Letter to refuse TD signing WHO Treaty

The Constitution and Proclamation do NOT allow TDs to sign WHO Treaty to remove your rights as they do NOT own YOUR rights, in law it is called TREASON. It is important to inform Your TDs that you pay them to UPHOLD your rights NOT to Remove them. A postage stamp is well spent to Protect NEXT GENERATION from SURRENDER of their rights. I have written a sample letter you might like to copy and send to Dail.

Dear Taioseach, Ref NO consent 22nd May, 2022 signing of WHO Pandemic Treaty

According to public media the leaders of coalition, yourself, Ryan, Varadkar have announced their intention to commit TREASON by Assisting Donnelly to also commit TREASON and endanger public health by signing above named WHO Treaty with NO lawful jurisdiction as the Constitution is HELD in Trust for NEXT GENERATION,NOT possible for ANYONE to claim ownership and surrender of it.

President of Sovereign Dail, 1918 to the present, William McGuire, KEEPER of Harp Seals and Sovereign Trust is under oath to HOLD Sovereignity in TRUST for NEXT GENERATION and is NOT able to Ratify Surrender to WHO Pandemic Treaty. It is CLEARLY defined in Proclamation and Constitution that ONLY GOD can Surrender HIS rights given to Man NOT Donnelly. I CANNOT Consent to Donnelly involving me in Fraud to SUBVERT Constitution.

I REQUIRE you to COMPLY with law, as Constitution, Proclamation states. I do NOT waive ANY rights to make my OWN medical decisions, INSIST on NO foreign ENTITY to SUBVERT INALIENABLE RIGHTS INDEFEASIBLE.

I notify you as Principal to Agent ,REQUIRE you Notify above listed Crown Agents, they WILL face Criminal prosecution, under 1990 Criminal Justice Act and FEAR, APPREHENSION under section 12, Criminal Law Act, 1976.

Yours sincerely,

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