919 to 1922 Constitution, which stated they could NOT change it in 1922. The documents you read PROVE in 1922, the TRAITORS coup meant 1918 to 1922 FREE Ireland was handed back as SECRET English colony, Prostestant minority Segregated into new 6 county Colony. To insult Irish, the King and his Crown Agents, later called Rte, FF, FG, SF called the new Partitioned Ireland colony, the Free State, when in Fact the 1918 to 1922 SOVEREIGN state was turned into CROWN colony.

Most people would say NO WAY, Irish could NOT be that stupid, I to would say the same UNTIL I read the FACTS, Parts 1 to 9.To explain how stupid Irish were in 1922, we needed to read how it happened. So in 1916 as the stupid Irish made tea and sandwiches for English as they Executed our captured heroes who died to set them FREE, when soldiers went home and Irish carried on being slaves, they began to think. Two years later the thinking stopped and they thought, that 1916 Proclamation sounds good, the Crown owns NOTHING and we the people OWN it ALL, sounds like we have NOTHING to lose but, Everything to gain.

So the 1916 Proclamation of IRB and fine words 1919 Constitution won 1918 election victory, Ireland FREE at last. One hundred years later in 2022 IS it not the same as 1922. In 2020 the Rising took place. A brave bunch of women stood up and looked at HSE,HPRA CERTIFIED documents.C839 said NO virus exists. C850, C846, C849, said distancing, lockdowns masks etc Useless Nonsence. Even CDC told you PCR UNABLE detect virus, HSE C851, C852 and EMA told you mRNA 2 year EXPERIMENT, useless and dangerous, 40,000 dead, 4 million injured in EU and UK claim 292,000 deaths.

So as you did in 1916 at GPO, you laughed in 2020 at the girls standing up against Crown Oireachtas as our people became slaves again and died for Crowns GSK, same firm sold swine flu shot and now mRNA. NOW in 2022, two years later as you did in 1918 after 1916 deaths, thinking is done, guilty conscience needs to be fixed. Now I think you are ready for a party that is NOT registered to the Oireachtas Gang. Before I do Part 11, I want to start placing a few of Over 3,000 letters, written and sent at my expense, to fight the UNSEEN battle in EU as well as against Crowns Oireachtas Corporation, MAIN share holder mRNA is Crown Corporation.

This party is NOT registered as Oireachtas because we take NO oath to Queen and its mRNA GSK. ALL other parties registered as followers of 2 Unlawful Parliaments, Royal Dail and Royal Seanead. We stand alone, our oath is to the 3rd House of Parliament, called Dail Eireann and Dail Eireann Courts, the STILL licensed 1918 to Present, ONLY LAWFUL House and 1919 Constitution, SOVEREIGN Seal. To Validate your passports, the present SOVEREIGN President,William McGuire is Keeper of the Harp Seal with Eire written to it, NOT the Harp on UNLAWFUL Royal Dail or courts, NO Eire written on it. Our party stands Alone as IRB Sein Fein did in 1918 to 1922, our Constitution is STILL the 1919 UNTOUCHABLE Constitution, ONLY GOD can change, NOT Man. We stand for something Old and Proven. In 1918 to 1922 my Grandfathers Constitution LIT the candle of FREEDOM around the world, just as my clan did in USA, long time ago, when they also helped write USA Constitution and placed Nail in Crowns throne.

Again we have the chance to light the candle, I only need 90 seats, NO bullets required. You can rise, overthrow Queens Oireachtas using the Ballot box or you can wait, until the streets run red with blood. This is your LAST chance, the Queens Redcoats were simply replaced with 1922 Blue coats. You will either take them down with the PIECE OF PAPER or else it WILL be the other way. You hold the paper trail, the statute and Constitution laws of 1919 to put them ALL in the bag. Just as King George told you new colony name is FREEstate, now Queen tells you new name is Ukraine. Soon you WILL see my friends in Scotland, England and Wales will rise and close the Crown Corporation down, like us they now understand a Constitution is best for ALL. When GOD decides NO one is left out.

Not one of the 160 TDs ,60 Senators stood up against the Crown in 2 years. They laughed at the people they made homeless, they take your taxes and spend them on Ukraine,Everyone except the Irish. Have you Not seen the light, Varadkar insults your Grandparents. He told you NO mass, inject your children with Genetic experiment, under house arrest. His HSE C839 tells you NO virus.Ukraine SCAM says virus gone. I thought our people had Learned to read and write. The Crown told you Ukraine Welcome NO injection or questions asked in case you offend but, Irish Must answer questions, Take mRNA and die happy slaves .

Have you Forgot the virus Immunity if you spend 9 euros meal, the virus that ONLY attacks church in South but NOT in North. The bug that ONLY attacks after 11PM like Dracula. Only small shops but Not big shops. In 2022 as in 1922 the Dail has 160 TDs ,60 Senators, NOT one has stood up in Dail and said we HAVE a Constitution that says we CANNOT HOLD OR VOTE for WHO surrender of Constitution. In 1922 the FF gang could NOT remove Constitution, any addition to it REQUIRED referendum, they Had SECRET meeting, BROKE LAW and PRETENDED new Constitution, people HAPPILY became slaves through INGNORENCE of the law. Again we have the chance ti jail 160 TDs 60 Senators for talking TREASON. You have surrendered your childs right to NOT be injected, right to leave home or go to church, etc, now WHO wish to make Permanent slaves of you, are you that Stupid.

Gates UN, etc told you on TV their sick plan, use injections to reduce population by 75 per cent, destroy national governments, ALL freedoms, religions, replace Natural with Genetic humans, own NOTHING. Dail has ignored Constitution, statute and Constitution laws, told you OUR country is OWNED by EU and Ukraine, even though law says it is lie. Time to finish paying Oireachtas parties, RETURN to SOVEREIGN party. The peoples party ireland WILL close 2 Fraudulent Oireachtas Crown Parliaments, jail ALL those that BROKE Constitution and surrendered our taxes and SOVEREIGNITY to companies, allowed Ukraine take over OUR country.

It is public record that on 22nd May, 2022 Ministers Donnelly,Martin,Ryan and Varadkar gave notice that they wish to commit TREASON under 1990 Criminal Justice Act and, cause Fear, Apprehension under section 12 ,Criminal Law Act, 1976. Despite the above reading 1916 Proclamation, 1919 Constitution and its 1922 Adoption Act, which REQUIRE NO Surrender of SOVEREIGN rights, NO interference with Personal liberties, right to make medical decisions they attempt to remove. They have made statements but NOT produced jurisdiction or permission from GOD. These statements NOT validated with Personal signature as TREASON is life imprisonment, instead they play paperwork trick.

If you do NOT write simple letter saying you Refuse to Waive your rights to REFUSE CONSENT, they hope to argue that your silence means you do NOT object. In law this argument FAILS because rights state NO electorate or MAN can remove. I will be sending my own simple English letter stating I do NOT consent to WHO treaty signature and INSIST they do NOT attempt to set up a FRAUD. My rights are NOT given by THEM, their job is to Protect Constitution NOT remove it. I shall be instructing TAIOSEACH to advise WHO ,UN, EU Council that NO Crown Agent or Irish referendum has jurisdiction to Remove PROCLAMATION or SOVEREIGNITY of Dail Eireann, they must NOT attempt TREASON.

I would ask public to copy the simple letter and post to Leinster House,Dublin 2, a sample I will put out tomorrow. One letter addressed to above TDs and your local TD, keep copy, which police can use to prosecute, if they Break above laws.

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